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Announcement :: Education
Recruiters Invade Worcester, Activists Plan Resistance
04 Sep 2004
MA Call Out - Against the Kick-Off of a Major Military Recruitment Drive in Worcester Sept. 10th and 11th

Massachusetts based peace and global justice groups are calling for a convergence of voices and groups opposed to the U.S. military’s use of Sept. 11th for the purpose of recruiting another generation of young people.

The U.S. Army has announced a North East Regional presentation of “Spirit of America” a 2-hour multi-media extravaganza. Over 400 active duty military personnel, military vehicles, video, audio and electronic special effects, recreate bloodless battle scenes as part of a storyline portraying a young man who “decides to follow his grandfather in the path of military service”.
MA Call Out - Against Major Recruitment Kick-Off in Worcester
The recruiters have distributed free blocks of tickets to Elementary, Middle and High Schools throughout New England for the Friday, morning show on Sept. 10th.

Up to 14,000 young people from area schools could be attending this high-tech recruitment drive. If you can confirm that students from your community or school will be attending this event, please post whatever information you have to

Activists in Worcester and Central MA are organizing a demonstration outside of the Worcester Centrum Centre

Friday, Sept. 10th
9:30 am – 11 am
Worcester Centrum Centre
60 Foster Street

Demonstrators are encouraged to bring lively signs and banners counteracting the false history and message that will be directed at students. Please bring fliers. Efforts are being made to secure permission to have information tables outside of the arena.

Additional information and breaking news can be found at

“Spirit of America” Recruitment Campaign Kicks-Off tour @ Worcester Centrum
On September 10th and 11th
MA Call Out - Against Major Recruitment Kick-Off in Worcester
MA Call Out - Against Major Recruitment Kick-Off in Worcester
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The Planned Resistance
05 Sep 2004
Bring all the gangs to the Recuiters. Sign them up. Get them the hell out of Worcester, for good. They all love pulling triggers anyway. Do it in the middle east. Instead of Mainstreet!
If they recuit one person or ten. Doesn't matter.
Next spring? Draft time.
Take lots of pictures of little Johnny. Might be the last time you see him!
All for Oil and companies like Halliburton!
Our politicians should be totally ashamed of themselves!
positive step for poverty stricken white and hispanics
05 Sep 2004
Military service is a good job for many young people, the vast majority of military jobs do not involve combat or ever get near combat. Why would you want to take this opportunity for a stable life away from so many poor white and hispanic kids in Worcester? Let them decide their own future let them get out of the Worcester slums.
05 Sep 2004
STOP THE DRAFT!! A number of Democratic legislators have called for a return to the draft! They are intent on returning to the days of draft cards and lottery numbers. The Republicans oppose a return to the draft because a conscript army is an ineffective army. THE ONLY WAY TO STOP THE DRAFT IS TO VOTE REPUBLICAN!!!!!
Re: Recruiters Invade Worcester, Activists Plan Resistance
05 Sep 2004
anyone from Boston going out to worcester? it would be cool to get a car pool and organize something.
Re: Worc Social Worker
05 Sep 2004
It's not about taking away someone's opportunity; it's about fighting for real opportunities. The military recruiters are preying on the vulnerability of the poor and oppressed. And then the poor and oppressed are used to prop up the system that kept them and the rest of the poor and oppressed in that situation in the first place. Protesting the exploitation of those vulnerable and offering information to contradict the information that they are giving IS letting people make their own choice. In fact, it's the only thing that can make it a real informed choice: People need to know their options and what they're getting into if they're actually making a choice.
Re: Recruiters Invade Worcester, Activists Plan Resistance
05 Sep 2004
actually republicans are quite in favor of a draft, as well as the democrats are (the elected ones, not the citizens). i agree with bsw, these kids need to know both sides in order to make an informed decision. we all know those military ads glorify war. people need to understand the the promises the armed forces make are not kept.
70% of homeless people are veterans. All the veterans of war I know hated it and view it as the worst part of their life. I know one who crashed his car so he wouldn't have to go back to Iraq, and there is a man who is always outside this one 7/11 begging for money, and he was a marine for 8 years. the military is not a good option for anyone.
Re: Let them decide their own future let them get out of the Worcester slums
05 Sep 2004
There you have it... exactly two of the problems.

1/ Worcester and MA are already filled w/ too many "social workers" that approach their jobs w/ class based prejudices. "get out of the slums" ... doesn't sound like someone working with people but alot more like someone looking DOWN on people. That was the whole issue with Ray Mariano threatening to 'close down the Valley'. Far more than race.. that was a class issue.

2/We can all continue to argue re: taking HS students to a recruitment event like this... BUT DO YOU REALLY THINK that this is an appropriate trip for the schools to take ELEMENTARY students on? They're just starting to learn the possiblities in front of them... don't track them into the military while they're 9 years old !
To Kevin
05 Sep 2004
Kevin. Have you ever considered how it is that you have the right to speak your mind? If not, then perhaps you should consult the history books or, if you wish not to take the time to read, the history channel. If you are not inspired by the heroes that you see, then sit back, smoke a joint, and we will take care of you. We will protect you from the likes of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. Hey...guess just learned some history! You can smoke your smoke with the full knowledge that we will protect you. Smoke away dude!
To: Soldier
06 Sep 2004
thx for the support. Your the perfect example of why schoolchildren shouldn't go to this warped misrepresentation of history. Do you really think that slavery ended because of the civil war? type __ abolitionist in your google search bar.

You should have gone up to Lawrence today for the
Bread & Roses festival maybe you could have learned a little more there as well.

Keep educating yourself, but choose your sources!
Don't Believe the Hype
06 Sep 2004
Soldier, you seem to be repeating Zell Miller's ugly speech at the RNC- That was the scariest piece of oration I have heard in a few years, he seemed to be insinuating that the military is responsible for our freedom. This is not the case. Perhaps you could make the case that Soldiers in the American Revolution broke us off from King George II and his brand of tyranny, but who has won us our freedoms since then? If it wasn't for Jefferson and Madison we wouldn't even have the flimsy protection the bill of rights gives us. As Kevin rightly points out, the abolitionists fought against slavery. Then it was the labor unions, the socialists and the anarchists winning us freedoms from the abuses of the industrial capitalists like for instance, the eight hour workday (it used to be folks worked 14 to 16 hours a day six days a week). After that it was the civil rights movement that brought all races into the equal rights era (and that fight still goes on in many ways). In all of those battles, the soldier was on the other side, fighting against these freedom fighters. They took down John Brown and his Slave rebellion. They killed hundreds of labor organizers including women and children around the turn of the century. And we've all seen the old black and white films of police hosing down demonstrators in the south and the shootings at Kent State. *OK in one good act the soldier did protect school children going into segregated schools in the end, but this is the exception. Not the rule.

Today the soldier is used to monitor, disrupt, and control americans who are exercising their right to free speech all accross the country. He is also used to help take over country's like Haiti and topple their democratically elected leaders.

Zell Miller's speech made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up because he seemed to be trying to prepare Americans for the day when the military would take over this country completely. And then where would freedom be? Example of a military Junta: Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. Freedom in Myanmar=NONE.
Re: Recruiters Invade Worcester, Activists Plan Resistance
06 Sep 2004
Some good anti-recruitment texts:

The Poverty Draft: Recruiting The Working Class To The Frontlines

Blood Money: The Human-Capital Equation of the U.S. Occupation of Iraq
To Kevin
06 Sep 2004
Kevin...Duh...Yes, the Civil War ended slavery. Ending slavery may not have been the intent, but it was the result. Take your head out of the sand and see reality. You radicals are a minority. You are left overs from the 1960s (even if you were not born in the 1960s). Your time has come and gone. Your philosophy has been discredited. My advice to you is that you should go out and get a job...any job. It will teach you discipline and responsibility. I also suggest that you spend some time in the library reading primary sources from the 1800s...such sources would include newspapers, diaries, after action reports, etc. Perhaps after reading these, you may offer an informed opinion, which, at this point, you apparently cannot do.
We Are Watching You, Too
06 Sep 2004
We know. You're more than welcome to come. We trust the people in our organizations, regardless of their intentions for being present. Chances are, you're infiltrating yet another peaceful organization that is working to promote truth and justice through a non-violent means. Just know that we know you're wasting your time, resources, and our tax money to do this. And no, we don't all wear bandanas over our mouth, it's more accurately over the nose and mouth for better protection against the tear gas you fire at us. In which case it didn't work in the old west, because tear gas wasn't invented yet. We will continue to wear them in this regard, despite your high-tech bandana x-ray technology. Have a nice day.
Re: Recruiters Invade Worcester, Activists Plan Resistance
07 Sep 2004
Hey Bostonian,

It's not really worth the time to argue against your statement that our "philosophy has been discredited." However, it is worth pointing out that those of us who read and use indymedia do not all subscribe to one philosophy.

Your philosophy, obviously, is much more single minded. Even a casual reading of your web site at lets us know that you operate under fascist principles (anyone who thinks I'm exaggerating needs only look at the quote from John Stuart Mill in your mission statement).

Your preferred tactics are to disrupt our free speech by a)mean-spirited signs at antiwar protests, and b) anonymous, venemous posts to web sites like this one.

One of the preferred tactics of the fascists of old was their reliance on grandiloquent, simplistic slogans and and gestures. Your bizarre and repetitive chant that 'the soldier' saved the world from slavery, Stalin, Hitler, the New York Yankees, etc. fits this mold. The talk on your web site of "supreme values" and "separating the wheat from the chaff" is also fascistic.

At any rate, I encourage all lefties to look at your web site. At least then we'll know who is behind the cynical rants we've been reading here.
Re: Recruiters Invade Worcester, Activists Plan Resistance
07 Sep 2004
hey bostonian - take your trollish ways elsewhere and stop besmirching the name of my fair city.
07 Sep 2004
Ummm Albatross...I don't have a website.
Bob Bob, Bob Bob, Bob Bob
07 Sep 2004
Ok Bob...take a tkoe for each time that I printed "bob." You guys just don't get it. You are old news. You failed in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. You almost made some headway in the 1990s with Bill Clinton, but he turned out to be against your policies too! God bless him. For someone who never served in the military, he sure did kick some ass! Just ask the Kosovars!
RE:Bob Bob, Bob Bob, Bob Bob
08 Sep 2004
this all makes me want to hit the snooze button, but anyway is dope the prescribed drug of the protester or the radical?
I know when me and my anarchist friends want to take our minds off of making a positive change in our community we grab an ice cold beer and watch the sports channel or fox, or anything stereotypical...websites like these are for local information to be spread and discussed hopefully somewhat constructively, and this site doesnt have anything to do with the democrat party, (clinton ref) and people who think for themselves will never fail, theyll only learn, how does following some govts agenda further the well being of your surrounding neighborhood, how can we solve the bigger picture abroad if we have no understanding or compassion for our local environment.......signing off i have more cliche retorts to write, btw check out w.r.hearst and marijuana banning, check out its uses, and publico should write an article about his russia ideas
Local Student Group Protests “Spirit of America” Tour at Worcester Centrum
08 Sep 2004

Chris Caesar
ChrisCaesar (at)

Local Student Group Protests “Spirit of America” Tour at Worcester Centrum
Finds effort to recruit local students “deplorable”

WORCESTER, MA (9/10/04) To express their distaste over what they call a “transparent attempt to unduly influence and recruit young children for JROTC and military service”, local students will protest the “Spirit of America” tour that opens in Worcester this Friday. While not an explicit recruitment event, the official “Spirit of America” website notes its shows are held in September to “better accommodate school schedules,” and many parents and citizens find the attempts to target children as young as grade-schoolers inappropriate.

“I don’t think it’s acceptable to have students take a field trip and miss class time to watch, essentially, a recruitment spectacle,” said student organizer Chris Caesar. “Usually, recruiters will bring their message directly to the school and along with it the legal obligation to offer equal time to those with a different message. Since Worcester took it upon itself to bring our schools directly to recruiters, we don’t have that kind of access here.”

Students hope to present a different perspective of the Army’s official history, from Manifest destiny to Vietnam. Activists also plan to pass out literature with statistics about military service and advice for those hoping to withhold their contact information from recruiters.

“Many students don’t know that under the No Child Left Behind Act, schools receiving federal funds are required to disclose the private contact information of all of its students to local recruitment initiatives, unless the student specifically requests otherwise,” said planner Troy Hill. “We’re making sure that every child knows they have a right to privacy and how to use it.”

The protestors plan to arrive at the Centrum around 9:30 AM, an hour before the opening 10:30 performance. Tickets to the event are free and open to the public.

Re: Recruiters Invade Worcester, Activists Plan Resistance
08 Sep 2004
I think that the events taking place on Sept.10th and 11th are appalling. The military should not be permitted to perform such a false representation of their system. I support the protests against this taking place on Sept.10th and hopefully the parents of these children will not allow their children to attend and be influenced by this parade of false advertisment.
Re: Recruiters Invade Worcester, Activists Plan Resistance
09 Sep 2004
One of the biggest problems with these forums is that too many people reply to the trolls. If someone says something that is clearly inflammatory or simply stupid, JUST IGNORE THEM. It only legitimizes the self-important "protest warriors" when we engage them as if they had rational political points of view.

If someone makes an interesting or substantiated debate point that someone else might disagree with, I'm all for productive discussion. But replying to nonsense just makes constructive debate harder.
09 Sep 2004
Give it up! Protesting someone who has orders to be in Worcester? Come on!
You can gripe and moan all day. They'll be there.
And the Draft WILL happen.
I loathe this administration! I hope they are ousted!
Protest in the droves! The recuiters are doing what they have been ordered to do...recuit poor and unemployed. Before little Johhny in Westborough gets drafted!
04 Jun 2006
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