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News ::
Call PAX HUMANA, HERE AND NOW! (english)
02 Mar 2003
Call for Peace : If you believe the disarmament of Iraq must be carried out by UN inspectors...
If you think Peace is a risk worth taking!...
If you believe opposing the war does not mean supporting the regime of Saddam Hussein...

If you believe opposing the war does not mean being against the American people but simply against the politics of the Bush administration...

If you believe the disarmament of Iraq must be carried out by UN inspectors...

If you think Peace is a risk worth taking!



"No war for oil", "Justice, not revenge", was what fifteen million demonstrators cried out in unison in the streets of six hundred cities across the world.

The demonstrations - the biggest in human history - surpassed all our hopes and proved that another world is possible. Independent groups, organised and unorganised, political and non-political, people of different ethnic origins and generations contributed to the success of an unprecedented mobilization. There is no doubt Internet has been the catalyst.

Notwithstanding this human tidal wave, certain leaders persist in turning a deaf ear and further the cause of war: armed conflict seems inevitable. This must not weaken our determination to express our opposition peacefully and actively today, tomorrow even if war breaks out.

War is imminent. The Bush administration is close to attacking Iraq with or without authorisation from the UN. This reinforces anxiety in a world which fears destabilisation in the Middle East, and throughout the world, not to mention the uncontrollable escalation, increase and spread of terrorism and terror.

Pre-emptive war would create a dangerous precedent. It would be morally unjust, unjustified and unjustifiable. An absurd war waged for the oil and water resources in Iraq, for strategic control of the region by the American government.

All over the world from Paris to San Francisco, via London, Rome, Rio, Madrid and New York, perhaps in your own neighbourhoods, protests have been planned while others are in the final stages of preparation. A world-wide dynamic has been set in motion; we must neither admit defeat nor resign ourselves to powerlessness: just because we have yet to create a shift in the politics of war.

We have the power and the freedom to say No. It is our duty to use Internet as a medium for the creation of another kind of world, one which is more humane and just.

If you believe opposing the war does not mean supporting the regime of Saddam Hussein...

If you believe opposing the war does not mean being against the American people but simply against the politics of the Bush administration...

If you believe the disarmament of Iraq must be carried out by UN inspectors...

If you think Peace is a risk worth taking! Then we can/must join forces and work together in the pursuit of this planetary dynamic.

The disarmament of Iraq is no longer the ultimate goal of President Bush. It is now about changing regimes. The American government no longer intends to set up a democratic government after the fall of the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein. It plans to establish a military regime led by an American general who will govern for an indeterminate period of time.

The objective of resolution 1441 is disarmament; however, the Bush administration is determined to make an example of Iraq in the name of the fight against weapons of mass destruction. Still, we are well aware of other countries with WMD which jeopardise peace and security in the world. We cannot ignore this.

Today it's Baghdad, where will be tomorrow? If "all those who are not with us are against us", as President Bush has said, then the Pax Americana will be the one and only law on this planet!

We do not want nor can we subscribe to a political approach which is fundamentally unilateral and Manichaean by nature. It is a matter of conscience, freedom of expression (among other things), and about our desire for Peace and Justice for one and all!

To resist means to endure, to persevere to the end; and for that we need determination and patience. It isn't just a question of "simple emotional stimulus". Pacifist we are, but not complacently so. We all love and aspire to Peace; Peace which is just, respectful of human dignity and human rights, all rights. The aim has to be clear. It cannot be achieved by any or all means. Peace is obviously preferable to war but it is important to specify what kind of Peace. We must weigh the conditions and make clear how far we are willing to go in order to safeguard it. There is nothing absolutist or naive about our approach: It must remain Humane, Open and Realistic.

None of us, North America in particular, is in a position to point the finger when it comes to possessing weapons of mass destruction.

Initially, there is no doubt that an attempt must be made to disarm certain countries. Subsequently, however, we must insist that other countries in possession of nuclear arms and weapons of mass destruction be disarmed on a short and long term basis. Failing this, those with them will dominate and terrorise those without them. Survival of the fittest will reign supreme and we will be engulfed in the "Divine Protectorate" of the Pax Americana! Which is what we are witnessing at the moment.

That is why we encourage you to answer the call of "". It is a MEETING PLACE, a think tank, a manifesto of a state of mind and sensitivity in which we commit to supporting one another's actions, be they initiated by associations, groups or individuals.

The aim is to get everyone to act in accordance with his/her conscience; convictions and sensitivity. The worst thing would be to resign ourselves to the setting in motion of a relentless war machine, to the Manichaean viewpoint according to which the world is divided arbitrarily into Good and Evil.

Worldwide resistance came about in response to a need for Peace and Justice. It is the consequence of conscious awakening, the juxtaposition of individuals 1+1+1+1... resulting in millions. It is up to each and every one of us to keep it Alive. It must continue to grow especially and even in the advent of war!

Les Humains Associés
The Associated Humans


List of the first signatories (in progress)

In the same way, here is the english version of the Global Manifesto, as one of the bases for thinking and acting



Global Manifesto

On our blue blue planet that lives in horrible fear of war and all its manifestations - war waged by fanatics, psychological war, biological war, war motivated by hatred, religious war, economic war - we have lost almost all worth as individuals.

In today's world each of us is worth less than the shirt on his back, apart from those in the service of the real powers that be. We are living on a powder keg that could blow from moment to the next and we have forgotten that changing the situation entails awareness on the part of each and every one of us.

We invite one and all to reflect on the human condition, the fact that we make up part of an indivisible whole; let us not be stopped by that which divides us but look for that which unites us.

We invite one and all to think about the lack of responsibility we have to our own species and to the planet; to give thought to our foolishness and naivety, which has allowed the masters of the game, and those who hunger for power, whatever their colours, to lead us by the nose; the excuse being they know best what suits us.

We encourage mutual respect for one another, for our individual beliefs and opinions without the need to be right at all cost or to convert others to our point of view. We are not suggesting we band together like sheep, or blend together to the extenct that our differences are erased. Nor are we insinuating that we turn a blind eye to that which makes us distinct. Let us recognise our differences and use them to our advantage, because each of us is truly unique.

We invite everyone to follow the dictates of conscience, to take full responsibility for the freedom to be and to realise humanity in ourselves, a common trust.

We cry out for human dignity, tolerance, solidarity, friendship and mutual recognition. We know we are capable of the best and the worst. We also know we possess what it takes to achieve harmony in and around us. Remember

The earth is unique
Let us not destroy it
Let us not destroy ourselves

Les Humains Associés
The Associated Humans


Some ideas ? (write to us) Soon on this site, ideas to act (français) (english) (deutsch)
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