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The Road Map to Peace is Just More Catch-22 (english)
30 Apr 2003
Modified: 01 May 2003
This so-called road map to peace that was delivered to the Palestinian and Israeli governments today is just a continuation of the unstated Bush regime policy of "no negotiations as long as there's violence which means no negotiations at all ever".
The Road Map to Peace is Just More Catch-22

By Lloyd Hart

This so-called road map to peace that was delivered to the Palestinian and Israeli governments today is just a continuation of the unstated Bush regime policy of "no negotiations as long as there's violence which means no negotiations at all ever". This has been Ariel Sharon's policy and when Bush came to power it became the Bush regime's policy. In the first phase of this so-called road map to peace there must be a cease-fire by the end of May, 2003. Both Bush and Sharon knew almost for certain that Hamas and Islamic Jihad would not agree to a cease-fire as they are fighting for immediate withdrawal of the Israeli occupation of Gaza and the West Bank as well as the total abolition of the Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory. So for anyone from the Bush regime, to the Blair regime to claim to be honest brokers is of course simply the second lie after the first lie. The first lie being the road map to peace itself.

Watching George Bush call for everyone to take their responsibility in the peace process seriously is simply a slap in the face to the Arab states that offered full and complete recognition of the state of Israel last year in exchange for a Palestinian state. This incredible historic moment of Arab states coming together and finally ending the conflict of whether a state of Israel should exist or not was miraculous in proportion to the conflict itself. What was the response from Israel and the United States? They simply ignored the miracle that occurred before their very own eyes as though they were Pontius Pilate ignoring Jesus as he killed him. The simple fact is, U.S. plans for total domination of the entire Middle Eastern Region and all of its oil were already being implemented at the time of the unanimous Arab League offer of total recognition of the state of Israel.

For anyone of any reasonable critical thinking to be able to trust the Bush regime at this juncture is simply impossible. The recent history of the Bush regime tells us that the road map to peace is simply a tactic to buy time to allow things in southern Iraq to heat up in the Shiite community for an election-year invasion of Iran. Which I suspect is what is behind the U.S. moving the U.S. fighter jets and forces in Saudi Arabia to Qatar, closer to the next theatre of pre-emptive invasion. After the next stolen election the Bush regime will then turn it sites on Saudi Arabia before entering North Africa. And thanks to the bunkers that Bechtel Corp. and the Bin Laden's built in Saudi Arabia, the Bush regime will be resuming nuclear weapons testing in order to develop bunker busting and tactical battlefield nukes. I think we can pretty much accept that the Bush regime, the U.S. energy and defense contracting sectors and the majority of the U.S. military officer corps are firmly behind the well published U.S. National Security Strategy of total global military domination at this point and that any opposition in the U.S. that has had any access to corporate media has been silenced by the right wing's good cop bad cop new product strategy. The sad fact is though, in order for the U.S. to totally dominate the globe militarily it will require the death of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, Veterans Administration hospitals, Student Aid, EPA, worker safety and civil rights enforcement, management of public lands, total discontinuance of Department of Interior pay outs to Native Americans and just about every other social program that attempts to make America a truly compassionate and grateful nation. In other words, total global military domination on the backs of the poor and everyone elses' back that can't crowd the master's table.

Israel is experiencing nothing but a collapsing economy as Sharon leads Israel to the Zionist promised land surrounded by concrete walls and barbed wire. A massive protest strike by civil society workers across Israel is attempting to send a message to Sharon as he continues to invest the future education of Israeli children into the concrete wall that is becoming the defacto border between what will be an expanded Israel and a decimated Palestinian reservation. As the Bush regime spends the next decade taking complete control of the world's resources militarily, Israel will simply continue to kill and terrorize Palestinians and whatever peace activists and reporters that get in the way. Basically the only hope the Palestinians have of ever securing a homeland with East Jerusalem as its capital, with all the Israeli settlements gone is if there is a revolution in both Israel and the United States that puts both Bush and Sharon in the jails where they truly belong.

Here in America though, we should take the lead of the Israeli civil society workers who are staging a General Strike grinding the entire state of Israel to halt. Except of course the Zionist dominated military. I believe it is time to set the groundwork for a general strike in America. Greenspan, the election year economic sabatour and the entire Republican dominated government are lying to us about the state of the economy. The U.S., most of its states, its people and businesses are straddled with so much debt that they no longer generate the per family income that can keep the consumer economy afloat. Add to this the displacement of high paying manufacturing jobs to slave wage so-called developing nations with the so-called free trade and NAFTA deals, causing Americans to work record numbers of hours per family in low-wage no benefit jobs. The very reason for the conservative elites theft of an election and going to war with the rest of the world is economic at its diseased core, whether it be food, water or oil economics which are all collapsing faster than a Jerry Lewis souffle.

The nation has become inundated with conglomerate monopolies that waste incredible amounts of capital alienating the public in an attempt to to keep these grotesque monopolies afloat. And because of these monopolies, we no longer get any facts so that we might be able to draw our own conclusions. We simply get monopolistic spin. With every corporate news media outlet in America hailing the delivery of the road map to peace into the hands of both the Palestinians and the Israelis everyone in corporate news completely avoids the truth they know is there. That the road map to peace is simply a detour in the Bush regime's greater war against us all.

Economic Sanctions Against the U.S.

Dead and Wounded Iraqi Civilians
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draft roadmap (english)
01 May 2003

Here's the draft document from Dec. 2002

A Performance-Based Road Map to a Permanent Two-State
Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
The Road Map Is a Joke (english)
01 May 2003
The Bush middle East policy is whatever Sharon tells him that it should be.

As long as American taxpayers keep paying for the expansionist Israeli govrnment's inhumane policies, things will never change.

It's time that we the taxpayers demand an end to the funding of Israeli state terrorism. Today, Reuters reported that at least 2,034 Palestinians and 737 Israelis have been killed in the conflict that erupted in September 2000.

Of children 13 and under, Israeli Jews kill six times more than the so-called Palestinian terrorists.