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Commentary :: Human Rights
Last Chance to Stop Dictatatorship
01 Jun 2006
Modified: 12:13:49 AM
Jeb Bush 2008, the fix is in. Real ID Act, National ID with GPS chip in 2008. Genocidal National Intelligence Director. Bush dynasty must go now! Reach out to everyone who is receptive.
Paul Revere

The 2008 election is fixed to elect Jeb Bush. Real National ID cards with Global Positioning chips are mandated for 2008, increasing government control of citizens exponentially. The United States chief intelligence officer is a death squad facilitator.

George Bush must be removed from office during this term, or the Bush dynasty could continue for generations. Like a perpetual trust, the Bush family will continue to steal the assets of the United States. It is conceivable that the entire nation could become owned by the Bush family within 30 years.

*The United States government is being corrupted fit a neoChristian, fundamentalist agenda. Neo because it fits the paradigm of neoconservatism and neolibelism. (1a)

*George W. Bush must be removed from office or Diebold voting machines will elect Jeb Bush as US President in 2008. (4)
(Too much early publicity might kill the campaign, though!)

*A National ID card has been mandated for 2008. (5) Any pedestrian or driver can be stopped for identification by a law enforcement officer. That is the same system as the internal passports used in the dictatorships of Stalin and Hitler. (6)

*The National ID card will contain a GPS/RFID chip, like ones currently used for pets and livestock. (7) 20,000 pages of personal information can be stored in the chip. The movements of all livestock people and vehicles will be pooled into a central government database (8). The Bush regime being criminal in nature, the information will be used to continue the wealth acquisition of the Bush regime.

*The Administrator and overseer of the National ID program is the Director of National Security, John Negroponte. Mr Negroponte has consistently been associated with death squads and genocide around the world. He has been US Ambassador to Vietnam, Honduras, the United Nations and Iraq. He is now assigned to the United States. He is now over the Department of Homeland Security and all US intelligence agencies, foreign and domestic. (8a)

*New intelligence directors are positioned to prevent leaks and coordinate disinformation. New claims like "weapons of mass destruction" could be accepted as fact. (9)

*The conquest of the American people will be complete.

An attack on Iran is unlikely. (10) Bush's October surprise 2006 may be some degree of peace and prosperity. That means less war and poverty than the immediate present. Those conditions will be created to dampen dissent. Troops may begin returning from Irag. Death squads and merceneries are replacing US troops in Iraq now. (11)

"If the people lead the leaders will follow." Individuals are the only ones to stand up for the rights of individuals. Organizations serve the interests of organizations.


Please TALK! Talk to everyone who might be receptive. You can convey how real the threat is.

We must continue to push for exposure of 911, the watershed of the dictatorship.

Removal of an unpopular leader is the result of the will of the people. It is not merely a legal process. The Argentinians forced their president's resignation by surrounding his house, banging pots and pans! (1) Boris Yeltsin led the overthrow of dictatorship in the Soviet Union. He defiantely stood on top of army tanks that had been sent to stop the uprising! (2) The Ukranians and Georgians overthrew their criminal governments with mass peaceful protests. (3)

The protests that resulted in regime change were planned demonstrations that expanded exponentially. No one waited for someone else to arrange a massive protest for the resignation of a criminal leader! A good start would be coopting the Washington, DC July 4 antiwar demonstration into a visible protest against the Bush dictatorship. Philadelphia or Boston were centers of the first American Revolution...

THEOCRACY + 10 YEARS + NATIONAL ID = GENOCIDE POTENTIAL against groups like Arabs, Gays and ?

Our methods are nonviolent, but this is war. Every individual must decide what sacrifices and actions they are willing to make NOW!

2008 will be too late.













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Fix? This Whole Thing Called Democracy, Is Fixed!
01 Jun 2006
The Trilateral, Bilderbergers and C.F.R.'s run the show. Just so happens that PNAC is ignoring all of them. Which shows me that a REAL people's canidate could do the same thing.
As far as Jeb running? I doubt it. The people would overwhelmingly vote against him. There is no way the majority would put up with nationwide voter tampering. There'd be riots in the streets.
Re: Last Chance to Stop Dictatatorship
01 Jun 2006
There will not be riots in the streets even if the elction is stolen because no one will believe the election was stolen. Did people riot in 2000? 2001? 2004?

Spread 9-11 truth like herpes--be a carrier and infect everyone who comes near you with the truth. Carry a sign with you at all times, copy and distribute DVDs.

The truth is virulent--we have the power. Make it happen--start today and don't stop until we are free. Get off the internet and into the streets--it starts with YOU.
We Only Wish You Were Right
01 Jun 2006
What a thoughtful analysis. Hwoever because Jeb Bush's family is dysfunctional, with drug and other issues wracking him, it is unlikely he will want the nomination. Plus conservatives hate the Bushes right now. It is ironic that leftists fail to comprehend that W never was a conservative, and that most conservatives strongly disagree with him on immigration, budget, health care, education and trade issues, to name but a few.

You could prepare another communication to us. Simply substitute Hilary Clinton for Jeb Bush and keep the rest the same.

Oh yes. Jeb's wife is an illegal alien. That might cause a problem for conservatives as well.

Good luck in fighting ethereal spirits.

your friend,
Day of Reckoning is at Hand - Choose Sides Carefully
01 Jun 2006
Hi Rockhead,

Why do you assume that any of us are leftists? Surely some here are, but I suspect the majority are actually just conscientious people who recognize corruption on both the left and the right. You seem to have arrived late at the party. We stopped playing the Hillary is Better Than Bush game a LOOOONG time ago. The democrats and republicans are currently acting as one big corrupt and compromised anti-american party, and they will be dealt with. I know that the powers that be like to think that nothing like this could happen, but take a look at reality the way we see it (and we are many, regardless of whether you wish to believe and wallow in your own horseshit:)

9-11 WAS an inside job. More and more Americans know this everyday. How do I know? Because I talk to them. Not anonymously on the internet, but in the streets. I talk to old white women and young black men and everything in between. They all know. Those who don't know have one of two reactions to our messengers of truth--they ask questions and realize that we know what we're talking about, or they shake their heads and walk away muttering under their breath. You see, the politically incorrect view now is to support Bush's al Qaeda myth. Defending it in public is no longer seen as viable.

Sure, you and some others may think that everyone watches CNN and idolizes Anderson Cooper, but your numbers are dwindling fast. If a blowhard spews BS and no one is watching, does it matter? No.

So not everyone is on board the truth wagon yet--no problem. Those who aren't are more than likely working on other issues that are important, like stopping the next war and/or stolen election.

The real evildoers are hunkered down and think that we are intimidated by their bluster about terror and how we are all being spied on. Spy on us all you want--you won't learn anything that you don't already know, or anything that can stop our movement. Even "disappearing" us will do nothing but hasten the fall of the corrupt ruling house. their days are numbered, the rats are leaving the ship, and every day it becomes easier to identify the most guilty, i.e. those who continue to peddle lies about 9-11. Here's a message to you all, and you know who you are whether you consider yourself a rightwinger or leftwinger: we will never forget. If you are not an American citizen and you are in our country spreading lies, you are engaged in information warfare and regardless of how you think people perceive you, we KNOW. And we will not forget who you are.

The tsunami of truth that is now swelling will either wash you back to wherever you came from or straight into prison once the inevitable goes down. Any allies you think you have are going to disavow you to save their own skins. Our movement may be slow, but that is because we are doing it right. We have learned from five years of observing the criminals exactly what is wrong and how to fix it, but don't bother looking for any secret plans--they don't exist, you have no hope of stopping the people rising in righteous anger.

Your biggest mistake was to believe your own BS, which made you overreach. There is no negotiating to be done--the wrongs will be righted one way or another, not by me perhaps, but by many more who are now rising to the challenge. The momentum is on our side, the youth are on our side. All you have are your lies, and no one except you all believe them anymore.

You have no idea what's about to come down on you.

Sleep well while you can, the wheels of truth are in motion, and no one can stop them, no matter what happens.

Ours will be the glory of victory over tyranny. Yours will be the garbage heap of historic failures, an example to future villains who would defraud a free people.

"Here comes the future and you can't run from it--if you got a blacklist I wanna be on it." - Billy Bragg
My Mind Is Open To Enlightenment
01 Jun 2006
I know a lot of leftists hate Hilary. It's just that most liberals and radicals will "reluctantly" support her if she runs and gets the nomination. They bitched about Gore and Kerry and then supported them. I for one vote for the Greens or the Constituition Party if I vote at all.

Billy Bragg is fine. I especially like Steve Earle. So you see I do not live in a bad Alternative Universe. Just an Alternative Universe. Like you do. which is better than living in the "normal" universe, which of course is just another alternative universe, it just happens be the one that most media people are comfortable with as they are monodimensional, not very imaginative people.

I am open to argument on the 9/11 business. I have no doubt there are powers who could have arranged it; but to be honest I am not yet convinced as the Islamists had enough gripes with the US to do it. they are not stupid, even if they are scum. However I will read your posts and others about 9/11 with an open mind and follow up any reading suggestions that you have.
Re: Last Chance to Stop Dictatatorship
01 Jun 2006
Just look into building 7 and how it managed to collapse if indeed, as they claim, it was not intentionally demolished. you'll note that there is no credible explanation other than controlled demolition for that one. The towers are trickier because planes did hit them. On close inspection though, you'll find that witnesses saw, felt, and heard explosions all over the towers, including a big one in the basement. Add to that the presence of red hot to molten metal in the rubble piles and the official story really loses it--it claims heat from the fires coupled with structural damage caused a pancake collapse of one floor on another. Assumes, in other words, that no steel melted. Also doesn't account for the fact that the towers had 47 massive steel columns up the middle that should have held up even if the floors fell around them. Instead, we see the whole tops just fall straight down. It should be enough for most people to see that the official story is simply impossible to fit to the observed facts.

Add to that all the funny coincidences like Rumsfeld confessing to missing trillions the day before, and all the Israeli spies running around who were deported after 9-11, after a few of them were spotted celebrating and photographing the burning towers by an astute New Yorker from her window. Then ask yourself why John Ashcroft legally gagged Sibel Edmonds, an FBI whistleblower who witnessed her coworkers misclassifying documents as NOT PERTINENT when in fact they pointed to pre-911 money laundering and other sundry illegal activities involving people at the highest levels of government and, well, damn, if you love your country and don't at least want an investigation not run by Philip Zelikow, formerly co-author of a book with Condi Rice and longtime Bush associate who interviewed Bush and Cheney together and not under oath, then I can't help you.

But, if you don't like the idea of our government being hijacked and our firefighters murdered by lying corrupt sacks of shit, you'll set aside pretty much any other political difference you have with anyone to see that justice is done. You don't even have to like radical Islamists, since no one is saying they don't exist or are in any way noble--it's just that they didn't do it. In fact they may well have agreed to take the fall because they know that a global war on terror will keep them in business for a long time. We are redefining what it means to be a patriot, sure. But trust me it's for the best--no one but the conspirators stand to gain anything from private enterprise terrorism getting a foothold in what really should be the land of the free and home of the brave. I'm with Patrick Henry on this one. Good luck, I hope you come to the same conclusion we have. It's actually a tremendous opportunity to change american politics for the better. Green/Libertarian is the winning combo in my view--states should be able to decide things like abortion rights, gay marriage, and flag burning, but poisoning us and our environment should be prohibited. Compromise, in other words, not frickin multi billion dollar popularity contests. Whatever, just my POV. The important thing is that NO ONE is above the law here, and we know who our real friends and enemies are in the world. Oh yeah, capitalism ain't all bad, but it has to be regulated to some extent and the federal reserve should be abolished.
Re: Last Chance to Stop Dictatatorship
01 Jun 2006
look up Prof. Steven Jones' (BYU) paper on the towers--it's rock solid and no rebuttal other than character assassination (he's a Mormon) have been forthcoming. If you look at the Mormons though as competing with other aggressive religious groups you can see why they may be interested in exposing the truth. I have a hard time believing Prof. Jones could do what he's doing if the church of LDS wasn't discreetly supporting him.