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News ::
20 Feb 2003
Modified: 21 Feb 2003
While it in the past has been deemed a politically incorrect "faux pas" to point out the striking similarities between Jews and Nazis; with the recent ethnic cleansing of the Arab World by Jews, as well as Jewish dominance and subversion of most of the Christian world through coercion, media manipulation, extortion, fraud, and in some cases (Son of Sam ring a bell) the mass murder and mutilation of untold numbers of non-Jews, it is now becoming painfully apparent that Judaism and Nazism are one in the same!
But the similarities are long in the making. Indeed, since it's inception, Judaism, both as a religion and as a people (indeed countless non-religious Jews and "baptized Jews" continued their tyranny long after leaving the fold...think of Hitler, who was half Jewish, Ivan the Terrible, who was half Jewish, Count Dracula, and especially the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, which was a front for Israeli and Jewish textile interests in the Far East)

Judaism abhors intermarriage between "pure Jewish races" and non-Jews.

Judaism sanctions the wholesale murder of non Jews (have you ever read the old testament, it says that it is incumbent on all Jews to wipe out Amalek, a hebrew code word for "gentiles"

Judaism condones brutality against women and especially animals (Kosher slaughter is among the most inherently brutal and inhumane industries in the world....In fact, few people know that Kosher laws require that Jews soak animals in their own blood for three days after a Rabbi blesses it,....additionally, it is considered a "Mitzvah", or "good deed" for Jews to inflict maximum pain among animals.

Unfortunately, this brutality and bloodletting of animals extends to the human kingdom as well.

THe Talmud instructs Jews that non-Jews are infact soulless, thoughtless, inadimate beings, and are considered on a class even lower than animals. If Jews are permitted to inflict pain and slaughter of animals, just imagine what the Jew's innermost desires are in regards to slaughtering and bloodletting the entire gentile world.

And how do Jews cover up for these crimes, simply by pointing to the Holocaust fabrication in order to deflect criticism of their abhorrent terror and hatred. Anyone that has studied history knows that Germany was the first country to liberate the Jews and offer them full citizenship. This, however, was not enough for the Jews. They wanted to take over Germany and subjegate the German people to their cabal through the use of terrorism and kosher bloodletting. By 1933, the socialists in Germany had enough. THey demanded a fair and equitable solution to the problem of Jewish dominance and terrorism in German society. The deal would be simple: If Jews would simply agree to drop their Nazi-like superiority compkexes, the Germans would live with them in peace and offer them full citizenship rights.

THe Jews refused this generous offer and instead responded with further terrorism and hatred under the Weimer regime. Jews even committed brutal acts of economic terrorism by instituting harsh tarrifs agaisnt Germans for war reperations and intentionally driving down the mark to starve the non-Jews of Germany to death.

In a defensive war, the Jews intentionally fabricated German atrocities, going as far as to sacrifice thousands of their own children in order to convince the world to give them dominance over the one portion of the globe they had yet to subjegate....namely the Middle East.

In conclusion, not only is Judaism just as bad as is, in itself the embodiment of NAZISM, both in its ideals and it's brutal murder, deceit and hatred.

It is time to rebel and find a forceful solution to this eternal problem.


Yay (english)
20 Feb 2003
Lets kill them All!!

I love the news left..

Welcome aboard
There's nothing anti-semetic about that post. (english)
21 Feb 2003
You're right! I don't understand what all the hubub is about anti-semetism.

aSIDE FROM THE obvious problems with the Jews constant fear of anti-semitism (Arabs are semites so anti-semitism really afflicts the Muslim world far more than the Jewish world), there is also the issue of why every time anyone tries to criticize Jews for their legitimate shortcomings (racism, chauvenism, ethnic hatred, war profiteering, terrorism, bank scandals, capitalism, commuinism, fascism, Ariel Sharon's war crimes, cronieism, ENRON, political corruption, globilization, war crimes, land expropriation, political manipulation, ritual murder, and the various other examples of legitimate Jewish shortcomings, we have to get lectured by some Jewish ADL apologist about how we are are anti-semites.
Well in the words of brother Malcomn X....."A lot of people say this is antisemetic....well I say.....ANTI-HELL!".....amen brother

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