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News ::
Who Is the So-Called U.S. Government? (english)
22 Mar 2003
What's the difference between "our" government and private transnational corporations? Nothing. That's one reason why the media-money monopoly's government is not our lawful Constitutional government....
What's the difference between "our" government and private transnational corporations? Nothing. That's one reason why the media-money monopoly's government is not our lawful Constitutional government....
Although I'm no fan of any political parties, here in Massachusetts, the Libertarians seem to be the most honest and informed regarding local issues. But just as with other parties, they still neglect to address a few essential issues:

Who issues so-called "U.S. dollars" and on what basis? (Private transnational banks issue "money" backed by nothing but debt, war and terrorism.)

Who counts our votes in so-called "elections"? (Private transnational corporations - ultimately controlled by banks that issue "money" out of nothing.)

What's the difference between "our" government and private transnational corporations? (Nothing. That's one reason why the media-money monopoly's government is not our lawful Constitutional government.)

What is the most likely means of creating an efficient and decentralized political-economic system with equal rights and equal responsibilities? (Time-Energy Accounting.)

Since it appears that no Republicans are challenging George W. Bush, and I'm a radical republican, I'm running for President in 2004 most likly as a Republican.

I accept no bribes, accept only manual vote-tabulation as legitimate, and accept contributions of no more than $100 silver dollars from individual human citizens of the United States.

If you don't know what the present legal-tender United States silver dollar is, search the web for "Silver Eagles":

But please don't send any contributions yet, since I'm still filing papers with the FEC (which is another dubious agency of "our" government).

The more slander and threats my associates and I receive from shysters and terrorists, the more it becomes obvious that we're on the path toward a less-corrupt and healthier society.

Neither "right" nor "left" but real.


Small Government News*
Friday March 21, 2003

The official newsletter of the Committee for Small Government,
Sponsor of Ballot Question 1 to End the Income Tax

"small government is beautiful*"
- Carla Howell

Publisher: Carla Howell
Editor: Michael Cloud

"When it comes to arrogance, power, and lack of accountability,
journalists are probably the only people on the planet who make
lawyers look good."
- Steven Brill, Journalist

"Everything you read in the newspapers is absolutely true -- except
for that rare story of which you happen to have firsthand knowledge."
- Erwin Knoll, Editor

"We have the power to set the agenda. What we print and what we don't
matter a lot."
- Katherine Graham, Washington Post Publisher

"A news writer is a man without virtue who lies at home for his own
profit. To these compositions is required neither genius nor
knowledge, neither industry nor sprightliness; but contempt of shame
and indifference to truth are absolutely necessary."
- Samuel Johnson, Writer


-- A Peace Message from Michael Cloud
-- "Land of the Fee, Home of the Brazen"
-- Boston Globe Reporter Rick Klein: Guilty or not Guilty?
-- School Waste Stories the Boston Globe has Spiked
-- APRIL 12th: Massachusetts Libertarian State Convention
-- "How Could I Live Without Filing Taxes?" - Carla Howell


Dear Friends,

My father was a U-2 spy pilot. He flew missions over Cuba during the
missile crisis - and was decorated for his bravery. He was a hero.

My uncle Fred died fighting the Nazis in WWII.

I attended the United State Air Force Academy.

My sister's husband was career Air Force. He's retired.

I grew up military. Cut me and I bleed red, white, and blue.

Today, my niece is serving in the U.S. Army - stationed in Kuwait…
mobilized for the war with Iraq. In harm's way. Some of my classmates
from the United States Air Force Academy are there as well.

I oppose this war. Starting in April of 2002, as the only U.S. Senate
candidate on the ballot against pro-war Democrat John Kerry, I spoke
out against war with Iraq. Repeatedly.

Now the war has begun. Should I cheer on President Bush? Should I
shut up about the war?


I support our men and women in uniform. And their families. I hope
and pray that they will return safely and soon.

But my heart also goes out to the 17 year old Iraqi soldiers who have
been impressed into their army by a Thug and Tyrant: Saddam Hussein.

I want those 17 year old Iraqi soldiers to be reunited with their
loved ones. Their moms and dads. Their brothers and sisters. Safely
and quickly.

I seek the peace of tolerance and liberty.

Not the peace of graveyards.

Please respect and honor our men and women in uniform. And their

Please speak out against this needless war - and the elected
Democrats and Republicans who authorized it. Against John Kerry.
Against Tom Daschle. Against President Bush.

Give peace a voice. Give peace a chance.

For patriotism and peace,

Michael Cloud
2002 Libertarian for U.S. Senate (MA)


Governor Mitt Romney swears that he didn't raise Massachusetts taxes.

He raised fees, not taxes.

The fees are mandatory. Just like taxes.

The fees are imposed with the threat of fines and jail. Just like

The fees are imposed to pay for alleged services - whether the fee
payer wants them or not. Just like taxes.

What's the difference between fees and taxes?

They're spelled differently.

The word "fees" has less negative emotional baggage than "taxes".

Romney is trying to claim he kept his campaign pledge of "No New

Maybe he'll rewrite Ben Franklin's quip and say, "Two things are
certain: death and fees."

Maybe he'll change our state's slogan from "Tax-achusetts" to:

"Massachusetts: Land of the Fee, Home of the Brazen".

Mitt Romney's not fooling normal taxpayers.

Here's what Abraham Lincoln said about Mitt Romney's kind of Word

Abraham Lincoln once asked a friend, "If you call a dog's tail a leg,
then how many legs does a dog have?

"Five," his friend answered.

"No," said Lincoln, "only four. Calling a tail a leg doesn't make it


On Sunday, March 16, Boston Globe reporter Rick Klein blew the
whistle on the obscenely expensive and wasteful and luxurious public
school construction in Waltham.

Mr. Klein's article began,

"WALTHAM - Two months ago, 420 elementary students moved into a sun-
drenched new school here with wood-paneled hallways, exposed-brick
walls, and three playgrounds.

"All 33 classrooms in the William F. Stanley Elementary School have
big-screen TVs with DVD players, and Gateway computers with Internet
access. A miniature climbing wall is just off the full-sized
basketball court. A room that doubles as the cafeteria and the
auditorium has speakers built into an acoustically designed ceiling.
This summer, all 93000 square feet will be cooled by central air

While private sector workers deal with pay cuts, unemployment, and a
bleak economy... the government is building Palaces - and calling
them public schools.

Rick Klein sounded the alarm last Sunday.

There's only one little problem.

Rich Aucoin, Carla Howell's Lt Governor running mate, broke this
story in September of 2002. Six months ago!

Rich Aucoin, a life long resident of Waltham, did the legwork and
research that uncovered this school waste scandal six months ago.

Rich Aucoin sent out news releases to the political reporters of the
Boston Globe.

Rick Klein received one of these releases. He admitted hearing about
this story last fall.

During September, October, and November, Libertarian candidate Rich
Aucoin spotlighted this scandal. He said, "Waltham is `Exhibit A' of
Massachusetts Education Waste." He sounded the alarm during radio
interviews and his televised Lt. Governor Debate.

Mr. Aucoin even offered to take reporters on a fact-finding tour of
the schools under construction - so they could see for themselves.

Rick Klein never wrote a word about this during the campaign.

Meanwhile Carla Howell quoted Rich Aucoin and cited his findings in
several news interviews.

Massachusetts news reporters never wrote a word about this school
waste scandal - during the campaign.

Carla Howell quoted and publicized this "Exhibit A" of Big Government
Waste on talk radio and during her televised debates.

And although Massachusetts education was one of the top three issues
in the gubernatorial campaign, Mr. Klein decided NOT to cover this
massive waste in public school construction - during the campaign.

Had this obscene waste of taxpayers' money been reported and covered
during the 2002 campaign - Carla Howell's Ballot Question 1 to End
the Income Tax in Massachusetts might well have won.

Is that why the Boston Globe spiked the story?

Had this tax squandering been exposed by the Boston Globe during the
campaign, how many more voters would have cast their votes for Carla
Howell, Libertarian for Governor and Rich Aucoin for Lt. Governor?

Is Rick Klein guilty of journalistic incompetence?

Is Rick Klein guilty of deliberately burying this story?

Is Rick Klein guilty of self-serving journalism that puts his
interests and career ahead of voters' need to know?

Or was Rick Klein guilty of ongoing sloppiness - journalistic


* Report of $100 per gallon of paint for school walls - instead of
the $17 you and I pay.

* Using lavish solid OAK - where inexpensive pine would work just as

* Truckloads of excess supplies billed to taxpayers, never used, and
thrown in the trash - instead of being sold to recoup tax dollars.

* Perfectly good, structurally sound school buildings torn down - and
palaces constructed to replace them.

* School Central Heating and Air Conditioning systems being installed
at prices high enough to warm the heart of Tammany Hall politicians.

Waltham school construction is just the tip of government waste and


On Saturday, April 12th, a volcanic eruption of liberty will shatter
the political stagnation and silence here in Massachusetts.

Passionate and principled Libertarians will speak and meet and

The 2003 Massachusetts Libertarian Convention.

Here's a taste of what you'll hear.

"The True Path to Liberty: The Means IS the End", is the title of
Carla Howell's electrifying new speech. Heart-pumping, thought-
provoking, crowd-rousing oratory!

"Drug War Addiction: Why We Can and Must End the Drug War," a speech
by elected Libertarian Sheriff Bill Masters. This respected law
enforcement officer is on the front lines of the Drug War. He makes a
compelling case for ending the drug war now.

"The Possibility of Liberty," is the title of Michael Cloud's
brilliant new speech. Winner of the coveted Thomas Paine Award for
"the Best Libertarian Communicator in America", Michael Cloud
promises a hand-clapping, foot-stomping, unforgettable speech.

Other key speakers include:

- Sue Blevins, founder and president of the Institute for Health
- Bill Winter, Editor, Libertarian Party News
- David Rostcheck, the Executive Director of the North Bridge
Training Institute, which trains activists to defend liberty - and
one of the founders of the Pink Pistols.
- Rich Aucoin, 2002 candidate for Lt. Governor

More: Breakout Seminar Sessions. Discussions. Briefings. Delicious

Plus: Bunches and bunches of people who share your values. Who love
liberty like you do. A celebration of libertarianism. A fabulous day
of education, inspiration, and fun - PLUS LUNCH AND DINNER - for only
$95 if you act now. This discount expires soon.

Sign up now for this extraordinary convention. Will you sign up now?

For this discount price, register online now at a secure web server:

Or call 1-800-JOIN-LPM.

+++ "HOW COULD I LIVE WITHOUT FILING TAXES?" - by Carla Howell +++

The spirit of tax season is in the air. Signs are everywhere.

The hustle and bustle of accounting firms and post offices.

Taxpayers searching for receipts. Grinding through tax form formulas
that only government bureaucrats would think of concocting.

That special bonding we feel with our employers when they report our
earnings to the IRS.

And then there's the inspirational, sing-along music of tax season.

Favorites like Carla Howell's pop song "How Could I Live Without
Filing Taxes?".

Hear it now and share it with a friend by sending them this link with
your Tax Season's Greetings:


Please forward this issue of Small Government News* to several people
you know who want to know the truth about government spending, who
are concerned about tax cuts and Big Government.

Please ask them to subscribe to this newsletter for a pro-freedom,
small government perspective (and please don't forget to remove the
unsubscribe instruction below, which contains your email address).


* "small government is possible", "small government is beautiful",
"Personal Responsibility Sets Us Free" and "Small Government News"
are Service Marks (SM) of Carla Howell and Michael Cloud.

To SUBSCRIBE, mail to: subscribe@S... (no message
or subject is needed)

************* - United States President. - TEA.

http://AntiWar.Com - Like World Wars? Fight 'Em Yourself. - R. Buckminster Fuller. - Operating Manual.

http://Bilderberg.Org - High Priests of Global Terrorism.

http://Cinetopia.Net - The Place of Motion.

http://Constitution.Org - Understanding Citizenship. - Money vs Wealth. - Beyond Greed.

http://HomePower.Com - Making Real Wealth.

http://HenryGeorge.Org - Understanding Economics. - Understanding Money.

http://OpenSecrets.Org - Who's Bribing Who? - Ah!

http://Public-Action.Com - True Or Not? Decide For Yourself.

http://Transaction.Net/money - What is Money?

http://Treasurynet.Org - How to Make REAL Money....

http://TheMoneyMasters.Com - A History of Banksters.

http://Vialls.Homestead.Com - Exposing Media Disinformation.

http://WhatReallyHappened.Com - CENSORED.

http://www.Monetary.Org - A History of Money. - Prosperity, Not War & Pollution. - Who Counts Our Votes? - Who Owns the Fed?

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