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Actually, WHO did 911? (english)
03 Mar 2003
"I know the security business.
No bunch of people from the Middle East, an outfit like Osama Bin Laden,
was capable of doing that. What was done was a very complex operation,
and it was done deliberately, to get us into a war.

"The policy -- I know who the author of the policy is.
The author of the policy's on record...."

....dialog from the Town Meeting
in Pine Bluff Arkansas
23 February 2003
REV. WILKINS: We've got just a couple more questions,
and then we're going to close.

Q: Mr. LaRouche, my name is Tracy Mosely. And while I agree
with a lot of what you said, I disagree with what you say about the war.

What do you think's going to happen if we don't go do it?

LAROUCHE: Nothing bad is going to happen.

Q: September 11 showed that the defense of this country was
shattered. It proved that the government did not do what it's supposed to do.

LAROUCHE: That's right.

Q: Have you been in military service?

LAROUCHE: Yes, I have.

Q: I was in the military too. If we don't do something,
they're going to do something to him. Because those kind of
people got one thing in mind. If you don't believe what they believe in, they're going to kill you! And if you think that you can get away with not doing anything with them, you're sorely mistaken, sir.

LAROUCHE: Actually, who did September 11?

Q: 19 Arabians, I guess.

LAROUCHE: No, they did not. We don't know exactly who did.

Q: ... Arabians, whatever they were?

LAROUCHE: No, they weren't.
What we've been told is a big lie.

Q: Well, who did it then?

LAROUCHE: Well, somebody inside our people.

Q: Bin Laden didn't plan it?


Another Q: Someone inside our country?

LAROUCHE: Not capable of doing it.

Q: Somebody inside our country?

LAROUCHE: Inside, at a high level.

Q: They were all proven to be nationals of some other country.

LAROUCHE: No, they weren't. Proof was never presented.

Q: Showed all of them on TV...

LAROUCHE: I know, but it's not been proven.

Another Q: That's all propaganda.

Q: That's all propaganda?

LAROUCHE: Yes, there is an investigation.

Q: So our own Americans made 'em do it?

LAROUCHE: No, not paid them to do it. They didn't do it.

Q: That's right. They didn't do it for pay, or anything, but what they were taught.


Q: If they killed us, they were going to go see God.

LAROUCHE: Let me pull rank on you on this one. One of my
areas is security. I was the author, the original author, of what became known as the SDI. I did that as a project, as a private citizen, with the Reagan Administration, with the National Security Council. I've been involved in this security question for a long time. I've done things for our country, as a private citizen, which are fairly high level, and very sensitive. I know the security business. No bunch of people from the Middle East, an outfit like Osama Bin Laden, was capable of doing that. What was done was a very complex operation, and it was done deliberately, to get us into a war.

The policy -- I know who the author of the policy is. The
author of the policy's on record. At the end of the Bush
Administration, first Bush Administration, 41, Dick Cheney
adopted a policy for a war against Iraq. It was a policy which was done together with some others, who wanted to have a Clash of Civilizations war against Islam.

Q: Islam? Against the whole nation of Islam?

LAROUCHE: Yes, all Islam. 1.3 billion people. And the policy is there. It's called the "Clean Break" policy. This policy was developed under Cheney, in cooperation with some people in Israel. It was originally designed as a policy for the Netanyahu government, the "Clean Break" policy. It was then adopted by the Cheney, and it was turned down by the Bush Administration generally.
Bush went out of office, and the thing was buried.

Then on Sept. 11, 2001, the policy was suddenly revived. Revived by people who are known proponents of it: Richard Perle, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Libby, and so forth -- the Marc Rich crowd, and so forth.

So this was an operation, which was done {within} the U.S.
security system, which should have prevented at least two of the planes from hitting anything. The first one might have been a surprise, but the next two are not. And our security system had been taken down, and somebody knew {exactly} how to do it. Now this could not have been done by anybody from foreign country. It had to be done from somebody inside the United States, at a very high level, and there are people who wanted that effect. And they did it.

So, we're still looking for the guys.
Look, we have to deal with this realistically.

Q: If you'll allow me to be blunt with you,
you are a crazy fool. (laughter)
I know my friend [unclear], I apologize: you are nuts!

Another voice from audience: Same to you.

LAROUCHE: I happen to be an expert.

Q: You're an expert at being a fool. (laughter)

Another Q: I can remember the Oklahoma City bombing...

Q: You'll [ ] people, but I'm blunt too.

Another Q: They said the same thing, you know. They said
this has to be Islamic, and found out later on it was not. So a lot of times, those people do....

LAROUCHE: That's understandable.

REV. WILKINS: We'll take two more quick questions here.

Q: You said nothing will happen, would happen, if we don't
go to war. What will happen if we do go to war?

LAROUCHE: It's incalculable.

Q(cont'd): I mean, in that area.

LAROUCHE: It won't be limited to that area. That's the whole point. See, the United States can probably go in safely. Tomorrow morning, they can take 400 rocket-launched missiles, and they could take the high-impact non-nuclear missiles, and hit areas like Baghdad, and make mincemeat of that whole area. That could happen.

But the point is, when you fight a war, you're not going in
to {kill} people, you're going in to win a war. Winning a war means ability to occupy their territory, or not have to occupy it, over a period of time to come. The problem is we're faced with... You'll find most of the U.S. military professionals, the ground-force senior military, retired and serving, and Marine Corps, like General Zinni, would agree. This is a stupid war to get into. Don't get involved in it. The President has been operating under the influence of Cheney's circles, and he's bought into it. It's a mistake, a terrible mistake.

We have no problem -- I've dealt with some of the people who were experts, and went into Iraq earlier on the weapons
inspectors -- there's no problem. There's nothing we have to fear. Yes, Iraq might be able to get a weapon, and throw it against somebody nearby. But it's a direct threat to us.
Furthermore, the people in Europe, the people in Asia, the
relevant people in the Middle East, are perfectly willing to do whatever is necessary, to control the situation, to keep it from coming to a war. So, you have nothing to fear. I've been in the Arab sector, I'm known throughout the Arab world. I've dealt with these countries. I know what the operation is. It's nothing we couldn't handle. You don't have to go to war.

Q: So, what's the game?
For these people who are advocating it?

LAROUCHE: The game is, that there are certain nuts, in our
own country and other countries, but especially in our own, who
want this kind of war. They want a war against Islam. And, for example, Dick Cheney. Dick Cheney, the Vice President of the United States, wants such a war. Dick Cheney is the rooster for the hen house that wants these things.

The people who want the
war, are a bunch of draft-dodgers, chiefly, a bunch of
draft-dodgers who ducked service during the 1960s, during the period of the Vietnam War, and they safely stayed here. Cheney himself was a draft-dodger. Got himself an exemption. So the draft-dodgers, who don't know what war {is}, who have no idea what it is, condemn the generals, who know what war, who say, "Don't get into the war?" And everybody I know in Europe, and in the United States, who I've talked with, in all kinds of circles, we all agree, there's no {need} for this war! It's a crazy idea.

REV. WILKINS: And by the way, some of you may be familiar
with General Wesley Clark, who is an Arkansan, who was the
commander of NATO, who has publicly said, over and over, -- he's
from Arkansas, he's around here all the time -- who has said, and
he's well knowledgeable about these issues -- he's said, this war
is not necessary, it doesn't make sense, it doesn't have to
happen. Yes, ma'am. Final question.

Q: I want to know, why is it so hard for the teachers...

REV. WILKINS: We might need you to speak into the mike.

Q: I wanted to know, how hard it is to get teachers to get
money from the state, their pensions, or whatever, their salaries
every week, but everytime the Corrections Dept. comes to you'all
for some money, you all give it to them.

SEN. WILKINS: Oh, You're talking to me now?
(lots of laughter)

Q(cont'd): ... they ask for $70 million... they ask for
another $30 million... Don't you think that's poor management,
that they can't manage, that they can't handle the Corrections
Department, .... [inaudible] Their problem is, they promote
people of other colors, for the sargeants and lieutenants, and
[inaudible] ... I worked there 20 years, and I've seen it. [inaud]

REV. WILKINS: Yes, ma'am. We need to wrap up.

Q: I'd like to give you a statement from one of my
super-intelligent students, and most of them are. They think very
well. And, Mr. LaRouche, what they said, they want this George to
be like the first George. They want him to {lead} the troops into
battle. And will you please take that on to Washington, D.C.? My
students at Pine Bluff high school, want this George to be like
the first George, and that is to lead the troops into battle.

REV. WILKINS: You're talking about George Washington?

Q(cont'd): Yes, George Washington, and George Bush.


Q: To Mr. LaRouche, and the entire panel: I really
appreciate this information. This is not a question, this is a
comment. This is positively needed, because a lot of times, we
are so misinformed, and a lot of times, we as teachers always
need communication, so that we can connect, and have a clear
understanding, and I appreciate this information.

REV. WILKINS: Thank you all. Thank you, Mr. LaRouche.

(Applause) ... Mr. LaRouche, this is the cream of the crop of
Pine Bluff, Arkansas.



Lyndon LaRouche Addresses Town Meeting in Pine Bluff, Arkansas

On February 23 LaRouche addressed a town meeting in Pine Bluff, AR attended by elected officials and leading community activists. He told the audience, "We have problems in other categories. We have problems in education. We have a disaster in national education, as you were discussing some aspects of today. But what you were discussing was really only an aspect of a national problem. We have a crisis in education. We are teaching people to rehearse examinations, through multiple-choice questionnaires scored by computer. (Audience-- yes, yes) We are not teaching the student, we are scoring the school system and the state, competitively, on the basis of this monkey business, of monkey-see, monkey-do. We are not producing enough teachers who are qualified. We are not reaching the mind of the student, with a process of reliving the process of discovery. We're training children like monkeys. And no wonder they're frustrated.
"We have a crisis in family conditions. Commuting conditions. The standard family no longer exists in many parts of this country. We have latchkey children. We have, as a result of the changes in culture under the Baby Boomer generation, you have children who were raised with, I don't know how many mothers, and how many fathers, and they don't know which one is real. And siblings, the same things. You have broken communities, and broken patchwork families. And the young people who are coming into secondary school and universities today, are victims, largely of the patchwork family system which was developed in the past 40 years."
Read the full transcript on the website.

Remarks of Lyndon LaRouche To The Legislative Black Caucus of Arkansas

On February 24 LaRouche spoke to a meeting of the Legislative Black Caucus of the Arkansas State Legislature. He said to the legislators, "States are attempting to balance their budgets. In the short term, this state, as others, may be able to get through the period of crisis, temporarily. But the level of crisis is going to increase. And measures taken in the short term in the months ahead, will not be durable. Therefore, we're going to have to go to the more fundamental issues. This means that the Federal government must be forced, to recognize the reality of the present international and national financial, monetary, and economic crisis. We're going to have to have bank reorganization on a large scale, on the Federal level. But as long as the government is looking only at so-called security measures, and foreign policy issues, warfare, and so forth, the tendency is, in the Federal government, to give no serious attention to these matters, whereas, on the state level, there is screaming and hollering."

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