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How has the American media conned its subjects into supporting war on Iraq? (english)
14 Mar 2003
How the U.S. media has systematically propagandized its American subjects to be pro-Israel and anti-Arab, and have programmed the American mind into accepting 300,000 American troops being sent to fight and die for the fascist government of Israel and greed-obsessed oil company executives. This story will list the seven biggest monolithic media conglomerates that dominate American political news & commentary.
How brainwashed are Americans? By March 2003, the U.S. media has convinced approximately two-thirds of Americans that Saddam Hussein was behind the 9/11 bombings, although there has never been any credible evidence to substantiate that claim. This article will explain why the American media is so stridently pro-war and pro-Israel while 90 percent of the rest of the world strongly oppose this imperialistic war.
An analysis of the U.S. media demonstrates their collusion and absolute suppression of the plans of George Bush II & his cabal of Israeli-firsters on conquering Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran for starters, which would leave only the eventual invasion of Saudi Arabia to complete their “grand slam” oil and land conquest of the Middle East. The U.S. government/media complex has no plans on revealing to the public these immediate plans to construct an oil pipeline across Iran from the Caspian Sea to the Persian Gulf, to control the oil supply routes to the Far East, which will enable the U.S. to have increasingly large-oil consumption Asian countries such as China and Japan “over the barrel” with regard to world oil supplies. The U.S. plan, written chiefly by Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, and Douglas Feith, all of whom avoided military service in Vietnam, began to be executed in 2001, with the invasion of Afghanistan. Phase two of the plan calls for invading Iraq (even if Saddam Hussein disarms down to nothing but a peashooter). The pretext that “Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction” is designed to be nothing but a ruse. After taking Iraq, the U.S. will then have Iran surrounded after “securing” both Afghanistan on the eastern front and Iraq on the western front, which will be subsequently be used as launching pads to make their culminating strike, the invasion of Iran, in order to “clear the way” for the pipeline construction.
This July 2002 report about the oil pipeline is available to the public from the U.S. Department of Energy’s website at:
Although somewhat well reported in the Western European media, the American media has deliberately kept the American public completely oblivious to the maneuvering that is being played out in the Caspian Sea oil fields. Bush II National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, former director of Chevron Oil and Caspian Oil, is so big in the oil business she has an oil tanker named after her, but the American media has also resolutely suppressed these basic facts.
More so than ever before, the spiffy packaged, polished corporate media speak with one greatly-hushed voice.
The Big 9 Monolithic Media Conglomerates that dominate the American media:
Media Corporation #1 – AOL Time-Warner
CEO: Richard D. Parsons (recently replaced Gerald Levin) - Annual revenues $32 billion
Owns: CNN, TBS, TNT, 24 book publishers, Time & Fortune Magazines among many others, Warner Brothers, Hanna Barbera, the Atlanta Braves baseball team, Atlanta Hawks basketball team and Atlanta Thrashers hockey team.
Media Corporation #2 – Walt Disney Co.
CEO – Michael Eisner - Annual revenues - $24 billion
Owns: 10 television stations, 29 radio stations, 4 newspapers, ABC News, ESPN, Touchstone, Miramax films, Buena Vista Films, 720 Disney stores, Disney Theme Parks, Disney Channel, five magazine publishing groups, Anaheim Angels baseball team, and Anaheim Mighty Ducks hockey team.
Media Corporation #3 – NBC (owned by GE)
CEO: Neal Shapiro, NBC News President. “Dateline NBC” Executive Producer Marc Rosenwasser. Erik Sorenson is President of the MSNBC division.
Owns: MSNBC, CNBC. MSNBC cancelled the show of liberal talk show host Phil Donohue for committing the unpardonable sin — he was not in favor of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, and MSNBC executives cited that and low ratings (even though he had the highest ratings compared to all other MSNBC shows) as the reason for his dismissal. He will be replaced by Michael Savage, a Jew, who has an extremist “take no prisoners” attitude regarding Arabs in the Middle East.
Media Corporation #4 –Viacom
CEO: Sumner Redstone, (aka Murray Rothstein) Annual revenues: $13 billion
Ownership: 180 U.S. radio stations, CBS, MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, Blockbuster Video, Paramount Pictures, United Cinemas International, Comedy Central, and Infinity Outdoor, the largest advertising company in the world. When Viacom bought CBS, and in so doing violated U.S. media rules regarding excessive media ownership, within a week Senator John McCain proposed a change to those rules. This was no coincidence because Viacom is McCain’s fourth biggest “career patron” campaign financier.
Since CBS was started by William Paley, NBC by David Sarnoff, and ABC by Leonard Goldenson, all of whom were Jews, the Jews have had extreme influence in the media for the last 75 years. This media establishment colluded to nix the sale of CBS to non-Jew Ted Turner in 1986, despite Turner making a very lucrative offer. Shortly thereafter, when Sumner Redstone, (aka Murray Rothstein) a Jew, of Viacom later tried to buy CBS, the sale went through without a hitch.
Media Corporation #5 - Fox News Corp.
CEO: Peter Chernin (replacing owner Rupert Murdoch in 2002) - Annual revenues: $14 billion.
Chernin is also owner of 20th Century Fox studios, and oversees Fox News Corp., FX, Fox Movie Channel, The Health Network and National Geographic Channel, Star TV Satellite Service, the New York Post Newspaper, 70 newspapers in Australia, 55 newspapers in New Zealand, Harper Collins Publishing, Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team, Australian National Rugby League, several British soccer clubs.
Being that Rupert Murdoch, the Australian media mogul owner is a Gentile, he was given a hellacious time getting approval to start up Fox News Network from the American Jewish-dominated media establishment when he made his bid to start up Fox Network America, But one thing is for certain now at Fox News America: the news content is clearly in the hands of Chernin & the Zionist Jews, and Fox News motto “fair and balanced” has become absolutely preposterous regarding their extreme bias in favor of the war in Iraq. All of their prime-time talk show hosts – Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Greta Van Susteran are strongly in favor of the illegal U.S. invasion of Iraq (the U.S. Constitution mandates that Congress must declare war, which they have not and will not do) and even Fox News’ token “liberal, ” Alan Colmes, is a Jew also in favor of the impending U.S. strike in Iraq, with the proviso that they get U.N. approval first. This viewpoint is as far to the left as Fox News will allow its hosts to have, which is really a moderate/right position far from the left.
Media Corporation #6 — The New York Times Co.
Owner: Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, his two lead columnists are Thomas Friedman and William Safire, all three of whom are Jews. Friedman said in his New York Times column of March 20, 2002 entitled “Are You Sitting Down?” that he wants Washington “to station American troops on the ground, indefinitely around Israel” so U.S. troops can act as human shields to protect the Israelis. As U.S. troops are already stationed in Israel, Friedman & the New York Times have already gotten their way. Sulzberger also owns the Boston Globe.
Media Corporation #7 – The Washington Post
Owner: Katherine Meyer Graham, comes from a religious background of Judaism, and of course the Washington Post editorials reflect a strident pro-Israel and anti-Arab viewpoint, such as nationally syndicated columnist Richard Cohen, one of the newspaper’s primary Israeli propagandists with a national reach. The New York Times & Washington Post dominate the nationally-syndicated editorial “pundit” business, which greatly amplifies their reach across America, not just the cities they are based in.
Of the seven largest American media conglomerate listed above, six of the seven (85.7%) have Jews controlling their news content, although this same demographic group represents only 2.5% of the American population. So they are overrepresented by a factorial of 34.2 times their per capita population. In January 2003, it was seven out of seven, 100% Jewish control, before Gerald Levin was replaced as CEO at AOL-Time Warner by Richard Parsons, a Hawaiian/African/American. Is it any wonder the U.S. media is so zealously pro-war on Iraq, which is no threat to the United States whatsoever? Because of Iraq’s proximity to Israel, they are geographically a potential threat to Israel, and security for Israel is the media’s motive for effectively brainwashing the majority of Americans to feel justified to want to send their sons and daughters overseas to die for Israel, even though it’s extremly rare that either Bush’s Zionist policymakers or the media bigwigs will be sending their sons and grandsons to war. Among the American public, their minds are not their own anymore, they are also owned by these seven monolithic media conglomerates.
Radio talk show hosts
1) Rush Limbaugh Rabidly pro-Israel and pro-war, never served in military
2) Michael Savage Rabidly pro-Israel and pro-war, never served in military
3) Mike Gallagher Rabidly pro-Israel and pro-war, never served in military
4) G. Gordon Liddy Rabidly pro-Israel and pro-war
5) Michael Medved Rabidly pro-Israel and pro-war, never served in military
6) Dennis Prager Pro-Israel and pro-war as per U.N. agreement, never served in military
7) Art Bell Rabidly pro-Israel and pro-war, not known to have served in military.
8) Oliver North Rabidly pro-Israel and pro-war
9) Bob Grant (NYC) Rabidly pro-Israel and pro-war, never served in military.
10) Jay Diamond (NYC) Rabidly pro-Israel and pro-war, not known to have served in military.
All 10 of these talk show hosts are pre-screened for being stridently pro-Israel, pro-Jewish, although only five (50%) of them come from a religious background of Judaism. If they were not categorically Israeli partisans, their careers would have been nipped in the bud long before they ever achieved any sustainable career advancement toward the levels they have attained. They are well aware that even the slightest remark that could be remotely construed as “anti-semitic” would lead to their immediate firing.
The Corporate Government/Media complex manipulates the minds, opinions, and beliefs of Americans by calculated suppression and dissemination of events, reminiscent of the state-controlled Russian media Tass and Pravda at the peak of the Cold War. Now they will use this mind control propaganda to send thousands of Americans off to die to benefit a foreign country — Israel and oil company executives, at least two of whom absconded scot-free from the Board of Directors of Enron (Vice President Dick Cheney & his Chief of Staff, I. Lewis Libby), and now sit in the Bush II administration ready to pounce on all of the Arab lands and the oil that they contain.
The U.S. media’s mission is chiefly to perform the public relations propaganda for the U.S. Military’s impending takeover of the entire Middle East country by country, by either killing or subjugating the entire Arab population, which the British, French, and U.S. have been doing since 1917, although France has been almost completely edged out of the hegemony for the past several decades, and is trying to reclaim some of the oil fields in the Middle East.
Media industries have been called the most powerful lobby in Washington (with lobbying expenses of $125 million, according to Mother Jones).
GE owns NBC, and GE makes a lot of money by selling arms to countries all over the world, especially Israel. So NBC cannot substantially oppose any war, no matter how morally reprehensible it may seem, as the dissemination of that opinion would threaten their parent company’s business in arm sales.
The gradual U.S./Israeli takeover of the Middle East will not only benefit the Israeli-firsters & Likud Party of Israel, but also in a colossal way the oil company executives, who stand to reap huge financial dividends from the coming oil plundering and military control of the Middle East. Maybe these wars will enable Dick Cheney to improve on his salary of $43 million as CEO of Halliburton in 1999, before taking a leave of absence to run with Bush. The Bush II administration is comprised of the same people who were incensed when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979; now the U.S. is doing the same thing except on a much grander scale, to include all Arab countries — Afghanistan was just the first stepping stone. By the way, the commander that the U.S. armed and trained back in 1980 to help the Afghanis drive out the Russians was none other than — Osama bin Laden.
Almost all of the ivory tower media war hawks (chickenhawks) dodged the Vietnam draft, and will not be sending their sons and grandsons off to fight, but will be propagandizing Americans into consenting to the deployment of hundreds of thousands of lower- and middle-class Americans to die in the wars there. This is good old-fashioned elite cowardice, which has never gone out of style.
Colin Powell is George W. Bush’s Secretary of State. Powell’s son Michael Powell is Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the federal bureaucracy which grants licenses to stations. Historically, owners have always been limited to owning no more than sever television stations and seven radio stations, but now the corporate media control the very federal regulating authority that is supposed to control them. Large corporate media legalized bribes, otherwise known as “campaign contributions,” to both the Republican and Democratic National Committees ensure that the FCC chairman will bend and even change the rules to benefit the small number of media conglomerates, as the FCC has consistently done over the past 20 years. As mentioned above, when Viacom’s purchase of CBS violated FCC ownership limitation rules, it only took Arizona Senator John McCain one week to get the rules changed quid pro quo. This was no coincidence because Viacom is McCain’s fourth biggest campaign financier. What do you think will happen to a radio or TV station’s license if they direct too much criticism at Colin Powell’s boss, George Bush II? The licenses may not be renewed or even revoked.
All “talking heads” in the U.S. media are pre-screened to ensure that if they are not vehemently pro-Israel, then even the “liberals” among them are required to be at least neutral regarding Israel; no one in the U.S. media is allowed to be pro-Palestinian, or else the fate of Phil Donohue at MSNBC will quickly await them. It is only on rare occurrences that Arab-sympathizing viewpoints with are allowed to be enunciated.
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