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News ::
26 Feb 2003
Modified: 27 Feb 2003
the student auxiliary at the University of Kansas


The Return of MAD
( Mutually Assured Destruction )
(abbreviated 4 page version)

by Leonard Magruder - President - V.V.A.R.
former professor of psychology, Suffolk College, N.Y.

Benjamin Netanyahu, former prime minister of Israel, said in a recent
article, "Most Americans understand that had Al Qaeda possessed an atomic
device last September, the city of New York would not exist today. They
realize that last week we could have grieved not for thousands of dead, but
for millions. It appears that people will have to once again see the
unimaginable materialize in front of their eyes before they are willing to do
what must be done "
In this article we will lay out what we think must be done. The only
alternative to the destruction of the United States, which, with a handful of
nuclear devices, is possible, is to find a way to include Al Qaeda,
terrorists without a country, into the framework of Mutually Assured
Destruction, or MAD, the arrangement by which we kept the peace with
Communist Russia for forty years.

In "The Declaration of War" by Osama bin Laden , together with the
leaders of the World Islamic Front for the Jihad Against the Jews and the
Crusaders (Christians), which includes the Egyptian Jihad Group, Al-Jihad,
the Jihad Movement of Bangladesh and the Pakistan Scholars Society, Feb. 23,
1998, bin Laden wrote, "We, with God's help, call on every Muslim who
believes in God and wishes to be rewarded to comply with God's order to kill
the Americans and plunder their money...divide their nation, tear them to
shreds, destroy their economy, burn their companies, ruin their welfare, sink
their ships, and kill them on land, sea, and air...May Allah torture them by
your hands. In compliance with God's order we issue the following to all
Muslims. The ruling to kill the Americans and their allies - civilians - and
military - is an individual duty for every Muslim who can do it in any
country in which it is possible."
What does Al Qaeda want to do? They want to kill you. They want to kill
every man , woman, and child in the United States. All three hundred million.
God told them to do it. We know, of course, that God did not tell them to
murder three hundred million of His children. (If American television had any
imagination whatsoever, there would be daily rotating spots showing thousands
of children shaming Al Qaeda before the world asking, "bin Laden, why do
you want to kill us?")

In the Al Qaeda fundamentalist or Wahhabist strain of Islam, found
primarily in Saudi Arabia, the world is divided in two, the House of Islam,
where Muslims rule and the law of the Koran, or Shari'ah, is upheld, and the
House of War, which comprises the rest of the world. Between these two houses
there can be no peace until Islam triumphs over all unbelief and the whole
world faces Mecca.
What these Islamists, as they are called, have in mind for the world was
seen in the Al Qaeda-Taliban regime in Afghanistan, where ethnic cleansing
was carried on for years. If you were a Christian you were as good as dead.
Adulterers were publicly flogged or stonded to death, sometimes before
thousands of spectators in public stadiums.There were no rights for women or
children, with women genitally mutilated, and beaten in the streets for the
slightest infraction. They cared nothing for other beliefs, about being
fair, had no juries, no free speech. Television and radio were forbidden,
music and dance prohibited. It was their way or execution, the death penalty
, with no appeal, no delay. You were simply shot in the head where you stood,
and your children shot before you. Parliments, Congresses, and all
deliberative bodies around the world should be issuing declarations of
denouncement of this gang of thugs, murderers of women and children,
branding them cowards and outlaws.
The dream of Al Qaeda that this stupifying tyranny will triumph over the
world is utterly unbelievable. The civilized world, especially America, will
fight to the last citizen anything even remotely approaching Al Qaeda's
vision of life. Americans are raised on the cry "Give me liberty or give me

But how are we going to stop them?
There is one way, possibly the only way. Paradise is not the only goal of
Al Qaeda, they have concrete goals here on earth, below are the main ones. It
is these, as we shall see, that may allow for the development of a strategy
of Mutually Assured Destruction as opposed to the current deadly open-ended
situation in which U.S. cities have no retaliatory protection from terrorism.

1) The destruction of the State of Israel, for its conquest of Jerusalem's Al
Aqsa mosque and its occupation of Palestine.
2) The destruction of the United States, for enabling Israel's occupation of
Palestine , and for "defiling" Islam's holiest shrines, Mecca and Medina, by
the presence of its troops in Saudi Arabia.
3) The overthrow of all moderate Muslim governments
4) The union of all Muslims in one international government to conquer and
rule the world, forcing all mankind to face Mecca. .

How real is the threat of nuclear destruction by Al Qaeda? Very real. For
the simple reason, as Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld has said, if they get a
nuclear device, they will use it. It is possible today to defend against
chemical and biological attack, although we don't want to minimize the deadly
danger of such instruments of mass destruction. 220 pounds of smallpox
dropped over a large city would kill two million if not protected, about the
same as a nuclear weapon. But no gas mask or vaccine can protect against
nuclear weapons. And there are those experts who believe that Al Qaeda
already possesses such weapons.
We have two options. Either sit here and know with certainty that some day
they will decide to destroy one or more of our cities, or, we must set up
some version of MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction, the arrangement by which
any nuclear attack is met immediately with an equal nuclear attack or its
equivalent in return. But since Al Qaeda represents no nation, how are we
going to arrange that ?

This is the most fateful convergence in the history of mankind, an
unparalled murderous religious fanaticism with weapons capable of
unimaginable mass extinction of life. With the nuclear bomb we have entered
the Age of the Irrational. It is totally irrational that one individual with
such a weapon can destroy a whole city and all its inhabitants. Unless
mankind can eliminate this threat it has no future So at this point we must
steel ourselves and move into what the philosopher Kierkegaard called "the
teleological suspension of the ethical," that is, forget about civilization,
forget about moralilty, forget about international law. The first
responsibility of any government is the survival of the country whatever it

If we cannot attack the terrorists because they have no country, leaving us
helpless, and them immune, then to stop them we must attack the nations who
harbor them and often aid them. We can attack using nuclear or conventional
forces. For the sake of civilians we should first use conventional forces,
but backed up with nuclear weapons. Once we start taking Muslim countries we
will then have the necessary two parts for a stategy of Mutually Assured
Destruction.Taking Muslim countries is the first step in depriving Al Qaeda
of its goals.
Terrorist and Islamic philosophies intersect at a number of points and so
much so that an attack on some Islamic nations, necessary for the strategy of
MAD, is justified. It is an American rule of law that any accomplice in a
crime is also guilty. Once the world and especially Al Qaeda understands
that we will not accept the destruction of a single American city then it
absolutely follows that we are going to have to invade one or more Muslim
countries to provide us with leverage in a strategy of mutually assured
destruction. The stages of a plan to stop them are as follows:

1) The primary objective of Al Qaeda is to unify all Muslim countries for an
attack on the rest of the world. Therefore, we put a big hole right in the
center of the Muslim world by invading and taking Iraq.There are already good
reasons for beginning here as has been outlined by President Bush.The bulk of
the American army is then placed in that country along two borders, one with
Iran and one with Saudi Arabia, both of whom harbor and aid terrorist groups.
2) Al Qaeda is now informed that any attack on America will automatically
trigger the simultaneous invasions of Iran and Saudi Arabia. Al Qaeda wants
American troops out of Saudi Arabia because of the two holy cities. These two
cities, Mecca and Medina will now be at risk.
3) Al Qaeda will now be told that any second attack and American forces
gathered in Australia will be ordered to take Indonesia, while forces
elsewhere take the remaining Muslim countries of the world, such as Syria,
Pakistan., and the Sudan. The cities of Medina and Mecca would be evacuated
and closed. Any hope by Al Qaeda of ruling a Muslim empire is now gone. All
Muslim nations will become democracies, the influence of the Koran being
everywhere separated from the state.
4) There is the possibility of another dimension to this plan.
"Something went terribly wrong with this mission " said someone of the
firing of a missle into a residential building to kill top Hamas leader
Shehadeh, killing 14 Palestinians , including 9 children. Wrote someone on
the Web recently, "Chances are nothing went wrong. It went exactly as
planned. Israel's leaders got tired of having shoppers, commuters and wedding
guests massacred in gruesome, ritual bombings and decided to respond in kind.
The target was the families. Shehadeh was the collateral damage. Mr. Sharon
was telling Israel's enemies that two can play this game.
Al Qaeda will be informed that the U.S. government has become aware of a
project called Two Can Play, based on a group of patriotic and very wealthy
American civilians whose abilities and tactics mirror those of Al Qaeda. That
is, Americans can play the terrorist game also. This group will be able to
acquire "suitcase" nuclear devices and these devices will be placed in
Muslim cities of choice throughout the Muslim world, their whereabouts
unknown to anyone. Any destruction of an American city or cities would be
responded to by the destruction of a Muslim city or cities, including
possibly the destruction of Mecca and Medina, American forces first having
being warned and removed.
6) The destruction of Israel is an equal objective of Al Qaeda along with the
destruction of America. A hugh international force should be placed
throughout Israel, representing the solidarity of the non-Muslim world with
Israel. Any attempt to push Israel into the sea could also trigger off one or
all of the nuclear devices planted in Muslim cities. The world will never
allow brave little Israel to be destroyed. "Never again."
7) The above collectively assures that none of the goals of Al Qaeda can be
achieved without mututally assured destruction and this will remain in place
over the years until international forces complete the destruction of all
terrorist cells. If we have to live in fear, then they will have to live in
fear. If we are destroyed, everything they care about will be destroyed.
These are only thoughts on how the protection of America might be
achieved. Once it is understood and accepted that the only way to stop the
destruction of one or more American cities does indeed involve a strategy of
mutually assured destruction, then it is certain that our military stategists
can improve on these ideas.
Either take Iraq or lose Washington
Magruder44 (at)

National Media
Vietnam vets in Congress
Kansas newspapers
Major veteran organizations
University newspapers
Faculty and student org. -K.U.
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Silly fascists, fear mongering is for kids! (english)
27 Feb 2003
You guys are a bunch of cowards. Freedom requires risk. Live with it.
Solution- Challenge religious dogma and embrace our fellow man.
15 Mar 2004
I understand the points you make but your strategy of M.A.D. is flawed. The ememies of America have "nothing to lose" ! Any destruction of a religious site would only motivate those not already committed to be apart of a jihad (holy war).
The big problem in the world is RELIGION-whether Christianity, Judahism, or Islamic; because it gives those whose lives are unfulfilled a sense of importance and superiority. No threat to worldly possessions or icons can deter them from action.

The challange is to somehow incorporate the have-nots into our modern world but first we must take on their power base. RELIGION. This is my proposal.

Broker a deal to the believers:
If God or Allah is real; let him/her/whatever show himself to the world NOW and in no uncertain terms. No act by any man or men will be proof of his existence- God or Allah would not need help from anyone. In fact, any act in God's /Allah's name would be an insult to him, for he is All powerful and would not be in need of anyone's help.
Until such time; let all man work together for our mutual benefit and not use religious belief as a reason to not work together or participate in the modern world. Let all men and women be equal. Give all men and women an opportunity to prosper. Do not let the "Law of Men" be more important than fair play and decency.
*footnote: Religion, when use as a source of strength to endure this thing we call existence can be a beautiful thing, right up to the point where a believer feels the need to impose his religious belief system on another.
*Also, "GREED" has had its place in our world, but now; with modern technology and social understanding (gain thru our study of history and human desires), we need to leave that aspect of our nature behind.