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News ::
USA administration taken over by NEOCONS - The War Party (english)
29 May 2003
Modified: 25 Jul 2003
The Pentagon is in good hands. Perle says.

DIVX - Video -- part1 is 87 megabytes
The Pentagon is in good hands. Perle says. DIVX - Video -- part1 is 87 megabytes
more info:

complete transcript:

Original BBC website for this programme

Comments from viewers

Much better info and more background:


BE AWARE that your government was hi-jacked by Israel.

When you hear about the pipeline from Iraq to Israel
being operational then you know the real reason for the
war and thousands of dead people.

USA administration is just not smart enough to withstand
some careful planning.



The video quality looks very nice on my screen.
It was encoded with the OPENSOURCE XVID codec,
which I hope is widely comaptible for playback.

If you have problems, just install this 1.5meg codecpack


The deeper problem is money.

Why should the (money-) market rule?


This is an excellent programme!!! a must-see! (english)
29 May 2003
My first try to upload 87megs failed. I need a few hours (?) to re-encode it to a
more managable file-size for download, without sacrificing too much viewing pleasure.

Its a great video... it shows THE FACES and their wicked, twisted minds soooo clearly,
it is truely truely frightening.

The most sensitive issue is that these people are JEWISH. And they are PRO-ISRAEL, and
that everything happened IIN THE COURSE OF 911.

How can I put this?

Consider the November 1999 EGYPTAIR 990 atrocity, where egyptian military were killed,
with the exact same type of aircraft(-electronics) in play.

Outrageous to think that

- 767 and 757 planes have an electronic back-door and can be remote-controlled.

- Arab idiots guided to become patsy flyers,

- and after the remote-control software is perfected, 911 atrocity is committed that has the

- USA dragged into a violent logic to defeat ISRAELs enemies?

- and provide Israel with a VITAL oil pipeline from iraq

.. and these PRO-ISRAEL 'thinkers' are providing the ideology to back the action?

Just like the christian church always provided the ideology to back the bloodiest crusades
for the interest of 'THE OWNERS' ????

How serious can such an allegation be?

Meyrav Wurmser ... is, along with a former Colonel in Israeli intelligence,
the co-founder of a charity which monitors the Arab media for anti-semitic opinions.

Serious implications.

I am sure that THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL can take care of such criminals,
and that THE MUSLIM PEOPLE will understand how such criminals operate
from their own history ... and that there can be NO REASON FOR VIOLENCE FOR POILITCAL AIMS.

Because that is terrorism, plain and simple.
Meyrav Wurmser (english)
07 Jun 2003
Check Meyrav Wurmser (she is an Israeli national)
VIDEO FILE UPLOAD PART 1 of 4 (english)
09 Jun 2003
How to view this video.

download this small FREEWARE universal video decoder

(I used ... and
it worked fine!)

and then configure it ( go programs / ffdshow / configur )
and scroll down to RESIZE & ASPECT and
enable Resize (to 640 x 480 )

And it will look much better.

You can even watch it full screen, and like television with rabbit ears antenna.
Video PART 2 of 4 (english)
10 Jun 2003

The file above is 24 Megs and plays for 10min35sec

PS: The Audio Codec is small and can also be found here:
PART 3 of 4 (english)
10 Jun 2003

The above file is 18.5 megs


BBC often Sucks ... and even here they miss to tell us more interesting points,
Israeli MOSSAD etc bla bla.. We all know that this can go to far, but at least mentioning it would not have harmed. Just read this article:

it explains it in a humourous way.....
Part 4 of 4 (english)
10 Jun 2003

above file is 24 megs .... and plays for 10minutes


If you are depressed, try this cartoon for some laughs (needs RealPlayer)

Jesse Drew Manifestoon 8 minutes 30 seconds 1995

very impressive.


make a .... VIDEO CD

If you want to distribute this video,
just use TMPGENC and produce VCD mpg files

(just ignore all errors, the mpgs file will be produced ANYWAY!)

use Nero Burning Rom and create a VIDEO CD
which should play on all DVD players !!
HOWTO convert to VCD (mpg) (english)
17 Jun 2003 works, BUT

I think that ffdshow is in the way.

However, on my machine it worked like this:

install the XVID codec

then TMPGenc and ignore all errors,
press START anyway error press START AGAIN...
and it converts to mpg, which you can burn.
Another VIDEO (english)
25 Jun 2003
Check the GERMAN DOCU about the Iraq War Propaganda
So let's do something about it (english)
30 Jun 2003
OK - so for all you good people who are opposed to the way things presently are, here is an opportunity to use international law to do something positive about it. It may at first glance seem to be a roundaboute route, but please think about it.

Please read the article at this web address and ask yourself if the specific crime it details should be formally reported:

If your answer is 'yes', then please act. The principle subject of the article - the Riegle Report - has never once been discussed in the British press, nor in our Parliament until I wrote to all our MPs about it on 22 February. Many more people are aware of it in the United States than in Britain, particularly those of you who know of the efforts of the Father of the US Senate – Senator Robert Byrd.

The point of this message, however, is that if you would like to see the British Government follow international law and its own stated policy, please ask every friend you have in Britain to take two minutes to e-mail their MP and request this via:

Like Senator Byrd, a few good British MPs are already committed and many more are sitting on the fence as you read this, so every e-mail sent now can help to influence them. Tens of thousands of e-mails are needed, so please ask everyone you know in every part of Britain and spread the word to everyone of like mind in the United States to do the same. The truth, as always, is a powerful disinfectant – if it can be brought to light, but only WE can do this.

The Law is the Birthright of the People. Let us use it for the Pursuit of Happiness.
yet another video (english)
01 Jul 2003

an interesting report about the LIE in politics.
... from German Television with english subtitles
another good one, where to download? ( english)
06 Jul 2003

Just another Day in the Homeland.

Spring 2003:  As events unfold in the middle east,  Americans at home react to a new state of perpetual war. Shot in sequence between Mar. 17th 2003 and the fall of the Iraqi regime, average Americans debate and reflect on the future of their country and the fate of the world.
See also:

Nice Cartoon -- Manifestoon (english)
19 Jul 2003
Modified: 21 Jul 2003
check this one out, too ...
911 Report -- VIDEO -- CNN deconstructed (english)
25 Jul 2003
Some more stills are here

Here the 10meg Video for downloadin'

911 Report -- VIDEO -- CNN deconstructed (english)
25 Jul 2003
Some more stills are here

Here the 10meg Video for downloadin'