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Commentary :: Social Welfare
What Happened to America?
01 Jun 2006
Modified: 09:52:16 PM
Where is your ferocity, America?

Why are you all so incompetent at rescuing your democracy from spiritual thugs and pimps who prostitute established religions and the convenience of ‘spiritually’ influenced voting blocs?
Initiation Tests

Patriot Act

America, your constitutional freedoms have been reduced so that your government can protect you from “terrorists” who are understandably aggressive because the President’s attitude is that they cannot be appeased. Suppression only causes aggressive people to take violent action in order to get their point across. These people are not out to create chaos anymore than Hitler or the Roman Legion. Society denies them a platform for some very specific issues. If you do not care to know what is bothering the disgruntled, let them know, so they can become enraged and violent, and you can continue watching your own freedoms diminish.


Guantanamo is a Cuban territory that is the place of illegal occupation by the Rogue US Administration and illegal detention of foreigners, left unchecked by the world community – especially the religious community that we think God would find most displeasing. [Full article to appear soon.]

Abu Ghraib

“Camp Redemption” is the nickname for the abusive prison Abu Ghraib. It is located 20 miles west of Baghdad. Since the fall of the Iraqi Government, the United States has taken it over.

Imagine detention there, and imagine the world’s democracies made apathetic and ignorant to the abomination of desolation that you are experiencing. Imagine the grief of someone very precious to you gone missing, then imagine finding out years later that they died or committed suicide in one of these hellholes. Your anger and vengeance might leave you too in desolation.

Where is your ferocity, America?

Why are you all so incompetent at rescuing your democracy from spiritual thugs and pimps who prostitute established religions and the convenience of ‘spiritually’ influenced voting blocs?

Why let them destroy your Constitution so that they can feed at the trough, praise a criminal President, decry environmentalism and mock her warnings, and carry your nation along - just as that rotten beast has for millennia?

Do not let false prophets fool you. They are an integral part of the very system that stands against the billions of downtrodden that we call the oppressed. They do more to harm the scapegoats they select, than they do to rescue the starving and dying ones that are supposed to be innocent children of God. Again, they are gorging themselves at the trough, and they are no part of the solution, which must be different from the previous years of the Religious Right’s smug reign. Watch these rich money-loving devils as they try to claim that they are the ones persecuted.

Are you not ready to give it to Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Ralph Reed, Tom Delay, the Council for National Policy, or whatever council will ultimately be in place to suppress or prohibit a truly free society, and trample on the Constitution?

These villains need scapegoats to explain why their six years of dominating the US Government have lowered its morality and prosperity, and created bigger wars.

Follow the effects back to their veiled cause.

The Lion of the Tribe of Scapegoats will overcome the False Prophets that are sitting in the Gate of God. Though they are sly as serpents, they will expose themselves when forced to step forward and fiercely defend the Dragon (suppression/crucifixion), or attempt to lie low, or disappear from the limelight.

They have been the Devil’s wind, blowing out candles of enlightenment, but something will be added to the air that will cause them to go up in flames and cast a light so bright – that will be witnessed from the “four corners” of the earth.

When those who are suppressed are let loose, every serpent and every diabolically insidious religious leader who insists on establishing a theocracy for “the Devil” to run free, will enter into the very prison that they have established.

They will take blame for the suppression, censorship, bribery, assassination, crucifixion, terrorism, and desolation of all people denied the privilege of addressing the public square with their grievances.

Where is the brave lion that will rescue the sheep that the false prophets have blinded with their artificial light? Who, or what, will it take to befall that wicked empire and oversee the reinstitution of a true democracy? I am – I will.

America, Your Constitutional Freedoms were cut in half so the government can protect you from “terrorists” who are understandably aggressive because the President’s attitude is that they cannot be appeased.

~ yezbok drahcir June 1, 2006

This work is in the public domain
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Re: What Happened to America?
01 Jun 2006
Providing a microphone, camera and satellite transmission might be one way to appease someone whom you have been suppressing into a rage that leaves random citizens wounded or dead. Why are administrations so unwilling to allow the publicity of certain knowledge that has everything to do with national insecurity?

People become angry and bitter when they feel that no one is listening to them. Imagine how much more enraged they become when they know that those who give them grief are actively keeping their cause out of the public arena and proactively tainting their image.

I too have rage against the machine, but I will direct it into civilized, diplomatic and completely innocent discourse, which only the guilty will despise.

~richard kobzey June 1, 2006
Re: What Happened to America?
02 Jun 2006
If you are an angry person, chances are you will not accept the suggestion that you are not very good at communicating what you mean to say. You will assume that you make yourself loud and clear, and that everyone else is being ignorant or just plain dumb. You will waste your time picking fights that will ultimately bear witness to the likeness that you share with your enemies.

If we would lighten up and turn our wrath away from people and toward unjust policies, we would rarely find daring adversaries who would blatantly protest, deride or be seen suppressing a consensus that is in the interest of the whole.
The Image of Madness
02 Jun 2006
Click on image for a larger version

I also call it the 'Seal of Babylon'.
Re: What Happened to America?
02 Jun 2006
Next week, the United States Senate will vote on passage of the Federal Marriage Amendment (also known as the so-called "Marriage Protection Amendment"). Americans United has taken a leading role in opposing the Federal Marriage Amendment, particularly on religious liberty grounds. It is imperative that you take action as soon as possible to urge your Senators and Members of Congress to oppose this misguided proposed constitutional amendment.

The Federal Marriage Amendment would deeply undermine America’s commitment to the protection of religious liberty. Thoughtful people of faith can and do disagree on the issue of marriage between people of the same sex. However, each religious body has a constitutionally-protected right to decide, based on its own religious mission and teachings, whether or not to sanction marriage of same-sex couples. The federal government should not write one religious definition of marriage over any other, much less to write such a preference into the Constitution itself, and impose that definition on all Americans by constitutional fiat. The Federal Marriage Amendment is deeply disrespectful to the preservation of separation of church and state, particularly on an issue of such central importance to almost every religion as the definition of marriage

Religious practice and pluralism has flourished in America as nowhere else because of America’s deep commitment to religious freedom. If this freedom is to be maintained, the rights of faith communities to apply their own religious teachings and values to the issue of same-sex relationships should mark the beginning and end of the issue. It is surely not the federal government’s role to prefer one religious definition over another, much less to codify such a preference in the Constitution. The Constitution protects religious liberty for all; it surely should not impose the religious beliefs of some on all Americans.

The Federal Marriage Amendment would mark the first time in history that an amendment to the Constitution would restrict the civil rights for an entire group of Americans, rather than expand them. Exploiting our nation's most treasured legal document for this purpose would weaken the enormous influence it holds as the key document that binds our nation together and expresses Americans’ deepest civil values. The Federal Marriage Amendment would stand in stark contrast to our proud tradition of expanding Americans’ rights by constitutional amendment, not restricting them.

It is not the task of our government and elected representatives to enshrine in our laws the religious point of view of any one faith. Many of the diverse religions in America define marriage differently; and our government should dedicate itself to protecting the rights of all citizens and all faiths. The Federal Marriage Amendment would dignify discrimination and undermine religious liberty.

Find it here:
Re: What Happened to America?
02 Jun 2006
Anti-Gay Politics and the Religious Right

A Report by the People For the American Way Foundation

The recent highly publicized ad campaign by a coalition of fifteen Religious Right organizations is the latest tactical ploy in a long-term political strategy of vilification and political marginalization of gay and lesbian Americans. Far from the campaign of compassion that Religious Right leaders have portrayed, the recent ads further an explicit political agenda that seeks to criminalize gay relationships and deny basic rights to gays and lesbians in a range of critical areas: employment, housing, and families.

Anti-gay politics have long been at the core of Religious Right fundraising and organizing efforts. As the Religious Right becomes an increasingly powerful element of the GOP base, anti-gay rhetoric and policies have become more prominent in party platforms, legislative fights, and public policy at local, state, and national levels. Republican Party leaders risk being caught between public support for equal rights for gays and lesbians and the unremitting hostility toward gay rights from Religious Right groups that form the party's core activist base. Congressional leaders' willingness to embrace anti-gay rhetoric and legislation may be part of a strategy to energize Religious Right voters for the fall congressional elections, and it may reflect the longer term impact of the Religious Right's growing strength within the party. Nevertheless, some GOP leaders are concerned that the party's close identification with anti-gay bigotry may cost it support among the general public in the year 2000.

This memo briefly analyzes elements of the Religious Right's broader anti-gay political strategy; our staff can provide in-depth information on any of these topics. People For the American Way Foundation has monitored the Religious Right political movement and its attacks on gays and lesbians for nearly two decades. The Andrew Heiskell National Resource Library, which is open to researchers and journalists, has catalogued a wealth of original source material, including Religious Right groups' direct mail and television and radio broadcasts. In addition, People For the American Way Foundation publishes an annual report called Hostile Climate, which extensively documents incidents of institutionalized anti-gay bigotry and discrimination from around the country.
Zionism happened. Shit happens too. Same difference.
02 Jun 2006
stop blaming the frikking christian right. they are patsies. zionists are the most destructive force in american politics today, OBVIOUSLY. christian fundies did not perpetrate 9-11. zionists did--BushPNAC and Larry Silverstein. Period. go f*** your lame attempts to blame others.
Re: What Happened to America?
02 Jun 2006
Pat Robertson is a blatant Zionist, and so is Netanyahu. Netanyahu would love to get back in power...

We cannot separate the Religious Right from Zionists, although they would prefer not to be associated with them.

I am sure that they will appreciate your quick work in dealing with those who prefer exposing socially valuable dirt to sharing insults with some closeted wanker who would not dare to say the things he says before a live gathering.

End of insults… End of feeding…

I will not come back for your pleasure…
Re: What Happened to America?
02 Jun 2006
For the first time in centuries, right-wing Catholics and right-wing Protestants (like Ashcroft and the Bushes) are openly, publicly joining hands in their march to political power.

If you're a demon, or you engage in any demon-like behavior, you'll get a lot of exorcise—you'll be running away quickly from the coming "moral" crusade.

For all the smoke about morality, this surge of fundamentalist Catholicism is about power. And when it comes to its battle with Islam, that's a war of numbers. During Pope John Paul II's long reign, Catholics fell to No. 2, behind Islam, in adherents.

Only yesterday—even before this new ill papa was picked—three reporters at the Wall Street Journal teamed up to write a riveting preview of the battle between Islam and Catholicism—a battle that also threatens those of us who aren't Muslims or Catholics.

For now, what's fascinating are the new alliances between right-wing Catholics and right-wing Protestants. The Schiavo circus was just the latest to bring these former enemies under the same big tent.
It began with Vote Fraud 2000 followed by 9-11 and The Bush Tribunal
02 Jun 2006
Bush: "Sorry to Oil the 2000 and 2004 Vote Fraud but Oil comes First. Fill her up ?????"
Re: What Happened to America?
02 Jun 2006
we still have Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton. That's worth a hell of a lot.
Village Post or Voice?
02 Jun 2006
I call BS. the village voice was bought out not long ago and has since become a shill for the 9-11 conspirators, whose apologists are now trying to foment discord between Islam and catholicism. Oh right. WHO could be behind that ploy? I mean, WHO in the WORLD?? Hmmm. How did building 7 fall, MR. SILVERSTEIN?
American is Sad
02 Jun 2006
Who cares about the village voice. Even if they are whackos, the truth of these underlying matters does not change, and no pip is going to make it so.
Pat Robertson is NOT a Zionist
02 Jun 2006
Zionists do not want Israel to be destroyed so Christ can return. What kind of blather is that?
Re: What Happened to America?
02 Jun 2006
With intimidating thoughts of NSA McCarthyism, Guantanamo, 5 out of 9 Catholic Supreme Court Justices, and one dead Liberal DEMOCRAT Catholic who dared to become President, right wing religiously masked bigots haven’t left us feeling very free to speak out.

So all I will say is that if the Democratic Party does not lose their façade and find a way to intercede, the Republican Senator Sam Brownback will be America’s next President, and the Vatican craftspeople will finally have in place their “yes” man. Soon after, as history repeats itself again, Protestant Christians and all the peoples that Robertson and Falwell have condemned will experience the next phase of persecution – the flames. Yes, this will happen in America, IF the Democrats do not devise a plan and act soon.

[Look, I just want to say here that when it comes right down to the essence of being, I believe that there are only two teams and that all humans are on one side or the other. Since the good ole USA provides only two political parties, I must side with the Democrats because their ‘live and let live’ philosophy is much more in tune with Christ’s sensitivities, whereas the Republicans are much more in tune with murderers like Moses or Paul.]

I hope that those who are not ignorant of the ramifications will be sure to publicly ask Brownback and every Catholic Presidential contender if they are willing to repeat what John F. Kennedy said;

“I am not the Catholic candidate for president. I am the Democratic Parties candidate who happens also to be Catholic. I do not speak for my church on public matters and the Church does not speak for me.”

Kennedy emphasized his strong beliefs in the separation of church and state. This is something that would disgust folks like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. They say that America is founded upon Judeo-Christian values, but I will suggest that maybe that is where the “sanctuary” (Constitution) was first polluted. Or maybe it was when Benjamin Franklin told the Vatican that they could “appoint a bishop to the new land”

Falwell and Robertson have done a fine job parlaying the Papacy into a position of renewed respect and power. They are false Protestants who have worked their entire lives to reinstate the Roman Church to her former “glory”, and now they are about to ride with the Great Harlot into the shadows of death.

There are definitely two teams of those who call themselves Christians, but they will be found within both Catholic and Protestant congregations. They are the good Samaritans who love the golden rule and walk through the flames to rescue the downtrodden and oppressed, and they are materially generous people-loving spirits. They defy doctrines that serve to stir up confusion, hatred, judgment, persecution and disregard for the division it causes. They are solid people who do not need to take the Fifth Amendment when asked to come reason.

This is the form that I see the Democratic Party having to take. It is the opposite of the repressive, restrictive garbage that the Republicans only seem to muster for the sake of the People. I will not switch sides to join what historically has been the ideology of every Reich.

The time is ripe for the Vatican plan to send the Pope into Jerusalem to stage a phony peace accord, and Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell will be right in there kissing his ass, but they will wait until their Catholic President is inaugurated.