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News ::
“By Way Of Deception Thou Shalt Do War.” (english)
06 Mar 2003
I never expected to become the target of Israel's smear mafia. After all, I'm not an anti-Semite, I don't deny that the Holocaust happened (just as many other Holocausts happened), I have never called for the destruction of Israel, I condemn terrorism, and count as my heroes many Jews that played an important role in the evolution of Anarchism. Growing up, I was indoctrinated into the "never again" mindset... Silly me, when they said, "never again," I thought they meant "never again to anyone."

To The Zionists That Expect Me To Lay Down And Die
Author: Stephen DeVoy
“By Way Of Deception Thou
Shalt Do War.”
— the official motto of Mossad
I never expected to become the target of Israel's
smear mafia.  After all, I'm not an anti-Semite, I don't deny that
the Holocaust happened (just as many other Holocausts happened), I have
never called for the destruction of Israel, I condemn terrorism, and count
as my heroes many Jews that played an important role in the evolution of
Anarchism.  Growing up, I was indoctrinated into the "never
again" mindset...  Silly me, when they said, "never
again," I thought they meant "never again to anyone." 
Somewhere, I guess, our interpretations diverged and I was unaware of this
divergence.  That naiveté ended when Israel invaded Jenin.
In the eyes of Zionists, I committed a crime.  I
spoke out against the war crimes of Israel in Jenin and posted my thoughts
on the Internet.  I committed another crime as well.  I
speculated about the obvious: Mossad involvement in 9/11.
Of course, if I had speculated about Chinese
involvement in 9/11, no one would have accused me of being an anti-Chinese
racist.  In fact, Seinfeld's many episodes poking fun at Koreans,
episodes that in my opinion were blatantly racist, never provoked a
whisper about him.  If I had speculated about Arab involvement in
9/11, I would have been praised by Zionists.  How does one explain
this difference?  After all, it is a well documented fact that the
Mossad spies on the United States of America, uses
false flag operations to manipulate others into actions Israel finds
desirable, and regularly denies the US access to intelligence
information that could prevent terrorism against Americans (i.e. the
bombing of the US Marine barracks in Beirut).
But, you see, the world is not fair.  Some of us
have standards for our behavior and some others do not.  Some of us
base our culture on concepts such as fairness and honor.  Some others
base their culture on authoritarianism and official
"credibility."  Some of us look at disagreement as a reason
for argument, while some others look at it as a call to smear
mongering.  It seems that the average American brought up in Puritan
New England, like me, has little chance of an honest and rational
disagreement with individuals culturally conditioned to employ things like
enemies lists, black lists, and smear mongering.  Where I come from,
you don't insult a person's mother, you don't denigrate a person's wife,
and you don't revel in posting images of mutilated bodies on the
Internet.  No, where I come from you can agree to disagree. 
Where I come from you argue using reason.  Where I come from the
honor of your opponent is as important as your own honor.
This said, I was very unprepared for the
libel, defamation, harassment, and death threat campaign that
ensued.  In fact, I never had a nightmare as bad as the
reality through which I've lived over the last year.  I've seen
my name spammed with horrendous libel all over the Internet.  I've
had my email box flooded with hate mail.  I've been signed up for
every putrid mailing list online.  Forged emails have been sent, in
my name, to others in an effort to provoke their wrath.  Bill
O'Reilly, Fox News goon, even helped
the cyber terrorists by reading their bogus email, ostensibly from me, on
the air.  Thanks to these Zionists, I've been removed from my
employment and my name is recognizable by strangers and the FBI alike.
Now, if I were suffering alone, this would not be so
bad.  However, I have a wife and daughter and they are suffering
too.  A woman in Austin, Texas is suffering.  Her crime? 
She shares the same last name.  The Zionist mafia decided that this
was a good enough reason to post sexual messages in her name all over the
Internet, complete with pornographic images falsely posing to be pictures
of her.  I sent this woman a packet containing a print out of all
these smears against here, suggesting that she file charges.  The FBI
called me this morning to verify that I, indeed, sent it to her.
Speaking of the FBI, I've contacted them numerous
times about these terrorist threats.  I'm hoping that they will do
something about it.  My hopes, however, are fading.  I first
reported this to them in April of last year.  So far they seem to
have done nothing.
Two of my friends in Austin received email from these
thugs.  My female friend received this email:

Steven devoy told us that you can suck a golf
ball through a garden hose. He told us you give guite a  blow job  
So how abot XXX, want to give it a go

Coochy coochy ya ya do da
Coochy coochy ya ya do da
Mocha choca lata -ya ya
Where you think your sleeping tonight?
Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce sior?
Voulez vous coucher avec moi?
Voulez vous coucher avec moi?
Voulez vous coucher avec moi?

A male friend received this one:

Mr DeVoy is being investigated. 
Would you like to be investigated XXX?  Be aware of little things
XXX, little things that will take place of the course of the next 14-21
days.  DeVoy must cease and desist his anarchy sites or we will
associate you with him.  We are in control XXX.  We know who
you are. Is it worth your livliehood to remain an associate of DeVoy? 
We think not.  It is time to do what is best for you or suffer the
consequences of being brought down with Devoy XXX.  It is time to
disassociate yourself and come forward.  The IDF is watching you XX
as is the JDF.  Do the right thing.  You know what you must
do.  You must turn on DeVoy

The Austin Police received a complaint about
this.  A case number has been assigned.  My experience with the
APD is that they will do nothing.
It's not like I don't know who's doing this. 
After a great deal of research, I have a very good idea.  In fact, I
have names.  The main force behind this is, indeed, a 
Zionist.  I won't tell you too much about him, yet.  The
question is, who sponsors him?  How was he able to construct a
network of willing online terrorists?  Why have some of the posts
come from corporations associated with the NSA?  Does this mean that
the US Government harasses Americans that speak up about Israel, or does
it mean that there are individuals within the US Government that use their
access to Government resources to wage terror campaigns on behalf of
The ADL knows all about this.  Believe me, they
do.  They visit my website nearly every day.  To be more
specific, both the ADL office in the United States and the ADL office in
Israel visit my website nearly every day.  Given that their name
stands for "ANTI DEFAMATION" league, I'm surprised I have not
heard them denouncing this terrible defamation against an American. 
Something tells me I shouldn't hold my breath.
Having been the victim of this terror for more than a
year, I've become tough.  I think these people thought I'd just lay
down and die - go silent - crawl under a rock - or something like
that.  Perhaps they do this all the time and usually get the results
they seek?  Could it be that I'm an odd case?  I refuse to shut
up?  Maybe the Zionist Mafia should do a study on the role that Irish
culture plays in all of this.  After all, I'm an Irish American
brought up in New England.  We don't lay down and die.  We
consider our honor important.
I've always been careful to distinguish between
Zionist and Jew.  However, I'd like to point something out. 
Very few Jews have stood up for me.  In fact, ZERO of my Jewish
friends have stood up for me.  What does this mean?  Do Jews
support the concept of smearing those who are critical of crimes committed
by other Jews?  For Jews, does race mean more than honor?  If it
does, then who exactly is the racist?  As a person who has never
cared about race, I am aghast at the obvious and blatant racism that I see
within the Jewish community.  One would expect that a people many
times over the victim of racism would stand up against racism.  Of
course, many Jews DO stand up against racism, provided it's not pro-Jewish
I'd like to share with you an email I received. 
It's important to read this.  I think it describes well the mindset
of those wishing to silence me.  This email was sent anonymously:

Did you really think that you could
pull such a sham off and pull the wool over our eyes. We know and have
known all along that is was you who set up the kobe headquarters
website. You and SBM are one or are working together.  Did you
think you could trap any of us. We have had fun with you Stephen, we
will regroup to take a breather and then we shall resurface at the
appropriate time and wipe you off of the internet. There are many in
Israel and many within the government of the United States of America
that do not like your words.  You must not be allowed to continue. 
We successfully removed you from Cycorp and you will never find gainful
employment requiring security clearances again, nor will you ever be
permitted to work with any government contractor.   The best
you might hope for is a clerks job at Comp-USA.   There are
forces at play which you can not comprehend and you have no idea of what
you have stumbled into and what entity you have encountered. 
Remove all of !
your websites Stephen or you will feel our complete wrath.

This is your final warning, the time limit has expired

This email is significant.  It confirms many of
my theories.  It appears that the motivating force behind the
harassment is Israel.  More interestingly, it shows that the website
that was created to smear me was the product of their manipulation and not
direct sponsorship.  One must be very sophisticated to indirectly
inspire someone to do one's dirty work.  A US war on Iraq comes to
mind as the perfect analogy.  The hole in their method, however, is
that their method has left them in a state of distrust.  Since they
don't directly control the entity they inspired, they worry that I may be
behind my own harassment and that they have been duped.  Only someone
accustomed to war by deception would come to such a conclusion.  The Mossad
comes to mind.
Let us now consider a post made on an Internet forum
today.  This post was made by a Zionist whose name will go
unstated.  Here's his post:

KOBE is actually run by Stephen DeVoy in A. an
attemtt to create a 'strawman' that he can play the victim to and B.
trick those who would normal bother him into doing something stupid and
getting arrested.

Does anyone remember that song, "Things that
make you go Hmmmmm...?"
What this jackass leaves out is that I had to flee my
home, take my daughter out of her school, and move to a different
location, just to keep my family safe.
Let us assume that the anonymous letter came from one
person and that the post just happens to be someone who miraculously holds
the same opinion.  Are these the only Jews harassing me?
Well, here's an excerpt from a hate mail I received

Listen up Douchebag.

I am the most pro constituion, pro America sumbitch on the damn planet.
I am an NRA, card carrying, rightwing, islamist hating man. I am a
former U.S. Marine and I am a Jewish man.

Yep, another hater...
Looking over the vast collection of harassment I've
received, I thought I'd share a few keepers:

The JDL knows who you are.  They know
everything about you .  They are using electronic survelliance and
are photographing your every move.  Your internet activites are
being monitored as well.   These are some very serious people
and I would not mess with them if I were you.  Just a word of
advice, i have had trouble with these same people and continue to have
trouble with them.  My system at my workplace was destroyed by
their hacking and virus infections.  Take my advice, becareful,
disappear and hide.

Messages like that really make me fond of
Israel.  Every time I read it, I just jump up and down for joy
knowing that billions of dollars in American tax dollars will be going to
Israel this year (and every year).
Here's another:

We will be in "personal"
contact with you shortly.
ABul Nidal met us last week.......... looking forward to seeing

In case you don't know who the JDL is, the JDL is the
Jewish Defense League - a terrorist organization based in the United
Here's a real keeper:

For your general
knowledge you little fudge packing Arafat buttboy, I am indeed, an
employee of Mossad.  I am closely associated with TAG as well. 
You name several as KOBE, yet you have never come close.

I must go now, it is early in the morning and I have made arrangments to
have a nice breakfast with the very pretty young lady who walked by the
hotel yesterday morning on her way to work.

We will be with you again shortly Stephen,as you see we are omnipresent.
We know what you do before you know you are going to do it.


I could go on and on.  I won't bore you with
more of this mud.  I think my point is clear.  When a group of
Muslim terrorists brought down the WTC, everyone asked where the Muslim
voices of condemnation were.  My case is obviously very small in
comparison to the hell of 9/11, but the ethical perspective remains: where
are the Jews condemning this online terror?
For those of you expecting me to lay down and
die.  Never!

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le-Modiin ule-Tafkidim Meyuhadim


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