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25,000 Clueless Souls now Enlightened (english)
30 Mar 2003
Modified: 31 Mar 2003
Racially aware Americans provide information on the real cause of this war, just as Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh did about World War II.
25 thousand clueless souls now enlightened

By Bro. Chad G.
March 29th 2003

We headed out to Boston around noon, our numbers were not good but that was not going to stop us from exposing this Zionist War. We made a few different fliers, one was the simple but catchy "No War For Israel". Which by far worked the best. We arrived at the Boston common around 1. I was never expecting to see as many people as I did. They estimated it at around 25 thousand. Right away we met up with a fellow Racial Loyalist, I do not know him personally but I have seen him before. We gave him some fliers and off he went very aggressively handing them out. That was the last we seen of him that day. We headed down towards the main area of the protest, it was your typical scene. dread locks, peace signs, communist and makeshift drums made from anything they could hit with a stick, buckets and water jugs mostly. Instantly we were being followed by members of the group ANSWER, as I was talking to someone my friend approached one and asked him if their was a problem and he said that he was told to follow us. They got the point and did not continue. We went to the different booths to see what they were about, many very open Communist groups were their selling books and passing out fliers. Almost right away we had independent reporters asking us questions about the war. We tried to play the anti-Zionist anti-Jew role but the racist questions followed very quickly and we told them exactly how we feel. As we were speaking to these freelance college reporters more people started coming over to listen. Most people agreed with what we had to say about U.S. aid to Israel and the war criminal Ariel Sharon. Most of the protesters signs were anti-Bush and alot of the No War for Oil signs. One huge banner about 30 feet long read "How many people speak Mexican in the country of Africa". At first sign of that we were laughing and had to tell them the bad news that Africa is a continent and not a country and that Mexican is not a language. They took that banner down real quick. As the march started we went to get a drink and on the way back they were returning. That is when we stood right in plain view of the marchers holding our small fliers for everyone to see. Most people did not know what to think of it and kept marching. I noticed this one girl on a bike stirring at us, then she started pointing and was calling us racist. So I laughed and told her we could careless if anyone knew. Then several police officers walked over to us and told us to move to the counter-protesters side, which was the pro-war side. They said that people have been circling us, of course it was the reds. I told the officer no, and right away he said okay. Because we were doing what everyone else was doing their, expressing their freedom of speech. So he told about 10 officers to make a line around us and then another 5 came. All this for 2 people. So naturally this got everyone's attention and all video cameras were on us. People taking snap shots left and right. Alot of people came over to show support for what we were doing and some to debate or to just ask questions and to get fliers. A Black cop seemed very angered by my friends White Pride World Wide patch and another cop came over to calm him down. All the faces in the police line were dead serious, no expressions at all. We stood our ground with Antiracist and Commies all around. So we stood their for maybe 20 minutes then the road was opened so we had to go. We walked back to the main gathering with no police in sight. I felt that I had a target on me and was always watching my back, but nothing happened and we continued to talk to people and hand out fliers. We just got the occasional "Nazi bastards" yelled at us by reds. I asked one of the mask wearing reds why he was wearing the mask and he said for future criminal acts. Now that was bright of him to tell me that. We surprisingly had alot of Black people agreeing with us and we told some Black teens that the Slave trade was mostly Jew run and that they owned most of the ships used. We talked to one Black guy for a while, He was shocked that we were not the hateful evil racists that the media portrays us to be and said that he will be talking about it for months. We told him in what we believe in 100% and he still continued to ask more questions. We also talked to alot of pro-war people, because we were really not their on any side. Most had the typical Saddam must go stance. They had the most heated arguments with the ant-war reds and hippies and their would have been a fight if the cops did not break it up. Towards the end of the day a police officer came over to us to say that it was great that we shook hands with someone against us debating, and that the little college geek was annoying the hell out of him. Over all it was a great day, everything went close to perfect. We had lots of support, gave out many WCOTC business cards and our e-mail addresses. We had Antiracist people shaking our hands, as strange as that is knowing that they knew we were 100% racist. For 2 people it was one of the most productive things I have ever done or seen. I am proud to say that, that day was a Victory and I look forward to attending more.
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What if America was controlled by Americans? (english)
30 Mar 2003

YOu are a shining example of courage and TRUE patriotism (not paytriotism, like so many beer bellied flag wavers).

We need to take back this country from the Jews, and fast, because we are on a path of destruction. For more coverage of Whites fighting to take back their country, see

Right now we are in the first phase of Mao's guerilla warfare -- winning the hearts and minds of the populace. When things go bad, they will turn to us, and the second phase will begin.

Earl Turner
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Whites, Balcks And Hispanics (english)
30 Mar 2003
My question is why are whites, blacks, and hispanics fighting in Iraq for the benefit of Jews in Israel. I saw that website and would recommend it to all!
We Must Safeguard Even With Our Language (english)
31 Mar 2003
My dear Bro. Chad G.,
Let me preface by stating that you dear lad, are a far better man than I. I will briefly comment. You must simply take extra care in your use of proper English because any mistakes will be seized upon by the 'other' in pointing up that perhaps yes, it is true that all racially aware whites are uneducated, inbred, toothless, etc. I make example of your use of "seen" in the beginning of the article, where "you seen" someone you recognized and gave him fliers. The simple past tense would have amply sufficed: 'I saw him.' These grammatical errors are eysores that the enemy loves to see and seize upon. God bless you in your efforts and for your bravery. Sincerely, JM