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Election 2004 Coming UP... Is Anyone Fit To Run? (english)
04 Aug 2003
Why has American academia turned anti-American? Why should anyone be embarrassed at being white? What's the big deal about a long-abolished slavery issue? Is anyone other than Ron Paul or Tom Tancredo fit to run this nation?
Election 2004 Coming UP... Is Anyone Fit To Run?
Dorothy Anne Seese, Sierra Times, August 04, 2003

The same old names and the same old ideas are tangling with the same old issues toward the beginning of a brand new election year in the United States, but there's nothing eloquent, nothing of intrinsic worth and nothing in the way of a breakthrough in the intellectual gridlock of the past fifteen years.

Tax cuts are meaningless to people without jobs, and many people are still among the unemployed. The numbers tend to increase, but how government figures are compiled is anyone's guess. Tax increases infuriate everyone, those employed and those unemployed, particularly when the increases are likely to be interminable, as interminable as US engagement in foreign meddling.

When there is no new news, and our military is apparently quagmired in a Middle East desert as well as in various other parts of the world where it doesn't belong, we need a candidate who will come along and make some obvious and honest statements. It would be refreshing to hear someone speak out with candor in an age of doublespeak and declare what is obvious to all but party diehards. In fact, perhaps parties are the core of the American problem -- people are more loyal to their party than to common sense.

Men like Thomas Jefferson and Samuel Adams might not get elected to a city council in crazy times like these, where "is" isn't and "marriage" is in the redefinition laboratory. If I had a scouting party rather than a political party (and I don't really have a political party, it is in an identity crisis) then I would look for men and women who would speak out about that old dilapidated document, the United States Constitution.

Would someone please step up to the podium and ask some relevant but embarrassing questions?

* If we didn't find what we were told was in Iraq, why don't we bring our troops home instead of leaving them to be shot for no good reason? The Iraqis can work out their own government, their way, not our way. Oh, it's about oil? Then why didn't you say so in the first place?

* Why do we need to redefine marriage when all civilization has known what it is since the beginning of recorded history? And why are we paying any attention at all to those who want to redefine it?

* What does the Constitution actually say, along with the Bill of Rights, and when were they rescinded as the law of the land? Shouldn't candidates for office have to pass a test on their knowledge of the fundamental laws of the land?

* How did Justice Hugo Black's misconstruction of "Jefferson's Wall of Separation" become the law of the land when the "wall" was mentioned in a presidential letter and not a legislative document?

* Why has American academia turned anti-American rather than holding government's feet to the fire over unconstitutional acts?

* Why should anyone be embarrassed at being white? Most of the world is not, and whites are actually a world minority. So if we're guarding minority rights, as a world minority, shouldn't whites have the same privileges and access to opportunity as other races?

* What's the big deal about a long-abolished slavery issue? Probably all our European forefathers as well as Middle Easterners were at one time slaves of the now-defunct Roman Empire. Slavery is still rampant in parts of Africa, so why isn't the march against slavery taken over there by the protesters?

* If our government is conducting a war on terror, why have the borders been left open so long after the Nine-Eleven attack? Shouldn't that have been the first act of national security?

* If it weren't for party loyalty and a fairly childish "my team is better than your team" mentality, would more members of the GOP openly admit that George W. Bush is a totally incompetent president, his cabal is a slew of millionaire warmongers and the US is now hated more than at any other time in its history?

* Shouldn't Congress be held responsible for doing its constitutional job rather than delegating it to the president? Shouldn't party members threaten to vote the twits out of office unless they do take their oath of office seriously?

* Is it still possible to return this nation to a constitutional federal republic, or have the controllers behind the scenes made it impossible for the so-called representatives, who represent the limousine class, to do anything more than enjoy their stay at the Capitol and try to look busy?

* Why does the Washington Press Corps let itself be bullied? Is big media owned by some of the invisible controllers who are running this nation? If so, is everyone afraid for their job? Could the media mafia fire all of the reporters at once? Wouldn't that give away the game right there?

If this is going to be "just another election" in 2004, I fully intend to write my name in for every possible office on my ballot! That is my protest against stupid elections to reelect incompetent candidates to do more unconstitutional bumbling at taxpayer expense. If everyone did that it would throw the nation into what is called a "constitutional crisis" and that, at least, might get some kind of results. Almost any kind would be better than what we have now.

If a man or woman vows to lead the march to rescind the USA PATRIOT act and all its draconian measures, then I shall vote for that person.

It's no longer a matter of party, it's not what the candidates say. It's what their record is and what they've done because they'll do it all over again and make it worse.

We need two good spokesmen in this nation who don't cotton to political correctness or bow down to special interests. We need a couple of people up for election who will tell it like it is and burn down the Trojan Horse hiding all these cabals and secrecy groups.

Now, is anyone whose name you've heard to date, other than Ron Paul or Tom Tancredo, fit to run for any office in this nation? Arizona seems to have none, in fact I am not sure that this is still Arizona. It may have been annexed by California because it's acting more and more like a state full of San Francisco flakes and Los Angeles expatriates than it is part of our nation's wild west. Okay, so it's wild here in Arizona. But not in the traditional sense of the word.

If a candidate thinks the federal government is massively overgrown and should be chopped down like hawthorn bushes in Pennsylvania, speak out now. Election 2004's primaries start early next year, about six months from now. There's going to be a lot of politicking done these next six months, and if some real patriots are willing to come forth and affirm that they love America, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and a nation that stands out from the rest of the world not by military might alone but by example, NOW is the time to speak up.

Do we have any takers? Or are we stuck with the same old hacks who follow party lines rather than America's law of the land?
- - - - -
Dorothy Anne Seese, a long time favorite at the SierraTimes, is retired after 25 years as a legal secretary/assistant with over 15 years in business systems and procedures analysis. Her hobby is freelance writing. A native of Southern California, Dorothy lives in Sun City, Arizona.

In 2003, Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas (one-time Libertarian Party presidential candidate), reintroduced his legislation effectively ending US participation in the UN. HR 1146, "The American Sovereignty Restoration Act,Ē would expel the U.N. from its taxpayer-subsidized New York headquarters.

Ron Paul defended HR 1146 by saing; "Our current situation in Iraq shows we cannot allow U.S. national security to become a matter of international consensus... We donít need U.N. permission to go to war; only Congress can declare war under our Constitution."

In recent interviews, Ron Paul has said "The U.N. increasingly wants to influence our environmental, trade, labor, tax and gun laws... Its global planners simply arenít interested in our Constitution and republican form of government."

"The choice is very clear. We either follow the Constitution and republican form of government or submit to global governance. American national sovereignty cannot survive if we allow our domestic laws to be crafted by an international body."

Rep. Tom Trancredo, R-Colorao previously served as a Colorado State Representative and as the Secretary of Education's Regional Representative under Reagan and Bush. Tom also served as the President of the Independence Institute (a conservative public policy research organization in Golden Colorado) for five years before being elected to Congress in 1998.

When Tom was asked "Do you think the children of illegal aliens who are born in the United States should automatically become citizens?" he replied:

"Absolutely not. We're the only nation in the world that does such a stupid thing. It's a misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment. It was never meant to actually allow people who are here illegally to achieve legal status for their children by having them born here."
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