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News ::
07 Mar 2003
Leonard Magruder- President/Founder
Former Professor of psychology-Suffolk College, N. Y.

Leonard Magruder, President of Vietnam Veterans for Academic Reform, the
student auxiliary at the University of Kansas, said lying to students about
American history had gotten completely out of hand in higher and secondary
education. He called upon the thousands of Vietnam veterans who now occupy
positions in academia, many in history departments, to speak out strongly
against this development.
Three months ago his organization issued a statement ( see below)
documenting how gender feminists in particular were lying to school children.

Since then at least one major historian, C. Bradley Thompson of Ashland
Univ., has addressed the issue. In a February article , "The Historians vs.
American History", the noted scholar documented the phenomenon. The U.S.
Dept. of Education in its recent History Report Card, said that 57% of high
school seniors flunked even a basic knowledge of American history, and only
10% tested at grade school level.
"What is less obvious - and more dangerous", he said, "is that the
history they do know is utterly subversive of American culture and values. "
Describing a recent annual meetng of the American Historical Association he
said he was shocked by what he saw and heard.
"Of the roughly 200 panels there was virtually nothing on subjects such as
the American Revolution, the Civil War, or America's involvement in two World
Wars. They are also indoctrinating students with the idea that justice and
rights are synonymous with one's group identity. ( The multiculturalist trio
of race, class, and sexual orientation.)
"Academic history is driven by a hatred of America and its ideals,
students being told that the colonization of North America represents an act
of genocide, that the Founding Fathers were racist, sexist, "classist",
"homophobic," Euro-centric bigots, that the winning of the American West was
an act of capitalist pillage, that hidden in the closets of most white
Americans is a robe and a hood."(KKK)
"There was a time when students were required to study the great events,
the magnanimous statesmen, the brave warriors , the brilliant inventors, and
the ingenious industrialists of American history...when they knew in detail
the heroic story of the American Revolution and the tragedy of the Civil War.
But today our children are being taught to be ashamed of America. "By
denigrating the principles and great deeds of America's past and dethroning
its heroes, today's college professors are destroying in our youth the proper
reverence for the ideals this nation stands for. And a nation that hates
itself cannot last."
The danger, of course, of this teaching of hatred for one's country is
that when the hurricane hits, the nation may flounder. This resonates with
what William Bennett, former Sec. of Education said in his book, "Why We
Fight," following 9/11.
Interviewing young people in New York following the tragedy he found that,
"Their response was nevertheless conditioned by the fact that they were more
or less habitually skeptical if not disdainful of American purposes in the
world and reflexively unprepared to rally to America's side."
" For forty years leading educators and intellectuals have been saying and
writing and teaching that the United States was no better, and might even be
worse, than its enemies; that Western civilization was a mask under which one
perfidy after another had been visited upon the poorer nations of the world;
that good and evil were matters of perspective. Some of the noblest ideas
ever framed by the mind of man, including democracy, patriotism, honor and
freedom, had been systematically drained of meaning to some younger
Americans, they were now without content altogether... Some wanted to show
solidarity with their country but found themselves inhibited to the point of
speechlessness by what they had been taught about its fundamental inequties
and flaws."
The attacks on patriotism, honor, and freedom for others, began, of
course, those forty years ago, with the effort by academics to defeat our
goals in Vietnam. With those who served overseas, and then driven underground
when they returned by further lying and bigotry by academics,the university
had an open field to expand on, until whole disciplines are now dominated by
lying."The whole university," as David Horowitz says, "is now nothing but a
patronage machine for the Left." But we see now that this has weakened our
country to the point where all of us are in danger. This development in
education must be challanged and reversed immediately. The logical leaders in
such a reversal would be our Vietnam veterans who are now in academia. It is
they who know something about patriotism, honor, and freedom.

There needs to be a massive uprising by the American people against the
gender feminists for using taxpayer money to brainwash their children in a
long range program they call “transformism�. They are stealing America right
from under the noses of the people, and asking them to pay for it. Parents
are being asked to support schools that are systematically liquidating their
most cherished beliefs, brainwashing that is clearly a violation of the First
The university liberals and leftists, such as gender feminists, are
moving the country in a direction not only at odds with what the vast
majority of Americans believe, but in a direction increasingly sociopathic,
devoid of any discussion of morality, values, and now patriotism.
What is needed is to acknowledge a massive moral and intellectual
bankruptcy on the part of the university professors who prepare these
textbooks and courses, and to call for an immediate exposure of their basic
assumptions to re-examination in debate with philosophers and expecially

In the 60’s it was the universities, behind the backs of those serving,
that had the most to say about the Vietnam War, almost all of it lies, and as
David Horowitz, a leader of the 60's antiwar movement now says, treasonous.
But the vets are back and many are in our universities, and now it is their
turn to question what the universities are doing. The evidence is clear, that
in various forms they are sacrificing the children of America to their
left/liberal ideology just as they sacrificed the children of South Vietnam
to that same ideology in the 60’s.
Our educators stand speechless before the specter of a collapse they
themselves helped engineer. The nation is under no further obligation to
indulge them with the whole future of America at stake. Let the reforms

How Gender Feminists are Lying to School Children
by Leonard Magruder

Said Roger Kimball in “Tenured Radicals�, “When the children of the 60’s
received their professorships and deanships, they did not abandon their
dream of radical cultural transformation; they set out to implement it. Now,
instead of attempting to destroy our educational institutions physically ,
they are subverting them from within.�
In the largest and best known study of how gender feminists are rewriting
history to forward their leftist agenda, Paul Vitz, Professor of Psychology
at New York University studied 670 accounts in 90 of the most widely used
textbooks in secondary education, grades 1 through 6 , and studied by 88% of
the nation’s students. The ostensible purpose of these textbooks is to
introduce students to American society, its political, economic, and social
values, and its history.
The results of the study, which was federally funded by the National
Institute of Education , are found in the book by Vitz, “Censorship: Evidence
of Bias in our Children’s Textbooks�. The study was double-checked by three
distinguished scholars at EPIE, an independent board of examiners.
To begin with, for all practical purposes, religion is totally excluded
from these texts. After l750 there is only one reference to Catholicism and
no reference to Judaism or Protestantism. Martin Luther King Jr. , in
clear evidence of racism, is mentioned in a few texts, but only one mentions
that he was a minister, and there is no reference to the fact that the black
churches played a role in the Civil Rights struggle. On the other hand,
Egyptian, Polynesian, Greek, Roman, Indian (Buddhism and Hinduism), Islam,
and Native American religion are extensively covered , along with numerous
accounts of magic and the occult , students even being given information on
how to practice these arts.
Only 5 of the 670 accounts deal with any patriotic theme . Three of these
deal with the ride of Sybil Ludington , in 1777, a black woman dressed as a
man who warned about the approach of the British. There are no accounts of
persons such as Nathan Hale, Patrick Henry, Daniel Boone, or Paul Revere.
By far the most noticeable ideological position in these textbooks, says
Vitz, is that of the gender feminists, shown in a number of ways. No story
clearly supports motherhood or marriage for today’s women, and no story shows
a woman in any positive relationship to a child. Only five stories deal with
romantic love and one of these is about two dogs. The words “marriage�,
“husband�, or “wife� do not occur even once. A number of stories are
clearly hostile towards men and male roles. In a number of stories showing
physical competition between boys and girls the girls almost always win.
There are even stories that rewrite history by referring to judges,
merchants and soldiers at times and places where, in fact, there weren’t
Wrote Professor Vitz, “These studies make it abundantly clear that public
school textbooks commonly exclude the history, heritage, beliefs, and values
of millions of Americans. Liberal and secular bias is accomplished by
exclusion, by leaving out the opposing position… a very particular and narrow
sectarian philosophy has taken control of American textbooks.�

Magruder44 (at) - 785-843-3737

National media
Vietnam vets in Congress
Noted journalists and columnists
Heads of veteran organizations
K.U. faculty and student org.
Kansas and major university newspapers.

Anyone wishing to reproduce all or any part of this release may do so. For
additional articles by V.V.A.R. go to

Board of Advisors - National
Mr.Richard Kitson - President, Vietnam Veterans of America - Suffolk Chapter
(New York)
Mr. Dennis Garbosky - founder, Vietnam War Historical Society (New York)
Lt. Col. Chuck Allen (ret.) - founder, “National Vietnam Veterans Review�
(North Carolina)
Mr. Ray Gallagher - past Commander, American Legion - Toronto (Canada)
Col. Stanley Horton - former Director, V.V.Leadership- Houston (Texas)
Mr. John Lowe - Commander, Native American Veterans Association (Kansas)
Mr. Roger Young - Co-Editor, “Northwest Veterans Newsletter�, and military
consultant - (Washington)
Mr. Stephen Markley - former Director, V.V.Leadership - Minnesota (Kansas)
Dr. William Beausay - Academic Consultant - psychology (Ohio)
Mr. Steve Hawkins - President, Committee on the Crisis in Education (Kansas)
Mr. Bernie Russo - President, VVA Chapter #484, Editor, VVA Newspaper- Conn.
Edition (Connecticut)
Mr. Joseph P. Larson - Consultant - Computer Science (Kansas)
Beverly Haire - Consultant - POW/MIA issues (Florida)
Mr. Bill Laurie - Academic Consultant - History of Vietnam War (Arizona)
Rev. Lloyd Snodgrass - Academic Consultant -Theology (Kansas)
Past members:
Mr. David Horowitz - President, Center for the Study of Popular Culture
Mr. Jack O’Brian - President, Vietnam Veterans of America - Long Island
Chapter (New York)
Mr. Michael Capel - Editor, Campus Report, -AIA (Washington)
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