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Newswire Articles
Announcement :: Politics
Bush administration seeks funds for regime change in Iran
18 Feb 2006
The Bush administration took a further step on Wednesday in its campaign against Iran by requesting a large increase in funding for the political destabilisation of the Tehran regime.
Speaking to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice declared that the US would “actively confront” Iran and called for an extra $75 million to fund anti-Tehran propaganda and to support opposition groups inside and outside the country. Last year just $10 million was allocated to such activities.
Rice carefully avoided the use of the term “regime change” and its obvious associations with the US campaign that culminated in the illegal invasion of Iraq. But there is no mistaking the Bush administration’s intention to subvert and remove the current Iranian regime.
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News :: Globalization : Human Rights : Media : Technology
Billboard against Google, Yahoo and Microsoft
18 Feb 2006
Billboard against Google, Yahoo and Microsoft/ Poland/ Sopot/ 15 february 2006
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Commentary :: Human Rights
Amber waves
18 Feb 2006
storm of freedom
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LOCAL News :: Education : Gender : GLBT/Queer : Globalization : Human Rights : International : Labor : Media : Organizing : Politics : Race : Social Welfare
Boston prepares for March 18 rally
18 Feb 2006
Following the historic Dec. 1 Rosa Parks Human Rights Day march of nearly 2,000 people through Roxbury and downtown Boston, the Boston Rosa Parks Committee is providing the leadership and focus for organizing Boston’s participation in the global days of action on the 3rd anniversary of the criminal U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq.
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LOCAL News :: Education : Gender : Human Rights : Labor : Media : Organizing : Politics : Race : Social Welfare
Schools guilty of racist child abuse
18 Feb 2006
According to Berthena Dorinvil, mother of the 6-year-old boy, the school officials’ conduct in this case, from the white teacher who initiated the complaint to the principal all the way to the superintendent of schools, has caused untold pain and suffering to her son and her family.
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Commentary :: Human Rights
Israeli Holocaust
18 Feb 2006
This article was published in many forums and Zionists are removing them from almost every place. No one ever pointed out any thing wrong or untrue in this article! Yet, we are not allowed to publicise this article including at the British IMC ! In the name of free speech they can publish deliberately offensive and untrue cartoons depicting Muslims as terrorists. Yet, no one is allowed to point out Israeli war crimes and genocides! What a hypocrisy and double standard!
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Announcement :: Labor
17 Feb 2006
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Announcement :: Human Rights
president bush to undergo major testing.
17 Feb 2006
Millions of american people are starting to
notice a very un american president and vice
president these days. Every day more and more
americans are starting to wonder if these 2
guys are even fit to run our nation anymore.
The things they do sometimes seem a little
crazy and often illegal. So some of the american
people are hoping to find a couple good shrinks
and maybe a few good lawyers to see if what they
are doing in washington is really legal or illegal,
maybe even a little crazy.

There is a simple challenge to washington to pass
a bill, its a good one, its a simple one, and it's
a fair one, lets make it a fast one, say march 23,
this will give them several weeks just in case their
secrataries are slow typers or they forget how to
spell there names or they are slow readers or something
you know washington isn't the brightest city in the world
and the bill is 1 page.

Lets call it bill #4404150555 until they give it an official #

Any man women or child that joins the military reserves
the right at anytime they feel unable or unwilling to
pick up another weapon or harm another person to trade
in that gun for a guitar. The government that tought that
child how to use that weapon that kills will be responsible
to provide teachers to teach that soldier to play an instrument
that heals so he may attempt to heal some wounds that he and his
brothers may be feeling or creating. We would only do trade with
countries that provide their soldiers and citizens the right to
decide if and when they to have the right to lay down their guns
and persue a life with more meaning and one worth living.

Submitted by Jimmy the weed Zender american citizen living in
Geneva on the Lake Ohio, maybe Bono would help me submit this:)

John Mc Cain, wheres the love for your democracy and military men?
Kennedy live up to your good name, help america find true democracy.

We all owe them this people, they have all givin their lives so
we may have this right, use it, lets do this for them, now!

Lets "nickname" this "the bill we can all aford to pay"

And if washington don't wanna foot this bill, they better all start
hiring lawyers, oh they already are lawyers! Well, they will need
more lawyers and they will be paying them out of there own pockets,
now they would not like that, would they? this bill is good for america!

We will ask some of our brightest stars to both sponser the
bill and donate time to teach these young men and ladies to be
highly skilled and very creative soldiers for life and healers.
And a few big names would make things a lot more encouraging.

As believers we must become less killing and more filling
if we want to get to drink from the cup, God help us all!

This is a great place to draw the line and see if they want all
americans to have the opertunities to be the best people we can
be or just to do be un or under edjucated and easily manipulated
so we can only keep doing all there dirty works. You know I am
starting to woner if that is Christs blood or muslims blood on
our hands, and if we don't stop now we may be suprised.

I know they will be telling you how stupid we are or crazy the plan
is but you be the judge, looks pretty simple, for all the money these
guys get paid, it's good for our citizens this should be easy enough
to sign on the dotted line, wow wish I had it that simple.

Now if they fail to defend the rights of our citizens in the military
to seek the healing many of them may need we have created a second
test, on the streets we nicknamed it the test for dummies,but officially
we will call is the test for the president. This test is made up of
10 stupid questions since they can only give us stupid answers. Now anyone
who passes the bill then passes the first test and doesn't have to take the
second test called the test for dummies. But any that refuse to defend the
rights of our young soldiers who are defending america must take the second test.
And if they refuse to listen and to act then in november we will be tested.
And any so called pro lifer that doesn't think our citizens should be able
to put down there guns we must vote out of office then and there, and also
every other politician that refuses to sponsor this bill or take the test.
America it is time to wake up rise up and stand up for your brothers
and one another, and people around the world please help us hold our american
leaders accountable for there actions, demand they pass the bill now.

You know it's not just iraqies and our soldiers dying but also every soldiers
parents do, their children, brothers, sisters, and every one of us too look inside,
the scars of these wars are in all of us no matter where we live. Demand they pass
this bill into law, just the way it is let them add nothing to it and make sure it
never expires, and don't let them screw it up.

Also this governments been taking all our dollars I think we deserve a little
change, don't you? tell them earn the money they take and sign this bill fast.

Send letters to washington cnn and everywhere, tell family overseas take the
test too and send your answers to Lou Dobbs at by july 4 incase we have
a lot of empty seats to fill in november it is right around the corner. And
be sure and find out what test your person in washington prefers to take we
are giving them 3 very easy choices you know
1 Pass this bill now (easiest choice just sign it) or
2 take the test july 4 (anyone who failed the first test) or
3 test us in november, do not underestimate our hunger, you only feed us lots of
elephant shit and the whole world is sick of it.
Rock and Roll Everyone!
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Announcement :: International
The Abu Ghraib photos and the anti-Muslim “free speech” fraud
17 Feb 2006
The release of more horrifying photographs and videos from Abu Ghraib prison sheds a revealing light on the hypocritical and genuinely sinister character of the supposed “free speech” campaign surrounding the publication of anti-Muslim cartoons in the European and international press.
The Australian Special Broadcasting Service’s “Dateline” program broadcast a number of the new images from Abu Ghraib on Wednesday. One video revealed a handcuffed man pounding his head against a metal cell door. In other pictures the same man is shown dangling upside down, smeared with his own feces. The corpse of a man who allegedly died during a CIA interrogation appears in another photograph. Certain images reveal detainees obviously wounded and bleeding. SBS aired a video clip of five men with bags over their heads, masturbating on their guards’ orders.
Independently, has obtained what appears to be a complete set of the Abu Ghraib photos, made between October 18 and December 30, 2003.
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Commentary :: Human Rights : International : Politics
Beyond Mere Survival in the American Dystopia
17 Feb 2006
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