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News ::
Did They Fry Your Brain? (english)
06 Mar 2003
How would you know? Take a radiation detector wherever you go? Boston has no accessible newswire, so digest this one before they force it off Front Page. Stolen at Id=11287 Boston IMC !!!!
"Bush Daddy Headache"(241840). The headache backfires: "Sweet dreams and flying machines in pieces on the ground.."

My Daddy said that you must be aware that the dummkopf Nazis of Bush Daddy Tribe will literally fry your brain to keep you from using your intelligence to battle their "closeted" stupidity(171618). If you comment on the criminal activities of BDT, that is their cue to do even more criminal stuff to you; thus I find myself being bombarded by microwaves wherever I go in an attempt to fry my brain(239878 & PS). The use of microwaves to produce Alzheimers-like symptoms is so widespread that all members of my family have apparently suffered from it. There is no information on the effects of microwaves, except for that pertaining to microwave ovens. There is usually no pain when your brain is being fried by microwaves, except for a dull headache like there was pressure in your head. Vision loss, hair loss, and imbalance seem to arise from prolonged or very intense exposure. Although the Venetian Blind was probably invented to block such radiation, BDT has been more or less successful in suppressing such information and all other information related to the terrorist practices of the Hitlerites(238771). Since they are apparently using discarded microwave lasers from the military in this town, I have been using tin foil in an attempt to block this radiation. These lasers are apparently also used to terrorize members of BDT and keep them in line. Those who have had their brains fried and would not condone the evil of BDT are among the aliens of the tribe of Joseph who will, with but a word, have the brains of the evildoers of BDT fried and drive them to the ends of the earth(Deut. 33:17; Is. 29:10; Ez. 37:16; 98219). Evidence of the radiation produced by these lasers and defective microwave ovens is easily gathered by cameras and other means. Although the electric and gas companies are probably obligated to measure and stop all such hazardous radiation, they are apparently in league with BDT. Instead of saying, "He needs a headache!" as a cue to fry the brain of a perceived enemy of BDT, BDT will find such mischief returning on their own heads(Ps. 7:16; 54:5). Many of the prophecies of BDT will backfire on them as the foolishness of their ways becomes plain to all(48513, 53907, 192800, & 228238). Why would anyone continue to travel by air when the FAA has obviously supported the dummkopf Nazis of BDT in destroying the World Trade Center buildings and in allowing the Eagle stealth helicopter to terrorize the public(66464, 174299, & 194653)? Pay attention to the how the contrived incompetence of BDT has them sacrificing another space shuttle. When the people realize that the glitter and gold of a society created by dummkopfs is an illusion, the people will reject the dummkopf Nazis of BDT and all that they stand for, giving BDT a headache that they won't forget! There's a lot of Biblical explanations for all this(Prov. 1:18; Jer. 18:22). And the Bear Lord could have sworn to himself that this was all true.

PS: 3/4/03 So microwave heat has become the unheralded rage, with shoppings malls everywhere cashing in on the "pennies for thermal unit" heating wonder that fries the brains of those who work at such malls. Some succumb rather quickly to the effects of exposure while others endure for decades. Partial removal of the radiation shield beneath the microwave heating structure on a roof creates an area that is flooded with microwaves on a regular basis, especially in cold weather when the heaters are running full-force. "You sit here! Your special chair!" If you try to encourage gas heat, the dummkopf Nazis talk about carbon monoxide when carbon dioxide is the only questionable factor with gas heat. High microwave exposure, resulting in the increased pressure sensation on the inside of the skull, may have been the whole story behind migraine headaches. Since they obviously fried all your brains a long time ago, it's time to pursue other "windows of opportunity". I leave you with this news. "Not a one of you can split wood." 3/5/03 - My friend Norm(29190) was always saying that nine nine nine would probably be a better number to promote than six six six. Seeing that having the sex symbols of the Bi-Gay Bi-Gay Symbol(211500 & PS) upside down would connote a greater degree of deviation from the norm of sexuality, I admit that it probably doesn't make that much difference now, especially since it is not supposed to be a number any more. Go ahead! Say that six six six is nine nine nine. See where that gets you.

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenger