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Newswire Articles
News :: International
Sunday (12/21): Reports from Greece
21 Dec 2008
Things are usually slow on Sundays and that was the case today. However, many local assemblies took place to decide further actions.
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News :: Organizing
Central NC: Banner Drops in Solidarity with Greece
21 Dec 2008
2.jpgsolidarity means attack, only the beginning?
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Commentary :: War and Militarism
The real Bush portrait
21 Dec 2008
Reflects death
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News :: International
Saturday (12/20): Reports from Greece
20 Dec 2008
Today it's two weeks since the murder of Alexis and the beginning of the revolt. It is also day of international solidarity and global day against the police and state terrorism. Here are the major protests and events of the day in Greece.
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News :: International
Friday (12/19): reports from Greece
19 Dec 2008
Another day in the streets. Big solidarity concert in Athens and more protests, most of the peaceful.
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Commentary :: Labor
mp3 audio: "Grasping the Financial Crisis"
19 Dec 2008
Sam Girdin and Leo Panitch teach political economy at York University. The Toronto School for Creativity and Inquiry offers this mp3 audio in the hope that thousands of discussion groups will arise in the world.
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News :: International
Thursday (12/18): reports from Greece
18 Dec 2008
Nothing is over, thousands took the streets again!
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News :: International : Media
The Shortwave Report 12/19/08 Listen Globally!
18 Dec 2008
A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Cuba, and Russia.
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Commentary :: Race
Cowardly Services
18 Dec 2008
When I was a student at the University of Connecticut I experienced an assortment of racist and bigoted behavior. The behavior was directed at myself primarily and had to do with post – 9/11 bigotry. Much of it centered on feelings of patriotism vs. non-patriotism. Some of the inspiration for this mood can even be attributed to the paranoid sentiments of false patriotism spread by the now outgoing administration.
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News :: Globalization
Illinois Governor Tries To Sell Barack Obamas Senate Seat
18 Dec 2008
...Although the eastern European mafia is referred to by many in the media and law enforcment as the Russian Mafia, it is important to note that in the book RED MAFIYA: HOW THE RUSSIAN MOB HAS INVADED AMERICA, author Robert Friedland describes the close connections between the so-called Russian Mafia and israel. Friedland quotes Jonathan Winer, a former assistant secreatary of state for International Law Enforcment, who revealed "There is not a major Russian organized crime figure who we are tracking who does not carry an israeli passport....according to Winer, a former aid to Senator John kerrys investigations of BCCI and international drug smuggling, all 75 top Russian and Ukrainian Mafia figures carry israeli passports...

While links betwen Saudi Arabian businesses and charities and Al Quaeda have been highlighted by law enforcemnt and the media (During the bush administration), vry little attention has been paid to the long term association of terrorist groups like Al Quaeda with the Russian-israeli Mafia. A 23 year veteran of the CIA's conter terrorism division told me in July 2004 that one of the most overlooked aspects of the 9-11 attacks was the role of Ruian Israeli organized crime in facilitating the attack...

Russian policeman Kiril Kagner points out that some, but not all, Russian mobsters are jewish. He says many Russian mobsters claim jewish roots in order to obtain israeli passports...he estimates that the Russian-israeli mafia has pumped some 4 billion dollars into the israeli econmy. According to Britains Independent, some of this money is kept in religious banks in Israel, which are tax exempt. Making matters worse is the fact that there is no law against money laundering in israel.


There is a very long history of israeli weapons smuggling in Latin America, particularly to drug cartels. On April 7, 1988, ABC World News Tonight reported that from 1983-1986, Israeli agents bought weapons from the communist bloc using American moneyand on behalf of the United States. the wepons were dlivered by a joint US-Israeli airlift to panama. Michael Harari, a former israeli mossad agent and assassin who was security advisor to Manuel Noriega, arranged to ship the weapons to Nicaraguan bases in Costa Rica and El Salvador. The last part of the deal was to fly cocaine from Columbian Medellin cartel sources to the United States...As Richard Threlkeld reported:

After dropping off their weapons, the planes and contract pilots of this makeshift israeli-American airlift went back to business as usual, smuggling illegal Columbian cocaine across the US border. If US officials who had sponsored this airlift knew it was drug dealing, they did nothing to stop these cargo planes.

A convicted money launderer named Ramon Milan-Rodriguez testified about the CIA-Vice President Bush-Noriega drug and weapons smuggling operation before senate hearings on drug smuggling and terrorism in cnetral America. Milan-Rodriguez testified that he set up a meeting between Jeb Bush and a Guatemalan presidential candidate named Alfonso Cabrera, who was backed by the Medellin cartel. Soon after, Cabrera visited washington and met with then President George HW Bush.

...An interesting link between the Russian-Israeli mafia and the Donald Rumsfelds and Douglas Feiths Office Of Special Plans was revealed in early august 2003, when F. Micahel Maloof was stripped of his security clearance for links with lebanese businessmen thought to have ties with israeli Mafia gun runners in Guatemala....At the time, bush administration official told Newsday: Its unclear whether maloofs involvment with the israeli gun runners was offical rogue duties, or unofficial rogue duties...

From The Book:
Chapter 5, Diamonds Are A Terrorists Best Friend
Wayne Madsen

Where lies thy allegiance?
*: partial list of members of bush admin with israeli passports
* *Paul Wolfowitz *
* *Richard Perle *
* *Douglas Feith *
* *Michael Chertoff *
* *Elliot Abrams *
* *Donald Kagan *
* *Richard Haas *
* *Kenneth Adelman *
* *Edward Luttwak *
* *Robert Satloff *
* *Dov Zakheim *
* *David Frum *
* *David Wurmser *
* *Steve Goldsmith *
* *Marc Grossman
How does one get Top Secret US security clearances while holding a
foreign passport?

Isn’t there an OBVIOUS conflict of interest?

One could argue these men were great patriots -- but for which country?

If you're planning criminal acts, there is one major benefit of carrying
an Israeli passport -- if you can make it to Israel before you're
arrested, Israel will not extradite its own citizens.

chertoffs dual citizenship

zakheims dual citizenship

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