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Turkish troops will cause great genocides against Kurds if allowed to enter Sout (english)
05 Mar 2003
turkey may be against the war but they will be happy to use the excuse to murder many kurds. We must send a message to Bush that he can not allow turkey to occupy Kurdistan. this will not only be immoral but will hurt US security by creating another group of people who will hate the us.
Turkish troops will cause great genocides against Kurds if allowed to enter South Kurdistan - By Steve Raza Tataii 24 February 2003
Turkish troops will cause great genocides against Kurds if allowed to enter South Kurdistan and if Bush administration moves with this plan, he will repeat a worse human catastrophe than in 1991.

I salute Mr. Hoshiyar Zabariís realistic perspective on all Kurdsí sentiment in Southern Kurdistan. He has spoken the truth on behalf of all Kurds and their allies in Europe as well as the vast majority of American citizens who have surprisingly learned quite a bit about the Kurdish peopleís struggles for Freedom. I only hope that President Bush and all those who assume the international community will turn the other cheek if Turkey is ever allowed to enter Southern Kurdistan. Turkish troops receive nothing short of an all out war against them by not just over some 100,000 Kurdish Warriors known as Peshmarga, and many times more in reserves and seasoned veterans of the past 83 years of non-stop wars forced upon their peace loving nation, but also shall face resistance by each and every Kurdish men, women, and child, who shall make the Kurdish land Turkish troops walk on without Kurdish peopleís permission their everlasting graveyards. This is not a guess but it is a natural reaction by the threatened Kurdish nation who shall never tolerate such a human indignity and invasion to their sovereignty and Independent. An Independent whether they like it or not.

Drastic words? well, I hate to believe our present U.S. Administration can even think otherwise. I hear from some of our U.S. Officials; that No, we have no interest in invading Kurdistan and moreover taking over the two Kurdish cities of Kirkuk and Mousel for its oil. We will only be there long enough to ensure a smooth transition of government, and then leave once the country has been stabilized after Saddam.

Well, I really hope so, because as I hear in the news; the no fly zone since 1991 may not have only been created to protect the Kurds aside its humanitarian mission under the watchful eyes of the International community while over 250 Kurds died due to a premature notion of taking over of Baghdad and become free without Sr. Bush giving them a single bullet to fight Saddam forces, only the permission of his helicopters to shoot as many Kurds as possible while they were fleeing to the mountains from the threats of chemical attacks and to the hands of another butcher regime in Turkey and to the borders of Iran.

On the contrary, this supposedly no fly zone they said in the news has been to protect American credibility and interest , and to place an unknown number of small groups or individuals scattered around Kurdistan to monitor Saddamís activities until it is time to move in and remove the Tyrant, while protecting Turkeyís interest and/or other non-specific interests.

Giving 26 billion dollars to Turkey will be the beginning of yet the biggest human rights dark era forced upon 18 million Kurds in North Kurdistan invaded by Turkey since 1920, and most definitely against the 5 million proud Kurds in South Kurdistan who have been minding their own business in their own homeland. If our Bush administration has convinced itself that they have protected Kurds since 1991 from a War that the Bush Sr. started and forced it upon Kurds, causing over 250,000 innocent and helpless Kurds mostly small children die on the mountains and later in Turkish camps due to Turkeyís total deliberate negligence in protecting Kurdish Refugees in those camps under the most abhorrent conditions; then I, as the recent U.S. Congressman from Hawaii whose Victory was denied by the few racist corrupt insider politician grid kissers who relate to those very Japanese military establishment, using Chinese, Korean, and others as Genie pigs to test their own chemical weapons during the world war two.

I have to tell our Bush administration that your allowance of Turkish military to invade Southern Kurdistan, after giving them modern weapons, and 26 billion dollars reward for what they have done to Kurdish refugees in their camps would champion this administration in the biggest human rights violators in the man kindís history, and I am certain; that every single responsible official in charge down do their apparently invisible International multinational masters living in their lavish private Islands and mansions throughout the world will be recognized, caught, and brought to the International Court of Justice for their crimes against humanity by our very own Red blooded American Patriots who do not and never will stand for that injustice and large scale human tragedy about to happen to Kurds.

People in America have come a long way, and I assure every reader on this article that Americans know what has happened to Kurds not only in 1991, but way before that dark year in Kurdish history through their own studies of the peace loving Kurdish People who have never tried to invade any other country but only protect their own homeland (does it sound familiar: homeland the same word our administration has used in the formation of a new department of homeland security). I respect my Governments but as a citizen like other Americans who have spoken up, I too must speak up about what my Government is about to do in the name of Foreign policy either on their own or by the orders of the hidden corporations calling all the shots. I believe our American Governmentís hypocrisy in hiding the truth about who really runs ad rules America must come to surface sooner or later, and those who rule America from behind closed doors should know the fact that in this computer day and age if they wish to rule their empires, they must not cause more human tragedies as they already have.

Kurds, the largest nation without a country, like any other nation have the right to have their own Independent Country and Government. If there is anything our United States should be doing is to help them achieve and secure that goal or get out of their land, stop arming Turkey, and let Kurds settle their own conflicts without the interferences by a Super power who appears to enjoy watching nations suffer, and bleed to death by millions. Previous administrations did the same thing to Afghanistan on a different note, to break up USSR and end communism, using and watching Afghan people die slowly with piecemeal weapons to stretch their war for over 8 years just to keep USSR embarrassed and then overcome communism.

Once that was done, Afghan people were left in chaos and destruction the same way that the Kurdish Republic of Mahabad was left to its fall in 1946 with the help of then USSR who pulled out of Iran, cutting off its support, and causing its collapse. That was the only Independent Kurdistan which was overthrown by the help of CIA as it helped Shah of Iran to control Iran with Eastern Kurdistan in it. Well, isnít this the perfect timing for the Kurds of Southern Kurdistan to achieve Independent for their century long wars with Iraqis Tyrant invaders?

After all Kurds are not invaders but only defenders as stated earlier, and this can be clearly studied in any of our public Libraries. Therefore neither Turkey nor Iran have anything to worry about, because the Independent Kurdistan formed in South Kurdistan once Saddam leaves will be busy with their own nation building as they have been since 1991 and for decades more to come, and surely Turkey has to begin treating Kurds with respect within its own borders if it wants to be a member of E U and later a member of some other stuff with Europe along the way. As for Iran goes, surely Iranian Kurds have lived Kurdistan for thousands of years, and Iranís Government can gain its own popularity within the framework of Iran by continuing to respect and care for Kurds no less than its other citizens, and allow Kurds live a Free and prosperous lives no less than any other part of Iran.

Finally, Kurds in Southern Kurdistan is the only part which has earned its respect and recognition and has become the center of attention in the International Community more than any other parts of Kurdistan in the recent years, and to think for one minutes that they donít deserve an Independent Country of their own which would include all of their Southern region including Kirkuk and Mousel would even make Saddam Hussein Laugh his head off. It appears; that it is not Saddam at this stage that Kurds are afraid of. It is the United States Foreign Policy, about to follow its Invisible Masters in their hide outs, who plan to cause another catastrophic human tragedy, and destroy what ever is left from Americaís World credibility as many naive Mr. and Mrs. know it alls are about to unleash their clumsy and stupid foreign policy of giving Turkey arms, money, and permission to invade Southern Kurdistan.

I hope Iím wrong, and this is nothing but a gigantic political game. Turkey? have they been blind while Turkey has killed over a million and a half of its Kurds by 1920, destroyed over 20 thousands of Kurdish villages, and since 1920 till now into 2003 has continued the mass killings, executions, imprisonments, destruction of Kurdish villages, and all other abhorrent forms of Human Rights Violations against Kurds?

26 Billion dollars for what?. For the killing of thousands of Kurds in their lousy Refugee camps, and keeping them as prisoners in those camps in the fear of letting them go back to their homes in Mousel and Kirkuk? Are you out of your cotton picking minds or have they no fear of God?

The 26 billion dollars should go to Kurds in Southern Kurdistan, and help Kurds by allowing Kurdistan become one of United Nationsí most civilized member state. Southern Iraq in a quick glance constitutes two unstable Arab nations apart by their Islamic sects of Sunni and Shiat, dominating the Arab portions within Iraq. Surely any fool who has studied Kurdish Society by now could agree; that Kurds by far are one of the most Democratic nations in the world, treating their religion minorities like their own in or out of Kurdistan.

Perhaps a Kurdish Government in Baghdad would be the best solution for that matter. This is not to say; that Kurds would be happier with a larger land base, and hope those opportunist will not quote me from this and draw any stupid conclusions, but because it would indeed be the best thing that can happen to Iraq as a whole. The Arab regimes in Iraq have come to power through a political cannibalism and governing in complete Tyranny since its establishment in 1920. A tyranny not only aimed at oppression, ethnic cleansing, and attempts at genocide against Kurds in Southern Kurdistan and Shiat Arabs in Basra and the rest of Iraq, but constantly at each otherís own throats to gain power since 1920, each Ruler killing the next, and everyone they have found standing on their path as an obstacle or just for the mere slightest suspicious to be a threat to their regimes. The Arab world should encourage Bush and his allies should help Kurdish Administrations to continue their nation building, and not the Fascist Turkish regime nor the barbaric Saddamís legacy through his vicious Generals or his family hegemony who have all committed genocides against Kurds for the past 30 years. Kirkuk is the principal capitol of Kurdistan, and Mousel has been a part of Kurdistan from time immemorial.

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