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Announcement :: Globalization
Compete with the Northeast Clusterfuck at the Anticap Games, IMF/WB Summit, DC, April 23-25
12 Mar 2010
The Northeast Clusterfuck is stoked to descend on DC again this April! We’re all out in our cities and rural towns across the northeast US of Amerika, picking teams and spray painting our running shoes black, ready to bust ass in the Anticapitalathon Games against our most bitter of rivals, the International Murder Fund and the slimy World Bank.

Get yer affinity team in training and we will see YOU on the streets of
Washington, DC from April 23rd to 25th.
The Northeast Clusterfuck is stoked to descend on DC again this April! We’re all out in our cities and rural towns across the northeast US of Amerika, picking teams and spray painting our running shoes black, ready to bust ass in the Anticapitalathon Games against our most bitter of rivals, the International Murder Fund and the slimy World Bank.

Get yer affinity team in training and we will see YOU on the streets of
Washington, DC from April 23rd to 25th.


This year’s IMF/WB summit is the perfect spring training—if you’ve never faced off against a neocolonial behemoth before, this is your chance!!

In the Anticapitalathon Games, teams are not created, nor athletes benched, by gender, race, age, class, or any of the other boundaries the capitalist team owners wish to assign us. Sorry owners—we solidly support all team members on and off the field. The Anticap resistance movement’s got our strength in our diversity—and that’s not just our tactics. We bring ourselves as queer, people of color, trans, womyn, and others, told we can’t fight stuff bigger than we are, but already throwing down against colonialism within and without these so-called united states.

We refuse to be defined by the limitations put on us, and we will bring the noise! The Northeast Clusterfuck want to especially extend our high fives to newbies, and veterans who have dropped out of the movement-- come train with us, we need you!

These Anticapitalathon Games are just the newest leg of a relay we are winning.(1)

We want to send our love to those injured in recent events(2). In an effort to reduce further injuries, we’d like to remind everyone that there is still an OPEN GRAND JURY investigation out from last April’s IMF/WB festivities. Remember, Team Anarchy: never, EVER, testify to a
grand jury. Props to Carrie Feldman!(3) Boo to Chris Boette!(4)

And before the folk singers get their feathers all ruffled, we just want to assure you that there wouldn’t be any Clusterfuck if the Northeast wasn’t populated with a fuck ton of community organizers, farmers, collectivized workers, and activists working on everything from prison abolition to food sovereignty, environmental justice campaigns and student uprisings to mutual aid community health.

This solid long-term organizing in New England directly translates into kickin summit protests. Our local ABC (prisoner support group) has the experience and resources to bring legal defense trainings and support. Our permaculture farmers and weekly Food Not Bombs bring crucial free food. Our attention to support in our own communities makes it possible to have sexual assault survivor support available at protests(5). And New England may have the highest medic ratio of any other protest cluster, from the marked street medics and clinic organizers keeping everyone’s shit together, to the kids peppered throughout the black bloc equipped with skills to treat, well, getting peppered, and other injuries, thanks to ongoing, massive medic training outreach on our Coast. Wouldn't it be cool if everyone you knew had advanced first aid training? We're headed that way.

New England Clusterfuck wants to give a “hell yeah!” to the ways at-home community outreach and logistics skills pay off both as we renew locally and dismantle globally.



The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB) are notoriously nasty contestants—in fact, their entire philosophy is built around unfettered, neoliberal competition! They have no respect for a referee’s whistle or the survival of the other players in the game.

Some recent, particularly heinous, foul plays:

There is no such thing as a natural disaster, and the earthquake devastation in Haiti is another example. Haitian people have survived genocide, enslavement, and hundreds of years of the most brutal economic assaults that colonialist and capitalist world powers have been able to impose. Why? Because Haiti is home of the Haitian Revolution, when enslaved people threw off their chains and successfully took back an entire country from colonial rule. The capitalist behemoths have been kicking and screaming for it back ever since. Revolutionary spirit can’t be killed but that hasn’t stopped the IMF from trying. Just weeks after the earthquake, the IMF’s managing director told the Huffington post, “For now, and for at least the next couple of years, Haiti has no payments to make on its existing debts to the Fund, while the emergency loan we are providing is interest-free, with no repayments due for five years.” (6) The loaded buzzwords of the predatory credit lender sting in poor people’s ears—“you’re approved because you can’t survive without the money! no payments until we suddenly decide to take it all from you!” Hidden charges and late fees are bad enough, but the IMF and its cohorts are the ones who impoverished Haiti’s once lush tropical ecosystem to begin with. They already took all the trees—now they want the people.

The World Bank has been behind several schemes (7) to monetize and trade carbon on a global market, to ensure that high-polluting, industrialized countries can continue to live extravagant lifestyles while paying off poor governments to impose property rights on people’s lives and the ecosystems in which they live.

Like water privatization schemes before it, which were soundly rejected by the Bolivian people during the Water Wars of the early 2000s, we reject carbon markets. The air we breathe is not a commodity to be sold!

The list of specific egregious moves by the WB/IMF could go on forever, and some kind people have actually taken the time to write books about it (8). But it is the very structure of WB/IMF that explains why everything they do is flawed. The WB/IMF summits are composed of finance ministers—often culled from private investment firms to do a few years of “service,” making up the rules they’ll play by when they return to their company—and central bank representatives. Note that many central banks, including the US Fed, are not even controlled by the governments upon which they impose policy. Central banks are independent entities, following their own dogma and completely unaccountable to the humans whose lives are impacted by their decisions.

Recently, the World Bank attempted a “reform,” declaring that now almost (but not quite) half of their representatives will be from “developing” countries (9). We laugh at this joke. The World Bank retains control in the hands of the most powerful elites from the richest countries, allows a few powerful elites from a few more poor countries to sit next to them at the table, and wants us to believe they are responsive to the people? Get outta town.

We’re anarchists, we’re not fooled easily. Like the coal giants that divide themselves into subsidiary companies, thinking it’ll be harder to point the finger at the corporation making the profits, the IMF and World Bank are just subsidiaries of the real villain: Global Capitalism, the market controlled and owned by the same wealthy elites.

“Under Chicago School Economics, the state acts as the colonial frontier, which corporate conquistadors pillage with the same ruthless determination and energy as their predecessors showed when they hauled home the gold and silver of the Andes. Where [Adam] Smith saw fertile green fields turned into profitable farmlands on the pampas and prairies, Wall Street saw 'green field opportunities' in” Greece’s infrastructure (10), Haiti’s heartbreak, and the “carbon in the earth’s atmosphere.” --Naomi Klein, The Shock Doctrine

See you at the games.

your NE Clusterfuck

(1) 2007 RNC Getting Ready:
2009 IMF/WB:
G20 Pgh 2009:
Riot 2010:
Occupy Everything:







(8) Globalization and Its Discontents by Stiglitz is a good place to start.



This work is in the public domain.
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