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The Free Republic Gets Busted! - Know Your Enemy (english)
14 Mar 2003
Modified: 03:56:36 PM
This is a short essay dashed off as an alert. A longer and more detailed article will follow. I am releasing it now in order to warn activists, before tomorrow's demonstrations, that their enemies are active and that they may need to take precautions.

The Free Republic Gets Busted! - Know Your Enemy
Author: Stephen
This is a short essay dashed off as an alert.  A longer and
more detailed article will follow.  I am releasing it now in order to
warn activists, before tomorrow's demonstrations, that their enemies are
active and that they may need to take precautions.
I've been observing rightwing harassment for a year now.  At
first I was clueless as to its origin.  The harassment I experienced
took me of guard and I never expected, at that time, that some
organization was behind it.  Heck, it has only been about six months
since the word "Freeper" entered my vocabulary.  Many of
you are familiar with my
own personal case, so I won't bother you with the details. 
They've been documented elsewhere and you are welcome to read about my
case at your leisure.
Instead, I'd like to review more recent observations concerning
Freepers and tie together various phenomenon that have arisen before our
mutual horizon.  Those of you who read IndyMedia frequently have
witnessed, no doubt, the rise in rightwing spam plaguing the left's media
outlets.  We've recently witnessed an avalanche of pro-war, pro-Bush,
harassing, defamatory, and obscene publishing.  The source of this
rightwing tripe is obvious, at least to those of us that do not confine
ourselves to reading leftwing publications only.
(Yes, I admit to reading rightwing publications, in addition to my omnivorous
consumption of leftwing media.  As the best known ancient master of
warfare, Sun Tzu said, "know your enemy."  Knowing my
enemy, I am in the position of being able to connect the dots for those of
you who have failed to heed Sun Tzu's words, for you enemy is my enemy.)
A superficial glance at IndyMedia's rightwing spewing gives the
first clue.  We've all seen the graphics with the omnipresent eagle
before a US flag motif.  You will find these same graphics on
virtually all Free Republic media.  As well, you will find these same
graphics on the personal pages and personal publications on the Free
Republic's legion of Freepers.  Don't take my word for it, visit a
handful of the websites that we suspect are run by Freepers.:

The Free Republic
Operation Holy War
Against Jihads
KOBE Forum
Users Page

If Freepers engaged in mere political speech, I wouldn't be writing
this short essay.  Unfortunately, their behavior mimics closely the
behavior of Hitler's brownshirts.  The term, "to freep,"
has become an integral part of their subculture.  "Freeping"
is the act of online manipulation of electronic media through harassment
or abuse.  Freepers freep online polls by recruiting others to launch
massive rightwing over-voting to skew results.  Freepers freep online
forums of their opponents through forum flooding.  Freepers freep
independent media by posting and reposting rightwing trash, using up
bandwidth, and harassing the outlets constituency.  And now,
unfortunately, Freepers have broken out of the Internet and are engaging
in crimes against the left.
Using brownshirt techniques well known during the rise of Hitler,
Freepers are now attending meetings of antiwar groups in an effort to
intimidate activists, collect data on activists, and to disseminate that
data on their Internet forums.  Take, for example, the case of the
Freeper attack upon the Cayuga Coalition for Peace in Auburn, New York.

"The Cayuga Coalition for Peace meeting had just gotten under
way at an Auburn, New York church earlier this month when a tall stocky
smile-less middle-aged man quietly entered the building. Refusing to
join the meeting at a large table in the center of the room, he instead
settled into a chair off to the side, took out a pad, and began
scribbling notes. Coalition members would later learn he was labeling
them as "commy#1" [sic.], "commy#2" [sic.] and so
on, recording everything they said and did. They found his notes on the

And who was this Freeping fascist?

"The mailman turned out to be part of a national movement
associated with the Fresno, California based 'Free Republic'
organization. Free Republic, with chapters scattered around the United
States, operates primarily as a clearinghouse for individuals involved
in protests and direct action against the anti-war, feminist, gay
rights, pro-choice and environmental movements. They call these actions,
'FReeps,' and their targets, 'America-hating leftist weasels.'"

This is not an isolated instance of Freeper interference with legal
political dissent.  After the freeper-creeps planned an attack upon
the peaceful demonstrations coming on March 15th in San Francisco, a Black
Bloc member raised the alarm with this post on IndyMedia: BLACK
BLOC: Confront Pro-War "Freepers" As They Attempt To Disrupt M15
Anti-War.  Here's a
link to the Free Republic thread.  To give you a perspective on
what motivates these people, here's a quote from that thread:

"Cynthia McKinney---another Jew-Hater for Peace.
We'll be bringing several J-E-W-S along, including myself, to
welcome Ms. McKinney!"

The reader might think it hyperbolae to assert that the Freeper
thread is actually an announcement for an attack, but history shows that
my assertion is correct.  Just ask Sally Rountree: Disagree
at your own risk:

"The really frightening stuff began when a television
cameraman stopped and asked me why I was there. As soon as the crowd saw
the camera pointed at me, they went wild. I was trying to express myself
and they screamed at me and over my voice. A man stood behind me making
obscene gestures as I spoke.
The reporter tried three times, unsuccessfully, to get a picture
without obscenity. One woman spat in my hair. The journalist gave up and
moved on. The mob did not. Men and women violently screamed in my face
and Bob's.
It stopped just long enough for the president's motorcade to pass
by and then erupted again. We were told to " Get the f--- out of
the country," had obscene gestures pushed in our faces. An elderly
man told me to "Go to hell!"
I was in a state of shock. Here I was, a 42-year-old mother of
four, born and raised in Cobb County, holding a peace sign, standing on
the sidewalk across the street from my church, and I was frightened that
my neighbors were going to hurt me because I dared to express my
opinion. This could not be happening. Not in America, right?"

Getting back to my own case, for a moment, it took me a very long
time to tie brownshirt
activities to the Free Republic.  However, upon visiting their
forums last night, I discovered that many of the harassers targeting my
websites post on the Free Republic.  In fact, I found their online
profiles.  I've also been exposing them on IndyMedia. It looks like
they've figured it out that I'm on to them.  Check out this post on
Boston IndyMedia: (Freepers
Don't Know How To Write).  Here's a screen
shot in case the message is deleted.  Compare the online names
they use, "KOBE" and "KOBE XIAN," to those in this
libelous post (posting libel of this sort is their modus operandi in
defaming activists: click
Those familiar with my case will realize that I attribute to Israel
the coordination of the harassment.  I
stand by that claim.  I have mountains of proof.  The
logical question, then, for a healthy critic is, "if you attribute
this to Israel then why would the Free Republic be involved?" 
Many hints as to the answer to this question are already present in the
aforementioned links.  However, I'll demonstrate, with gusto, where
the loyalties of the Free Republic actually belong.
According to this web
page (Free Republic: Israel Comes First), an account by a
former member of the Free Republic that was tossed out because he dared to
question the position of Zionists:

"If Robinson were an American patriot, his posting test would
be my loyalty to America's founding principles, not my loyalty to the
Nation of Zion and the ADL."

Interestingly, many pages documenting evidence linking the Free
Republic to Israel have been removed from the web.  Thanks to
Google's cache, we were able to download this
one (Neolibertatian News Portal) and keep a copy of it on our own

"Israel's supporters have no qualms about their alliance with
the Christian right. Indeed, the fundamentalists can campaign on their
own in Israel's favor, as I discovered for myself at Stanford recently
when I was about to give a lecture on the media and the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict, part of a series of talks arranged largely
by Jewish Americans. A right-wing Christian "Free
Republic" outfit posted my name on its website, and described
me as a "PLO butt-kisser" and asked its supporters to "freep"
my lecture. A few demonstrators turned up outside the First United
Methodist Church in Sacramento where I was to speak, waving American and
Israeli flags. "Jew haters!" they screamed at the organizers.
"They were also handing out crudely printed flyers.
"Nothing to worry about, Bob," one of my Jewish hosts
remarked. "They can't even spell your name right." True. But
also false. "Stop the Lies!" the leaflet read. "There was
no massacre in Jenin. Fiske [sic] is paid big bucks to spin [lie] for
the Arabs..." But the real lie was in that last sentence. I never
take any payment for lectures -- so that no one can ever claim that I'm
paid to give the views of others. But the truth didn't matter to these
people. Nor did the content of my talk -- which began, by chance, with
the words "There was no massacre" -- in which I described
Arafat as a "corrupt, vain little despot" and suicide bombings
as "a fearful, evil weapon". None of this was relevant. The
aim was to shut me up."

Looking at the Freeper harassment against myself, I offer up the
following proof, just a few items from the thousands I have archived:
EMails Sent by Pro-Israel Freepers:

You are under

4/29/2002 2:20:31
AM Central Standard Time

anonymous (at) (Anonymous User)
To:    rationalagent (at)

The JDL knows who you are. 
They know everything about you .  They are using electronic
survelliance and
are photographing your every move.  Your internet activites
are being monitored as well.   These are
some very serious people and I would not mess with them if I were
you.  Just a word of advice, i have
had trouble with these same people and continue to have trouble
with them.  My system at my
workplace was destroyed by their hacking and virus infections. 
Take my advice, becareful, disappear
and hide.

More of your Al
Qeda brothers areested dipshit

4/30/2002 8:41:49
PM Central Standard Time

nobody (at) (Anonymous)
To:    rationalagent (at)

Hey, peckerhead?  
See the big news on CNN - MSNBC of FOX

Some more of you Arab-Islamic dickheads have been arrested in
Your terrorist buddies are in the hoose-cow idiot.

Just one more thing are you going to attend the May Day Rally wiht
lover XXX and butt child  BA-KOOON-EN?

Just a matter of time before the Feds knock on your door and
arrest you,
you left wing Arab sympathiser.  You are not American you are
subversive.   You should be run out of the country,
you will be soon.  We have ways

Ohhh Stevie, Email
for Stevie

9/16/2002 4:07:04 AM
Central Standard Time

cripto (at) (Anonymous)
To:    rationalagent (at)

Anti-Zion forum not stand.  We are watching you  You
have to go.  You will go once and for all. banished to a life
without your toys

Here is a website for you to visit Stevie -
Should be something of benefit for you, since you are so good at
whacking off anyway.

Catch me if you can Stevie.  I am in the Sheraton Towne in
Tel Aviv.  That is truth and a place
for you to start.  So use a little immagination and you may
manage to get a quick glimpse of me.

But I can assure you this, your efforts will be fruitless and you
will continue to blame others who
have so kindly and unwittingly provided a free ride on thier ISP

So if you think you are close, take your (how do you say) 
your shot.
Take your shot Stevie, but know this you are being setup to
falsely accuse others which
will lead to your total demise.  Stevie, Bubba is still
waiting in the cell for you.

A few of the thousands of Internet forum posts:

"Long live Israel"

Anti-Semitic post forged in my name.

Ragheads throw stones IDF Plugs 5 of them

Date: 17 Oct 2002
Time: 10:07:40
Remote Name:

Congrats to the IDF who today shot and killed 5 filthy
stinking ragheads after beiong stoned and shot at.
Understand they wounded 30 more. A most exccellent catch of
the day.

From the above, it seems pretty clear where the loyalties of the
Free Republic are placed.  They are certainly not loyal to
America.  No patriotic American would foster domestic conflict,
pitting Americans against each other with threats of violence.  If
these Freepers are not loyal to their own country, it seems that the only
loyalty they have demonstrated is to Israel.  But is the fair? 
Perhaps not!  Not all Israelis support the policies of Arial Sharon
the way Freepers do.  I postulate that Freepers are the American
branch of the Likud.

See also:
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Footnote added in response to an objection. (english)
14 Mar 2003
I've added a footnote to the original version of this article in response to a comment about class warfare. Here is the footnote:

1: "Class warfare"

An earlier version of this work appeared without this footnote. One reponse took issue with my statement that "No patriotic American would foster domestic conflict, pitting Americans against each other with threats of violence." I stand by that statement.

The responder brought up the topic of "class warfare." Technically speaking, class loyalty is not a form of patriotism. I am not advocating patriotism. What I am pointing out is that Freepers claim to be patriotic yet engage in a form of civil warfare against their fellow Americans. Freepers, therefore, seek to destroy fellow Americans. This is not patriotism. At best it is nationalism.

Loyalty to class extends beyond national borders. Class loyalty is internationalist and not a form of patriotism. Class loyalty is the negation of nationalism. As an anarchist I support the notion of a stateless and nation free world. Thus, I am not introducing the issue of patriotism as a value judgment. I am introducting the notion of patriotism as a proof that the Free Republic is a sham.