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The Oil Racket and Israel (english)
26 Mar 2003
It's not just about Oil, it's about Israel and Oil.

alinder (at)

The Oil Racket and Greater Israel

by Eduardo

Loaded: 3/1/2003

"The Jews might have had Uganda, Madagascar and other places for the establishment of a Jewish Fatherland, but they want absolutely nothing except Palestine: not because the Dead Sea water by evaporation can produce five trillion dollars worth of metaloids and powdered metal; not because the sub-soil of Palestine contains twenty times more petroleum than all the combined reserves of the two Americas {this was first thought to be a lie, but it actually referred to Greater Israel}; but because Palestine is the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, because Palestine constitutes the veritable center of world political power, the strategic center for world control." - Dr. Nahum Goldman, former President of the World Jewish Congress

The American raison d'être for war against Iraq is being publicized as a battle against terrorists and against nations that are affiliated with terrorist acts. The real reason has very little to do with terrorism or any other "threats" against the United States. We will understand that the truth behind this war campaign has everything to do with the ideal for a greater Israel and its growing manipulation of oil interests. As we draw closer to war, the State propaganda has become very intense. Nevertheless, officials are having great difficulty finding evidence against Saddam Hussein.

"In their search for hidden Iraqi arms, U.N. inspectors have so far faced little conflict, have found little evidence and have received little outside intelligence to guide them, said one inspector. 'We haven't found an iota of concealed material yet,' the inspector said on condition of anonymity," - Los Angeles Times - December 31, 2002

We will soon learn that Israel has more at stake against Iraq than any other nation. Certainly, their vast intelligence (i.e. Mossad) would provide any evidence, no matter how small, for convincing America that it should go to war with Iraq. Hence, the lack of "outside intelligence" is simply because there is no evidence. From the same article, we learn that United Nation inspectors have meticulously inspected the Iraqi government.

"But the inspectors' roster of frustrations is long. There are 110 U.N. weapons experts in Iraq, 100 searching for chemical and biological weapons and 10 looking for evidence of a nuclear program. Their mission is nearly impossible -- trying to find suspected caches of material or documents in a country about the size of California." (However, the number of UN agents could have been increased dramatically. Even with this number in a country of this size, any sophisticated program of weapon development could be easily located.)

"Their work is relentless -- sometimes the different teams conduct seven inspections a day, which means early wake-up calls, long drives and intense searches. Monday was that kind of day as inspectors made seven visits, including one to a water-purification plant and one to a missile factory.

To keep their plans secret from wiretaps, moles or eavesdropping devices, inspectors operate like spies, passing notes about the day's plans rather than speaking aloud, and driving their U.N. jeeps in circles to confound those trying to determine their destination."

With virtually no real evidence, the Jewish media rely on ad hominems for convincing the American public that Saddam Hussein must somehow have weapons of mass destruction. Every UN report has provided virtually no evidence against Iraq of the existence of nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons. Why would the United States government ignore other rogue nations posing a far more urgent threat arising from illegal weapons of mass destructions? Why is the US ignoring the dangerous nuclear confrontation between India and Pakistan and concentrating on Iraq? Why has the US chosen "diplomacy" with a recalcitrant nation of North Korea instead of Iraq? The answer has everything to do with the United Statesd by Israel. One has to wonder why American policy is identical to Israel's. Israel's Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon has stated publicly that after the US government goes to war with Iraq, he wants the State Department to attack Iran. Curiously, no response has been provided from the Bush's Administration concerning Sharon's statement. Researcher and historian Chris Conole in his article - "Superpower Junkie"[1] gives us another impelling reason to our current economic woes by declaring our present monetary system is about to collapse, as any pyramid scheme eventually does. He articulates that wars will bring willing dupes into the scheme and draw existing "members" deeper into debt. These two components are essential for any pyramid scheme to survive. Oxford University, Professor David Harvey,[2] a distinguished geographer, echoes what Conole has already revealed in that the US government's policy for war relates to the US economy and its affliction with the pyramid-debt related occurrence of an over-accumulation of capital. Indeed, this problem has been developing since the early 1970s. The Federal Reserve has tried every available means of solving it and sustaining the United States' global dominance. As has been in the past, the only remaining, politically viable option is war.

Israel and its American-Jewish lobby's extraordinary influence over the political spectrum of the United States has dictated the governmental spending of millions of dollars toward demonizing Saddam Hussein. It is now true that the majority of Americans know Hussein as the "Butcher of Baghdad." Repeatedly, we are told this evil dictator "gassed his own Kurdish people;" at Halabja, Iraq. Contrary to this claim however, is the published US Army War College report of February 1990. The study entitled - "Iraqi Power & US Security in the Middle East" provided clear evidence the Kurds of Halabja died as a direct consequence of an Iranian Phosgene gas attack. Another extraordinary propaganda lie perpetrated was that the retreating Iraqis set blaze to the Kuwaiti oil fields.[3] We now learn from ex-American veterans that it was American forces that set fire to these oil wells. We further learn that the nation of Kuwait was "slant-drilling" for oil in Iraqi territory, stealing Iraqi oil. The American Ambassador, April Glaspie met with Saddam Hussein at this time and expressed an interest in improving relations with the United States. He was told that the U.S. did not care what happened in the Gulf or what happened to Kuwait. Certainly, the Israel-first crowd and the Jewish media don't want you to know about this. Instead, the American State Department greatly magnifies any "violation" of United Nation sanctions against Iraq. However, little is reported of Israel as being, by far the greatest world violator of some 68 UN resolutions.[4] Iraq does not come close in comparison to the number of UN violations by Israel.

As we watch the war drama unfold, we are presented with an orchestrated script from the Jew-controlled Western newsrooms. On one side, pundits claim there's enough "evidence" already for justifying a war against Iraq. On the other side, pundits are appealing that we need to wait to assure that Saddam Hussein "comes clean." The framed argument is that both sides are actually for war, but it's a question on when to act. However, behind the scenes of this mass propaganda, there is a very different story taking shape.

"I devote my life to the rebirth of the Jewish State, with a Jewish majority, on both sides of the Jordan." - In 1934 Ze'ev Jabotinsky introduced for his youth movement followers the Betar Oath. -- Israeli: A History, by Martin Gilbert, p. 76.

It is a story that we should be all too familiar with. As Jesus recognized and eloquently publicized: "Whereby their fruits we shall know them." And it is by Canaan's dictate to his sons (the Jews) that we should be well informed of his Will that commanded - "Five things did Canaan charge his sons: 'Love each other (i.e. of this tribe only), love robbery, love lewdness, hate your masters and never tell the truth.' " -- Pesachis F. 113b. The ensuing facts will reveal how Zionist Israel covets the furthest edges of the trans-Jordan for its vast oil deposits. This may sound unusual to the novice at first. Certainly, why should anyone believe this little country; the home of the persecuted and "holocaust" Jews desire land that isn't rightfully theirs? After all, they want to be left in peace without being victimized by "hateful" Muslims, right? If we look back into history and at about the time the nation of Israel was created, we will begin to understand and recognize that Israel is the proverbial wolf dressed in sheep's clothing. We will find that the Zionist plan for Eretz Israel, or a greater Israel, was already envisioned and planned.

"Before the founding of the state, on the eve of its creation, our main interests was self-defense. To a large extent, the creation of the state was an act of self-defense. . . . Many think that we're still at the same stage. But now the issue at hand is conquest, not self-defense. As for setting the borders -- it's an open-ended matter. In the Bible as well as in our history, there all kinds of definitions of the country's borders, so there's no real limit. No border is absolute. If it's a desert -- it could just as well be the other side. If it's sea, it could also be across the sea. The world has always been this way. Only the terms have changed. If they should find a way of reaching other stars, well then, perhaps the whole earth will no longer suffice." -- David Ben-Gurion (born David Grun) in 1949 stated during one of the discussions with his aides. The First Israelis, By Tom Segev, p.6.

Israel is a country with limited natural resources, and has insufficient strategic oil reserves as well. Indeed, it is a nation highly dependent on foreign aid, especially for financial and military assistance from the United States. From its conception, in 1948, Israel has always been a troubled and controversial nation politically and economically.

Zionists were not satisfied with the land they were dealt from the very beginning. They looked at it as a temporary settlement and that they would not quit until Eretz Israel was achieved. The Jewish state was born out of deceit and illegitimacy.[5],[6] After the Zionists signed the 1947 armistice agreement with its four neighboring nations, Israel immediately violated the 1947 United Nations GA partition plan. It expanded its borders 38 percent more than the area allotted to the "Jewish state." Simha Falpan reports that 60 percent of the Israeli soldiers killed in action were found in conquered areas designated by the UN to be beyond the "Jewish state."[7]

Immediately, after the UN vote to partition Palestine, Menachem Begin, the commander of the Irgun and Israel's future Prime Minster, stated publicly: "The Partition of Palestine is illegal. It will never be recognized... Jerusalem was and will forever be our capital. Eretz Israel will be restored to the people of Israel. All of it. And for Ever," The Iron Wall," by Avi Shlaim, p. 25.

"The acceptance of partition does not commit us to renounce Transjordan. One does not demand from anybody to hive up his vision. We shall accept a state in the boundaries fixed today -- but the boundaries of the Zionist aspirations are concern of the Jewish people and no external factor will be able to limit them." -- quote by David Ben-Gurion, The Birth of Israel: Myths and Realities, by Simha Falpan, p. 52-53.[8]

The Israeli campaign for annexation has never ceased. This explains why Israel is a "war" state. Indeed, they have been in a constant state of war since their inception. And, Jewish leaders have openly stated that the perpetual war will continue until greater Israel has been established.

Yigal Allon[9] wrote in article published just before the outbreak of the 1967 war:

"In...a new war, we must avoid the historic mistake of the War of Independence [1948]...and MUST NOT cease fighting until we achieve total victory, the territorial fulfillment of the Land Of Israel." - Benny Morris, Righteous Victims, p. 321.

David Ben-Gurion stated to his son Amos in October of 1937:

"not the end, but only the beginning." Its establishment would give a "powerful boost to our historic efforts to redeem the country in its entirety." For the "Jewish state" would have "outstanding army -- I have no doubt that our army will be among the world's outstanding -- and so I am certain that we won't be constrained from settling in the rest of the country, either by mutual agreement and understanding with our Arab neighbors, or by some other way... I still believe...that after we become numerous and strong, the Arabs will understand that it is best for them to strike an alliance with us, and to benefit from our help, providing they allow us by their good will to settle in all parts of Palestine." -- Shabtai Teveth, Ben-Gurion And The Palestinian Arabs, From Peace to War, p. 188.[10]

Ben-Gurion plainly avowed his support to the establishment of a Jewish state on part of Palestine only as an intermediary stage. In 1938 he recorded:

"[I am] satisfied with part of the country, but on the basis of the assumption that after we build up a strong force following the establishment of the state -- we will abolish the partition of the country and we will expand to the whole Land of Israel." - Nur Masalha, Expulsion Of The Palestinians, p. 107. Tom Segev, One Palestine, Complete: Jews and Arabs Under the British Mandate, p. 403.

"after the formation of a large army in the wake of the establishment of the [Jewish] state, we shall abolish partition and expand to the whole of the Palestine" (emphasis added). - Simha Falpan, [11] p. 22.

In recent times, the Israeli government has been aware of growing international resistance to its brutal and murderous suppression of the Palestinians. Despite the absolute control of the American media by Jewish moguls and lobbies, the Israeli cabinet (Knesset) was still worried that Western nations could impose sanctions against Israel if ruthless Intifada activity continued against Palestinians. If public opinion in the West somehow became vociferous enough, Western nations in North America and Europe might step up sanctions against Israel. Eventually they reasoned, it could lead to a gradual and full-fledged oil embargo against Israel. Prior to the bombing of the World Trade Centers (9-11), the scenario for sanctions was entirely possible. There was a growing public awareness to the Israeli government persecuting the Palestinian people. A growing number of outspoken authorities accused the Israeli government of advocating genocide. Others charged openly that Israel was in violation of the 1993 and 1995 Oslo Accords and was illegally seizing Palestinian land. Indeed, the Internet played an important role in derailing the Israeli master plan for Eretz Israel. Israeli Knesset members warned that sanctions against Israel's armed forces would have a devastating effect against Israel's plans. They estimated Israel's armed forces would grind to a complete standstill in only a few weeks.

Israel's intention for expansion is clear. A strong military is required to achieve this goal and Israel has attained one of the most advanced militaries in the world. Yet, the Zionist goal for a greater Israel has not been easy. Continuous conflict and Israel's repeated violations of human rights have brought Israel's policy under international scrutiny. World opinion against Israel is growing. Recently, 353 nations gathered for the 2001 UN Durban Conference in South Africa. 351 of those governments condemned Israel as a terrorist, apartheid, and racist state. Only two nations opposed the resolution - the United States and Israel. The growing pressure worldwide on the Zionist state has intensified the need to find an alternate source of oil, and to find it quickly. Israel's costly war machine cannot survive without ample supplies of petroleum. Time is running out and they are in a desperate state to obtain oil.

Israel has implemented a strategic plan to make this happen. In fact, the blueprint for this plan has been around for decades. The blitzkrieg war tactic was implemented during the 1967 war and was successful in obtaining large tracts of land in a very short period. Before public opinion could react, Israel had already conquered the Sinai, the West Bank, and the Golan heights. Both the Sinai and the Golan Heights have strategic importance to Israel's war machine.

"No Zionist can forgo the smallest portion of the Land of Israel. [A] Jewish state in part [of Palestine] is not an end, but a beginning . . . Our possession is important not only for itself ... through this we increase our power, and every increase in power facilitates getting hold of the country in its entirety. Establishing a [small] state...will serve as a very potent lever in our historical effort to redeem the whole country." - (From a written letter that Ben-Gurion wrote to his son in 1937 expressing his views about the Peel Commission proposal to partition Palestine). - Benny Morris, Righteous Victims p. 138.

The plan for achieving Eretz Israel has repeatedly been pushed as the Israeli "solution" in past conflicts only to be tabled as a result of unforeseen events. The plan, along with conquering the transjordan, calls for seizing control of the Persian Gulf oil. Certainly for greater Israel to be finalized Iraq must be subjugated and a puppet regime installed.

Not too many people are aware of the oil infrastructure that is already in place in the Middle East. Before Israel was in the news on a daily basis, there were already two oil pipelines built (by 1946) that fed the refineries and terminals of Israel's port city, Haifa from the Muslim oil fields in the east. One pipeline ran directly from Iraq. The other ran from Iraq to Haifa through Jordan. In the 1950s an 1100-mile pipeline was built by the Trans-Arabian Pipeline Company (Tapline) and was a major factor in economic development of Lebanon after independence. It was a joint venture by Standard Oil of New Jersey (Esso), Standard Oil of California (Chevron), the Texas Company (Texaco) and Socony-Vacuum Oil Company (Mobil). The pipeline was the largest of its time, transporting Saudi Arabian oil from the gulf fields to the terminal at Zahrani south of Saida, where it was shipped to the markets of Europe and the United States. At the peak of its operations "Tapline" is said to have transported up to 30 percent of Aramco's production of Saudi Arabian crude.[12]

Tapline has an interesting history. It was originally planned to run from Saudi Arabia's Abqaiq oil fields to the port of Haifa in what was then known as Palestine. Haifa was already a modest terminal facility for the Iraqi Kirkuk oil field pipeline. However, oil magnates and politicians were concerned about the continuing conflict between the British Mandate and the Israeli independence movement. They consequently decided the Tapline Company develop an alternate route. A very similar situation concerning the instability of Afghanistan has occurred with the Bush Administration's negotiations with the Taliban for building a pipeline from Khazakistan through Afghanistan to the Pakistani port city of Karachi. It is well known that the American petroleum giant Unocal was very interested in this project and pursued it for years. However, in 1998 its efforts were thwarted because of the Afghanistan civil war and then after bin Laden was accused of blowing up two American embassies in Africa. This caused the Taliban to become diplomatically isolated. The regional instability halted any further discussions of the Afghanistan pipeline. Although, Bridas, a former Argentinean oil firm was favored by the Taliban and was willing to start building the pipeline despite the civil war.[13]

It is interesting to note, the Taliban was first funded and installed by the American government, but were then ultimately overthrown by the U.S. Taliban delegates met with State Department officials ante bellum and Unocal in Washington D.C. and may have infuriated their hosts with their continued interest in Unocal's competitor Bridas, (Bridas has since merged with BP Amoco Argentina). There are several reports that describe the Bush administration's negotiations concerning the pipeline with the Taliban including threats of war if the project was not allowed to pass through Afghanistan. The Taliban is now gone and a new Afghani President, Harmid Karzai has been installed in the Afghanistan government. It is more than coincidence that President Karzai was a former Unocal consultant.

Indeed there are huge economic benefits at stake concerning the Caspian Sea basin oil reserves. According to testimony before the US House of Representatives in March 1999 by the conservative think tank, Heritage Foundation, the Caspian Sea basin contains 15 billion barrels of proven oil reserves. These countries (Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan) also have confirmed gas deposits totaling not less than nine trillion cubic meters. Another study by the Institute for Afghan Studies estimated the total worth of oil and gas reserves in the Caspian Sea basin at around 3 trillion dollars at year 2000 prices.

On December 27, 2002, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Turkmenistan signed a framework agreement for a 3.2 billion dollar gas pipeline project. It becomes apparent that the war against terrorism in Afghanistan has been a smoke screen to allow special interests to build the pipeline through Afghanistan. The 9/11 disaster allowed for Halliburton, an oil drilling company that former CEO Dick Cheney directed; Unocal, an oil and gas pipeline construction company; Enron, an energy trading company, which has stakes in India (the Dabhol power plant) for selling energy, and other oil and gas entities to make the Afghanistan pipeline possible. The Bush family has close ties to all these entities, including the Saudi Bin Laden Group.

Several nations are vying for control of the Caspian Sea basin oil reserves. Israel is one of them. As a powerful lobbying force, it has been pushing for a proposed Baku-Ceyhan pipeline. Originally, the proposal was to extend from Baku, Azerbaijan, a port city on Caspian Sea to Ceyhan, Turkey. This would allow Israel to draw oil from it since Turkey is Israel's only Middle East ally. Even though oil companies were overwhelmingly opposed to it, Israel insisted on building this most expensive pipeline. It is estimated one million barrels of oil is required for an economically viable Baku-Ceyhan pipeline to proceed. Unfortunately, Azerbaijan has found very disappointing amounts of oil in its territory. The Israeli and American interests are now proposing to obtain oil from Khazakistan. On March 26, 2001 London's Financial Times reported the U.S. "succeeded" in getting Kazakhistan to sign a memorandum that it "might" send oil across the Caspian to a future Baku-Ceyhan oil pipeline.

It is doubtful that the Baku-Ceyhan pipeline will be built though. However, the Jewish state insisted on it to demonstrate to the Turkish government that its alliance with Israel is "profitable." The fact remains though that if the pipeline were built, it would represent yet another Israeli raid on the U.S. treasury. Indeed, the American financial support for this welfare nation is endless. It has already cost the American people 134.8 billion dollars[14] from its inception sixty-five years ago; a burden that cannot continue. The estimated cost of the Baku-Ceyhan line if it was built is 1 to 2 billion dollars more than a pipeline through Iran. Not surprising, Israel is opposed to building a pipeline through Iran and has lobbied against it.

Tapline is increasingly a tempting source for Tel Aviv's energy and economic problems. If the Americans had listened to the Jews, the pipeline would have terminated at Haifa and not Sidon. Ironically, it was by the Jew's voracious quest to obtain Eretz Israel and the ensuing instability in the region that determined Tapline's final destination, a consequence that the Zionists did not anticipate. The final route passes over the Golan Heights in Syria and ends at Sidon in Lebanon. This decision was not without political consequences though. The setback was a reason for the Jewish State to conquer the Golan Heights. Indeed, Israel recognizes controlling Tapline and altering its course (of about a hundred miles) to Haifa will bring very large profits to Israel's economy. Is it possible that the American public will unwittingly pay for diverting Tapline to Haifa?

The history of building Tapline is eerily similar to the planned Afghanistan pipeline. On September 1, 1947, parliamentary ratification of the Tapline Accord was delayed for political and economic reasons. The Syrian parliament was critical of U.S. policy in Palestine (Israel), and it wanted more favorable commercial terms from the Tapline consortium. U.S. oil executives were unwilling to bend on matters of profit and when it appeared the Syrian negotiations might fail, a convenient military coup in Damascus solved the problem. Within two months concessions were approved, which lead to the construction of the pipeline at the Sidon end.[15]

A recent investigation of the military coup in Syria (first in their postwar history) indicate that American CIA agents Stephen Meade and Miles Copeland acted as the U.S. military attaché in Damascus and were directly involved in the coup in which Syrian colonel Husni Za'im seized power. According to Wilbur Eveland, a former CIA agent, the coup occurred for the specific purpose of obtaining the Syrian ratification of Tapline.[16] Douglas Little reported:

"Meade and Zaim completed planning for the coup in early 1949. On March 14, Za'im 'requested U.S. agents [to] provoke and abet internal disturbances which [are] essential for coup d'etat' or that U.S. funds be given him [for] this purpose as soon as possible."[17]

According to the same author, the Assistant Secretary of State, George McGhee visited Damascus at a crucial moment during these events and "possibly" authorized " U.S. support for [Husni] Za'im" in addition to discussing settlement of Palestinian refugees in Syria. It's interesting that even then the United States was pressured on allowing "transfers" by this new Jewish nation. Already, the expulsion of Palestinians began so that the Jewish state might obtain a "demographic" advantage.

"The only reason that we agreed to discuss the [Peel commission proposed] partition plan," Ben-Gurion wrote Moshe Sharett, "is mass immigration. Not in the future, and not according to abstract formula, but large immigration now." - Shabtai Teveth, Ben-Gurion And The Palestinian Arabs, From Peace to War, p. 184.

Countless massacres took place in Beit Daras, Tantura, Deir Yassin, and in several other places. Innocent Palestinians were slaughtered in their homes and in the streets. Entire villages were destroyed. Palestinians were driven off their land by Jewish tactics of terror. Some were driven away at gunpoint while others fled for their lives as Zionist gangs attacked every Arab population center. As early as 1947 Ben-Gurion, the first Israeli Prime Minister spoke openly of the "partition" and the "transfer" of Palestinians. Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of the militant Jewish Defense league, and Rehavam Ze'evi, a former Knesset member, advocated the transfer of Palestinians as well. It is clear by their statements the Palestinians were to be expelled from Palestine. Today, American and Israeli Jews talk of the very same issue. In an opinion poll administered by the University of Tel Aviv on March 2002, 46 percent of Israeli Jews supported the "Transfer" of Palestinians, while 60 percent favored" encouraging" Palestinians to leave on their own. Another tactic to force the Palestinians to flee is a variety of new taxes imposed on them, and at times abusive measures of collecting them. This includes midnight "tax raids," confiscation, and onerous administrative requirements. These are tyrannical and punitive measures designed to make life as miserable as possible.

The term "transfer," which is being advocated by the current Sharon Israeli government, is a euphemism for ethnic cleansing. History has clearly detailed the expulsion of Palestinians from their ancestral homeland and the massacres accompanying it.

If the American war against Iraq escalates, the Palestinians know the Israeli army will again covertly initiate their plan to force them from their homes and businesses. Past history has dictated that the Jewish government will, under the cover of world attention focused on the American invasion of Iraq, reinitiate their plan for Eretz Israel. If the international community does not stand up to Israel and halt its Zionist plans, the Jews will continue invading Arab lands, "transferring" civilian populations, murdering innocent women and children, destroying refugee camps, and laying siege to Christian churches. These abuses have been repeated time and again throughout their history. Israel will become more powerful and warlike by its successes for achieving Eretz Israel. Zionists, including Ben-Gurion, believe once Eretz Israel has been achieved, Jerusalem will become the world's capital.

Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents." - David Ben-Gurion

"The League of Nations is a Jewish idea. We created it after a fight of 25 years. Jerusalem will one day become the Capital of World Peace." - Nahum Sokolow, During the Zionist Congress at Carlsbad in 1922.

The USS Liberty is a testament of the American government hiding the voracious mission the Jewish State has for achieving Eretz Israel. Thirty-seven Americans died and one hundred seventy-four were wounded as a result of a proven attack against an unarmed American intelligence vessel. The Zionist Israeli government did not want the Americans to know about the pre-emptive strikes it made against its Muslim neighbors. As a consequence, the USS Liberty was attacked unmercifully by Israel. Somehow, the USS Liberty survived the 75-minute attack by Israeli aircraft and torpedo boats despite their brightly displayed U.S. flag during the entire assault. The survivors of the USS Liberty have all denied the rhetoric of "mistaken identity" presented by the Jewish government. Indeed, the Jewish-American Lobby has worked relentlessly to silence the voice of all the USS Liberty survivors. With their money power, the Jews have twisted the arms of American politicians to be silent on the issue. It has been an absolute disgrace that thirty-seven American sailors were victimized and murdered on an unarmed vessel and virtually not reported to the public. Indeed, the American media was predictably silent on the matter. For the first time in American history, American politicians had succumbed to Jewish interests to hide the murderers of thirty-seven American sailors. From thence the Israeli government knew that any Israeli damage to American protection could be swept under the carpet in exactly the same manner. Since this time, the Israeli influence has grown considerably.

The economy of the United States is racked with recession with no sight to its end. This puts the State Department under immense pressure. War has always been the remedy to past economic woes. With the Jew's influence and immense political machinations, they are providing the Bush Administration with their solution. The promise for revenues from oil is a tempting investment, especially to oilmen like George Bush Jr. and Dick Cheney. But, whom will this war benefit? It is obvious Israel will benefit the most. Indeed, the time for fulfillment of Eretz Israel has drawn near for the Zionist State. With world criticism growing, the Canaanite tribe knows that the outcome of any war is anarchy. Out of confusion all deceit can be effectively propagated. They now believe American politicians have succumbed to their political lobbies and their influence will hide all their deceit.

"Five things did Canaan charge his sons: 'Love each other (i.e. of this tribe only), love robbery, love lewdness, hate your masters and never tell the truth.' " -- Pesachis F. 113b.

[1] Chr8?

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