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News :: Human Rights
56 vanish from Baghdad
06 Jun 2006
Modified: 10:15:42 PM
56 vanish from Baghdad
What does it take to wake 21st century Americans up?

(BTW, is a possibility for any article that requires registration.)

persistent sources


Astronomy Pic of the Day


911InsideJobbers (at)
CatapultThePropaganda (at)
CIA-Drugs (at)
PlaneHuggers (at)



********WHAT HAPPENED to RECENT BLOGS?********

6/5/06: Cleveland, LA and San Francisco Indymedias say "we're COINTELPRO":

6/2/06: Cleveland Indymedia declares: "Vee have silenced zee 911 Hoax!":

5/31/06: LA Indymedia kicks its staggering audience in the teeth:

5/26/06: Silenced by Cleveland and LA Indymedia centers, two websites passionately devoted to free speech:

5/24/06: Murdered by Cleveland and San Francisco indymedias:

Conclusion: Indymedia is an psychological operation directed at the general public by an intelligence agency. (this intel agency is also funded by the very public it is brainwashing. don't worry, they have no qualms about how they make their living.)


Is Indymedia a front for Homeland Security?

San Francisco IMC: Hidden!

********911 NEWS MEDIA HOAX********

Nico's 9/11 TV fakery (part II):

(check out the ridiculous "plane" strike the South Tower.)

Toronto Sun : "Conspiracy theorists abound on the World Wide Web":

"...The planes that hit the WTC? They may or may not have actually done so. (Pictures and video can be faked, and the witnesses could have been paid off)..."

Oliver Stone's movie won't show planes striking the WTC

"...the film will not depict planes hitting the WTC..."

(hey Oliver! that's because no planes actually hit the WTC!!)

Fakey, flakey footage!

Network news video of a cartoon flying into the South Tower:

More fake footage of a "plane" striking the WTC:

(fake, fake, fake!)

Loughrey - The TV networks aired fake video footage of animated "planes" flying into the WTC:

how can UA 175 take two totally different approach paths to the WTC?

********GENERAL NEWS********


Bush dictatorship asks Internet firms to save data:

The Internet's long war:

Web inventor warns of "dark" net:

"Recent attempts in the US to try to charge for different levels of online access web were not 'part of the internet model,' [Sir Tim Berners-Lee] said in Edinburgh..."


India's tigers in losing battle against poachers:


US says desert cities are living on borrowed time:,,1790471,00.html

"...a 310-square mile area of the Sahara could, with today's technology, generate enough electricity for the whole world..."


China to "try" to control weather during Olympics:

"Global warming responsible for more Atlantic hurricanes: study":

(how about: "Global warming sounds better than HAARP for more Atlantic hurricanes: truth")

New Orleans seen top US target for '06 hurricanes:

(some of those 'canes certainly from HAARP.)


Will the Antichrist be born on 6/6/06, or 6/16?


June 16, 2006.
6/16/06, the real Mark of the Best.

(think they won't false-flag another "al Qaeda" nuclear attack on US soil?)


Bush dictatorship declares it may again attack US citizens on US soil with a false-flag, "Al Qaeda" attack:


US Supreme Court rules against government employees who report misconduct:


US Supreme Court says police can enter homes without a warrant!


the coming financial crises?


USUMO (US Under Military Occupation) prison population continues to soar in 2005:

"...The US incarcerates by far the largest proportion of its population of any country in history, accounting for a quarter of the world’s prisoners in its corrections system..."


FEMA's 600 prison concentration camps: who are they for?


US military moves to condone "humiliating and degrading" treatment of prisoners:


Napolitano signs pact for Guard border duty:

" a federal plan to deploy 6,000 National Guard soldiers in the four southern border states to help curb illegal immigration..."

Internet users to patrol US-Mexico border:

Arnold Scharzenegger, installed Governor of California, orders 1,000 national guard troops to the border:

(a thousand? talk about overkill, military rule, etc.)

Halliburton, Bechtel "could" be factors in border security plan:


Bush-Cheney's illegal, barbarous war of aggression costs 1/4 of a billion so far (and counting):


Billy Preston, RIP:

********BIRD FLU********


Plan for sweeping flu pandemic powers:,2106,3683716a11,00.html

"Nurses will sign death certificates and medical officers will be able to seize any land, buildings or cars needed during a flu pandemic if far-reaching law changes are approved..."


Finally, Medical journal admits the truth about bird flu:

"...The lack of sustained human-to-human transmission suggests that this AH5N1 avian virus does not currently have the capacity to cause a human pandemic..."

********GUANTANAMO BAY********


Hunger strike, defiance spreads among Guantanamo Bay inmates:

Guantanamo hunger strikers now number 75:

********the MATRIX********

*the MATRIX*

NJS uses the term ''Matrix'' to denote the collossal intelligence-gathering and disinformation-disseminating structure that has been created to take over the US. Funded by intelligence agencies; e.g., the CIA. It includes COINTELPRO agents in every US city. It also comprises nearly every media outlet of significance in the US.



(folks, the "Cassini Imaging Team" are a bunch of fakers! they're laughing at us while they produce awfully phony looking pictures from "outer space".)

More fakery! "Ancient craters on Saturn's Rhea"

(hahahahahaha. Folks, this image is LUDICROUS!!)


What's wrong with Amy Goodman?

"...Why does Amy Goodman invite rightwing pundits for ‘debates’ and ‘discussions’?..."

(Amy Goodman is a Fascist SPOOK masquerading as a progressive journalist. Until the progressive, anti-war movement figures out the true nature of its heroes the anti-war movement is going NOWHERE.)

"Disinfo Now" helps facilitate electoral coup d'etat and Fallujah massacre:


the mechanic that NJS took his car to says the damage was deliberate. NJS thinks the Matrix is responsible for a four-digit car fix.

which of my neighbors did this to me? The Matrix is taking over. No one can stop them. they plot the destruction of their neighbors, their community and country. They get rewarded immensely for doing so.

How do so many talented people accept this life? Surely, the property, the early retirement, the secrets and everything else pales in comparison with having the freedom to make major decisions about your life without some creep telling you what to do next.



In brazen roundup, 56 vanish from Baghdad:

Haditha: the worst US atrocity since Vietnam:

US Army clears troops in Ishaqi massacre:


China unleashes Yangtze river on new dam:


Barbarous Bush dictatorship refuses to compensate Agent Orange victims:



Hope for a vaccine and research at a stalemate:


Swiss injection rooms lead the way:


Marijuana is medically useful, whether politicians like it or not:

Study finds no marijuana link to lung cancer:

Heavy marijuana use not linked to lung cancer:

the Marijuana Conspiracy - the real reason hemp is illegal:



French Open: May 28 - June 11:

Sports Greatest Rivalry: Nadal and Federer continue to advance!

Back by popular demand! Check out this famous Federer clip (v. Roddick). Federer's shot and Roddick's humorous reaction are "incredible":


The Dardenne brothers - L'Enfant (2005):

(a masterpiece. NJS loved every minute of it. This is a stupendous example of contemporary neo-realism.)


p.s. all are welcome on the News Junkie GP list
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