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News :: International
Rosa Parks coalition takes anti-war, anti-racist message to the streets
07 Mar 2006
Boston-As the “Stop the violence, Stop the war at home and abroad” March 18 march and rally draws near, a broad spectrum of communities in the Greater Boston area are working vigorously to build this unique and historic event.

Initiated by the Rosa Parks Human Rights Day Coalition, March 18 activities here will begin with a rally in Roxbury in the heart of Boston’s Black community followed by a march through various communities of color and move through the Downtown Crossing, the major shopping district of Boston, then on to the State House.
Participants in the RPHRDC are now engaged in a massive visibility and outreach campaign. Distributing thousands of leaflets and stickers to houses, churches, community businesses and more members are reaching out to African American, Haitian, Cape Verdean, Latin@, Native and working class white neighborhoods with multi-lingual March 18 literature. Engaging in community stand outs on street corners and public transportation stops as well as greeting the communities with a sound truck adorned with anti-war, anti-racist placards are just some of the numerous on going activities.

On March 4 after a RPHRDC mobilizer’s meeting at the United Steelworkers bus drivers and monitors offices, members hit the streets again in a well-coordinated outreach plan conducted by Tony Van Der Meer, RPHRDC co-chair.

“I am supporting the anti-war movement because the war is hurting our community; it’s hurting our whole entire system; our way of living. It’s difficult living in this society and not getting the needs we need to have met as human beings,” said Clemencia Lee, a co-director of the Cultural Café and a paraprofessional in Boston’s public school system. Like Lee, Rachael Nasca pointed to the devastating impact of the U.S. war on Iraq and other nations.

“Women are multi-impacted by the war. We suffer the most in terms of our jobs. We’re paid less, which means when more money is going into the war budget and then we are paid even less. There are cutbacks in all social services and our children suffer because of the education cutbacks and others. And our children our being used as cannon fodder in foreign wars,” said Nasca, a member of AFSCME 3650, the clerical workers union at Harvard University.

Under the banner of “Stop Poverty, Racism, Sexism & War!” The Women’s Fightback Network and the Cambridge Women’s Center will have a Women and Girls Contingent March 18. Other contingents will be LGBT and labor.

“We’ve got to get out there. We’ve got to get people united. We have a wonderful coalition that’s very diverse and it’s very exciting and I think this is the kind of organization that’s actually going to be able to stop the war,” said Nasca.

Lee agreed.

“We could do so many more better things with the resources that are going into the war. I believe we have to learn how to love each other, work with each other and war plus war does not equal peace. The U.S. needs to put its hands off Iraq, Haiti, everywhere else that this globalization’s at. I’m going to stand up straight on this issue. I was brought up to fight,” concluded Lee as she left to hit the streets with Nasca in a multiple vehicle caravan.

The Boston Rosa Parks Committee can be reached at 617-524-3507, rosaparksday (at) or via the web at

-- 30 --

Union labor donated
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Re: Rosa Parks coalition takes anti-war, anti-racist message to the streets
07 Mar 2006
Download Flyers here:

There is also some good discussion on ANSWER, IAC, WWP in communities of color in Boston.
Re: Rosa Parks coalition takes anti-war, anti-racist message to the streets
07 Mar 2006
Despite the fact that this organizing committee is dominated by Worker's World and a small club of organizers, it's the big rally being held in Boston concurrently with the mass rallies against the warfare state around the world, and at this time when nuclear attacks against Iran are being threatened, we all should support it. The organizers have gone a long way to be inclusive, and are, crucially, doing much of their organizing in Boston's communities of color, which bear the highest burden of the war economy and economic draft, and which have been traditionally ignored by the more affluent White left.

Many of us here on IMC or in the anti-war community might disagree with the party line of the WWP and IAC, but the coalition which is putting the event together is making connections between war and race and economics which are impossible for people with honest intentions to ignore. The fact is we have a couple of weeks to go, and the whole region is focused on organizing for this event, along with people around the country and the world. We need to come out in the largest numbers possible for this to be an effective statement in the minds of the people watching cnn or fox, and also in the White House and Pentagon.

There will be other opportunities later on to stage alternative rallies or actions more in line with the preferences of any one group, but this is a united community event, which just happens to have some people from WWP at the front, along with Chuck Turner (who is immensely popular in the Black community) and several other organizers in Boston's communities of color.

In the past, some events have been unfairly dominated by WWP/IAC, it can't be denied. But their membership hasn't shot through the roof, has it? Fact is, almost all people who hear the party line keep their distance, and the community ends up the larger beneficiary as a result of WWP/IAC's organizing and resources. They might be running the sound truck, but it's not like we are being forced to sing the Soviet anthem or wear hammer-and-sickle tshirts.

The issues the organizers are focusing on are universal, and anti-authoritarians can definitely partner up with such a broad coalition. After all this is a war that all of us are fighting against a common enemy. Let's act like it once in a while.

One last thing, i remember a group of young anarchists starting a loud circle march around the place where some speakers were speaking at a rally on the Common last year. This was not only rude and disruptive (like the Spartacists' tactics) but only served to confirm the general impression in the larger activist community of anarchists as undisciplined, disrespectful and egotistical. If we want to have a march or some other tactic as part of the day's events, we need to go regularly to the organizing meetings and make it happen ahead of time, not demand it at the rally when we don't like speakers. Communication and cooperation with diverse allies are important aspects of commUNITY organizing, and anarchists would do well to practice them.
Re: Rosa Parks coalition takes anti-war, anti-racist message to the streets
07 Mar 2006
Shell, excellent speech except for the last paragraph... At some point we have to stop throwing the last punch. That's rule #1 in conflict resolution.

But thank you, nevertheless. I'll be there and hope that in this world-wide effort, as many people will show up as possible. If the anarchist group(s) organize an anti-war protest soon, I'll be there too.
Re: Rosa Parks coalition takes anti-war, anti-racist message to the streets
07 Mar 2006
Excuse me? you just wrote a huge speech on the need for unity and then ended it by insulting anarchists. way to go. there are always these ridiculous long pointless rallies, and every time the organizers claim that their will be a march, but it always ends up happening WAY after it is supposed to start. numerous times, people start to leave before the march even starts.
your plea to wait until later to sort out our differences is ridiculous. there is a fundamental difference here between authoritarian politics and grassroots politics where people have independence. people like you will always say, okay, well, stand behind my banner for now and then later we'll talk. that later talk never happens. don't pretend like there is any effort to include anarchists or youth in this "movement". if you are going to purposely exclude us in all decision making, don't ask us to come to your rallies.
Re: Rosa Parks coalition takes anti-war, anti-racist message to the streets
07 Mar 2006
dear "yo",
why is it that you (and others) don't come out to events that are organized by other groups, such as the Radical Youth Alliance demonstration that is listed in the centercolumn of this website? Why is it that people like "shell" and "yo" say that we need to stand together and we need unity and community, but when other people, like youth, organize things you don't ever come and support us? This has to be a two way street- we've been to your rallies for years, so if you want unity you'll have to come to our events. And don't try to play like you didn't know about it- it was publicized on this website just like this story is.
Re: Rosa Parks coalition takes anti-war, anti-racist message to the streets
07 Mar 2006
I agree with Shell.

Except, again, the last paragraph, but only because it was the rally organizers who didn't hold up their end of the deal on that particular dismal day. They let the speakers drag on waaaay over the time limit, and a lot of the crowd was getting bored and leaving before the march began. Pointlessly diminishing numbers that way puts the marchers in a much worse position in that kind of march (i.e., permitless, if I remember correctly). There were some bad arrests later and a standoff which could have ended much differently if the rally's attendance hadn't been so dramatically reduced.

On the other hand, I thought the circling was an ineffective tactical choice that backfired badly when it didn't succeed immediately in starting the march. It was arrogant to expect people would understand the situation and what we were doing and follow us. It made a bad impression, as Shell's comment accurately reflects.

Fortunately I can't imagine direct-action-oriented militants doing anything similarly disruptive at the march on the 18th, which (let's be honest) most of us who attend will be attending in a capacity of allies to the event's main actors. See you in the streets!
re: Circling
08 Mar 2006
I believe I was at that rally on the Common last year that's being referred to. I didn't come w/ a group, just friends. I'm not a "activist." I was, however, one of the people who did not want to wait while dull-as-dirt, platitude-and-jargon-spouting speaker after speaker droned on to vanishing crowds. Talk about the politics of boredom! Talk about "miserablism"! I'd never seen it so bad before.

I couldn't take it. And I looked around and saw that I was not the only one by a long shot. Plenty of people were mulling around awkwardly, talking about leaving, leaving, all sense of energy or urgency dissapating as speakers tooted their own horns and the organizing groups ran through their pre-planned spiels as scheduled, displaying total contempt for the crowd, who were waiting, waiting, waiting... for hours.

Iron council writes: "On the other hand, I thought the circling was an ineffective tactical choice that backfired badly when it didn't succeed immediately in starting the march. It was arrogant to expect people would understand the situation and what we were doing and follow us. It made a bad impression, as Shell's comment accurately reflects."

Myabe it looked bad to you when the anarchists tried to start the march but for me, at least, it looked great. I thought: Wow, those people are actually human; they haven't been blinded to what a miserable waste of our lives this is right now. It reaffirmed why I think anarchism is still volatile and valuable.

Anarchists DO go to the events that are organized by other groups, I would say. The problem is that the events are often dull-as-dirt and not at all focused on bringing in people who are not professional, certified Activists, who are not students or politicians, who have jobs to get to shortly, who are not committed to the Party, and who don't want to feel like outsiders surrounded by a clique or cult.

I'll go one better: maybe more people of color would go to rallies if they were FUN, the people weren't such snobs, and the music was not so damn sub-par and PC. These things should not be treated as incidental to event-planning.
Re: Rosa Parks coalition takes anti-war, anti-racist message to the streets
08 Mar 2006
NEFAC agreed to endorse this march, and contacted the organizers to let them know and they seem to have refused our endorsement. Guess you can't expect any better from an IAC (ahem, Workers World)-controlled coaltion.

Ah well, that sucks, but that sectarian nonsense there are alot of good groups who have endorsed this, and regardless of who is heading up the coaltion, I think it will be a good march with alot of community support.
Re: Rosa Parks coalition takes anti-war, anti-racist message to the streets
08 Mar 2006
What are you, like ten years old or something?
08 Mar 2006
Anarchists go to anti-war rallies to be entertained. Then complain that they were not entertained.

Communists organize anti-war rallies to help the working class develop its own voice and feel its own power.

Choose your sides.
Re: Rosa Parks coalition takes anti-war, anti-racist message to the streets
08 Mar 2006
Endorsers: Rosa Parks Human Rights Day Committee; Chuck Turner, Boston City Council*; Tony Van Der Meer, Prof. UMASS Boston*; USW L. 8751, Boston School Bus Drivers; Askia Toure, Poet & Political Activist; Dorotea Manuela, Community Activist; Palestinian American Congress; Boston Troops Out Now Coalition; The Most Rev. Filipe Teixeira, OFSJC, Diocese of St. Francis of Assisi, CCA*; Women’s Fightback Network; Ed Childs, Chief Shop-Steward Unite/HERE L. 26*; Reflect and Strengthen; Committee to Defend the Somerville 5; Young Cape Verdean Club, Inc.; New England Human Rights Organization for Haiti; MLK Jr. Bolivarian Circle; International Action Center; Angolan Association of MA., Inc.; Immigration Pastoral Center, Inc; Franciscan Order of Saint Joseph Cupertino; Saint Martin De Porres Catholic Church of the Americas; Disabled Peoples Liberation Front; Stonewall Warriors; United American Indians of New England; Northeastern Diocese of Saint Francis of Assisi, Catholic Church of the Americas; Greater Boston Stop the Wars Coalition; Rule 19;; Boston Mobilization; United for Justice with Peace; The Lucy Parsons Center; Workers World Party; Dorchester People for Peace; Brookline Peaceworks; Women's International League for Peace & Freedom; Code Pink, Boston; Chelsea Uniting Against the War; Socialist Alternative; Community Church of Boston; Tufts Coalition Opposed to the War; Green-Rainbow Party of Mass.; Community Change, Inc.; Framingham State College Human Rights Action Committee; Committee to Defend Reproductive Rights; Asian-American Resource Workshop; Alliance to Defend Healthcare; Cambridge UJP; Boston Liberation Health Group; Operation Over; Axis of Logic
Re: Rosa Parks coalition takes anti-war, anti-racist message to the streets
09 Mar 2006
I'm starting to come around to the view of Flipside's strategy as "throwing things out there and seeing what sticks". His list is funny enough, let's not help him out by correcting him.

I'm looking forward to this rally.
Re: Rosa Parks coalition takes anti-war, anti-racist message to the streets
09 Mar 2006
Communists, by and large, control and manipulate communities and people to their own authoritarian ends. They are classic central planners, they shut out the voice of the very people they claim to be “helping”. Plus most of them don't know how to have fun.

Anarchists, by and large, on the other hand believe in autonomy and self-management. They, for instance, don't forcibly take over a bus drivers union and than skim funds out of the dues for the IAC. Anarchists also think that “help” is patronizing…they believe in solidarity.

Choose your side.
Re: Rosa Parks coalition takes anti-war, anti-racist message to the streets
09 Mar 2006
woooa...are we really going to get into the anarchist vs. communist discussion right here? hold an open meeting with eachother and discuss it instead of yelling at eachother like close minded ideaologs. If we are truley looking for an alternative to the system- then we need not be close minded and stuck to our ideology like they are... Isn't it about trying to get people to think more critically. Start by thinking critically about yourself.

We are all fed up and looking for something better, but your not going to find it in malice.
Re: Rosa Parks coalition takes anti-war, anti-racist message to the streets
09 Mar 2006

Something better ----> ParEcon

Its basically coordinatorless socialism and/or well organized anarchism.
Re: Rosa Parks coalition takes anti-war, anti-racist message to the streets
10 Mar 2006
Not trying to start any sectarian squabbles, just stating fact. Workers World Party has always pulled this kind of shit, and always will. There's nothing to critically discuss. That said, despite any criticisms I have towards the dominant organizing group in this coalition I would still encourage people to come out and support this march.
Re: Rosa Parks coalition takes anti-war, anti-racist message to the streets
10 Mar 2006
The reason Workers World Party run demonstrations are boring is because after all is said and done they are trying to pressure a wing of the Democratic Party. They do not want to advocate ANYTHING that would offend a left/populist pro-Union Democrat. But they also know that the audience they have assembled does not look to the Democrats. So they have to hide what they really believe. That’s why their speeches are boring and ultimately dishonest.

I was at the October demonstration watching the crowd melt away as the temperature dropped and snowflakes fell. The speakers didn’t seem to know how to address an anti-war crowd. Almost every speaker addressed the audience as if they had not made up their mind about the war. What most people want to hear is “What do we do next!” Not an endless description of the problem as if we were casual passers by who hadn’t thought about the problem.

Count how many times ‘god’ is called upon from the stage, notice how many ministers, and imams, Workers World Party is friendly with and lets speak from their stage….what a strange life it must be to be a Stalinist…
Re: Rosa Parks coalition takes anti-war, anti-racist message to the streets
10 Mar 2006
The Oct. demo was a huge success, dispite the cold weather and the more mainstream speakers. I think it is important to offer a platform for all kinds of speakers, and lets face facts, most at the protest were sort of fence radicals in need of some good info on the capitalism, racism and war linkages.

That said, it was pretty shitty to say the march was at 12 only to have three hours of speakers first. I don't think anybody is trying to get people to vote democrat. Also the notion that WWP is stalinist is just pure nonsense and shows how much those on the anarcho left use the same deception they claim to be against.

See you all there and if the Anarchist community would put on a demo I would also be there, but I have not seen much.
Re: Rosa Parks coalition takes anti-war, anti-racist message to the streets
11 Mar 2006
Here's what Wikipedia says about the main organizers of the 18 Mar 06 demonstration.

"Although in origin a Trotskyist group, the WWP describes itself as Marxist-Leninist. WWP continues to make available the writings of many historic communists including Trotsky, Stalin, and Mao.

The inclusion of Trotsky along with Stalin and Mao in a communist party is unusual, and is possibly unique to WWP. Most Trotskyist organizations seek out international affiliations, but WWP has organized solely in the United States.

Within the U.S. communist movement, the WWP's politics are extremely unusual and controversial. Politically, the WWP agrees with Trotsky's description of pre-1991 Russia as being a "degenerated workers' state," and their political line extends that description to countries such as Cuba, North Korea and China.

But members of the party also use the term socialist to describe those states, and they often support these states more energetically than do most other communist parties. The WWP also supports Iraq and Libya as countries they consider victims of U.S. imperialism — though it should be noted that WWP does not describe either of those two states as being socialist.

The party also has a controversial position regarding the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, which it describes as "a battle, not a massacre."

Most controversially of all, however, the WWP has defended Slobodan Milošević and Saddam Hussein against attacks from both the right and the left.

Notably, former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, founder of the International Action Center with which the Workers World Party very closely collaborates — and which is, according to critics, a front group for the WWP — is in Iraq as of December 2005 acting as a consult to Hussein's defense team.

True to what it sees as its fundamental principles, WWP has always remained primarily action-oriented. Its pamphlets and books are scarcely theoretical, though the documents are steeped in historical analysis and idiom as a platform for agitation. The party claims it is the most skillful practitioner of united front strategy (as opposed to just tactics) on the U.S. left.

They prefer to win influence and leadership through what they see as their higher-than-usual degree of militancy, rather than purely through ideological advances. Critics contend that WWP is not nearly as grassroots or militant as it makes itself out to be, but defenders typically counter, either implicitly or vocally, that such criticism amounts to nothing more than anti-communist and/or right-wing banter."
Re: Rosa Parks coalition takes anti-war, anti-racist message to the streets
11 Mar 2006

All that stuff makes it pretty embarassing that they are miles ahead of any anarchist group in this country as far as both base organizing and reaching beyond their base goes.
Re: Rosa Parks coalition takes anti-war, anti-racist message to the streets
11 Mar 2006
No one doubts that Workers World Party works tirelessly to build platforms for rad/liberal Democratic Party officials.

"A look at the history of this organization helps explain how and why it plays a pro-Democratic Party role. The Workers World Party was founded by Sam Marcy in the early 1960s after he left the Trotskyist movement, with which he had been associated for over two decades.

This was during the period of the postwar economic boom, the Cold War and the temporary restabilization of world capitalism. At that time it was necessary for socialists to defend the USSR against imperialism, but without giving any political support to the counterrevolutionary Stalinist bureaucracy that falsely claimed to speak for socialism.

The Fourth International, founded by Leon Trotsky in 1938, called on Russian workers to carry through a political revolution to overthrow the Stalinist regime and establish genuine workers' democracy, while defending the nationalized property relations established by the 1917 Revolution.

In the mid-1950s Marcy joined those elements within the Fourth International who began to abandon the struggle against Stalinism, claiming that in order to fight imperialism it was necessary to adapt to the Soviet bureaucracy.

He rejected the perspective of international socialism and the revolutionary role of the working class in favor of supporting the bureaucratic regimes in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, as well as the bourgeois nationalist movements and governments in the former colonies.

Marcy crossed the political Rubicon in 1956, when he supported the Kremlin's use of Soviet troops to crush the uprising by Hungarian workers, who had organized workers councils in opposition to the Stalinist bureaucracy.

Over the past 40 years, the organization founded by Marcy has taken many twists and turns, but this capitulation to Stalinist bureaucracy remains the unifying threads in its political activities.

Its outlook is dominated by the perspective of protest politics, bourgeois nationalism and political opportunism. .

The organization openly backs the dictatorial regime in North Korea and supported the Serbian nationalist government of Slobodan Milosevic.

Its opportunist politics have led it to support black capitalist politicians such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, (and in Boston Democratic City Councilor Charles Taylor.)

When Jackson made his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1988, he was enthusiastically backed by Marcy, who wrote a lengthy article to “theoretically” justify support for a pro-Capitalist politician. Marcy's specialty was the using Marxist phraseology to provide a theoretical gloss for policies that were thoroughly anti-Marxist.

Once you go beyond the radical-sounding slogans, what is the content of the WWP's political line? Consistent with its beginnings in the anti-war protest milieu of the 1960s, it makes an appeal to the powers-that-be to change their right-wing political program.
Marxists do not, in principle, oppose the organization of demonstrations or other forms of protest.

We do, however, oppose the use of such methods to promote a political line that fosters illusions in the trade union bureaucracy and the Democratic Party.

In the United States, a central task of socialists is to fight for the political independence of the working class by unmasking the Democratic Party and exposing those, especially the so-called “lefts” like Jackson, whose main goal is to keep workers tied to this capitalist party.

In the WWP several ideological tendencies of an essentially reactionary character converge. These include the outlook of protest politics, Stalinism, bourgeois nationalism and forms of identity politics such as black nationalism.

All of these are hallmarks of what has often been called middle-class radicalism, a political perspective that reflects the interests not of the working class, but rather of middle class layers that are dissatisfied with their position in capitalist society, but incapable of advancing a genuinely revolutionary opposition to the status quo.

In capitalist society, only a program that articulates the independent interests of the working class and fights to establish the unity of the working class and its political independence from all sections of the Capitalists—liberal as well as conservative—can provide the basis for a revolutionary socialist movement."

From World Socialist Web Site….
Re: Rosa Parks coalition takes anti-war, anti-racist message to the streets
11 Mar 2006
can you explain why chuck turner (im assuming thats what yo mean by 'charles taylor') is a 'capitalist' politician? besides the abstract answer which says that term is redundant.
Re: Rosa Parks coalition takes anti-war, anti-racist message to the streets
11 Mar 2006
It seems interesting all these adhominem, baseless, a historcial, inaccurate lies about Workers World Party, the International Action Center, International ANSWER etc. are coming at just the time broad unity in the Greater Boston area on many fronts, not just the anti-war movement, is increasing.

Just why are these so-called polemics from the World 'Socialist' website being reprinted? What do they have to do with March 18 Rosa Parks action and the article above?

Very convenient timing Liam-especially at the same time valiant efforts are being made to connect the anti-war, anti-racist, anti-sexist struggles from a wide range of progressive organizations as 'endorsers' clearly showed us.

And it's illuminating these comments come just as many genuine, honest activists and community members are out on the streets building March 18.

We don't need COINTELPRO 21st century style in the progressive/revolutionary movements or inflicted on us by the state.

Rats out!

An injury to one is an injury to all
Re: Rosa Parks coalition takes anti-war, anti-racist message to the streets
11 Mar 2006
"We don't need COINTELPRO 21st century style in the progressive/revolutionary movements or inflicted on us by the state. "

If you read the comments it sounds like your organization refused to accept an endorsement from an anarchist political group. Gee why on earth would people start complaining about its politics?

You can't talk about unity and then turn around and pull sectarian tricks like that.

Oh well, I'm going anyway, this will be a good march.
Re: Rosa Parks coalition takes anti-war, anti-racist message to the streets
12 Mar 2006
This is what democracy looks like….

It is always a good time to have democratic criticism, I will give my opinion of Workers World Party anytime to anyone who is curious to listen or read. Honest “Workingclass Democracy” requires nothing less. The idea that “Broad Unity” or some other Stalinist gobbledygook “double think” requires a criticism free Worker World Party is nonsense.

What do quotes from Wikipedia or the World Socialist Web Site have to do with the 18 March 06 Demonstration in Boston? Workers World Party is the main organizer of the demonstration, while they have a long list of people and organizations that have signed the call for the demonstration (and may actually show up) it is Workers World Party who control the speakers platform. To comment on what Workers World Party is would seem to be eminently reasonable. But no one ever accused Workers World Party of being logical or reasonable.

According to Workers World Party (WWP) anyone who criticizes them must be a Police Agent. Why would anyone criticize WWP unless they were police? Go to leftist event and ask individuals about WWP - you’ll get a lot of negative comments. A lot of people don’t like WWP, their politics, and the underhanded way they operate. You don’t have to be a Police agent to dislike WWP.

The governments COINTELPRO program had nothing to do with raising valid criticism of groups on the left. COINTELPRO was a program of ‘dirty tricks’ and ‘poison pen’ letters that had nothing to do with the evaluation of theory, or methods. It had nothing to do with honest leftist criticism.

To claim that criticism is “an injury” is typical of Stalinist/radical-liberals of the Workers World Party. They have no answer to the points raised. They claim that any democratic questioning of their methods or ideas is dividing “broad unity.”

An “ad hominem” attack is an attack on a persons individual personality. No such attack was made on anyone from WWP. I know nothing about the personalities of individual WWP members. They take public positions, publish a newspaper, make posts on various publicly viewed internet sites, and speak from platforms in public parks. You should expect your views to be analyzed, evaluated, and criticized. Surely, it must occur to someone in your organization that defending not only the non-capitalist state of North Korea, but also Kim Jong Il and the Stalinist parasites around him is controversial. (That’s why you don’t announce it from the stage at mass rallies) The WWP says different things to different audiences.

As for “lies,” what facts presented were “lies.” WWP is too busy to respond to individual facts presented. While one quote was from World Socialist Web Site, I don’t support them, but if their words ring true they are worth reading and considering.

Why do WWP members always feel they must lie about which “front group” they belong to. I do not agree with much of what this right wing critic says about a WWP organized demonstration, but do these words ring true?

“WWP shaped the demonstration’s content by loading the speakers’ list with its own people. None, though, were identified as belonging to the WWP. Larry Holmes, who emceed much of the rally from a stage dominated by ANSWER posters, was introduced as a representative of the ANSWER Steering Committee and the International Action Center. The audience was not told that he is also a member of the secretariat of the Workers World Party. When Leslie Feinberg spoke and accused Bush of concocting a war to cover up “the capitalist economic crisis,” she informed the crowd that she is “a Jewish revolutionary” dedicated to the “fight against Zionism.” When I asked her what groups she worked with, she replied that she was a “lesbian-gay-bi-transgender movement activist.” Yet a May issue of Workers World describes Feinberg as a “lesbian and transgendered communist and a managing editor of Workers World.” The WWP’s Sara Flounders, who urged the crowd to resist “colonial subjugation,” was presented as an IAC rep.” From…..

WWP wants to be seen as a ‘progressive/revolutionary’ organization at the same time their main activity is building platforms for left/liberal Democrats like Democratic Party City Councilor Charles Turner. The Democratic Party is the graveyard of social movements in the US. The WWP leads honest progressives and people with revolutionary ideas straight back into the Democratic Party.
Re: Rosa Parks coalition takes anti-war, anti-racist message to the streets
13 Mar 2006
Speaking of "lies" and the effect on "broad based coalitions," look at the list of endorsers Workers World Party has put together.

Have you ever heard of the "Catholic Church of the Americas?" I hadn't, so I googled the name. Most of the sites that came up listed Worker World front groups. The Catholic Church of the Americas does not have anything to do with the Original Flavor Catholics you might have run into. Google some of the other endorsers of the "broad based coalition." Almost half of the endorsers of the rally are front groups of Workers World Party.

Why do they feel they have to lie, and why do they think they can get away with it year after year? People in WWP know that a lot of people dislike their methods, and dislike their political views on many issues. So every time so issue seems to be capturing part of the radical public's attention - WWP sets up a front group to exploit honest radical leftists who want to see progress on that issue. Maybe WWP hopes they will be so big that no one will care if they fuged things to get things going. Maybe they think the average person is to lazy to check their endorser list. Maybe they are so used to twisting the truth, "for the greater good," that they forget what truth is. Their are probably a dozen or more groups run as franchises of WWP ( IAC, Disabled People's Liberation, etc.)

The central handful of cadre of WWP can sit down an sign the names of a dozen groups to anything, they controll the groups. People who work with these groups figure out what's going on after a while. Most drift away with a cynical view of all leftists, a few say on and enter the wacky world of Stalinist "double think." Why the WWP doesn't just honestly present their views to the public is a mystery to me, but they act as if the only way to "support the left wing of the possible" (support Democrats like Chuck Turner) is by hiding what they really believe.

That's why all their speaches sound like tedious laundry lists written by a Stalinist committee. At the demonstration you will hear four different "representatives" of four "different" groups give the same WWP approved speach guaranteed not to upset a Liberal Democrat.
Re: Rosa Parks coalition takes anti-war, anti-racist message to the streets
16 Mar 2006

I'm not a member of the WWP. I however have had the opportunity to work with them. I disagree with your assessment of them. If more people were wiling to work like some of their memebers we would be able to really build an independent movement rooted in the working class. I do agree that we have to go beyond the democractic party. That does not however stop one from working with Chuck Turner.

Currently their is not one network, one group who has the ability to bring about power in the interest of ordinary working people. It is those working people who must do that for themselves. It is important that we build a real united front, lead by working people who are under the foot of destruction. It's easy to speak about the weakness of people under a "no verified email address." It's harder to demonstrate an action model that illustrate what should be done inorder to engage in the process of structural revolutionary change. Dialogue is always a good thing. A better thing would be the work that needs to be done. Is there some ideas that you have that we can apply (that you can lead us via your work ethic) that will bring ordinary working people in control of a meanful and humane life? I'm able to learn from the practice (the weaknesses and the strenghts) of members of the wwp. Where are the concrete examples of the other political/revolutionary, anarchist groups for the ordinary black and latino working person.? I will chose who my friends are and so will my community. The anti-war movement have been very white, middle class and racist. Some of those very forces still have a problem with surrending their priviledge. From my point of view, wwp via thier work have shown themselves differently. Also, why can't the wwp be the ones excepting leadership from black and latino workng communities? Why do you feel they are the one's who are dominating the process? I'm sure others as well as myself would be willing to learn from your practice, if you will provide it. See you on Saturday.

Tony Van Der Meer