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News :: Race
Palestine Youths Art Censorship: Protest at Brandeis
05 May 2006
Almost a hundred Brandies students and local activists descended on the Goldfarb library yesterday to reclaim an exhibit of children’s art by Palestinian refugees that had been removed by school officials. Initiated by an Israeli student and former IOF solider the display showed the realities of life under occupation from the eyes of its young victims.
brandisepalrt 003.jpg
Brandeis U. Palestine Youths Art censorship protest report and photos
An administrator at the predominantly Jewish school whose namesake was an arch Zionist made the decision to take down the basement hallway display after receiving complaints. News of the Palestinian youth’s pictures, paintings and artist bios removal has made it around the world and the protest was covered by Fox TV, local print and radio reporters.

Upon the return of the paintings there was a pedestrian display of the art and some speeches by faculty, students and local Palestine solidarity activists. Afterwards members of a MIT Arab student group arrived to accept the art for a week long showing at MIT.

For a preview of the show see:
"Voices From Palestine: An Art Exhibition of Children's paintings from Aida Refugee Camp, Bethlehem."

Slide show of Palestinian children’s art from Aida refugee camp
Facing censorship, Daily News Tribune News Staff
RALLY Thursday 5/04 Brandeis for Palestinian Children
Brandeis pulls Palestinian art from exhibit
Brandeis Shuts Down a Show of Palestinian Art
"The university had to make a decision. We were getting complaints from people that the exhibit was one-dimensional. There was no other context... It was as if someone was looking at this issue with one eye closed. People were upset and confused. Some people found the images disturbing. We had to make a decision."
brandisepalrt 006.jpg
Brandeis U. Palestine Youths Art censorship protest report and photos
unknown media
Brandeis U. Palestine Youths Art censorship protest report and photos
unknown media
Brandeis U. Palestine Youths Art censorship protest report and photos
brandisepalrt 004.jpg
Brandeis U. Palestine Youths Art censorship protest report and photos
brandisepalrt 005.jpg
Brandeis U. Palestine Youths Art censorship protest report and photos
Brandeis U. Palestine Youths Art censorship protest report and photos
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Re: Brandeis U. Palestine Youths Art censorship protest report and photos
05 May 2006
also see

Addtional protest Photos:
Protesting Brandeis for removing Palestinian children's art...

Chucks report:
Here's a link to a radio report of the turn of events:

Democracy Now! Interview of Lior Halperin:
"Brandeis University Takes Down Palestinian Youth Art Exhibit Mounted by Israeli Jewish Student"

Exhibit Now @ MIT
Voices from Palestine: Aida Refugee Camp Children Speak Out

May 4th thru May 11th: exhibit open to the public
MIT Stata Center, Building No. 32
First floor TSMC lobby

For help locating Building 32, see

In Conjunction with MIT Palestine Awareness Week 2006
Re: Palestine Youths Art Censorship: Protest at Brandeis
06 May 2006
good to hear of this strong response to such obvious censorship at brandeis. only a week at mit? perhaps our palestine solidarity community can keep the exhibit circulating from campus to campus. it certainly is a great way to show an honest palestinian perspective, and to start up some sorely-needed discussion about the injustices and cruelty that israel's policies cause every day for innocent people like these children.
Re: Palestine Youths Art Censorship: Protest at Brandeis
06 May 2006
Simply another illustration of why America is the greatest country in the world. Freedom of assembly. Would that islamic and marxist oriented nations had that precious liberty!
Re: Palestine Youths Art Censorship: Protest at Brandeis
06 May 2006
are people proud of encouraging hatemongering through getting children to draw pictures of a star of David as a snake?

Shame on the haters teching children to hate.

Palestine is where it is because it's people are too easy to hate and kill.
And that s not the Jews fault. Look to yourself, you haters.
Change yourself and you will have victory.
Shame on you for putting up those pictures alledgedly drawn by children. If such pictures were drawn with a muslim theme, say with a picture of a certain militarist who pretended that he was taliking to God and then concoured and brainwashed and enslaved, would you be killing, like happened to Theo and cutting off heads?

Shame. You gain no respect by reporting that responsible people removed your shameful propaganda.

PS: I very much was upset when I heard that the Danish cartoons had been recaptioned and distributed in Muslim countries. But that is no excuse to kill and murder. There is shame all around here, on both sides in the Levant. But at Brandies they do teach tollerance. So why bring the hate there? It just show that you are bigots and hate Jewish People. That is unacceptable.

Shame on you.
Re: Palestine Youths Art Censorship: Protest at Brandeis
06 May 2006
dih, the children and his father on the drawing were killed cold-blooded by the Israeli army... You should be asking the Israeli gov't, what are you doing to encourage resentment towards our people? That's why should be asking instead of attacking the drawings of people... Who is teaching Palestinian children to hate? Their parents or the army that kills their parents and destroy their homes?
Re: Palestine Youths Art Censorship: Protest at Brandeis
06 May 2006
How easily the words "killed cold-bloodedly" slip fron your lips, Dissed.

You don't know. You don't send emails to anyone when you know that a suidiced bomber kills a kid in a restaurant or cafe in Tel Aviv.

Have Arabs kids died in the wars with Israel yes? Were they deliberate murders? No. And you don't have anything beside a careless mouth and lazy mind to prove otherwise. War sucks. Millions of German and Japanese kids died in bombings in WWII. Am I glad the bombings took place? Hell, yes. Am I sorry innocent kids died, hell yes.

Real life isn't as simple as your cartoon fantasy.
Re: Palestine Youths Art Censorship: Protest at Brandeis
06 May 2006
"Were they deliberate murders? No." How can you say that one murder is deliberate and the other isn't. YES, suicide bombing is deliberate but so it is everytime the Israelis kill children. Or is the killing of one child better than the other? What I feel is lacking here is a REAL understanding of the facts... YES, Jewish people deserve to live in peace and so do Palestinian people... Building a wall and forcing people to live under occupation will not solve things... Or do you think committing suicide is easy? Maybe you do because you're dehumanizing Palestinians
Re: Palestine Youths Art Censorship: Protest at Brandeis
06 May 2006
Blockhead and dih show only to well what most sane people understand that zionists don't want peace.They hate anyone who is critical of their holy cause.They're god's chosen people and have the right to steal land and kill.There never will be peace as long as the US supports the zionists.Stop the billions of tax dollars to Israel and weapons and Israel would be forced to make a peace deal that would be acceptable to the Palestinians.Don't vote for anyone who supports giving tax money to Israel. Divest,sanction and boycott Israel.That will send them a clear message.
Re: Palestine Youths Art Censorship: Protest at Brandeis
06 May 2006
I should note here that the stange old men carrying "free Palestine" banners did more harm to the protest than good, and I think this discussion list reflects why. The issue at hand was 1. a speech issue and then 2. an issue of hegemony and NOT whether Israel should be in Palestine. The organizers did not mean to bring up the occupation issue and if those RCP f-----s had any idea what they were doing, they would have contacted us to find out. It is a touchy subject at Brandeis, and slogan-chanting didn't change a single mind, rather it associated free speech activists with anti-Zionists, deterring our message. If you see any of those vanguardist bastards, tell them Brandeis says, "Thanks a lot YOU IDIOT F------ LOSERS." Pathetic. [Last sentence deleted. We dislike threats -Eds.]
Re: Palestine Youths Art Censorship: Protest at Brandeis
07 May 2006
What a nice, healthy, pro-violence message you're instilling in these kids.

"Victory to the Iraqi Resistance/Jihad" = "We want more Iraqis and Americans to die"

You're no better than the pro-war idiots scared to enlist in the military. If you think the Iraqi resistance is such a great cause, why not join it?
Re: Palestine Youths Art Censorship: Protest at Brandeis
08 May 2006
The piece made it into US Indymedia center:
Re: Palestine Youths Art Censorship: Protest at Brandeis
08 May 2006
thanks for the clarification, Bob, about the often phony stories of Israelis shooting Palestinian kids. That Big Lie technique was effectively used at the beginning of the rioting instigated by the late unlamented pederast Arafat in Sept. 2000. The US big network media swallowed whole Arafat's mendacious campaign that portrayed Palestinian kids being deliberately shot.

It is rather droll that a few tattered leftists continue to believe in these fairy tales rather than denounce the religiously rabid Hamas which openly advocates attacks on civilians.

[Oops, I've said too much! Now, here will come the "zionist murderers" response-screed emitting from the boringly predicatable Hamas todies posing as communists/anarchists! "useful idiots" as the delightfully cynical Lenin would say. ]
Re: Palestine Youths Art Censorship: Protest at Brandeis
09 May 2006
I don't know if the rest of you will agree with me, but I'm defenitely concerned about how the protest today will be recieved. I felt as a whole it was a worthwhile demonstration, but I feel that some of the outside groups attempted to hijack the event with some minor success. The event was about a free speech and whether or not Brandeis would hurt it's reputation as a University dedicated to pluralism. I felt the point was to protect and encourage debate, but not to use it as a rallying call for any particular stance on the issue. Unfortunately, we there was the strong and noticable prescence of the Revolutionary Communist Party. For obvious reasons, they provided ample fodder for the members of BIPAC, at least 5 leaders of which were scurrying about the protest photographing the signs held by RCP members. Secondly, I felt some of the speakers were not helpful to the cause. They seemed more interested in furthering the Pro-Palestinian, borderline anti-Israeli, agenda than actually protecting free speech. Politicizing this issue isn't going to help, as this is an issue that needs more broad based support that encompasses a variety of opinions on the issue. That aside, Professor Fellman, Walaa and that senior whose name escapes me did a grand service with their words. In particular, for discussing the free speech and open debate aspect of the issue. So, just to finish a longish e-mail, I would urge that there be more attendance of Brandeis Students in the future. If this means more aggressive recruitement, better organization of what have you, then that's what must be done. We can't let outside organization take over our voices and speak for us.
Much love to you all,
Re: Palestine Youths Art Censorship: Protest at Brandeis
09 May 2006
Penny, i totally agree with you. i think this is a good conversation to continue on the listserv. for the record, RSA did not 'sponsor' the rally - nobody did. it was a collection of concerned students who are upset about political censorship at our university (which included lots of RSA members) + outsiders with their own agendas. this is relevant becasue a buncha reporter types came up to RSA members asking for offical RSA statements etc, and it is likely that the BIPAC and Republican kids who were there will position this as an RSA event.

The BIPAC and Republican kids grabbed onto the provacative banners from the 3 RCP (revolutionary communist party) people because its easy. it is a mechanism for them to not have to deal with the substance of what is going on and then demonize a position or event or group to seem right. that said, i have so much respect for the bravery of students in making this an issue and confronting it head on, and i thing that it does a really valuable service to this campus.

RSA has has an intense last few days from events to springfest concerts to protests to walkouts to this. i'm proud to be a part of this group; we have accomplished so much in a very short time. i think lessons like from what happened today can only help when our huge coke campaign kicks off in the fall.

about the RCP folks: FUCK THE RCP. the RCP is a cult (literally)/'activist' group of people who indoctrinate well meaning radicals with really twisted ideas about the world, handed down from their leader Bob Avakian. they have a lot of front groups that many of you are familiar with, including "World Can't Wait", parts of "ANSWER", "Refuse and Resist" etc. This is relevant to RSA (and this annoucement listserv) because these people can be found hawking their newspapers at boston-area events (and in their bookstore "Revolution Books", and on our campus.

They are responsible for "Revolution" newspaper, which they aggressively accosted brandeis students with in the begining of this year (some of you may remember the drama of kicking them off campus). the reason this is OUR problem is becasue a lot of new folks saw the paper and thought it was OUR paper (the idea is revolution = RSA). Basically, be wary of ANY of those authoritarian-socialists hawking papers at demos, including non-RCP things like "Worker's World" and "MIM Notes" (both of which can be occasionally found on our campus).

i actually think we can learn a lot from the RCP about BAD activism: these people came to a community they are not a part of, did not understand the nuances of the culture here, made a lot of flashy noise, drew attention to themselves, yelled alienating slogans, and presented potentially importantideas in the rhetoric of close mindedness, arrogance, and hate. it should be a reminder that we need to contextualize our activism, present it in ways that resonate with people, that are a part of the cultural discourse of what is going on, so that it makes a real difference.

these people did not open a single person's mind to the valid and important issues of palestinian liberation, and did a lot more to hurt the hard work of students here. this is the first time i have seen the RCP hijack an event at brandeis, but they do it regularly elsewhere, and im sure we will have to deal with them again. i hope we can do it in an intelligent way that does not only feed their fire.
Re: Palestine Youths Art Censorship: Protest at Brandeis
09 May 2006
To Daniel, Penny and Squash,

I hear your complaints about the RCP. It's certainly unfortunate that the message of the protest seemed to be coopted by those of louder groups-unfortunately that's usually how it goes, right? As I don't know your politics, I can't know if you have anything in common with the people from the RCP; I myself am not very much into the authoritarian communism, the vangaurd, or the workers' _________

But your problem highlights the trouble those for free-speech, civil rights, and freedom have: how can people come together and respect the issues and voices of one another? If you shutdown the RCP, they'd cry free-speech violation, and you become the monster. If you leave them alone, they drown out your voice, and the protest becomes associated with RCP issues.

If it was just a one time protest, there's little to be done about it (as far as the Republicans, they'll gleam on to the most radical message they can find no matter who's speaking, and if they can't find a radical message, they'll either make one up or not even bother). But still we can use the experience to figure out how to cooperate/communicate better in the future.

So, anyone got any serious suggestions as to how to work better together?
Re: Palestine Youths Art Censorship: Protest at Brandeis
09 May 2006
I agree with the comments about certain protestors hijacking the event. Although I didn't attend this particular event, I have had several Palestine-related events marred, in my opinion, by obnoxious idiots like the ones holding the "jihad" sign. The use of the word jihad, coupled with an image of shackles with the Israeli and American flags on them, is just one example of how uninformed these people are. The struggle for equality and justice is Palestine and Israel is not necessarily a religious one...for many people, it is strictly nationalist. And not all Palestinians are Muslim. I also saw some people carrying a banner at the May Day parade that said something about stopping the Zionist UN intervention in Sudan. They were also waving Palestinian flags. Come on guys, let's be a little more sophisticated and not draw one continuous, conspiratorial line between Darfur, Palestine, and immigrants' rights. I'm not suggesting that these people don't have the right to speech. I'm just suggesting that they stop and think for one second about how useless and counter-productive their little side shows are. They really make anyone who is intelligently trying to engage with this issue look less credible. So to the white losers who want to be down with the cause: Go away. Find something more productive to do with your time than wave your childish banners.
Re: Palestine Youths Art Censorship: Protest at Brandeis
09 May 2006
by the way, the last line of that post was not meant to imply that white people shouldn't be involved with any causes that don't involve their race. I was speaking to these white people in particular who seem to get a thrill from making stupid arguments on behalf of brown people whom they this is is their mission to save.
Re: Palestine Youths Art Censorship: Protest at Brandeis
10 May 2006
I thought this a little odd as the BIMC has been guilty of censorship as well. Just something to think about......
Re: Palestine Youths Art Censorship: Protest at Brandeis
10 May 2006
THANKS to Lior, exIOF soldier with heart/soul/conscience! I too am a Veteran and can only say..too darn bad that Brandeis has sullied its ' liberal open minded 'rep by tearing down/ hiding this young peoples art show! Strange, but MIT's roof hasn't fallen in yet from the Art show. ANYONE who has ever worked with war traumatized children, knows their art presents a common theme..often obsessively - due to continuous and on-going violence experienced, even in refugee camps, even in the dead of night when the IOF raids even the poorest or the poor, taking hostages seeking out their "enemies" --youngsters, elderly, women, even human rights observers as in Hebron are abused or taken away. Collective punishments, despite tens of thousands of Israeali committed GENEVA CONVENTION HR VIOLATIONS, human rights abuses, and plain vanilla racist violence. Could that cause resistence by Occupied sitting ducks? Would 50 years of domination, ethnic cleansing and transfer, abuse, violence, killing and barring from your home without return make YOU upset? would YOU resist? Never thought that post WW2, Jews would be guilty of committing such horrid crimes. Those who remember Apartheid South Africa weep for the repetitions. PURSUE JUSTICE says Deuteronomy.
Re: Palestine Youths Art Censorship: Protest at Brandeis
11 May 2006
heads up to anyone who thinks that I am a zionist: I loathe the idea of a ethnically based theocracy that attempts to live in the past. That is not saying I loathe the people who try to do such things (maybe I do some of them). The point that I find important is that teaching hate is a hateful thing. If you don't think that a Star of David drawn as a vemonous snake poised to strike is not hateful then I don't understand that.

I can see how you could be angry, of course you are. I understand how anger compels us to do nasty things. Yes. But when you take sacred symbols and use them to profane then you cease to deserve to be treated any better than one treats a spoiled and ranting child. The sad thing is that the people who (supposedly) let their children draw these pictures and then, instead of telling the child that this is a form of religious hatered, displays them at a school . . .

It simply does not follow that because such and such bad thing happened done by anonymous authoritarians that we should thus profane a whole culture. The Star of David is not just a simbol of Zionism (though I have seen it used for that) the Star of David is a symbol of God's love for all of mankind.

It ought to be sacred and respected by Christians, Muslims and Jewish.

And when you don't see that then I can't help you see it. It makes me feel very sad. I am sorry about the dead children. Most people who are Jewish, I am sure, are also very sorry. And yet you insult them and think that they can't grieve with you for your children. Can you imagine how they feel to have to live in these walls like they do? Maybe your hate for them is so strong that they have to do this. If you stopped teaching children that it is alright to provane the beliefs of others than can you blame them for wanting to be separate from you?

I believe that anyone of any religion ought to be able to live in The Levant. Political reality is different. Hate is too strong. The evidence is the idea that a provaning of religious symbology by a child is an appropriate form of political speach. It is not and the parents should tell these children that.
Re: Palestine Youths Art Censorship: Protest at Brandeis
12 May 2006
drawing the star of david as a snake. hmm. maybe if Zionists didn't put the star of david on their political flag then maybe it wouldn't be confused with Judaism by hypersensitive PC americans. That is a political statement, not a hateful anti-jew statement, period. If I walked around dressed as Jesus and kicked old ladies, then the old ladies started drawing anti-jesus pictures, would it not be clear what was going on?

and the RCP may be well-meaning but clueless radicals, OR they may be deliberately polarizing and alienating activists, OR something in between. what they do is their business and no one elses. although some individuals in the group are for 911 truth, the organization does not promote it. why? hmmmm.... gatekeepers?
Would Jesus Kick Your Ass?
13 May 2006
(poser) but you do walk around dressed as jesus and kick old ladies.
Re: Palestine Youths Art Censorship: Protest at Brandeis
16 May 2006
I stand by what I said. The Star of David is used by the modern Israeli government as their symbol. That does not make it any less a symbol of God's love for all his children, Jewish, Muslim, everyone.

Get over your hate and stop projecting a political rivaliry into the realm of the sacred.