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Defeat the Republicans by First Crashing the Democratic Party (english)
26 May 2003
Modified: 16 Jun 2003
In the Sunday Boston Globe and the New York Times Sunday paper this week I read pretty much the same stories about how the Republicans plan to campaign using the war on terrorism as the party's and president's main platform plank.
In the Sunday Boston Globe and the New York Times Sunday paper this week I read pretty much the same stories about how the Republicans plan to campaign using the war on terrorism as the party's and president's main platform plank.
Defeat the Republicans by First Crashing the Democratic Party

By Lloyd Hart

In the Sunday Boston Globe and the New York Times Sunday paper this week I read pretty much the same stories about how the Republicans plan to campaign using the war on terrorism as the party's and president's main platform plank. And of course we have now known for a while that the Republicans have placed their 2004 New York City National Convention as close to the September 11th date without being on the actual date of September 11th. as they could. The Republicans are giddy with anticipation as both articles put it, of becoming the "dominant political party". Republicans plan on demonstrating their superiority on providing security for the American people better than the Democrats and the Saddam appeasing peace movement. The articles went on to display the supposed parity the Republican Party has achieved with the Democratic Party in a slow war of attrition that seemed to make out that somehow the Republicans were making great gains with the American public, women and minorities. But when one takes a closer look at the voter turnout data hidden behind the push polling slant that these articles represent it shows an altogether different picture. Just on the voter turnout data alone over the last four decades one could easily come to the conclusion that the decline in voter participation is the very reason for Republican gains. But the Republicans don't really care about the numbers though, they seem to only care how they look and will be portrayed in the corporate media. So the Republicans will campaign on the war on terrorism and security for the American people and hope that the Democrats campaign only on domestic issues because somehow the Democratic Party and the Saddam appeasing peace movement are the reason 911 happened in the first place.

Well, just on the face of the coverage we have seen from the corporate media alone the war on terrorism for all intensive purposes has been an absolute and total failure. The world feels more threatened by U.S. imperialism than it does from terrorists especially as the U.S. loses the peace in both Afghanistan and Iraq. The fact that the U.S. has taken down two of the weakest regimes in the world, ravaged their infrastructures even further than decades of conflict already have, causing much more hardship, disease and loss of life than might have existed leads one to conclude that where terrorist groups did not exist they most certainly do now. I would be hard pressed not to take up arms after U.S. tanks killed my family while simply huddling in our abode waiting for the war to pass. The fact is, no civilization has ever successfully fought terrorism using a military strategy. In fact if you looked at the present U.S. strategy in context to Britain and the IRA, Israel and the PLO, Spain and the ETA, France and the Algerian uprising, the U.S. and the FMLN in El Salvador etc. etc. you'll find that the key success in cessation of hostilities has been negotiation. The Bush regime by not negotiating with the Taliban like they did earlier in the year for a pipeline deal, to aquire the arrest and handing over of Osama bin Laden into U.S. custody and not negotiating with Saddam Hussein and simply taking a military approach to these issues has made the world much more dangerous place for the American public to exist in.

If one were to simply view terrorism as a security issue with no source causes such as poverty, sovereignty, racism or oil the only conclusion that one could draw is that terrorism is a law enforcement and criminal investigative issue which the military and intelligence community are completely incapable of dealing with. Terrorism would not be a strategic issue but rather the domain of the criminologist who would apply the same techniques in up rooting terrorist cells and their networks that he or she would apply to criminal gangs like the various Mafia's in the U.S.. But because the war on terrorism is not truly about the security of the American public but rather the security of the wealth of the conservative elites in America and Europe the war on terrorism has failed to provide the security the Republican Party claims to be so good at and in fact has turned the majority of the global population against the U.S..

So when you truly analyze the situation the conservative elites who run the Republican Party and the minority of center right conservatives in the Democratic Party are really not invested in the economic or physical security of the American public but rather in ever-growing energy and communications monopolies so as to maintain what the Conservative elites see as their growing a grip upon the pocketbook and consciousness of the American public. The evidence for this is stacked up all around us from the incestuous nepotism represented in Michael Powell, Colin Powell's son who was appointed to the FCC for the very purpose of the conservative elites to form a more perfect matrix of their freedom to control the information the public receives and of course the no bid awarding of Iraq rebuilding and oil contracts to Halliburton and Bechtel.

With just the issues that one can derive just from the corporate media that have made it into the American conscience let alone what is available from the alternative media. One can very easily connect the dots for an excellent grass roots campaign straddling foreign-policy, the war on terrorism all the domestic issues against the conservative elites and their base of religious fanatics that vote for the lying and cheating suits they call candidates. The question really is, will the left wing and the peace movement in America actually step up to the plate and take over the Democratic Party the same way the religious right and the neocons that ride them like a bucking bronc cowboy have. This would cause the largest registration and voter participation that has occurred in the last 40 years. For the simple fact that, with the civil society organizations that make up the peace movement and the left-wing in America not to mention the unions, come all of the issues that are near and dear to the working people of America including the present and future security of the American public. This is the question in my mind because when I attended the International A.N.S.W.E.R Coalition conference in New York on May 17th this year Sarah Flounders a key organizer in International A.N.S.W.E.R stated in an interview I conducted that "the elections are a year and a half away" and that "International A.N.S.W.E.R is more interested on organizing at the grassroots to mobilize larger numbers to work on issues that International A.N.S.W.E.R is focused on". This is all well and fine, however, International A.N.S.W.E.R's platform is rather narrow and very difficult to apply to local and national elections. It would be my suggestion to International A.N.S.W.E.R that they start a voter mobilization component to their campaigns which would cause, I think, a broader focus in their organization. For those that don't think that elections and voting are effective then how come we just defeated a golf course development here on Martha's Vineyard with mostly a working and middle-class vote in what can only be classified as a grass-roots campaign here in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts.

As for United for Peace and Justice I am hoping that out of the Teach In in Washington and the conference in Chicago they will see the value of a presidential and congressional primary and general election voter registration drive and majority participation in the elections. When you really look at the democratic process in America or in any democracy for that matter larger turnouts in primary and general elections have a tendency of allowing a more enlightened policy process to occur. And in fact when you break down the numbers from election 2000 you'll discover that in one of the most powerful Republican mobilizations of voters in the party's history only 25 percent or so of the VAP (Voting Age Public) voted Republican. 26 percent or so of the VAP however voted Democrat but thanks to the party's swing to the right causing the disenfranchised to stay home, making the election close enough for the Bush regime to steal without causing a Civil War. But let's say, that 70 percent of the VAP (Voting Age Public) had gone to the polls, which would have required the Democrats to swing back to the traditional base of the party and attack issues like the drug war in order to bring the cynical youth (whose ranks and consciousness have been ravaged causing the single largest explosion of the prison population in U.S. history) back into the democratic process. To truly bring Americans universal health care and to truly work on workers' and environmental rights in America. Had 70 percent of the voting age public gone to the polls the overwhelming evidence over the past 40 years of elections shows that the Republicans and conservative Democrats would have been vanquished and marginalized as they truly should be just based on the numbers alone. So in other words, participation in the democratic proccess and in the very party apparatus it self by everyone or at least a large majority is the only way to ensure that democracy thrives within a political party and the elections of the greater society.

I realize what I'm saying here is painful to the Green Party and its members that campaigned so heartedly under the leadership of Ralph Nader in election 2000. The Green Party however, unfortunately squandered the opportunities through lack of unity to make inroads into the American democratic process over the past 30 years, unlike the European Greens who have succeeded in becoming a part of every level of government from the EU to local city councils. So I asked all Greens to look at it this way, by getting involved in the marginalizing of the conservative element in the Democratic Party through a massive voter registration and participation in the Democratic congressional and presidential primary elections you'll be setting a place at the table for green politics to truly become entrenched at every level of American policy management.

And as for those of you who think waiting for the revolution to rise instead of getting involved in electoral politics I say to you the revolution can only come when you and a real majority of voters have had your votes stolen. So get out there and back candidates into the primaries and I mean every primary and force the hand of the corporate fuedal lords to do away with democracy altogether. That way you'll have a majority of Americans ready to join the revolution. Simply put, there is no greater radical act one can perform than stepping into the polling booth and exercising your constitutional right to vote.

With out a peace candidate it will be very difficult to defeat the perpetual war candidate.

The reality is that the Corporate Media have already begun their push polling process by showing that Lieberman and Kerry are neck-and-neck, no longer Dean and Kerry, for the lead in the presidential primary and in fact are showing Dean much further back in the pack which can only mean that the corporate media is picking the Democratic Party candidate who they want to lose against Bush. Add to this the Democratic Leadership Council declaring war against Dean labeling him as Liberal elitist. I would say that the conservative elites and right wing Democrats are properly intimidated by Dean's capability along with the rest of the peace ticket running in the Democratic presidential primary, to completely thrash the lies of the war and terrorism and the conservative agenda to dismantle all the civil society government programs like Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security and federal government departments such as the EPA and the Labor Department that the American public rely on every day of their lives with their civil society destroying tax cuts. So the hard core reality is, if the American left wing and the peace movement do not step up to the plate and storm the gates of the Democratic Party controlled by a small minority of conservatives, democracy will truly be put to death in 2004. So let's crash the party while we protest its lack of the inclusion.

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Ralph Nader - a gift to the GOP (english)
16 Jun 2003
The GOP does not have a lock on power. Had those who voted for Ralph Nader instead focused their energies on participation within the Democratic Party, Bush would have failed in his attempt to steal the office of President.

Examining the damage done during the past years under the Cheyney / Rumsfield / Ashcroft cabal, I hope this time around the Greens will support the Democratic ticket. Even if you detest the Democratic Party, should you not employ the logic of "Real Politik" ? That is, be reasonable: Some progress under Democratic leadership is better than full-throttled reversal under the GOP.

And why is no one raising the issue of the Ashcroft led assaults on our freedoms? Patriot Act I and Patriot Act II have done far more damage to America than any terrorist ever dreamed of.

It amazes me that those who support the second amendment actually delude themselves into thinking owning a gun ensures their freedom. Firearms are no match for Apache Gunships. Get real. What use is a gun if you lose your other rights? This is an example of blatent hypocrisy.

Another interesting tidbit.. no one seems upset that Bush is reducing Veteran's Benefits? Aren't the Democrats supposed to be the anti-military party? Yet when the GOP cuts funding for the military.. all is well? Come on!

There are so many issues the Democrats could be attacking from it's pathetic. I'm amazed Clinton hasn't publicly distanced himself from the Democrats out of a sense of shame (shame of them!).

Remember the recent coverage in Texas of the walkout by demos? If 70 Demo congressmen in Washington were to perform a similar stunt - they could take the bully pulpit away from Bush. And used correctly, begin to umask the lies and hypocrisy of the Cheyney led cabal.

By the way - I refuse to believe that Bush is evil. The man just isn't smart enough. Everyone knows this and pretends otherwise. It's Poppy, Cheyney, Rummy, and Ashcroft that are running the show.

One other item: What really hurts Democratic causes is association with self-aggrandizing glory seekers like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. These two clowns should be completely ignored for the self-serving nuts they are.

Bottom line: We have enough votes.. as long as we don't get divided by the likes of Nader. I'm surprised Bush didn't offer him a cabinet position.