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Alternative Press Week in Review (english)
02 Jun 2003
A weekly roundup of news, announcements, articles and other items of interest. In this issue: Mickey Z. on Dubya's visit to Auschwitz, Bill Vann on the growing Iraqi resistance to US occupation, and Diana Johnstone on how Yugoslavia marked a turning point in US empire.
Alternative Press
Week in Review
Your Guide Beyond the Mainstream
June 2, 2003

A weekly roundup of news, announcements, articles and other items of interest.

Photos from G-8 Protests

Transcript of Chomsky Interview
Amsterdam Forum

Weapons of Mass Destruction: Who Said What When

US Finds Evidence of WMD!
Pentagon investigators have finally unearthed evidence of weapons of mass destruction, including 100 vials of anthrax and other dangerous bacteria – in Maryland.

Documents from the Phoenix Program
Created by the CIA in Saigon in 1967, Phoenix was a program aimed at "neutralizing"—through assassination, kidnapping, and systematic torture—the civilian infrastructure that supported the Viet Cong insurgency in South Vietnam. It was a terrifying "final solution" that violated the Geneva Conventions...

Website of the Week
Deconstructing the Gulf War – a permanent record of the fate of Iraq and a guide to the language of mass media propaganda

Publications of the Week

The Post Amerikan
Volume 32, Number 1 – April/May 2003
Independent community newspaper from Bloomington, IL providing information and analysis that is screened out of or down played by establishment news sources. Non-profit, worker-run collective that exists as an alternative to the corporate media.

Washington Free Press – A Progressive Journal of News, Ideas & Culture
No. 63 - May/June 2003
Volunteer community newspaper from Seattle, WA.

Articles of the Week

Dubya Goes to Auschwitz
Mickey Z., Alternative Press Review
There is no more effective way to sell his war on (non-U.S.-sponsored) terror than to exploit the Good War vibe...and there is no better way to neutralize this spurious effort than to expose the truth about America and the Holocaust.

US Biological Terrorism in Colombia
Jeffrey St. Clair, Alternative Press Review
Hostile intentions toward the people of another country. Deployment of chemical weapons and biological agents. Pursuit of a scorched earth policy. Sound like Saddam’s Iraq? Think again. This neatly capsulizes the Bush administration’s ongoing depredations in Colombia, all under the shady banner of the war on drugs.

Bush & the Media Cover-Up of the Jihad Schoolbook Scandal
Jared Israel, Alternative Press Review
Have you heard about the Afghan Jihad schoolbook scandal? Probably not. It has been almost unreported in the Western media that the US government shipped – and continues to ship – millions of Islamic fundamentalist textbooks into Afghanistan.

The ‘Left-Wing’ Media?
Robert W. McChesney and John Bellamy Foster, Monthly Review
The current attack on media content is presented as an attempt to counter the alleged bias of media elites. In reality, however, it is designed to shrink still further—to the point of oblivion—the space for critical analysis in journalism. In order to understand the form and content of the conservative onslaught on the media it is necessary to have some comprehension of the role played by professional journalism beginning in the early twentieth century.

We're running out of oil and gas
Jim McNulty, The Province
WARNING: This is not a doomsday column. But it's a mightier fright than mad-cow disease, SARS and West Nile virus combined. We'll get right to the point. The world is beginning to run out of oil and natural gas, and the industrial/consumer society as we know it is destined for rapidly escalating shocks and declines.

The Frauds of War
Gary Leupp, CounterPunch
Bush's national security adviser Condoleeza Rice asked the National Security Council immediately after 9-11 "to think seriously about 'how do you capitalize on these opportunities' to fundamentally change American doctrine and the shape of the world in the wake of September 11."

The Troops Are Afraid To Go Out At Night
Robert Fisk, Independent
New graffiti on the wall of the slums of Baghdad's Sadr City (formerly Saddam City) which I saw on Wednesday tells its own story. "Threaten the Americans with suicide killings," it said bleakly.

Capital’s Logic, People Resisting
Yves Engler, ZNet
There were demonstrations of 600,000 people in Paris and 90,000 in Germany this past Sunday. Strikes have paralyzed both France and Austria recently.

Playground Journalism: David Aaronovitch of The Guardian Smears Media Lens
David Petersen, Media Lens
Although we have published more than 600 pages of closely argued, carefully referenced Media Alerts on a wide range of subjects relating to media bias over the last two years including serial failings in the Guardian and Observer - Aaronovitch chose to focus, not on what we have written, but on what members of the public have posted on our message board.

Bush's Biotech Bullies Vs. The World
Aziz Choudry,
The Bush Administration, in the interests of Corporate America (how can anyone tell where one ends and the other begins?) is on the warpath again. Like its “war on terror”, it is fighting on several fronts.

Unwise Use: Gale Norton's New Environmentalism
David Helvarg, The Progressive
While the media has portrayed EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman as Bush's token environmentalist, Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton has been his real point-woman in promoting "common-sense solutions to environmental policy"--the Republican rhetoric that functions as a pretext for pillage.

An interpretation of Bush's character
John Chuckman, YellowTimes
Bush never goes anywhere where his stage crew has not first assembled giant flags as background. He always wears a sizeable American flag pin on his lapel. This kind of totemic, obsessive use of flags was absolutely characteristic of Hitler.

Copycat Killers
Chris Floyd, Moscow Times
The military force responsible for two of the most horrendous campaigns of genocide in the last 50 years stormed into the rebel province of Aceh, vowing to crush a 27-year-old independence movement in just six months. The Indonesian militarists -- who killed more than 500,000 people (a conservative estimate) in a CIA-assisted coup in 1965, then slaughtered more than 250,000 East Timorese in an American-backed invasion in 1975 (not to mention the mere thousands they and their paramilitary fronts killed in East Timor in the 1990s) -- were back in the saddle and loaded for bear.

Growing Resistance: US prepares military repression in Iraq
Bill Vann, WSWS
US military commanders have blamed the mounting wave of attacks on what it claims are “holdouts” from the Saddam Hussein regime, thereby setting the stage for a ruthless crackdown. Independent observers inside the country, however, have reported broad popular support for the resistance and link it to intensifying anger over the disintegration of Iraqi society in the wake of the illegal US invasion.

The road map hoax: Mideast 'progress' is an illusion -- we've been here before
Alexander Cockburn, Working for Change
Don't waste your time fretting over the fortunes of the "road map" to peace in the Middle East. It's all a fraud, following the contours of all the other frauds down the years, back to such museum pieces as the Rogers Plan, conceived in Nixon time.

Pentagon aims guns at Lynch reports
Robert Scheer, Los Angeles Times
It is one thing when the talk-show bullies who shamelessly smeared the last president, even as he attacked the training camps of Al Qaeda, now term it anti-American or even treasonous to dare criticize the Bush administration. When our Pentagon, however — a $400-billion- a-year juggernaut — savages individual journalists for questioning its version of events, it is worth noting.

Despite Thin Intelligence Reports, US Plans To Overthrow Iranian Regime
Jason Leopold,
The Bush administration is again relying on flimsy evidence and thin intelligence information in claiming that the Iran poses an immediate threat to the United States.

No Angry Protests, Just Well-Organized Anarchists
Chris Arsenault, Rabble News
Without mainstream funding, a large supply of union dues, paid door-to-door canvassers or government support, activists were able to organize a professional, savvy and informative event. It seems a good example of being able to create alternative institutions outside the control of what many consider a corporate state.

Pretext for war exposed: CIA-backed exile was source for Times “scoops” on Iraqi arms program
David Walsh, WSWS
A report in the Washington Post has cast devastating new light on claims by the New York Times correspondent Judith Miller that the US military had uncovered the “smoking gun” of Iraqi “weapons of mass destruction” (WMD).

Shame on us
Stephen Gowans, What's Left
Already, those who say they were stung by the administration's deceptions on Iraq, are showing depressingly little scepticism over the same claims being made about Iran, likely the next target of the Bush administration's preventive--that is, Nazi-style--wars of conquest.

It's About (Mexico's) Oil
Troy Skeels, Eat the State
A majority of Mexicans believe the United States invaded Iraq simply to acquire its valuable oil reserves. They are also beginning to suspect that the powers that run America have designs on Mexico's oil as well.

Roadmap: Another deception?
Khalid Amayreh, IAP News
"The plan demands that the Palestinians, tormented by a 33 month-old Nazi-like Israeli rampage of terror, murder and collective punishment, to surrender and cease all resistance ..."

The U.S. conquest of Iraq is not going according to plan - Developments confirm that the situation is unraveling due to growing popular anger and resistance
Sara Flounders, Workers World
On May 15, the Pentagon announced that no more U.S. troops will be headed for home. All troop departures have been canceled. And tens of thousands of additional troops are on the way to Iraq. More soldiers will be moved into policing city streets to confront an increasingly desperate population.

The dead who don't matter
Matthew Riemer, YellowTimes
If America respects life and freedom as much as the rhetoric surely indicates, why aren't U.S. government agencies in Iraq identifying dead Iraqis, notifying their families, and bringing closure to all these lost lives?

Film Documents Alleged Massacre of 3,000 Taliban Prisoners in Afghanistan
The film has been broadcast on national television in countries all over the world and has been screened by the European parliament. Human rights lawyers are calling for investigation into whether U.S. forces are guilty of war crimes. But no U.S. media outlet has broadcast the film.

Baghdad chronicles
Michelle Goldberg, Salon
In a city where porn, drunkenness and radical Islam are on the rise, savvy students who despise both Bush and Saddam are putting out Iraq's only independent newspaper.

Pax Romana versus Pax Americana: Contrasting Strategies of Imperial Management
Walden Bello,
Like Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy prior to the Second World War, the US is likely to be more and more isolated in the community of nations while retaining the immense power to plunge that community into disorder.

Shout Their Names Into The Wind
William Rivers Pitt, TruthOut
The Bush administration has opened two wars that are now far from concluded, and appears ready to begin a third with the help of known terrorists. They have done so while actively suppressing the truth behind the 9/11 attacks, and while manufacturing evidence to justify their actions. The aftereffects of these actions – a dynamic increase in terrorist attacks and recruitment, chaos in Iraq, chaos in Afghanistan, an America that is more wide open than ever to assault – will be felt for many years to come.

US plans death camp
The US has floated plans to turn Guantanamo Bay into a death camp, with its own death row and execution chamber. Prisoners would be tried, convicted and executed without leaving its boundaries, without a jury and without right of appeal.

Britain Supports Terrorism
John Pilger, New Statesmen
British imperial power has been second to none in covering, even romanticising its crimes, projecting itself as benign and wise, even a gift to humanity. With every generation comes new mythologists. "When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations," observed the American sage Dresden James, "the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic."

Fool’s Crusade: Yugoslavia, NATO and Western Delusions
Diana Johnstone, Swans
The bombing of Yugoslavia marked a turning point in the expansion of U.S. military hegemony. For the first time, a European country was subjected to the type of U.S. intervention usually reserved for Central America.


Locked Up in the Land of the Free

The lies that led us into war

The cluster bombs that litter Iraq

Protesting? Atlanta police are watching you

Why Baghdad fell without a fight

Bush cites two empty trailers as justification for war

Insiders say intel deliberately skewed

WMD just a convenient excuse for war, admits Wolfowitz

What goes around comes around: Blair to be charged with war crimes

US Occupation Thugs to Evict Homeless Iraqis

Pentagon Eyes Massive Covert Attack On Iran

Jessica Lynch’s parents ‘not permitted’ to discuss rescue

Murdered with impunity: Hundreds in Central America are the victims of 'social cleansing'

'Anti mogul' campaign targets Murdoch

McDonald’s sues food critic

Libraries Shredding Documents To Beat Patriot Act

G-8 behind the barricades

Riot Chases Troops Out of Iraqi Town

Iraqi attacks on US: isolated acts?

U.S. Provocations Give Momentum To Falluja Resistance

More Attacks Raise Worries of Violent Resistance in Iraq

Allies to Retain Larger Iraq Force as Strife Persists

Washington's anti-Iran propaganda meant to cover CIA links to Al-Qaeda

War on terror leaves world in fear, says Amnesty

The case for war is blown apart

Trust in media keeps on slipping

One man's trash: Freegans find treasures in a dumpster-diving lifestyle that defies consumerism

CPJ releases investigative report on Palestine Hotel attack

Three Nuns and a Test for Civil Disobedience>

NY Times Reporter Relied on Iraqi Exile Leader for False WMDs Story

Bush administration blocking the release of 800-page congressional report about 9-11

U.S. to send 20,000 additional troops to stabilize Iraq

US to destabilize Iran

Summary executions become routine in Aceh

10 weeks and still no smoking gun

Northern Revolt – Alaska Passes Anti-Patriot Act Resolution; Second State to Oppose Feds

Earth's "vital signs" reveals alarming trends of poverty, disease and environmental decline

U.S. Exploiting Hunger to Promote GM Crops

Week in Review editor: Dean Thomas

Alternative Press Review
PO Box 4710
Arlington, VA 22204
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