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News ::
"Weapons" of Mass Public Subsidy, Various Post-F15 Focus (english)
20 Feb 2003

Second worldwide convergence, focus and actions related to corporate media, support for indepednent media, Zmag on the T and other non-corporate views, connect with mom and mop, make "business" public radio a PUBLIC interest, "weapons" of mass public subsidy...

An effort to demand Democracy NOW! , Making Contact, Alternative Radio and other such programs on more public radio statio

ns in the United States.

Also strengthen connections, share resources and ideas between existing peace and justice organizations, and fill in gaps of independent media awareness between them and people at protests and elsewhere who don't always know about existing radio programs

with non-corporate view of reality.

The need for a more concerted focus related to corporate media and emphasize that mainstream has no inherent negative nature that is known to prevent many people from supporting independent media. AirWaveWEB flyer for Boston area - connects worldwide via webcasting. Some undercurrents with a possibility of casting a shadow upon corporate media, connect radio-to-web resources.

Further emphasis about local-global interrelations.

"Affero is working with several parties interested in securing an economic model for [independent of corporate interests] media."

Urgent message from Noam Chomsky: "keep Free Speech Radio News alive".

Restating further efforts for Democracy NOW! to be aired on so-called public radio, in particular in Boston, and connect efforts, non-Web too , with a focus on corporate media.

"James--always great to hear from you. Your timing is interesting as we have recently been working with several parties interested in securing an economic model for alternative media. As you know, we have been focused on improving the dialogue in virtua

l communities (mostly help oriented bulletin board forums) by delivering reputation histories and an easy ability to say thanks via ratings, comments and donations to authors and their causes. Here is a recent blog on us from Howard Rheingold.

We are starting to work with several significant alternative media sites to tag content they publish with an Affero link, such that consumers of this work can leave comments and/or financial gifts and in the process create reputation summaries for both th

emselves and the authors of this work for others to benefit. Perhaps at some point soon we can connect with Professor Jhally and others you know to accomplish the same. has users of our service recognized, if you click on any of those user na

mes you will see their reputation history as an example.

Regards, Bob [Winslow, Affero]

Attempt to form independent media connections with Affero in the near future with a resulting goal of more listeners and supporters, and greater awareness about Z Magazine, Flashpoints, MoveOn, Urgent Call,, and such.

More of a focus by peace and justice organizations to highlight distinctions between specific independent media and corporate media.

A process to further strengthen connections and encourage more sharing of resources (Boston City Councilor Chuck Tuner articulates this quite well), exchanging ideas, potentially synergistic effects, focusing upon needs and concerns and reflective peace

ful actions, and much more interaction between existing peace and justice related organizations, electronic / digital media activists, efforts in particular concerning DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), Future

of Music Coalition, possibilities for mainstream awareness and use of GNU/Linux (also see Richard Stallman), highlight differences between closed computer operating systems and op

en / "free" open system ( Free Software Fondation, veterans associated with one of those mega media corporations - for them to consider media that might represent their needs, effects of

propaganda model filters, Internet restricted "user" environments and cases whereby an ISP has had to release names of subscribers related to DMCA (see FSRN), awareness of much of what is "missed" (see Project Censored) or excluded by the filters of the propaganda model ( See Edward Herman) of corporate media, DU (Depleted Uranium, Robert Fisk for one), and other matters discus

sed by Democracy NOW! (archive available worldwide via underutilized webcasting).

(Remarkable that is not more widely referenced via site links...
Focus on apparent different standards for American Friends Service Committee and Peace Action ads as compared to the usual messages from the military-industrial-prison-university complex.

It is quite plausible that democracy and what each and everyone's potential could be is limited by corporate media and its focus of corporate interests.

All the under heard voices that are staples of Alternative Radio, or Making Contact, (again why aren't these programs on public radio in Boston as they are in other

parts of the United States?
Maybe Vandana Shiva can be as well known as who knows, one of the latest "realty" television shows.

The world changed? What about corporate television? (besides seemingly exaggerated and irrational fears along with some possible legitimate concerns) The range or lack of various voices literally still exists. It still presents reality as if some people

and religions do not exist. When is the last time you saw someone in a positive light in a Muslim head dress, etc. (what about award shows that tend to show a more accurate representation of an ethnicity only during the commericials?

All the people who actually exist who fail to meet basic human needs, nearly unheard directly except when some expose of a shelter comes up or a focus on what they might be doing to cause their state of being.

Life after capitalism? Is there any corporate media discussion about other possible forms of structuring society without referring to them as evil?

Why so many generals and hardly a voices from veterans or families who have lost loved ones in the many wars?

Electronic Frontier Foundation
Webcasting Matters

Underwriting Peace

Connect various efforts with awareness, organized reflective actions regarding corporate media and strengthen public radio, recast "mainstream" into a more often viewed positive light, the same for community (see John Downing's Radical Media on Sag

e Publications).

What about all those euphemisms, everything from bombing people to help them, the "threat of a good example, "poor" communities, "disadvantaged", divide even between pre-kindergarten children, ev

en if democracy (1) is viewed as John Dewey writes, not an end in itself but towards a ever greater degree of it and thus and environment for everyone to participate, yes democracy in action and beyond.

Allston Brighton Free Radio

The need to discuss broadly New York City's decision to not offer a permit to march (see - "We Will March"), detentions such as, what about, forcing people to assemble into free speech

zones and more.

John Dewey in Liberalism and Social Action mentions the threats of public welfare having to be "protected" from individuals. Something along these lines was noted regarding the NYC permit.

"Responsbities of Intellectuals", all citizens not just scholars, those who have published works, etc. Anyone when not acting as if atomized (2) and isolated but who have the potential not only to influence local outcomes but challenge and redirec

t possible devastation in Iraq and elsewhere, and focus on existing plights of so many abroad.

United States' nationalism, dominance in the international sphere by corporate interests, appears to be like the invisible hand of "free markets". It is mysteriously absent.

Even conceding the existence of various degrees of functioning democracies states doing something that high percentages of people don't want such as U.S. invading Iraq will most likely result in less expressions of democracy.

IntCom by Noam Chomsky ("or see Literacy: Reading the Word and World" by Paulo Freire), or the role of business interest not those of the people generally, being the overriding fo

cus, profit at any costs to well being of lives, and how they dominate other nations, or how corporations are more powerful than the former.
See The Social and Political Thought of Noam Chomsky by Alison Edgley from a clear presentation.

Also if it appears that in mentioning primarily one person I am personalizing him, something he explicitly deplores. Much of the contemporary linguistic efforts are build upon the shoulders of others as Whitehead said about Plato; in large part the result

of taking questions posed by Descartes and classical liberalism is certainly at core to his political work ( clasical liberalism compared to current terms - also something hardly ever

discussed, it's as if confusion serves someone).

Seems fitting to note Jerome Bruner's recollection of what was said about 'all single voices being the result of dialogues with many people'.

1. From Keep the Rabble In Line:

His view was that democracy is not an end in itself, it's a means by which people discover and extend and manifest their fundamental human nature and human rights, which is rooted in freedom and solidarity and a choice of both work and other forms of p

articipation in a social order and free individual existence. Democracy produces free people, he said. That's the "ultimate aim" of a democratic society; not the production of goods, but "the production of free human beings associated with one another on

terms of equality."

Atomised and Isolated
2.I don't see any reason why one should have had any long-term hopes for anything different. Commercially run radio is going to have certain purposes, namely the purposes designed and determined by those who own and control it. Their purposes are to have

a passive, obedient population of spectators in the political arena, not participants, consumers in the commercial arena, certainly not decision makers and participants, a community of people who are atomized and isolated so they cannot organize to put to

gether their limited resources so as to become an independent and powerful force that will chip away at concentrated power. That's exactly what private business power will naturally want. From that you can pretty well predict the kind of system that will


An offer to compile for peace and justice; if such organized efforts need a base of material resources in which it can then be used to suit their needs there's an outstanding offer to compile Internet material and/or gather specific resources at l

ibraries to submit them as an intermediate source. In other words sort of like the distinction between "finish" carpenters and those who begin or facilitate the later process.

Though I wanted to contact MorePeace directly regarding their sign, I assume the front lawn in Somerville (MA) near Davis Square where I took note of is them! I just wanted to say that here is a location with potential to connect

with community members especially anyone walking.

Maybe in addition to links to other media links and connections to Z Magazine if you so choose, as well as corporate media concerns and independent media references could be noted., sign-to-site-to-actual-contacting, but there may be further potential. Even though the same day I saw said yard sign I noted a vodka ad on front of one of the Green line trolley trains in Boston.

Rather disheartening to know that this is the type of ads that chosen but this certainly has an affect as is well known. I am still trying to determine factors regarding to what leads some to focus on efforts to foster passive rather than more active

awareness regarding independent media or knowing what leads to the later so as to facilitate the former to 'persuade them to persuade themselves'.

Local and global relations, carig and acting to do something about someone
else's "backyard" such as. ( VITW, etc. )

Critical of that which I respect. I wish to see MoveOn and many other efforts be even more effective. Allowing corporate media to superficially turn the worldwide convergence of February 15 2003 and previous signs of support for peaceful processes into

an exercise in crowd counting and debating seems only worsened by being all too grateful that it wasn't ignored. What about all these people in the United States, have they been represented by corporate media overall? Granted you will hear Military Familes Speak Out and a bit of dissent or critical, rational thought but how many people have heard that the number of potential "body bags" might be reduced because some people if killed by chemical means would likely be c

remated. Can't imagine what this would do to a family. Something along the lines of the Korean soldier's father who upon seeing his son's casket had a fatal hear attack.

There could be more efforts to highlight independent media coverage other than not corporate media's crowd counting such as Free Speech Radio News , coverage of worldwide voices from London, Japan ('send them Article 9

of the constitution, not troops...'. Also connect any letter writing to editors with some sort of mention of considered subscription cancellation.

The people of Turkey not getting "offered money for schools and such but you guessed it...

It has been shown what can happen through presumably numerously connected references banners (ads of sorts don't default to corporate ones) to February 15, 2003, as in Znet, TecsChange, and others, and various mean

s of connecting and informing. What about another planned effort to direct more support to independent media that might some day be possible via a Affero [.]

The tentative at best second worldwide convergence for awareness and actions: Corporate Media -Click and Support Independent Media on Saturday, March 16, 2003.

Although the request to persuade others to persuade themselves via Boston's IndyMedia to support FSRN was in late December I suspect the need still exists, it does, and as well for many other organizations.

If a parallel response to the relatively quick February 15, 2003 organized worldwide effort was planned to call further attention for more citizens to place the qualifier "corporate" to media when it's appropriate, allow the propaganda model a chance to

be as well known as the uttered "read my lips, no new taxes", and take actions regarding it along with citizens who are already aware of the distinctions when compared to various independent media converged not only to test a process for determining h

ow quick and to what extent a number of citizens could mount an online action connected with direct ones but also to support Free Speech Radio News, Democracy NOW! Z Magazine, IndyMedia and a number of others it is literally worth an attempt.

I suspect some of you know people who still have yet to hear any details or ramifications of DMCA, Patriot Act, Depleted Uranium, water privatization, the need for the "We Will March (Znet) due to permit not be granted in New York City, and historical and

current matters concerning the "threat of a good example" ((What Uncle Same really Wants), and much more.

Not to feed into more fear propagation efforts but taking a more positive sounding form from the Emergency Broadcasting..this is a test to something along the lines as:

This is an Emergent Worldwide Effort to Extend Awareness of Corporate Media - a process to result in an inverse relationship to its support with that of independent media. The call is to everyone who was in the streets on Saturday, February 15

and to those supporters who were not there (uncounted by some unlike those who attend sporting events where remote spectator presence is generally much greater and viewed toward profits than the numbers in the stadium and - you can only sell so many hot-

dogs, umbrellas, etc.) but just as well who complement protests efforts each and every day by their actions and choices.

Tentative, Saturday, March 16, 2003 you someone you know who might be a current non-web user consider supporting one of the following:

Z magazine, Democracy NOW, Free Speech Radio News, Citizen Works, IndyMedia, Adbuster, Flashpoints

Free Speech Radio News, NO STIPEND RADIO NEWS?"

Keep the Rabble Actively Informed - cartographing to facilitate and complement other means towards knowledge about radio with a non-corporate view. Directed to active and such so future citizens.

From the ground of social interactions to reflective actions on the pavements (bike paths or other designators so as not to give default implication to fossil fuel transporters), and via airwaves, Internet, and connecting with anyone who might be complete

ly or partly have a non-web reliance.

The Boston area radio (no default here either to corporate pigeon hole radio) reference flyer (EST) and extended Internet listening range, worldwide, via webcasting, can be referenced via the above link.

Critical of corporate media airwaves? Here's some undercurrent in the Boston, Cambridge, JP, Allston-Brighton, Roxbury, Revere, and world (via webcasting)...Axis of, better yet, Domains o

f Concern.

It has been disheartening to not yet get a single response or any indication of a process to extend awareness to more citizens about existing independent media on the radio, or to connect (active citizens who experience tells me even who attend organized

actions are sometimes still unaware of much that exists. The efforts have been explicit and implicit in various forums and via email, and in conversations. Though I think there's some goals for "preaching", prefer exchanging with the "choir" (below), the

hope here is to move beyond the people who already support such forms of media towards anyone who is already critical of corporate media or beginning to question the consequences and coincidences of coverage by "network" state-incorporation media, U.S. st

ate-to-reporter access, or much noted of late, "officials say", and much more.

If you would consider providing either a prominent link under your corporate media awareness & action type section (assume more organizations would include such effort focus), or in a form you choose, in either case I offer to maintain it with sending upd

ates. The nature of it tends to have schedule changes, additions and deletions, etc.

Selected mailing to organizations and individuals:

Jubran Defense CommitteeBoston
Student Labor Action ProjectNortheastern University
Progressive Student Alliance TecsChange Technology for Social
Street Neighborhood Initiative Commonwealth
Institute Social Ecology Students for Global
etc.Leonard Carmichael Society (LCS at Tufts University) The Partnership
for Civil Justice Legal Defense and Education Fund Future of
Music..." some branching for possibly
getting a regional form of AirWaveWEB...Boston Association of
Black Journalists
See also:
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