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Announcement :: Human Rights
Fighting Zionism, Racism and Repression
08 Jun 2006
Saturday June 10
3pm to 6pm
Roxbury Community College cafeteria
***Please forward***

Fighting Zionism, Racism and Repression:
Why should you protest "Boston Celebrates Israel" on June 18?

Join the New England Committee to Defend Palestine, Jericho Boston and others for a panel discussion on building a unified movement against racist oppression.

WHEN: Saturday, June 10
TIME: 3:00-6:00pm
WHERE: Roxbury Community College Cafeteria
1234 Columbus Avenue
(near Roxbury Crossing T stop on the Orange Line)

*Ahmad Kawash, a Palestinian refugee from Ain Al-Helweh Camp in Lebanon
and member of the Palestinian American Congress, Boston

*Marta Rodriguez, Puerto Rican independentista and member of NECDP and Jericho Boston

*Chuck Turner, Boston City Councilor

Moderator: Kazi Toure, former political prisoner and member of Jericho Boston

The event will include an update on the Six Nations stand-off in Caledonia and on the campaigns of US political prisoners.

Music by Myriam Ortiz and Marta Rodriguez of PRESENTE!

Sponsored by Jericho Boston
and by the New England Committee to Defend Palestine
See also:

This work is in the public domain
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Re: Fighting Zionism, Racism and Repression
08 Jun 2006
about time someone made the connection. just make sure they don't get off with calling this anti-semitism.
Re: Fighting Zionism, Racism and Repression
08 Jun 2006
Interesting concept one must ask where is the line between zionism as a tool of ethnic cleansing and the right of a people to inhabit a land historicaly belonging to them, would native americans be racist for throwing whites and others out of massachusetts and building a fence if they could, then this must be balanced against the knowledge that palestinians have a historic claim to israel which they peacefully occupied with the jews at one time. no easy answer here one thing is clear and that is that puerto Ricans have zero claim to boston or israel why is a puerto rican radical even involved in this discussion 2000 miles from her homeland. perhaps a barrier should be built to prevent puerto ricans from entering boston and israel

David Deburro
progressive author/thinker
3rd generation methuen ma.
Arabs get a 23+ nations but you don't think the Jews have a right
08 Jun 2006
You people are just pissed that once again the Jews have a homeland of their own where they can defend their children and make it very costly for those that try to murder Jews because they are Jews.

Its time you people get over it and accept that the Jews have a right to exist and not be exterminated when ever your friends' mood changes.
Re: Fighting Zionism, Racism and Repression
08 Jun 2006
Kelley, the event is not anti-Jewish. Yeah, the Jews have a right to exist. No one opposed Jewish immigration into Palestine until the terrorist events of 1948 lead to the creation of an apartheid state.
Re: Fighting Zionism, Racism and Repression
08 Jun 2006
> No one opposed Jewish immigration into Palestine until the
> terrorist events of 1948 lead to the creation of an apartheid
> state.

Perhaps you mean that you didn't--but many people did. These ranged from the British government, who put Jews feeling from post-WW2 Europe into internment camps, to some Palestinians--for instance, look up the Hebron riots of 1929.

I don't share Kelly's accusation that you want to kill Jews, but your history strikes me as awfully simplistic and abridged.
Re: Fighting Zionism, Racism and Repression
08 Jun 2006
If the organizers are committed to fighting oppression, why is this happening on the afternoon of Pride? Nobody queer in Jericho these days? I mean, yes, the major stuff on Pride Day is corporatel, but scheduling something during it with no recognition is pretty weak.
Re: Fighting Zionism, Racism and Repression
08 Jun 2006
When's the last time you saw a float at Pride dedicated to Laura Whitehorn or Bo Brown (two queer ex-pp's)?
Re: Fighting Zionism, Racism and Repression
09 Jun 2006
Actually, I've seen people calling for justice for political prisoners at Pride--and many more at dyke March. You ever been to either?
Re: Fighting Zionism, Racism and Repression
09 Jun 2006
maybe more political prisoner-supporting queers should participate in jericho and make sure this kind of conflict doesn't happen. in any case, i doubt it was intentional.
Re: Fighting Zionism, Racism and Repression
09 Jun 2006
I doubt that it was intentional either. But it's not cool. It's not the responsibility of queers to make mostly straight groups remember basic things like this, just as it's not the responsibility of people of color to make mostly white groups address racism. It's basic respect and responsbility.
Re: Fighting Zionism, Racism and Repression
09 Jun 2006
Isn't fignting against Zionism de facto racism?
Re: Fighting Zionism, Racism and Repression
09 Jun 2006
Zionism is the ZIonist's murderous theft of palestinian lands. Appeasing murderous thieves just because those murderous thieves also happen to be Jews is what shows prejudice. Saying ZIonists have no birthright of murderous theft of Palestinian lands is no more anti-semetic than saying nazis had no birthright of murderous theft of thier neighbor's homelands would make you anti-german. All you are doing is pushing your own prejudices when you write such comments.

Kelly still spouts out crap. No, Jews don't have a home of thier own, Zionists are murderous thieves of palestinian lands. Palestinians (a tiny fraction of a percent) fighting Zionists is no more of an offense than locals fighting allegedly Christian crusaders 800 years back. A right to exist does not include a birthright of murderous theft of the Palestinian's homeland or ANYONE else's homeland for that matter. In this latest intifada, over 400000 Zionists packed up and left ZIonist occupied Palestine. it is that 400000 that have proven without question that Jews can exist without being murderous thieves of Palestinian ( or ANYONE else's) homeland. Even nazis had a right to exist, but thier having a right to exist didn't include a birthright of murderous theft of thier neighbor's homelands. How could ZIonists having a right to exist equate to thier alleged birthright of murderous ttheft of Palestinian lands?

Other than that, all kelly wrote was to site motive, never mentioning how Zionists have a birthright of murderous theft of Palestinian lands. In a court of law, it would usualy be the prosecutors siting the motive, but here in the court of piblic opinion, it is the defense that sites motive.
Re: Fighting Zionism, Racism and Repression
09 Jun 2006
Your use of the term "murderous" betrays your bias. However, let's be perfectlt honest here. There is no race or nationality known as either "palestinian" or "isreali." They are Jews or Arabs. Ninety percent of the geographical region known as Palestein was absorbed by Jordan. The rest was given by the United Nations to Jews who purchased the land and Arabs who Jordan disavowed by the King or Jordan. After that, the Arabs launhed a war against the Jews whom the Jews defeated and rightfully absorbed the land. So I fail to see what all the bitching is about. The scenario is this...The arabs lauched a war against the jews...the jews won..the arabs are pissed off. Big deal.
Re: Fighting Zionism, Racism and Repression
09 Jun 2006
Palestinians are not Arabs. they speek arabic, have arab culture, and even think of themselves as Arabs. But that doesn't make them arabs. After Arab Muslims drove the Roman Byzantines out of the land, the locals took 200 years to adopt Arabic as thier language. Since the only arabs who need to learn how to speek Arabic are babies, saying Palestinian are Arabs is just ignorance, even when palestinians call themselves Arabs.

Then there is the genetics of palestinians. Palestinians are basicly the same as Jews/judeans, and the only ways that could have happened is if Palestinians are descended from Canaanite slave girls raped by Hebrew invadors for1200 years, or that Palestinians are the lost tribes of israel returned with sleep in thier eys, or a comb8ination of the 2. but what ever the case, Palestinians were never invadors of the land. Palestinians also have some genetic traits of Romans, Arabs, French crusaders, Turks. There are even palestinians who have English blood from thier short occupation. But it hasn't spread out among the general population yet.

ZIonists invaded palestine under brittish guns just as hungarians invaded Slovakian lands under Nazi guns. Zionists set up the beachhead kibbutzes, and 33 member states of the 55 member state 1947 UN drew a line across a map of Palestine and gave Zionists thier blessings for ZIonists to steal over half of palestine. If the Palestinian's homeland really were the 1947 UN's property to be giving to Zionist invadors, then your rationalization might mean something. Tell us, todays UN has almost 200 member states. Who else's homeland would you say they have a right to give to ANYBODY? Does today's much more inclusive UN have a right to give half of your homeland to Zionists or ANYBODY else? Why some people seem to think the 1947 UN has such authority never seems to get explained.

Zionists puchased very little land in Palestine. By 1948, only 6% of the land was Jewish owned. And that included the lands owned by the Palestinian Jews who were about 4.5% of the Palestinian population. In 1948, Zionists broke out of thier beach head kibbutzes and became murderous thieves of so much more. If you were to buy land next to a bank and used that land to tunnel into the bank's vault, when you got out of jail, would you still own the land??? No, it would have been sold to pay for repairs to the bank. And if any bank guards were killed. like so many palestinians died when Zionists used thier beachhead kibbutzes to be murderous thieves of palestinian lands, then those bank guard's survivors would also see some of the money from the sale of your land. Under the laws we demand for our own protection, ZIonists wouldn't even be allowed to keep the lands they legaly baught.

Arabic speeking people lauched a war against Zionist invadors of palestine. Who do you think started world war 2? Did world war 2 start when England and france declared war on germany for invading Poland or did it start when Germany invaded Poland??? The fact that England and France NEVER drove Germans out of Poland doesn't mean the German invasion was not an offense or that germany had a right to occupy french lands. but you push the idea that because the Palestinian's arabic speeking neighbors didn't drive Zionist invadors out of palestine, that ZIonists have a right to invade and occupy more lands. Well knowone sees German occupation of france in that light. Why anyone who isn't offensivly prejudiced would see it that way about Zionist invadors of palestine "rightfully absorbing" more lands is a real mystery. Did Nazis "rightfully absorb" French lands when France declared war against germany for invading Poland??? Only the most vile prejudiced of folks could see it that way. But you seem to see it that way when it comes to the ZIonist's invasion of Palestine.

your suppositions are flacid and showcase your own vile prejudiced and ignorant beliefs. your rant is so easy to trash
The Troll is an Idiot
10 Jun 2006
Byzantines were not Roman.
Re: Fighting Zionism, Racism and Repression
10 Jun 2006
speaking of rightists on boston IMC, its also a stronghold of zionism now, wtf?!
Gay Pride and Leftist Politics
10 Jun 2006
The idea that a political group should cancel an event because it falls on the same day as the “Gay Pride Parade” is curious.

The “Gay Pride Parade” is a mostly non-political event dominated by floats from gay bars and gay internet dating services. Many people who walk in the parade are paid to be there. Look in the gay press classified sections to find ads for people to march with “Manhunt” or to distribute “Baywindows” to the crowd. It is a gay capitalist controlled event.

In the 80’s and into the 90’s I was at the parade on a number of occasions with a political group distributing leftist literature, and defending gay rights. Over the years it changed from a demonstration into a non-political product placement trade show. Once there was nothing but protest signs, after a while it was dominated by professional advertising pushing “gay friendly” debit cards, Democratic party politicians, and a few Republicans working the crowd. The crowd now-a-days seems apolitical, middle class to upper middle class, and not in the least receptive, or even curious about radical left wing politics critical of the Capitalist system.

Perhaps one of the most telling incidents was when the ‘parade’ route was changed so as to avoid the entrance to an abortion clinic. Right Wing extremists were in front of the clinic on Tremont St. The parade organizers did not want the gay crowd interfering with the “anti-gay” right wingers. They wanted to allow the Right Wingers freedom to harass women seeking reproductive health services with out being harassed by gays who might see the connection between gay rights and abortion rights. The “Gay Pride” Parade has degenerated into a pathetic circus that in the end only says: “Nobody in her but us Chickens,” and “Legal, respectable, legal, respectable…”
International Law Must Prevail
10 Jun 2006
Troll is concerned with international bodies carving up territory and creating states. Well, it has caused problems in the past. He's sort of right about that. But between the Congress of Vienna, Versailles, the Potsdam Agreement, the peace treaty of 1951 with Japan, the 1947 UN resolution (which the Irgun as well as the Arab states and Palestinian clerics opposed) and the postSoviet breakup agreemetns, maps change, and folkds find themeselves citizens of states they don't want to be part of or not citizens of states they do want to be part of. Railing or whining is irrelevant. Power makes borders. In the future, borders may change. That will simpley mean power has reflowed another direction. I would doubt that the borders of the US will be the same in the year 3000 as now, of there will be a US. Personally I think we'll have a few ethnically based nations with different poliitcal systems. There will even be a nation of Trolls, quarantined from all the othe nations. Or Trolls will be declarerd a species better off extinct.
Re: Fighting Zionism, Racism and Repression
10 Jun 2006
The first name of the Byzantine empire was the east roman empire. That ROMAN empire remained occupiers of Palestine and many other lands. The same romans families ruled that empire even if they eventualy adopted Greek as thier language and the eastern orthodox religion replaced the classical religion.

Byzantines were romans even if you don't know jack about the history. Oh, Byzantines spoke greek the last portion of thier history and only spoke roman the first couple hundred years, that must mean they are not romans. Duh, what an idiot.

Shoot, there are people who believe that because palestinians speek Arabic, that thier speeking Arabic makes them Arabs descended from Arab invadors even though the history contradicts that supposition. And ignorant/prejudiced people believe them when they present such vacant suppositions.
Re: Fighting Zionism, Racism and Repression
10 Jun 2006
Bemused puts out the supposition that might makes borders. Wow. Thanks for making it so clear that Democrap and Republitrash support of the Zionist's might is and offense and that Democraps and Republitrash have sold out America's peace for thier own political gain among people who are so prejudiced that they would aid murderous thieving ZIonist crusaders in thier offensive war of conquest for Palestinian Syrian and Lebanese lands (and keep that list open as long as whore of babelon politicans continue supporting the murderous thieving zionist crusader state..
10 Jun 2006
You finally understand Troll. The medicine must be working. The one thing you still don't get is that the Palosetinians, the Jews, and everybody in the world acts on a might makes right basis. You can't prove anything else. What are you, a Christian metaphysical frigging fanatic?
Re: Fighting Zionism, Racism and Repression
10 Jun 2006
Just as long as people admit that Zionists are not innocent victims of thier own chosen war of conquest and that democraps and republitrash have sold out America's peace by aiding the murderous thieving Zionist crusaders like you have, then there wouldn't be any more lies for me to trash. And there would be no more luke warm souls, all would be ready for judgement day, which will not come until the last of those who will be saved have been saved. Truth shall set me free. Why shouldn't I do all I can to see to it that all be either hot or cold.
Re: Fighting Zionism, Racism and Repression
12 Jun 2006
yes, i have been to both several times (admittedly not as many dyke marches). i'm also queer, have participated in queer activist projects and am involved with jericho. this is senseless. if you feel like jericho isn't accomodating to queer participation, you should come to one of our events or email or write to us to discuss it. we are always open to criticism.