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Newswire Articles
Commentary :: Environment
Senator John Kerry and the Democrats are Peeing in their Pants Cowards
06 Sep 2004
Now that campaigning to the far right has failed to get a rise out of the American public all my Democratic Party friends are running around bumping into each other in fear and loathing realizing that the Democratic leadership Council and its lead poisoned leader Al From - who is cowering inside the pup tent he pitched inside the Big Tent to perform by pass surgery on Bill Clinton's heart (which is so full of saturated fat it really does need bypass surgery) so that Clinton could sign the child poverty creating Welfare Reform Act - has led Senator John Kerry down a rabbit hole.
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News :: Human Rights
FEMA camps for enemies of the state
06 Sep 2004
This is the threat, do what we say or suffer the fate of the Jews of WW2...more or less
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Commentary :: DNC
Another world is possible: Countering the (il)logic of political violence
06 Sep 2004
With the publication of his book The Logic of Political Violence, former ELF spokesperson Craig Rosebraugh is following in the footsteps of Ward Churchill, whose Pacifism as Pathology provided a gloss of intellectual credibility to the advocates of "Diversity of Tactics" during the peak of the global justice movement. An excerpt from Rosebraugh's book has begun to circulate on the internet. Will his advocacy of revolutionary violence appeal to a re-vitalised anti-war movement, or is fighting for peace about as smart as fucking for virginity?
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News :: Human Rights
Virus Alert CNN.exe New Virus found
06 Sep 2004
Modified: 02:51:12 PM

Virus alert
New Virus found: CNN.exe

A new virus, CNN.exe, has been found in America. This has affected millions of Americans before it could be detected. The right thinking Americans, anti-war and anti-imperialism activists are trying hard to clean the minds of their fellow countrymen. They have declared war on CNN.exe and want to uproot it from America. However the virus has caused wide spread damage. In fact after Sep 11 it spread like wild fire, engulfing millions of Americans. The Trojan horses like white racism and Christian fundamentalism active in American body politic are making it almost impossible to eradicate the virus completely. These horses make a person receptive to lies, after damaging reason-noid, an enzyme essential for rational thinking. When such a person comes in touch with CNN.exe, lies and myths stick to him/her like leaches and suck reason-noid. After the victim is under the control of CNN.exe, the virus injects false consciousness and its hidden agenda.
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News :: DNC : DNC
Art of War : 9/11
06 Sep 2004
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LOCAL Announcement :: Politics
Call to RNC arrestees: The RNC legal team needs your info!
06 Sep 2004
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Commentary :: Politics
Nuclear Solutions Lost In Ambiguity
06 Sep 2004
Ambiguity: Mordechai Vanunu; a lawyer in Israel representing Dimona employees; two solutions for nuclear waste that give us alternative viable energy; a portable nuclear weapons detection system since 1999; blackmail and extortion; another dead scientist and the closing of the National Lab in Los Alamos
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Announcement :: Organizing
Seattle marching band Infernal Noise Brigade seeks fotos from RNC
05 Sep 2004
INB searching for RNC fotos
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Commentary :: Human Rights
Coup d' tat in AMERICA
05 Sep 2004
To those still seeking answers this is a great place to start.
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News :: Environment
The Dreadful Prospect: Faux More Years!
05 Sep 2004
Just as Hitler’s image-makers turned this mousy brown-haired little man into a larger-than-life Arayan god in the minds of a gullible German public, the marketers behind George W. Bush are re-positioning a Connecticut-born prep-school cheerleader into a faux war hero, and gullible Americans are buying it.
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