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News ::
Defend Palestine! (english)
04 Jun 2003
Modified: 01:51:07 PM
DEFEND PALESTINE! Protest the "Boston Celebrates Israel" Festival, Sunday, June 15, Gather at 11 AM - Old Northern Ave. Bridge, Boston,(Atlantic Ave. between Rowe's Wharf and South Station, by the James Hook Lobster Co.)for a March to the World Trade Center
Protest the "Boston Celebrates Israel" Festival
Sunday, June 15
Gather at 11 AM - Old Northern Ave. Bridge, Boston
(Atlantic Ave. between Rowe's Wharf and South Station, by the James Hook Lobster Co.)for a March to the World Trade Center


Supporters of Israel are hoping for a beautiful day on June 15 for their Israeli Independence Day celebration in Boston. They want nothing to mar their joy in being able to commemorate 55 years of the existence of the Israeli state. Certainly, the celebrators will not welcome reminders that the creation of Israel resulted in the destruction of more than 700 Palestinian towns and villages, that some 850,000 Palestinians were driven from their homes in order for the Zionists to carve out of Palestine a ‘homeland for the Jews’.

Israelis and supporters of Israel generally manage to be purposefully unconcerned, even unaware, of the horrifying impact that Israel’s founding and continued existence has had on the Palestinian people. Especially in the U.S., but even in Israel, they manage to remain conveniently removed from sights of Palestinian mothers and grandmothers dying while waiting to pass an Israeli checkpoint on the way to hospital, of young Palestinians shot in the head or back and rendered disabled for life, of ancient olive trees and ancient landmarks bulldozed in order to erase evidence of the continuous residence, for thousands of years, of Palestinians in the land of Palestine.
They prefer not to acknowledge the destruction by Israeli tanks and bombs of homes belonging to the indigenous residents of Palestine, of barbed-wire enclosed refugee camps, really little more than concentration camps, where third and fourth generation refugees crowd, struggling to manage a sort of existence while waiting for their turn to have a state of their own. They deny that even one massacre has been perpetrated by Israel upon Palestinians, in the face of the history of dozens upon dozens of recorded massacres, and thousands of Palestinians killed in an attempt to ensure the security of the Israeli ‘democracy’.

Supporters of Israel even deny that there is an occupation in Palestine. Is it any wonder that they are shocked and dismayed at the news of Palestinian resistance and that they cannot understand the motivations that inspire the heroic actions of our martyrs? They have managed to very effectively pull the wool over their own eyes and desperately want to remain comfortably blind to and removed from the barbarian actions of their revered Israel.

With a clear conscience and an unrealistic sense of moral superiority they will gather on June 15, 2003 to sing, dance, dine and celebrate. Jenin, Jabalya, Ramallah, Bethlehem, Rafah are no more meaningful to them than is Dier Yassin. These places exist for them, if at all, only in the abstract, and to them have no real human residents that are capable of pain, grief, or trauma.

Our job on June 15 is to remove the wool from the eyes of those who will be celebrating Israel. For one day at least, they must not be blind to the reality of what the existence of Israel has meant, over 55 years, to 7.5 million Palestinian refugees. They must not be allowed to bask in their smug sense of moral superiority without being reminded that there is more to the story of Israel’s birth than they care to admit. Let’s give them a reminder that they cannot ignore!

Our work also requires us to demonstrate our recognition of the dignity, the suffering, the resilience, the determination and the courage of our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers inside Palestine who have been living the occupation every day for 55 years. Our loved ones in Palestine sacrifice every day in a thousand ways so that Palestine can remain the home of the Palestinian people. Let us show them and the world our gratitude, and our confidence and pride that Palestine is, and will always be, the home of the Palestinians. Be with us on June 15 and raise your banners and voices high and proud!

Protest the "Boston Celebrates Israel" Festival
Sunday, June 15
Gather at 11 AM - Old Northern Ave. Bridge, Boston
(Atlantic Ave. between Rowe's Wharf and South Station, by the James Hook Lobster Co.)for a March to the World Trade Center

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diodems (english)
04 Jun 2003
Zionists say that the Palestinians need to recognize the Zionists right to exist. OK, that doesn't sound too hard to do. BUT, the Zionist's right to exist does not automaticaly equate into any right of the Zionists to exist in Palestine. Outside of Zionist occupied Palestine, there is no Israel. A right to exist is not a right to just move into Palestine, take over, steal what they can, murder anyone who resists the Zionist invasion, route bereaving widows and orphans into the wilderness, and 20 years later (1967) invade the wilderness as well, to start up with the bloodstained ethnic cleansing afresh.

Zionists state that the Palestinians want to drive Israel into the sea. That sure sounds offensive on the TV set, doesn't it? BUT, Palestinians want to drive the Zionist crusaders out of palestine. That is, without a doubt, a defensive position to take. The TV set never makes the distinction.

Zionists say they are a democracy as if that fact (?) gives them a right to murder Palestinians and steal thier land. I would like to hear how being a democratic bloodstained crusade give Zionists any right to murder and steal. It is rather ethnocentric to say the least.

Zionists say that the Palestinians hate them because they are Jews. The fact that the Zionists are engadged in a COLLECTIVE bloodstained war of conquest in Palestine never seems to even enter thier minds. If it were Hindus were doing to palestinians what the Zionists have done and are doing, who would buy into the claim that the Palestinians hatred was anti-Hindu hysteria???

Zionists sure do cling to thier lies and distortions of truth. The lies are the diodems in the crown of Zionists. Shiney sparkly jewels ment to distract you from the ugly face of conquest. And the TV set god backs them up.

Distortions work pretty well on the TV set god. For decades, every time a Zionist crusader gunned down a Palestinian, Democrats and Republicans have used thier positions of public trust to buy the religious fanatic vote by reloading the gun. for a whole year of intifada before 911, Democrats and Republicans used American's taxes to finance the destruction of Palestine for votes (power) and campain contributions by reloading the guns and canons of the Zionist occupiers of Palestine. But on the TV set god, we hear that we were attacked because we are rich and democratic. Nearly a thousand palestinians were gunned down, over 150 before the first suicide bomber struck, and the political whores who have been finacing the slaughter claim America was attacked because we are rich and democratic. American polititians don't have the guts to admit that they created the hatred that targets all Americans. They are no different that Zionists scapegoating the victims of the Zionist's crusade in Palestine. And the TV set god backs them up 100%. Polititians and thier lackies would call someone like me unpatriotic and say that I'm blameing America. But I have never seen anyone blame our nation of laws. I have seen many people blame the Democrats and Republicans for selling out our countries peace by involving us all in the Zionist's crusade. But the TV set god doesn't make that distinction either. The devil is the author of all lies. Reject the devil. It is in your own, and the world's, best intrest.