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News :: Politics
Zionists on the Verg of Surrender
04 Jun 2006
Israeli Prime Minister: 'One More Suicide Bombing And I'll Give Them Whatever They Want'
Following a weekend bus bombing in Tel Aviv that left six dead and dozens more critically injured, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Monday issued an ultimatum to Palestinian extremists: "Either put an end to your deadly, mindless attacks, or we will have no choice but to dissolve the state of Israel as we know it."

Enlarge Image
Olmert makes one last, desperate plea to Palestinian extremists.

In a televised address Olmert, who characterized the latest bombing as "one short of permanently ending our century-long Zionist experiment," warned Islamic radicals that Israel would not stand any further "methodical and deeply intimidating" acts of terror, "whether outside a popular nightclub in Haifa or in a crowded marketplace in Be'er Sheva, as just one more of these atrocities will surely crush the once-resolute spirit of the Israeli people."

"Even a loud explosion in a vacant lot could shatter our solidarity at this point," Olmert added.

The prime minister, whose term has seen a surge in violence after a period of relative calm, advised those thinking of inflicting further damage upon Israel not to follow through with their "surefire plans," claiming that such a strategy would undoubtedly result in "the realization of their fondest, most cherished hopes and dreams."

"We are past the point of negotiating with these killers," Olmert said. "One more deadly, or not so deadly, attack, regardless of what form it takes—suicide bombing, school-bus shooting, car bombing—or who is behind it, will be the last straw for us."

Added Olmert: "For years we have stood defiant in the face of these cowardly attacks. But they have finally managed to completely break down our very will to exist."

Olmert urged organizations like Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, the Armed Islamic Group, the Muslim Brotherhood, and al-Qaeda not to test his conviction.

Said Olmert: "Even as I speak, the full might of the Israeli military is standing by to surrender should another suicide bombing occur."

Enlarge Image
The May 27 car bombing was the last attack of any kind Israel will tolerate before completely dissolving.

Olmert added that he hoped Israel's "strong and decisive stance" would make would-be martyrs "think twice before wiping the state of Israel off the face of the earth." He also assured militant Palestinians that there would be "no going back" after the next attack, and that if they chose violence, "they would be forced to live with the consequences of their actions."

"Mark my words, we are prepared to give in," he added. "All of Israel is poised to jump into the sea."

Olmert concluded with the threat that, should Israel endure one more act of terror, he would "respond quickly and forcefully with complete acquiescence to every one of these extremists' demands."

"This is your final warning," Olmert said.

International observers called Olmert's remarks part of a larger trend.

"This proves once and for all that terrorism, in all its forms, works," UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan said. "Israel may very well be the first of many powerful, well-armed nations that will have to succumb to the foolproof tactics of these murderous fiends."

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Zionism Was "the False Prophet"
04 Jun 2006
Zionists pretended to be anti-Catholic while emulating the Vatican's crafty ways of obtaining the peoples' subservience. They made an image to that old Beast of yesteryear's censorship-defying riddles.

Good riddance to them all!

[For you Bible kooks, see Revelation 19:10]
Zionists on the Verge of Collapse
04 Jun 2006
Zionism is a political attempt to fulfill a unified interpretation of apocalyptic prophecy. Its proponents think that by establishing a Jewish homeland, even though that would be contrary to the Torah, Messiah would appear and destroy those who would try to stop them.

Perhaps Bush’s messianic Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, and Haditha are helping to stomp out the resistance of establishing Israel as a theocratic democracy of “Judeo-Christian” American-Vatican proportions.
Re: Zionists on the Verg of Surrender
04 Jun 2006
What a load? Where should I start? How about the first line?

Give them what they want? Since what the palestinian victims of Zionist invasion want is a Palestine liberated of murderous thieving ZIonist crusaders, Zionists wouldn't actualy be giving up anything that isn't thier's to begin with. Duh.

Disolve the "state of isreal" which is actualy Zionist occupied Palestine is only the first step. Zionists leaving Zionist occupied palestine is what would liberate palestine from the murderous thieving ZIonist crusaders. Duh.

"palestinian extreamists"??? How is it that Palestinians wanting to liberate thier homeland from murderous thieving ZIonist crusaders get labled "extreamists"???? What is so extream about Palestinians wanting to liberate your homeland from murderous thieves desroying Palestinian lives and lifes???

"artrocities"??? Zionists being murderous thieves of Palestinian lands is an atrocity. A tiny fraction of a percent of the Palestinians RESPONDING to the atrocity of ZIonism by fighting back...

"crush the once-resolute spirit" of murderous thieving ZIonist crusaders. Shit, even nazis lost thier taist for murderous theft of thier neighbor's homelands. Not thier "will to exist" as this shill puts it.

"solidarity", Shit, even the Nazis lost thier solidary of perpose after they lost thier taist for murderous theft of thier neighbor's homelands.

That article is pure crap, and i would love to trash every line, But I gotta take a piss. On my 5th beer. If you can't see the article for what it is by now, then you are just fucking lost. Enjoy your prejudiced idolotry of the obtuse.
Rev. Falsewell
05 Jun 2006
Tear down that wall between church and state!
Judaism:Israel as Catholic:Vatican
05 Jun 2006
You can't defend Israel and believe in the U.S. Constitution. At least the Vatican doesn't have nukes. Can you imagine a pope sitting on a nuclear arsenal and telling Italy that it was going to retake the colliseum? Of course good Catholics would protest. So why do so many Jews look the other way in the case of Israel? Not all for sure, but most seem to just pretend like it's nothing to do with them. Well guess what? if something bad is being done in your name and you don't agree with it--SAY SOMETHING. Don't pretend it has nothing to do with you. it has as much to do with you as Bush bombing Iraqis in our name has to do with us. Frikkin stand up for something!
05 Jun 2006
Anti-Zionist Theorist Has Elaborate Explanation For Why He Lives in Parents Basement
6 June 2006

Newton, MA - Even in the dim light of his cellar ’office/bedroom’ The Troll’s intent stare shows his single minded focus. “ I am at the verge of exposing a ‘vast Zionist conspiracy.’” he intones in a hushed voice. “That’s why someone arranged for me to lose my job in the plumbing section of the local Home Depot.”

“I was getting a little to close to the truth,” The Troll asserts. He does most of his research on line through the internet, in his free time. “Well, they’ll see, I’ll have even more time now that I’m unemployed.” His thesis is titled “Not A Single Rock - Palestine for the Philistines”

“I lost my job, and am force to live in my parents cellar due to the covert machinations of dozens, possibly hundreds, of Mossad agents who are targeting me.” claims The Troll 32. “What we are looking at is a plot of epic proportions, which may seem counter intuitive, but that is, in fact, precisely what they would like you to believe.”

The Troll displays relevant documents on his computer screen. His printer is broken. He shows emails from his manager, who suspiciously spoke with a foreign accent,( Co-incidence? ) asking when he was going to come in to work, and could he please be on time.

The Troll said he began to suspect a “hidden hand” when he was brushed off every time he’d ask someone in the plumbing department about making pipe bombs. Nobody seemed to know how. They brushed him off with a shrug. What were they hiding?

Was the World Trade Center brought down by Zionists with cleverly disguised pipe bombs?

Longtime neighbor and high school friend Keith Warren agrees that The Troll’s firing was not a fluke, but he rejects The Troll’s analysis.

Said Warren “I explain all of The Troll’s difficulties in my meticulously researched and voluminously footnoted “Lone Anti-Zionist Nut Theory.”
Gee, No, Zionists had nothing to do with 9/11
05 Jun 2006
Chutzpah: (noun, loogie hawking sound+uts-puh) The ability of Zionist sympathizers and/or collaborators to joke about things they are indeed guilty of, such as spying on their "special friends", murdering their own people, and photographing themselves in front of the burning twin towers with a lighter in front of them. Chutzpah, unlike cojones, is unique to Zionists, who are in a hypocrite class of their own. Chutzpah should not be mistaken for Guilting the Lily, which involves donning the magical cloak of victimhood to cover up your dirty deeds and then proceeding to wax indignant about being seen as whiny crybabies who will stoop to any depth to make a buck off of the blood of innocent firefighters. Chutzpah can also involve criticizing a sitting president while actively campaigning for a fresh candidate with similar or worse policies. [see also Top Gun Kerritis and Hillarium Clintoris]
Re: Anti-Zionists on the "Verg" of Spell check
05 Jun 2006

That woke you up, now change that flannel shirt and go outside into the sunshine and meet some people. What do you think you are going to learn Trolling those Nazi web sites and little else. Do the Zionists controll the voting on "American Idol?"
What's American Idol?
05 Jun 2006
And what does it have to do with Israel spying on America?
Re: Zionists on the Verg of Surrender
05 Jun 2006
Sure, when you can't deal with the real TheTroll, create a bogus TheTroll that you can deal with.

Ohhh, it is always someone else's problem. Never that Zionists have no birthright of murderous theft of even 1 single rock in Palestine, even with the blessings of interloaper power brokers.

Your's is just a cowardly tactic of idolotry that you use to run away run away. Thanks for being so vacant of actual substance and for being so dependant on crap.

99% of the goals I have set for myself were made manifest 6 years ago when I sent out 25 letters to various Arabic, Muslim, peagan and white supreamist organizations and individuals. I figured, why do the grunt work when I can just let others do it on thier own dime. With less than $10, I changed it all. While I didn't get rich, dressed in sackcloth as I am, I sure as hell was a success in achieving the goals I made for myself. The last 1% has moved along much more slowly, as I knew it would. I never assumed repentance of the saved was anyone else's choice but for themselves to make. But as soon as the last one repents. It will be 100% success for my public relations goals.

It is Auzitan The Troll, those on square 1 know the name. I even sent the ZIonist embasy a copy of the truth that they should expect comming at them. They haven't had any more success in dealing with TheTruth that the shills who can only trash the false TheTrolls they create.

It has been a great ride watching the murderous thieving Zionists and thier enablers scurry around like a mouse cornered by a cat. But the notes I play in this song were pretty much over more than 6 years ago. In less than 7 months, my ministry will be 7 years. Les than 7 months before you never hear of me again.

Yes, Auzitan is miss-spelled. I didn't want it to be easy for people to just google the name.
Re: Zionists on the Verge
05 Jun 2006
"Auzitan" wasn't he the lead spectre in "Ghost Busters ll ?
Help is On the Way
05 Jun 2006
Medicine from the Amazon will soon be here, Troll.

You will have to be admitted to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem howeverl, because that is where the world's best doctors are and they can deal with your problem best.

Apparently they have found a link between tourette' syndrome and people who must say the word "murderous thieving" in a coupled epithet whenever the word zionist, israel, or jew appears within 20 words. Definitely a cognitive disorder. Thank god for Israel!

Can you imagine the quality of health care under the Palestine Authority or Hamas? Why the Israelis even treat Palestinians to world class health care. So that should make you feel more comfortable in your stay in Israel, Troll.
Re: Zionists on the Verg of Surrender
05 Jun 2006
they can deal with MY problem best???

Oh, it is always the other guy's problem. Right! Not that hebrews being murderous thieves of the land is a piss poor pretext for Zionists to ALSO be murderous thieves of the land.

Liar, I refer to murderous thieving ZIonist crusaders as "murderous thieves". Not Jews nore "Israel". But then again, I don't refer to Zionists as "Israel" because ZIonists are not the biblical Israel. Zionists just highjacked the name. ZIonists calling themselves Israel doesn't make them the biblical Israel any more than palestinians calling themselves Arabs would make them Arabs.

The biblical Israel is described quite well by the prophets. And Zionists ain't Israel. ZIonists are the enemies of God. Palestinians, who are geneticly the same as Jews/Judeans are the biblical Israel with sleep in thier eyes and knowing NOT of thier past and who have kept the covenant. Oh, but the Palestinians are not jewish, how could palestinians be described as keeping the covenant??? Well, ignorant morons think keeping the religion and national identity is keeping the covenant. But that isn't what the covenant says about those who get kicked out of the land, is it??? By keeping the religion and thier national identity, Jews actual reject the covenant. But don't take my word for it. Check out the covenant.
Indiana Troll Cracks the Whip!
05 Jun 2006
"covenant". "prophets". these are your sources. hey i'm no religious zionist. i'm no religious anything. the jews have been in that area for at least 3500 years; that's archeology and DNA, not Raiders of the Lost Ark, which seems to be your frame of reference.
Re: Zionists on the Verg of Surrender
05 Jun 2006
might be my motivation to get people to repent of thier offenses, but not my frame of reference. that is an outright lie. Go ahead, see how little of scripture I use in my explaining how Zionists have no birthright of murderous theft of palestinian lands. I add scriptural referances so you will have another reason to attack the messanger. that way, I can point ouit that since you attacked the messanger, because of my religious beliefs, you will just showcase you prejudices if you AGAIN fail to attack the message, which, has very little biblical ranblings.

Jews have lived in the land. And germans lived in the Sudaten mountains. there you go again, using the same BS rationalizations Nazis used to invade Czechoslovakia. wassa matta? Can't you do better than the Nazis came up with??? pathetic.
Re: Zionists on the Verg of Surrender
05 Jun 2006
It was you who said I claimed Israel was murderous thieves. Which is an outright LIE. I NEVER referance murderous thieving ZIonists with the word "Israel", so your vacant claim that I call Israel murderous thieves is a clear LIE.

So of course, I would explain how ZIonists are not the biblical Israel. And then you use it to attack the messanger. Wow, what a clown you keep prooving yourself.
Re: Zionists on the Verg of Surrender
05 Jun 2006
The Kazhars? I don't think they've been in Palestine for 3500 years, but then I'm a stickler for historical fact.
arabs killing each other is best.
06 Jun 2006
<strong>Palestinian Civil War Watch</strong> <p> &ldquo;Gunmen&rdquo; versus &ldquo;media:&rdquo; <a href="" title="Gunmen storm Palestinian TV in challenge to Abbas - Yahoo! News" target="_blank">Gunmen storm Palestinian TV in challenge to Abbas</a>.</p> <blockquote> <p>GAZA (Reuters) - Dozens of <strong>gunmen</strong> stormed into Palestine Television on Monday in a show of strength against President Mahmoud Abbas in the final hours before his deadline to Hamas to accept a manifesto <strong>implicitly</strong> recognizing Israel.</p> <p>Employees at a broadcasting facility in the Gazan town of Khan Younis said <strong>gunmen</strong>, whom they identified as local Hamas members, fired into equipment, smashed computers and shouted that Abbas-controlled Palestine TV favored his Fatah <strong>faction</strong>.</p> <p>Hamas, an Islamic <strong>militant</strong> group that came to power after defeating Fatah in a January election, denied responsibility. The <strong>gunmen</strong> eventually left the television office after beating up two employees, witnesses said.</p> <p>&ldquo;The whole place is ruined,&rdquo; one employee told Reuters by telephone.</p> </blockquote> <p>&ldquo;The whole place is ruined.&rdquo; Excuse me if I don&rsquo;t weep, because this facility may have been used to produce ghastly television shows like this one </p> <div align="center"> </div>
Re: Zionists on the Verg of Surrender
06 Jun 2006
After Nazis were driven out of Greece, Greek commies and Greek monarchists faught each other. That doesn't mean it was wrong or offensive to drive the Nazis out of Greek lands.

Now we see Palestinians fighting each other in gaza after Zionist civilian occupation forces are driven out. So what? What could palestinians fighting each other posibly change about ANYTHING?

<Strong>? Those are emphasis directives to add emphasis to those words. This is how TV and radio talking heads are instructed to read the report.
Re: Zionists on the Verg of Surrender
09 Jun 2006
I can imagine the Vatican doing anything. I don't think I would be too shocked - especially being the long time history buff that I am.

Zionism is a relatively modern concept. I defy anyone to show us a more logical benefactor of Zionism than the Catholic Church.

Zionism splits Protestants and aggitates Muslims to get it on with the Jews.

noizyzion June 8 2006