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Bush Nazi Know-how by B. Meade (english)
02 May 2003
Modified: 03 May 2003
Too stupid to know.
My Daddy said that the knowledge of the Bush Nazis that has carried them so far is part of their "covenant with death"(Is. 28:15); and in the days ahead it will assure that their stupidity prevails. Bush Daddy has apparently "stocked" Tompkins County with Bush Nazis who support the criminality of Bush Nazis wherever and whenever it appears. Many of these Bush Nazis are Bush Daddy's relatives descended from Bush Daddy's Dryden and George Junior Republic relatives(200807). In my house and on the street I encounter only Bush Nazis, including many who I have had contact with in the past. Since many of them are throwing chemicals and playing too stupid to know, Bush Daddy is sure that I am going to attack one of them thereby justifying past criminal activities against me by Bush Nazis. Many of these chemical-mongering Bush Nazis are "concealed" relatives of Bush Daddy; thus the Bush Nazis would publicize anything that happened to them if it could be blamed on Bob. It seems like it is not worth "saving" these Bush Nazis by assuring that they died as Sarah and Jennifer did(314931); thus "the dead bodies of men shall fall like dung on the open field"(Jer. 9:22). Like the fanatical buffoonery of Hitler, the power of the dummkopf Bush Nazis is based on their being too stupid to know their own criminality or their pretending to be too stupid to know their own criminality. The Bush Nazis who are downright criminal should bring the "dwelling of violence" on their own heads by incurring the wrath of the Bush Nazis who are not willing to die for the criminality of the more criminal Bush Nazis(2 Thess. 2:3; 44378).

This matter of Bush Nazis turning on Bush Nazis must be the "rebellion" or the "great falling away" that must occur before Bush Daddy is revealed as the Great Dead King of Israel(2 Thess. 2:3). Bush Daddy is the "man of sin" or the "son of perdition" because he is too stupid to know, or he is pretending to be too stupid to know his own criminality. Perhaps Nicholas Exarchou's newfound Nazi War Criminal status will confirm that he was the one to be taken out of the way so that Bush Daddy's Zionist "King of All the Earth" wish could be made manifest by putting a smile on Bush Daddy's face and sending him as the Great Dead King of Israel to wait in Bethel for his chance to desecrate the "house" that -----kosky dude is going to build for Sarah and Jennifer whose murders Bush Daddy witnessed without knowing that they were being murdered for having insulted Bush Daddy(93509, 198448, 185011, & 211500). Bush Daddy swears that he was too stupid to know! Since the criminal stupidity of the Bush Nazis has been tolerated as a recognized handicap, the Bush Nazis have been empowered to eliminate anyone who even thinks about addressing their criminal stupidity. Following World War II Nuremberg infested the western hemisphere with the "too stupid to know" modus operandi of Hitler and his dummkopf Nazis. If the Bush Nazis didn't stuff poop in your mouth the minute that you were born in order to put your intelligence on par with theirs(166317), it's only because the "Serpent" had not spread that far yet(132033). The Bush Nazis are "dunces of destruction", unleased by Nuremberg to keep destroying and betraying until they are destroyed or betrayed(Is. 33:1; 186353). Now the dummkopf Bush Nazis have taken over the Big Red Ivy League institution on the hill via the contrived incompetence of the brownshirted President Rawlings, a dummkopf Nazi Princeton graduate who is too stupid to know he is a Nazi(186353, 208762, & 231491). Even if you cut off the "Head" and the "Tail" in a single day(Is. 9:14; Ez. 39:23); it looks like nothing is going to change until Bush Daddy's kid is the last dummkopf Bush Nazi left alive. In case they were God's chosen people and too stupid to know it, leave the rest of the Bush Nazis in the "open field" to be revived on the second day, and restored on the third day(Hosea 6:2). You might also think of them as "coprophagic fertilizer" for the oak trees that should mark the spots where their bodies lie(Jer. 9:22; 151866).

That's the how-to of Bush Nazi know-how. The Bush Nazis were told that they could throw chemicals and commit other crimes until somebody told them not to, and they have killed anyone who has even thought about opposing them(194653, 238771, & 245686). This "famed cycle" of destruction has infested the entire earth(218261). Thinking that Bush Nazis possessed brilliant toxicological knowledge from Hitler's death camps, the Bush Nazis sought to obfuscate general knowledge of what is toxic and what is not(230127). The Bush Nazis have waged war a la "Wisconsin Death Trip"(80050) from the "closet"(171618), murdering with toxic substances that they call "harmless stuff"(24988, 47525, 58159, 60292, & 156007). You have been rendered powerless or too stupid to know that these criminals are too stupid to know or pretending to be too stupid to know their own criminality. Unless the criminally stupid know-how of the more obviously criminal Bush Nazis is exposed, most of the Bush Nazis will remain too stupid to know how criminal the other Bush Nazis are. When God opens the graves of those who have been slain by the Bush Nazis(Ez. 37:13; 199656), that will fuel more destruction and betrayal among the Bush Nazis until only a remnant is left(Is. 1:9). The Bush Nazis have thrived because they knew how to be too stupid to acknowledge their own criminality; but their behaving like they were God on earth has placed them in the hands of the living God(Heb. 10:31) who has the know-how to ensure that His words will not return to Him empty(Is. 45:23). The "too stupid to know" know-how of the Bush Nazis has them being too stupid to know that they have set a trap for their own lives by behaving like they were God on earth. The Bear Lord could have sworn to himself that this was true.

Epilogue: "He's gone to be a soldier in the Army of the Lord" - "Don't think that stupid Nazi salute is going to stop me from cutting your head off and proving whether or not you were one of His Holy Ones. I will save you who were too stupid to know your own criminality! I will save you from your stupidity! Come on "down by the riverside"! I will teach you to "study war no more"! Watch me! Over here! Closer! I'm going to "lay down my sword an' shiel'"! Now watch me! Closer!......"

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenger
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PS (english)
03 May 2003
PS - 5/3/03 - So that's the modus operandi of the Bush Nazis. They surround me with Secret Service, Bush Daddy's relatives and other Bush Nazis who point the finger, wag the tongue, and badmouth Bob for anything under the sun. They break my leg and stick a "computer chip" in it, thinking that they were going to stop me from being His messenger(42982 & 43171). They think that it is a joke to be badgering me with the chemicals and the gibberish of the dummkopf Bush Daddy 24 hours a day. They lock me up for 15 months to get Bush Daddy's dummkopf kid in the White House even though they were stealing every single letter containing my articles; plus I was not using computers at that time(25099). The military and the press are infested with Bush Nazis to the point where they will probably be the last ones supporting the dummkopf Nazi puppet ruler who is too stupid to know. In case you are too stupid to know, Nazi stands for Niggardly Asinine Zionist Idiots. If you came to this town and talked to someone who was not a dummkopf Bush Nazi or a supporter of them, it would be an abberration that they would soon correct. Save these dummkopfs and make this a better place for having lived on it!

Referenced (#s) are Id#s for articles on; i.e. Global IMC Open Newswire. To access by Id#, access any article, change the Id=# in the address bar, and press "Enter".

Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenger