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News ::
The Grand Facade (english)
18 Aug 2003
I wonder whom is bush referring as when he speaks for
the US? Was there a poll we weren't made privy to on
his popularity? Are the polls officially still trying
to say quietly, that the People are in fact being poorly
informed generally speaking, particularly about their
not so secret suffering and death for the costly
continuation of bush's criminality?
The Grand Facade

I wonder whom is bush referring as when he speaks for
the US? Was there a poll we weren't made privy to on
his popularity? Are the polls officially still trying
to say quietly, that the People are in fact being poorly
informed generally speaking, particularly about their
not so secret suffering and death for the costly
continuation of bush's criminality? Are the polls
suggesting Americans without leadership, truly would
believe they are powerless? Being painted weak and
cowardly, and COMPLETELY illiterate, bound blindly
without directions to continue sacrificing Americans to
bush and rumsfeld, as America's most heinous traitors?
I don't think so. My quest is to reach out to ONLY ONE
courageous American Patriot truly concerned for his or
her loved family victimized under the real world tyranny
of the bush regime death machine. Look, when bush and
rumsfeld drop thousands of radio-active toxic bombs on
innocent people, it murders ourselves. People like you
and me, actually died. For no truly stated purpose bush
says he convinced us all still, to trick ourselves as
continuing dying victims into profitable slavery with
bush as commander. Is it therefor your opinion as an
American, you hold like the bushmob does, not to see a
just, political public conclusion to have arrested, the
person, or persons responsible for arranging the flight
of airliners into the WTC buildings? Do devaluating
Americans really not care about doing business as
victims for criminals? America has given to demon bush
sacrilegiously, as Our false deity war crime peddler,
and I say, enough bullshit. We are irrationally
destroying ourselves for our meager life stavings under
the dreaded bush demands. Look again, We, the US, had
one hundred percent access, (NO RESTRICTIONS) into Iraq,
media included, prior to the evil bombing campaign
beginning without reason to. No murder needed. What
does demon bush so desperately intend for our World, now
that he has made our matters worse as stolen from by
blind brutality, instead of public persuasion by
freedom's cherished? Does corporate America suggest US
start shipping massive amounts of free generators, ice,
food, medicine, toys, and a DU clean up crew for the
needing to be, de-contaminated dying soldiers? No my
friends, instead of ourselves being publicly recognized
as important, the well to do bushmob "cabal", stand
committing continued instability with furthering, not so
secret unjust behaviors, while blatantly thieving from
everyone under the gun. Suffering we are, all for the
demon antiChrist God betrayer, Our Mr. bush Jr., the
vilest excuse for our human condition ever knowable to
the gods of our Universe, including the desperate pleas
from the Son of Man. If Saddam, as the known evidence
indicated, destroyed all the WMD, the scene would be the
same as it is. The UN states rotten rumsfeld's business
partner, Saddam, had his, criminally provided anthrax,
burned to ashes, ashes that couldn't be accurately
measured, then, now, or ever. Shockingly, to further
our verdict, we learn very little care was implemented
in securing the living interests of the Iraqi citizenry,
for, destroying our lives with terrorism would give
Haliburton even more blood to overkill American tax
victims with. (A signed, sealed private deal, of no
competition, commi fraud Cheney's. Darn. Shucks, oh
well, maybe next generation folks.) ORHA told American
Generals prior to invading Iraq, that Iraqi banks,
museums, hospitals, and utility services would need not
be irrationally destroyed then publicly paid for by
Americans to rebuild at inflated costs over running
responsibility. ORHA offered the official AMERICAN
recommendations, that rumsfeld's command, have publicly
admitted, were ignored as intelligent. (How were bush
and the gang to over charge, as outright steal from
America by sacrificing our worthless soldiers lives
then, right?)

New estimates on the Iraq war costs have run up as high
as 650 billion divided by 280 million equals about 2321
dollars from football fans everywhere, including
malnourished children and the homeless, given in faith
to the evil bush deceivers to murder more innocent
People without representation. Taking more wasted
earnings from America as unaccounted, while planning to
prosecute persons that dared to bring in medicines for
our Iraqi children as family. Demon bush plans in Your
name, my friends, to issue long term prison sentences,
or fines for US being guilty of kindness, while
attempting to secretly persecute the Begg Family, (who
have served for generations in the British military),
for running a girl school under the Taliban. You know,
the Taliban? The guys that in five short years, brought
the first national government since before Genghis,
eradicated the heroin trade, and who were in final peace
talks with the barbaric savages? The godly guys who
said they would need just some sort of evidence from the
crime scene to persecute an otherwise innocent person as
crazed Allah following American flag wavers? You know,
those guys who outlawed torture and slavery while
gaining women rights and protection, along with the free
choice to wear burkas? The bunch, who when trapped
publicly begging for food, got instead, multi-million
dollar Buddha statue improvers, so as a communication
ploy, (good hearted, but perhaps somewhat foolish) blew
apart the earth stone to illustrate a knowledge on our
human condition?

You can not bomb a People into literacy, or judicial
civility. Education by communication is how we gain
understanding as a fair and just political body. God or
no God,

I am me.

Me, a timeless apparition formed through this magical
text, the forever beyond existing Johnny Wizard, a freak
for Nature's Love. Laughing through the fight for Our
continuing survival as the Human species. Get nothing
confused, no fooling intended, our position of
victimizing ourselves as Humanity by bush war crimes, is
ungodly as true evil, and shouldn't be allowed to
further happen against Your better judgement. Without
me here, on your own to consider, what is the UNJUST
American cop killer, the evil demon, Our Mr. bush Jr.,
doing without Freedom leading our ways politically
speaking? Who's Paradise is it where we profitize off
the continuation of God suffering unjustly through the
"publicly approved", corporate news tyranny of Your
priority censored?

CNN needs to help America through understanding
ourselves truly using math skills and science,
encouraging public deliberation and political debate
with writers, and most importantly, begin sharing
established developments as News FEED Sources. Is
destroying the lives of thousands, not an important
issue to corporate American values? There are Just
solutions to dealing with the high priority issues that
needlessly toll our real lives with hardship and sorrow.
It is almost scary at how easy this simple living can
be, or how powerful a few well placed words can resonate
within ourselves. Freedom's cause is always a just one,
and don't let bush, rumsfeld, or Ashcroft tell Your
difference. By denying Justice to enemy combatants, or
bin Laden, is bush saying criminal leads are no longer
necessary?, for in the new america he'll let the real
terrorists get away without penalty? Or, is bush saying
America wishes to treat others unfairly while lying to
US all as the enemy?

Truth is our most powerful weapon as the disenfranchised
poor and victimized. So says, as the not in OUR
International news specials, King and Lord of our Earth
as Savior... Help me!!! blank pause... (A little God
humor for you)

But anyway.

I am living art of the time to our Universe being
Creation's representative Creator, the one and only,
Johnny Wizard, but super amazingly, I'm just a Human
Being normal. I, as time will attest, am an honest
broker, casual talker, and also, completely committed to
the ideals of Humanity's cause, Justice as Freedom for
US all.

Donations gratefully excepted.

Yours again,

Johnny Wizard


Private [Mary] Yahne also writes, "There is no real reason for us to be out here!!!!"

"They're on our left, they're on our right, they're in front of us,
they're behind us; they can't get away this time!"
- Lt. Col. Puller, USMC

Sergeant Pollard "We have no business being here. We will not change the culture they have in Iraq, in Baghdad.... All we are here is potential people to be killed and sitting ducks"

CIA and DOD Attempted To Plant WMD In Iraq
/ / In a world exclusive, Al Martin has published a news story about a Department of Defense whistleblower who has revealed that a US covert operations team had planted ``Weapons of Mass Destruction'' (WMDs) in Iraq - then ``lost'' them when the team was killed by so-called "friendly fire." \ \

Global Eye -- Dubya Indemnity
by Chris Floyd
/ / In the order, Bush proclaims that any legal action taken for any reason against any American corporation dealing in "Iraqi petroleum products" at any point in the process -- from well-head to gas-pump to boardroom -- "constitutes an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security" of the United States.
But there is no indemnity, no immunity, for the American soldiers dying daily in guerrilla ambushes, or the innocent Iraqis mown down daily by their panicky conquerors, or the innocent people around the world at increased risk as terrorists ape the Bushist way of enforcing ideology by violence. No, they all pay the full price -- the blood price -- for the Bush favorites' free ride. \ \

Military families speak out against Iraq war at Pittsburgh rally

/ / DeShauna Ponton, Robin's mother, was first to speak. DeShauna is from Perry Hilltop in Pittsburgh and is a child nutrition advocate with the Just Harvest organization. "President Bush has been lying about the weapons of mass destruction that have caused our soldiers to be in Iraq. I think it is time to bring the troops home. President Bush says he is looking for the weapons of mass destruction. He should look in the mirror. He is not only killing many Iraqis, but he is killing people from here. They should bring the troops

..[from back before the DeShauna quote]...

Staff Sergeant Pollard is a 43-year-old reservist from Pittsburgh. He was called up and sent to Iraq with the 307th Military Police Company. He is a 22-year military veteran and has been in Iraq since May 24. Pollard was featured along with other soldiers in a July 2 Washington Post story in which he and other US troops spoke out against the war. ``U.S. officials need to get our asses out of here,'' he told the Post. ``I say that seriously. We have no
business being here. We will not change the culture they have in Iraq, in Baghdad.... All we are here is potential people to be killed and sitting ducks.'' \ \



Goff, a 26-year Army veteran and former special forces member, was particularly scathing of the administration and its motivations. ``These are rich men in expensive suits conducting statecraft not to protect the U.S., but to protect the profits of Halliburton and Bechtel,'' two contractors with a large stake in the rebuilding of Iraq. ``Then they turn around and accuse us of being unpatriotic,'' Goff said. ``That is truly Orwellian.''


The demon bush leadership threatens to deprive food and medicine from the Earth's second most impoverished counrty, Niger, for expressing concerns for Justice, Freedom, and dying American soldiers.

Niger president challenges Blair government over uranium allegations

America silences Niger leaders in Iraq nuclear row


It's not surprising that these spokespeople, Barry Johnson and Barbara Burfiend, are liars. It is disappointing, however, that our government fills high-level well-paid lie-dispensing positions with half-assed liars who can't even keep their lies straight. I ask you: Doesn't the American taxpayer at least deserve lies that are plausible?


US occupation forces attack Iraqi journalists
/ / Referring to the recent arrests, IFJ general secretary Aidan White said, ``All of these incidents are difficult to justify and reflect a new mood of intolerance. Journalists who are not under direct military protection are treated with suspicion and their rights are set aside. This is unacceptable. Journalists must be able to work freely--even when they are reporting a story that military people do not like.'' \ \


From Johnny's "Standing Ground"

/ / Again, Saddam pro-actively gave the world 100% access to
anywhere unrestricted, to complain or make better
anything, and offered the national Iraqi airwaves to
bush personally, to state his contentions to want mass
murders against ourselves as the innocent. No Iraqi, or
American soldier was needed for sacrifice, but only to
let Halliberton take more than is bargained from The
People as victims. American, and Iraqi. \ \

Some other Johnny strand,

/ / Our Mr. bush Jr. has decided not to do
good for Iraq and the American tax payer by opening
our floor to deal the world over on our best
offers, but instead, has decided to go privately as a
criminal, with top secret banned bushmob
embezzlers to risk more American soldiers by lying
to their surviving siblings. Charading for US they
are, preparing to sacrifice more Americans without
a thought to Your cost my friend. \ \

Johnny Wizard


/ / "Freedom matters," Bremer said. "I think it's
important to ... look beyond the shootouts and
blackouts and remind ourselves of a range of rights that
Iraqis enjoy today because of the coalition's military
victory." \ \

Jeeze eh?

What is bremer lying to falling DEAD American Patriots
about now? Rights? So then, what rights must we change
to stop bremer criminally leaving US for bush victim
campaign contributers? The evil bremer is the director
of "Kissinger Associates", and is advocating the murder
of innocent people while stealing our resources openly.
Truly, extremely disturbing. (Our Mr. bremer is like
rumsfeld's buddy Saddam was during the eighties, but
worse liked.) He claims only those of US who would see
him, rumsfeld or bush as fully confessed, unarrested
first degree murderers, have to be Saddam Loyalists to
care for our lost lives, or our children's future. What
rights are even better now with bremer, that will return
our war losses, the Iraqi UN escrow accounts, clean up
the depleted uranium, or correct the planned pilfering
of thirty plus percent on Iraqi oil resources after
inflated costs overrunning? Is bremer referring to
rights given for appreciating, the big spending demon
terrorist bush partners needlessly destroying our public
institutions to bill US all for as the lucky survivors?
(like utility or water treatment facilities, government
offices, hospitals, schools, ambulances, buses, cars,
and whomever was there in the way for whatever), or
perhaps giving up Iraqi rights for partnering with the
likes of Dutch-Shell, to continue to be oh so
corporately profitable as thieving mass murdering
international war criminals?, is this what our media is
all excited about when bremer speaks for your freedom?
While even now, bremer nakedly commits intention for
further plunder and carnage with illegal murder runs,
working as evil nazi fascists to create a divisive
criminal hostile environment to kill even more bushited
GIs for even bigger cash profits, the repuglicon way.
(Normally too far away for corporate America to see
concern for themselves about dying over.) Then of course
there is the, friend or foe, generational scientific
assault with depleted uranium thing again, or, how about
over charging Iraqis for billions in damage criminally
done NEEDLESSLY by evil rotten rumsfeld, thousands of
times over, or, the billions of Saddam's money spent
prior on Iraqi food, 7000 cell-phones, and medicines
gone missing? What rights do Iraqi's have over not
foolishly over paying commi Halliburton and WorldCom to
secretly hire someone else fraudulently with unaccounted
AMERICAN tax money? What bremer rights gave Iraqis the
forfeiture on still being criminally victimized
indiscriminately, or denied due process of law to
protect EVERYONE'S freedom? Without Justice for US, the
People concerned, we're left with the shock and awe of
mourning families to soldiers as demoting slave
prisoners, left to fall further victimized undefended as
a condescending bad bush joke, degrading degenerates
sacrificing in ungodly ignorance of their own
devaluating existence, without any leadership but to
more plundering with their pirated meager savings or
pension funds for blood spilling criminal war profiteer
bush again, as the super evil demon antichrist soul
destroyer. Right? The American traitors, demon bush
and rotten rumsfeld don't poison MOST American GI's for
nothing. We are talking, the strongest, most inept
collective group of drugged dumb as dying bush slaves,
being purposefully led through darkness by mistake to
misery for undefended America. Soldiers lead blindly to
serve for the rights of bush continuing to steal the
meaning of freedom from US all with his ungodly demon
stance against life as I know it. Why does it continue?
Because corporate America refuses to support Justice,
like the American police agencies who are fighting to
protect Freedom by attempting for interviews. Like why
wouldn't a trained loyal American GI, a blood brother,
demand strategically to nab the prime 9/11 suspects, for
instance, The CIA reported inside traders, the FBI's
General Ahmad, or the traitors bush, rumsfeld, and gotta
be for sure, Condoleeza included too as the 9/11 secret
plan holder? Right?

Freedom is what Justice is.

Our weakness of ignorance is inflicted by corporate news
pronouncers who refuse to advocate investment in
ourselves as the public interest. Why spend money to
help the American customer become better represented
politically, if your an faithful corportate dog eat dog
dividend collector?

How can bush's america, get away selling bremer as an
honest broker without granting the rest of US the same
rights of freedom to decide the importance of his
personal evaluation? Criminally warring a nation
irrationally to steal from US all as the victimized
innocent.. Hmm.. It's like when corporate America says
we just don't know yourself included as a Palestinian
Arab, victimized by war criminal ariel sharon, the Jew
hater. Mr. sharon commits the very acts of ungodly
murder by terrorism bush says to US we should deplore by
seeking him out for.

Johnny Wizard

P.S. Thank Johnny with debate, or small cash
contribution for my continuing please.


> So, What's this then?
> Britain: Blair government caught out in plagiarism
> and lies over latest Iraq dossier
> //Changes that are made are in order to dress Iraqi
> actions up in more sinister mode. Thus ``monitoring''
> foreign embassies becomes ``spying'' on them and
> ``aiding opposition groups in hostile regimes'' becomes
> ``supporting terrorist organizations in hostile
> regimes''\\.
> BBC refuses to say sorry over Iraq report
> Welcome my friend to the unjust evil bushite enslavement
> of Your recognized opinion..
> We all KNOW factually, and freely confess without
> truthful contention, the UNJUST evil bush and blair,
> "sexed up" the falsehoods of a plagiarized essay, then
> bold faced lied as they continue today, to hide their
> "embarrassment" of indiscriminately murdering our
> Humanity for criminal thefts against a just rule of our
> god given rights Man. Where was and is CNN's corporate
> concern now for US being robbed and murdered in Iraq
> today? Should not the Iraqi People be granted the food
> and medicine they have all ready paid completely for
> through the generous Saddam in comparison? Where is
> GOD'S concern for what is scientifically proven to be,
> WITHOUT ANY DOUBT, a dangerously radio-active, highly
> toxic depleted uranium war crime attack against
> ourselves as God in innocence for Generations? The evil
> bushites are assaulting, our not being defended,
> children's children's children. Where are these brave
> men in America I hear so much about in the movies to
> protect their own families? Who as devolving fascist
> cowards side not to help themselves gain corporate
> recognition by supporting the likes of this paper all
> the way up at CNN headquarters, falling instead as
> enemies of America with their lies on all Nature stands
> in God's name, and as the stripes, "We, The People",
> trumpets from the stars eternal.
> I, for one, as the Lord of Lords, am calling for an
> immediate end to heinous injustices committed in bush's
> name against God, and am now directly challenging ALL
> who think I'm not completely serious about this,
> fighting to speak freely as ourselves being alive for
> the moment gig as Creator.. Now your messing with a
> real godman of God, and additionally, the Standing
> Eternal King of Creation, so bow to no one in blind
> servitude but in respect for yourself in this presence
> is ours equally Universal. There is indeed wonder as
> our Universe is also of the unknowable, all of
> everything everywhere included, timelessness as forever
> seems here and now for You also. So, are you going to
> be as those who did nothing while the evil mass
> murdering demon bush tried to destroy freedom for your
> Humanity as God included?
> Respect for ourselves I'm told should surely come soon I
> hope. UNDERSTAND THIS, CNN and CBC management, have
> continually refused to interview me, or report on my
> documented to be factual, real world concerns for our
> survival as the criminally victimized through corporate
> censorship. So according to the FBI and CIA 911
> investigations, still not aired by our disrespecting
> National News perceivers.
> OWN.
> At a Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee hearing in
> March, 2001, Richard Perle, (you know, from rumsfeld's
> unelected secret circle of war criminals), stated
> without any collaborative evidence whatsoever "Does
> Saddam now have weapons of mass destruction? Sure he
> does. We know he has chemical weapons. We know he has
> biological weapons. . . . How far he's gone on the
> nuclear-weapons side I don't think we really know. My
> guess is it's further than we think. It's always
> further than we think, because we limit ourselves, as we
> think about this, to what we're able to prove and
> demonstrate. . . . And, unless you believe that we
> have uncovered everything, you have to assume there is
> more than we're able to report".
> When the should be gone as incompetent, corrupt, and
> talentless non-listener bremer, speaks the only reason
> american nazi soldiers are falling dead as deaf dumb and
> blind comrades, is due to secular loyalists of Iraq as a
> People, a people fighting for freedom by representation,
> does not then bremer, TRULY, beckon for bush's own
> destruction as the enemy he is to US all? Mr. bremer,
> the criminal tyrant as traitor of US innocent in Iraq,
> the unarrested murderer and election saboteur for
> Halliburton through instability by sacrificing more
> leaderless soldiers, now openly tells our Soldiers LIES
> about why they are DYING for him, bush, cheney,
> Dutch-Shell and Worldcom. Mr. bremer's actions have
> worked intentionally to increase political instability,
> by forgoing his main public tasks of creating dialog and
> consensus, and instead, as tyrant dictator, only offers
> murder runs on tips from whomever. Pssst.. Kill the
> demon bush traders American Patriot Soldier to protect
> Your Freedom and our Nations, or serve as cowardly
> savages creating more hatred for your bushlike
> continuing disrespect of human life, and God as Love.
> What is publicly awarding WorldCom tax payers money, but
> a further continuation of the secret bushite's criminal
> plan, a criminal plan of having US made also without
> questions asked, to blindly overpay tricky Halliburton,
> Dutch-Shell, along with Suharto and the Pinochet
> business partners billions of American dollars in
> overhead for nothing, while with what is left as a
> pittance is promised for sometime in our future to
> rebuild what bush and rumsfeld criminally destroyed,
> after murdering so many in New York City with 911, like
> Firefighters, and a wise, God loving, Holy Reverend.
> Where is the HELP for IRAQ as promised after
> victimizations from an imposed criminal dictatorship
> that is stealing the resources of US People as Iraqi?
> After bombing most public institutions with radio-active
> nuclear waste, then encouraging looting while allowing
> the ransacking of museums, soldiers still refused to
> protect nuclear facilities as the threat we were told
> they were going to die for as parasites. To witness
> bush bringing further hardships with his inaction in
> Afghanistan, and now in God's love, Iraq, brings me to
> great anger. To have Iraq worse now falling plundered,
> than when Iraq was under the relatively stable, food,
> water, and security provisions of Saddam's, who was
> communicating, is a further blatant insult to all those
> American Soldiers now dead from fighting for something
> they could never articulate publicly as bushite slaves
> to willful ignorance they bay as the asinine in secret.
> While bush tells US as the public, the UN sanctions plan
> for spending for the governed on continuing health and
> welfare, is something he, and Jay's replacement bremer,
> wish to politically appose without question or law?
> Still?
> Walter Issacson, or Aaron Brown's CNN would have US as
> this WORLD in Johnny's presence, believe to BE without
> any legitimate concern, regarding the franks death
> squads, the INNOCENT as God at Guantanamo, or 911's
> General Ahmad as the antiChrist's business partner.
> Protecting those who murdered thousands of Americans CNN
> advocates by refusing to air our concerns by priority.
> Actions of unjust wars deserve at least updates. Don't
> YOU believe?, you the ignorant as dying bushite
> soldier?, have a life worth considering? No? Me,
> personally, think American soldiers are largely, a bunch
> of mindless dumbfucks without leadership, who cowardly
> murder the practically defenseless with cluster bombs
> for no good reasons as nazi traitors to the American
> constitution, but I wouldn't kill you by association if
> I didn't have to as all powerful, I'd rather teach the
> Nature of Freedom through the equality of Justice for
> all people concerned. As God would naturally. Don't
> you think I would make for an excellent radio guest?
> Say so!
> No billion dollar effort is yet underway, to quickly
> rebuild the criminal destruction of our civilian
> infrastructure, but to further fall our communities to
> evil bush's criminal plunder. I ask as Creation, why
> should not bush and rumsfeld personally pay with their
> lives for their planned continuation of war crimes
> against US all instead?
> Expect more casualties, warns Rumsfeld
> See how evil rotten rumsfeld is. He plays like dictator
> bremer is working for the Iraqi People by stealing our
> public assets for Dutch-Shell and Halliburton, while
> criminally persecuting the unjustly persecuted. Taking
> as alleged, from Iraqis as the completely innocent
> bremer boasts him and 911's rumsfeld will continue
> protected, hiding behind the growing more disturbingly
> ignorant as cowardly, uninformed traitorous American
> Patriot Soldiers? How long my friends? How long must
> Our God wait for One true Patriot to whom we are all
> relying on maybe existing, to stand for Justice as
> Freedom?, you know, the good old red, white, and blue as
> Salutable? Evil bremer tells US he wants to criminally
> harm those who tried to make Iraq something better as
> secularists in a one party only government, those of
> whom we were told, were restrained as victimized under
> Saddam's edge as tyrannical. Now bremer, as war crime
> director, wants to further persecute ourselves without
> public charges? Like in bush's personal america under
> ashcroft issues? While demon bush now goals to invite
> the corrupt Wahabbi's Vinnell, the repressive Allah
> haters, the dark evil side to Jihad, to suffer ourselves
> even more hardships against freedom everywhere? How
> long must the People of our World die for Americans to
> stand up against the bush demon God betrayer? Where are
> the CNN and CBC producer voices, (who refuse as
> supporters of tyranny, to respond to any community
> interaction on our top priority issues) as our OWN
> regarding the concentration camps where evil nazi forces
> murder our friends and family as the completely
> innocent?
> Afghan prisoners beaten to death at US military
> interrogation base
> Where are we STILL?, with the LOYAL FBI and CIA 911
> investigations made public?, while corporate news
> control continues to deny Justice a voice for YOUR
> freedom actually dying my friend? I am really the
> fictional Son of Man, Johnny Wizard, and bush as
> AntiChrist, is actually, for real, actively destroying
> Our innocent lives as an enemy to all People, especially
> Americans, as they fall further unjustly as victims
> enslaved by their own cowardice to stand strong as an
> army for love. I, as King, need your help to request I
> be spoken of, for by myself, you sound like someone
> nobody could care less for. As the benevolent, haven't
> asked for much yet King of this Universe, I am
> legitimately pissed off with the unarrested demon bush
> and his murder rampages against Our Eternal Creation, so
> destroy bush for Love my friend, or for Justice as
> Freedom, or, for Yourself even as worth something to
> consider... please?
> 10 Appalling Lies We Were Told About Iraq
> From: Cheney And The CIA: Not Business As Usual
> //"the fact that Cheney's office had originally asked
> that the Iraq-Niger report be checked out makes it
> inconceivable that his office would not have been
> informed of the results."\\
> Growing WMD Scandal Could Lead to Impeachment
> //The Bush Administration didn't have proof, so they
> spent last fall making it up. As Robin Cook, who
> resigned from Tony Blair's cabinet over the war, told
> the British Parliament: "Instead of using intelligence
> as evidence on which to base a decision about policy, we
> used intelligence as the basis to justify a policy on
> which we had already decided."\\
> //GSM Consulting, skilled in stopping oil-well fires and
> rebuilding petroleum services, had been told, in a
> Defense Department letter dated Dec. 30, 2002, that "it
> is too early to speculate" about Iraq "in the event that
> war breaks out in the region."\\
> Pentagon Iraq Contractor Has History Of Supporting
> Terrorist Regimes
> --
> Where is America on bush funding criminal enterprises
> with our public money, such as with Uzbekistan, or
> Haliburton setting their own uncontended double cost
> expenses, privately in secret to rob further from a
> soldier's tolled grandmom? Does the contemptuous CNN's
> continuing silence on bush allowing history's largest
> American pension thieves, the unarrested billionaires at
> Worldcom, to have criminal privileges over the rights of
> the average Iraqi citizen being further denied Justice,
> anger you to no end like all the Saints from Heaven
> would be also?
> From: Guess who's getting a slice of Iraqi pie? The
> fraud king, WorldCom
> Where is the immediate DEMAND to return Iraq to where we
> were before the toxic and radioactive 28,000 bombs were
> dropped by the demon bush to let criminally murder our
> family, while destroying God's infrastructure, all so
> demon bush could include sacrificing dmfkd no leadership
> soldiers, while stealing from US tax payers as
> unprotected? How long will it be when Americans finally
> stand up for American freedom?
> I'd destroy demon traitor bush in a second, as any real
> brave American Patriot would to be a real Man in God's
> honour.
> Johnny Wizard
> P.S. Look, isn't stealing property from a honest, hard
> working family in the Likud party's name, then sending
> our victimized family with only the shirts on their back
> to a refugee camp, a despicable criminal theft,
> perpetrated by bigotry disguised as racism against God
> ruled unjustly? The Palestinians are Jewish! The
> Palestinians are Catholics! The Palestinians are
> Atheist as Arabs too! The Palestinians are US as the
> neighborhood children of Israel. Wouldn't the great
> Judaic teacher, Hillel, condemn sharon straight to
> prison?, with his words a living testimony still
> relevant today? Or, think, would sharon appreciate we
> steal a honest Persons home and all his money, then send
> the lot to a concentration camp somewhere for good
> riddance? Mr. sharon is the biggest anti-Semite of
> history, as king of the Jew haters. Hitler wasn't even
> so heinous in his public delivery. See, with Peace in
> the middle east, so goes the reason to pay criminal
> thugs billions to "protect" US from being robbed and
> murdered. The Likud steals openly, property as the
> living rights of individuals to be Jews. (And also
> tried to blow up the Mexican Parliament as terrorists,
> but were caught trying to get away unreported.) In
> Israel, the Likud has anti-discrimination laws that only
> apply to "jews"! Classifying G-D politically as
> unworthy participator! When being REALLY Jewish,
> includes especially, History's beautiful black women in
> Ethiopia over the last 1800 so years as longed, but
> never forgotten. (Hmm... I wonder if they'd let me
> come over for a visit as appreciated?)
> Anyway, can you give yourself some help here please?
> --
> We CAN stop bush with Justice for Freedom.
> It's Just, If only americans weren't so enslaved as dying bushites,
> that willingly allow bush to rob and sacrifice their own families in
> gratitude to his hatred for God and Humanity.
> What was the cooperating, communicating, open to our world for
> disscussions Saddam doing, that a bushite could remedy by asking? Was
> it torturing innocent people to death like at Guantanamo? Or, stealing
> pensions like with Worldcom, or Enron? Or perhaps, letting the 9/11
> perpetrators escape from prosecution? Maybe, killing his own american
> People?
> Does the do gooder God of Heaven, hold no place in your heart as
> worthy?
> Where is the honor in murdering our children's children, destroying
> our civilian public infrastructure, then stealing our food and meager
> assets for Dutch-Shell and Halliburton, while dumping radio-active
> toxic waste all over themselves as sacrificed DUMBFUCKS, just so
> bush, their evil diety, can pocket a few extra thousand dollars for
> his re-election campaign?
> What do you feel about poisoning American troops for no good reason?
> Do you notice, no one can explain why such a poison would be self fed
> to the dumfuk cowardly troops? Too weak and stupid to even publicly
> discuss the issue.
> Why? Because their not real men, but largely illiterate, cowardly,
> facist nazi vermin, traitors to their own Family and Neighbours as
> they shit on the American flag and all that freedom represents
> constitutionally. Echem, bush is still smirking over their life and
> death sacrifices for halliburton and Dutch-Shell. Cowards, weak and
> stupid, are all proud American bushited soldiers.
> snpd
> -
> definition of a bushite:
> As an unAmerican fascist sympathizer, you'll watch tyrant bush
> sacrifice good Americans criminally to be robbed and left for dead,
> and say nothing but defend the demon as your false-god unthinkingly.
> How can you turn against the FBI and CIA publicly, and the surviving
> families of 9/11?, by not supporting Justice for America as Freedom
> for US all?
> Terrorism Financing:
> FBI acknowledges 9/11 was financed out of Pakistan
> / / John S. Pistole, deputy assistant director of the FBI's
> counter-terrorism division, told the Senate governmental affairs
> committee on Thursday afternoon [31 July] , that investigators had
> "traced the origin of the funding of the 9/11 attacks back to
> financial accounts in Pakistan." \ \
> Masters of Deceit Convicted Felons Responsible for Thousands of Deaths
> are Calling the Shots at the White House
> Some funnies from below:
> / / It's like saying fewer people educated, will
> keep us stupid enough as a Nation to blame the weak and
> poor as ourselves deprived till death as murdered, and,
> bush says makes sense secretly, as the all knowing for
> the blind and ignorant to faith in without thinking
> about what money is either.
> ...
> ...or watch bush act in direct
> opposition to his word almost consistently as American
> death harborer terrorist psychopath. Then ask yourself,
> why can none of our defenses be publicly discussed as
> important deliberations? \ \
> --
> > > CBS News | Bush Knew Iraq Info Was Dubious
> > >
> > >
> > > / / Before the speech was delivered, the portions
> > > dealing with Iraq's weapons of mass destruction were
> > > checked with the CIA for accuracy, reports CBS News
> > > National Security Correspondent David Martin. CIA
> > > officials warned members of the President's National
> > > Security Council staff the intelligence was not good
> > > enough to make the flat statement Iraq tried to buy
> > > uranium from Africa.
> > >
> > >
> > > The Insiders Are Coming Out
> > > By William Rivers Pitt
> > > From:
> > >
> > > / / Beers' position as special assistant to the
> > > President for combating terrorism meant he saw
> > > everything and knew everything. He was on Nightline for
> > > one reason: He quit his job, walked out the door, and
> > > joined the John Kerry for President campaign as National
> > > Security Advisor.
> > >
> > >
> > > The first letters from Briton facing the death penalty at Camp X-Ray
> > > By Neil Mackay and Felicity Arbuthnot
> > >
> > >
> > > / / Begg's father, Azmat, insists his son is not a
> > > terrorist. Ironically, Begg, who owned a bookshop in
> > > Birmingham, spent his formative years at a Jewish school
> > > and still has many Jewish friends. According to Azmat,
> > > a retired bank manager, his son was moved by the plight
> > > of the Afghani people and in 2001 travelled to Kabul
> > > with his family to start a school for basic education
> > > and provide water pumps.
> > >
> > > .... Begg's father Azmat, who proudly recounts the fact
> > > that all his family served in the British army, says his
> > > grandchildren are distraught at their father's
> > > disappearance.
> > >
> > >
> > > Mr. Bush, You Are A Liar
> > > By William Rivers Pitt
> > >
> > > / / Death knows no political affiliation, and a bloody
> > > lie is a bloody lie is a bloody lie. The time has come
> > > for Congress to fulfill their constitutional duties in
> > > this matter, to defend the nation and the soldiers who
> > > live and die in her service. The definition of 'is' has
> > > flown right out the window. This 'is' a crime. George
> > > W. Bush lied to the people, and lied to Congress.
> > > There are a lot of people dead because of it.
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > > Denial and Deception By Paul Krugman
> > >
> > > / / For example, some commentators have suggested that
> > > Mr. Bush should be let off the hook as long as there is
> > > some interpretation of his prewar statements that is
> > > technically true. Really? We're not talking about a
> > > business dispute that hinges on the fine print of the
> > > contract; we're talking about the most solemn decision a
> > > nation can make. If Mr. Bush's speeches gave the
> > > nation a misleading impression about the case for war,
> > > close textual analysis showing that he didn't literally
> > > say what he seemed to be saying is no excuse. On the
> > > contrary, it suggests that he knew that his case
> > > couldn't stand close scrutiny.
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > > So, demon bush now tells US, he honestly took no time to
> > > understand, research, or clarify HIS major political
> > > positions of wanting to indiscriminately commit mass
> > > murder against our families of Humanity. Didn't
> > > communicate with anyone in the American intelligence
> > > agencies as the illegitimate President of America he is.
> > > While demanding at the same time, he did knew top
> > > secretly better than everybody else does still, leaving
> > > US to forgo our own principles of Justice to be
> > > sacrificed even further unjustly.
> snpd
> Johnny Wizard

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