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News ::
Why I renounced Islam and Humanism? (english)
07 Sep 2003
However, my greatness, my dignity, my self-respect is not liked by all. The organized religions like Islam, Christianity etc. and absolutist political ideologies like Leninism, Stalinism etc strive to rob me from my "Iness", my individuality, my autonomy, my creativity, my intellect.

Let me introduce my Self. I am I. I am irreducible, indivisible, irreplaceable and non-transferable Being. There is no one like me in the whole world; physiological, genetically and behaviorally.
I exist in three modes: I, we and me. When I share my unique individuality with equally unique individuals, my Being gets transformed into my social Being. Thus society and its collectivities come into existence. I am a co-determiner of my own individuality and everything made up of “me” including society and collectivities. I am the only concrete reality, minus “me” all other things: institutions, society, religions and ideologies are mere abstractions. I and we are not separate and independent from each other. These are two aspects of the web of social relations mediated by intra and inter personal communication. Non-human factors or actors do not determine and define me. These only limit what I can do and what I cannot do.

However, my greatness, my dignity, my self-respect is not liked by all. The organized religions like Islam, Christianity etc. and absolutist political ideologies like Leninism, Stalinism etc strive to rob me from my "Iness", my individuality, my autonomy, my creativity, my intellect.

(Note: The satire is one of the most effective tools of political communication. This is a satirical article. Writing a satirical article without trivializing the subject is an uphill task. To make it easy, I have changed the mode of the writing, as the content demanded. You may find some portion of this not written in satirical style.)

They seek to define me, dissect me and reduce my individuality into its attributes: human being, a Kashmiri, an Indian, an Asian, an Aryan, a (former) Muslim, member of a social class etc. They tear me apart by juxtaposing one of my attributes with the other as if these are inherently hostile to each other. They treat my individuality as a public property and mortgage it to a particular collectivity. By getting dissected, I cease to be a holistic being and become a clone and this improvishes me spiritually and culturally. Unilaterally they decide how much "uniqueness" should I share with my fellow beings and how much should I remain my self, leaving no room for any creativity and autonomy.

They force “me” to completely submerge into “we”; I become a pauper by this abject surrender. This is being done through authoritarian child rearing practices, parenting, schooling, and unilateral control of all interpersonal communication in society and through other social practices. When I become their mental slave. They become my masters and preceptors. I see the reality through their eyes. I cease to be my self and a social actor. They do things through me. My abject surrender, my losing of individuality and creativity does not enrich and benefit society. This makes society a herd of sheep down grading it to the level lower than that of sub human primates.

These organized religions and ideologies are based on a worldview in which earthly forces (processes) and real social actors assume divine forms for example the social forces like the capital is personified as Allah, Param Pita Bhagwan, the lord God or abstractions like the historical necessity, etc., These ideologies teach impotence of man in face of the social forces and indispensability of divine saviors; Messiahs, Taran Hars, prophets in changing present state of affairs. (These ideologies and religions mostly sprung after brutal suppression of slave insurrections and oppression of the common people beyond the limits of tolerance.) But in practice they facilitate "rape of human labour" and subjugations of the oppressed. A battery of pimps like Mullahs, priests and clerics of Islam, Christianity, Brahminism, etc, has risen to sell the dreams of these saviors. They do it by winning hearts and minds of people with the deceptive communication and by putting in place a grand coalition that operates in the society through father (pita) and husband (pati) in a family, teacher /guru in a school, village head in a village, clerics in a Mosque/temple and church, “responsible” chairman in the absolutist party, head of state in a nation, head of global order in community of nations i.e American president. These self proclaimed viceroys of Allah, Bhagwan and the lord God play the role of shepherds and rest of the humanity is being treated as herd of sheep.

They call my abject surrender before them “submission to Allah”. Islam literally means surrender and submission to Allah, a non-human blind force that determines my destiny and my relations with my fellow human beings. All other religions say the same thing in different words and languages. They all mean real social force driving the present day world, that is the capital, which determines the content and structure of our social relation. Allah is merely personification of the capital and 80% of humanity is slave of Allah.

The Islam means complete surrender before people in authority such as parents, husband, teacher, head of the state, head of religious sect, Muhatasib (moral police), Mullah, head of the village and at the international level head of the world order.

(In this sense, there is only one true world religion that is Islam and all other religions like Christianity, Brahmanism, and Judaism etc are merely manifestations of Islam. Allah-o-Akabar (God is great) is essence of Islam and all other religions.)

Renouncing Islam

My story of renouncing Islam is a struggle against absolutism, authoritarianism and tribal collectivism and also for freedom and self-emancipation. It was a long journey from dependence (on parents, teacher, religions, ideologies, clerics etc) to independence from their control, from being controlled and conditioned by them to being a self-controlled and a self-guided individual. It was a search for my true Being and social Being.

Honestly speaking I was Muslim because I took birth in a Muslim community. I rejected social milieu and culture of Muslim community in Kashmir before rejecting Islamic theology.

(I renounced Islam as a faith in the year 1970 publicly since then I have been questioned by my friends and foes why I have renounced Islam. As I did not adopt any other organized religion instead called my self--an atheist humanist, I never felt the need to win acceptability and recognition from adversaries of Islam. I never took this question seriously. I know several “cyber infidels” (former Muslims) who pose to be self-styled scholars of Islam and indulge in Islam bashing on cyber space. Portraying Islam in black and white while facilitating conversion of Muslims to Christianity and refusing to say any thing against the Church and Christianity. The cyber space is full of their “scholarly” verdicts and fatwas against Islam --what they call alternative view of Islam. But all this stuff turns into heap of garbage, once they reveal their leanings for this or that religion. )

First time, I refused to submit to Allah was when my grand father recited Azan (prayer) near my ears after few minutes of my birth and cried Allah-o-Akbar (God is great) loudly. Believe me I did not listen and got agitated. Showing my fists to my grand pa, I scared him away by creating lot of noise. It was not that I did not like Arabic language but to resist my initiation into Muslim community without my permission.

Temperamentally, I am a freedom lover and against any institutional authority and imposed discipline. I never submitted my self to any authority completely or without resistance. I never obeyed my parents or any other institutional authority meekly. Whatever they told me not to do, I did it. I took punishment in my stride and never did anything to get a reward from my parents and teachers.

This created a problem in my schooling and socialization. I subverted authority of my teacher to whom we are supposed to submit our intellect. I rejected: do as I do, see as I see, speak as I speak style of learning. I never did what my teacher wanted me to do unless I found it interesting. With the result those teachers who succeeded in arousing my interest in my lessons were glad with me and those who wanted me to cram up my lessons were complaining. I have never excelled in examinations while performing well in the class. I used to ask such questions to my theology teacher which rendered him speechless like What is important word of God, (the Quran) or work of God (the nature).

Dick crisis

once I committed a blunder. I was bribed and tricked when my parents got me circumcised. It was a very painful operation and a “historical” blunder on my part. I repent as what I did can never be reversed. It completed my initiation to Muslim community and changed my social identity seemingly irreversibly.

I fully realized the dangerous implications of circumcision when I came to know of recent state sponsored pogrom of Gujarat State of India. The criminal gangs caught passers by and made them to lower their pants to check whether their dicks are circumcised or not. Thousands of circumcised Indian citizens were brutally lynched by what Indian media called “rioting mob”. No action was taken against any one responsible for the first media friendly state sponsored pogrom in India. If action was taken, it was taken against those officials of Gujarat State administration who did not cooperate with the mob and against those Muslims who tried to defend themselves.

I was shocked. Since then I am living under fear and thinking day and night about my circumcision. How to hide my mushroom shaped dick. I repent why I showed my willingness in circumcision operation during my childhood.

I conjure up a situation, myself being caught by mob in Delhi. The crowd asks me to put my pants down. I am hesitating and putting both of my hands on my pants, which makes them suspicious. As I look to be a Kashmiri, they insist that I have to reveal my identity. At the last I am being dragged and my pant torn into pieces. Here is my identity, a self-fulfilled prophecy came true, and a Muslim Kashmiri terrorist was concealing his identity under his pants from the fear of being torn apart.

Is not it tragic that one who has been against Allah-o-Akbar through out his life, being counted as a Muslim riot victim, his jinazah (funeral pray) being taken and his corpse buried amidst chants of Allah-o-Akbar. It pains me.

[It is not a joke, the threat is real. Being a circumcised Indian citizen my life is under threat. In 1980 I changed my name from Mohammed Ashfaq Hussain to Yang Burz Home--but retained my pen name M.A.Hussain--after one drunken Delhi Police cop held his loaded revolver against my head and that of my brother. I complained to the authorities but no action was taken against the cop. Had I got killed by accident, my dick would have served as a prime facie evidence of my being a terrorist. Although changing my name gave me some respite from structural violence in horizontally and vertically divided Indian society. But after Gujarat, I feel the situation has changed qualitatively.]

My dick has become a great security threat for me. Possessing circumcised dick in India is like possessing a live grande-a great security risk. I cannot live without it and I cannot dispossess it. It is an open secret that I possess mushroom shaped dick. Anything can happen any time.

It surprises me that circumcised Indians are behaving like sheep that witnesses the slaughter of a “fellow” sheep without fight or flight. Every one of us knows that Gujarat carnage will happen again and circumcised Indians will be massacred once again by what is called the Hindu Right. The preparations in training camps all over the country are in progress and the photographs of training camps are on their web sites. The government knows it, judiciary knows it, the President of India knows it and all constitutional authorities like National Human Rights Commission and National Minorities Commission know it.

Hell with the Muslim Indians, they do not even do something in their self-defense that is their birthright. Hell with Muslim Indian politicians. They do not listen to Bhai Malcom X who has said that it is criminal to teach a man not to defend himself when he is the constant victim of brutal attacks. They ought to have launched an agitation of non-cooperation against the government, boycotted the elections (as they have been practically and effectively de-enfranchised ) and prepare themselves for collective self-defense. They are cowards. I am not a Muslim. I need to search a solution to my security problem and this dick crisis of my own.

I know that no power on earth can stop another carnage as happened in the state of Gujarat. Nation Human Rights Commission is a cruel joke for the people of India. It is powerless and impotent. Just to fool the world public opinion. National Minority Commission is a sham and owes its existence to the vote bank politics. Muslim world is its real audience. It is toothless. Indian judiciary and other organs of Indian State do not truly reflect multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-racial composition of Indian society. One particular segment of Indian society whether at regional or national level, dominate these institutions and subvert their authority.

Renouncing Humanism

Why I left the Kashmir valley? I did not believe in “kill or be killed”. I refused to live under fear. I value human life: my own life and that of my fellow human being including that of my political adversary. I called this atheist humanism.

If there is no escape from kill or be killed. If the principle of kill or be killed is prevalent in the whole country. If I have to live under fear in Delhi too. Why should I leave Kashmir then? Why should not I turn MAD and kill those human being who are likely to kill me, if it is the only way to save my life. I thought.

Whole world looked me like web of caves of Tora Bora. Whole humanity is trapped in these caves of ignorance and social underdevelopment and cultural backwardness. No bomb can destroy these caves. Muslims love to live in these caves; Christians are entrenched in these caves in spite of capitalist development. The Americans are proud to be dwellers of Tora Bora caves.

Present world scenario convinced me that humanity is a holy cow that gives milk to its captors while its calf remains without milk and humanism is cow dung that is even used to cook absolutist and authoritarian ideologies like Stalinism and Leninism and false religions.

Hell with the humanity. I cannot live in caves. Living in caves is no solution. I am a free man. I must search solution to this dick crisis without compromising on my freedom.

After much contemplation, I renounced humanism because it is not an organized faith. It neither provides protection to your life and property nor makes life possible amidst other religious gangs. I started search for a new power FULL "ism" that would instill sense of security and confidence in me. A force which drives our society and manages and controls the caves of Tora Bora.

I found that all religions are false religions, all prophets are shepherds and all the preachers are actually poachers of innocent lambs. They sell their adherents of relgion to the merchants of human labour. I found real force, which determines my destiny, is the capital and those who represent the capital are my masters. The rest are donkeys, slaves of labour. This is a new form of sophisticated slavery.

Folks Barbarism Now!

I discovered underground incredible religion. That is Barbarism. Barbarians are masters of this world. Not a leaf of a tree can move without command of barbarians. I intended to become a proud barbarian. Then alone can I live outside caves of Tora Bora like a free man, otherwise it is too dangerous to live out side the caves.

I got convinced that the barbarism alone is eternally religion of this disgraced humanity. All other religions: Islam, Christianity are false religions. Paris commune, Enlightenment, Russian revolution were mere sparks of human consciousness, an aberration. Those who thought these would guide humanity's march towards peace and progress have been dually punished and made irrelevant politically.

It is only barbarism, which brings you to power. All other faiths are impotent and powerless. Islam and Allah cannot save you, Jesus Christ "non-white" son of "white" God cannot save you. Barbarism alone can promise salvation. Barbarism alone gives security to your life.

I seriously decided to adopt barbarism as my religion. I visited Kashmir valley and met one of my classmates who is chief of one terrorist outfit. He gave me a warm welcome. When I told him of my intention to join his terrorist outfit, he politely declined saying that in Kashmir killing can only be done in the name of Allah, not under the banner of atheism. You are known as an atheist, therefore cannot operate here. When I insisted, he gave me a recommendation letter addressed to American ambassador in Delhi for a suitable assignment. The ambassador is a regular visitor to the valley, meeting terrorist leaders there.

I met American ambassador in New Delhi, he warmly received me. He got nostalgic while narrating, how the supporters of Kashmiri militant leader welcome him with Allah-o-Akbar slogans when he visits the valley. I told him everything about me. He vouched my name to a high rank barbarian, Rumsfled and advised me to leave for U.S for a meeting with him.

When I reached U.S. Rumsfeld was briefed about me. He advised me not to tell any one that you are an atheist and pose to be a God fearing person. Rumsfeld explained: “We are God fearing people and do not like atheism. We have won a war against God denying communists and mobilized God-fearing people world over against them. We will face same problem as your Kashmiri militant friend faced in inducting you in his outfit. You better call your self a Humanist.” I agreed meekly. He was glad and said: “America needs humanists. Iranian regime is violating Human rights and America being humanist “state” cannot tolerate this. If you can help us against Iran then my Boss will give you audience.

Next day I took my oath by putting my hands over scared books of barbarism. Like Muslims have Quran and Christins have Bible, We barbarians too have scared books. These books are secret books what are popularly known as classified documents like that of C.I.A. These scared books were record of assassination, genocide, covert operations unleashed against C.P’s all over the world. Like Brahmins consider their sacred books Vedas as their intellectual property, our scared books are the property of great barbarians and in their safe custody. If you are not a barbarian and will put your hands on these sacred books you will get killed. Such is my religion. I am a proud barbarian.

After Brahmins, Leninists and its sects like Moaism and Stalinism possess the highest numbers of scared books. Their faith in equality and social justice can be customized according to the Party needs and the state policies. That is great. They consider themselves to be chosen by history. That is fantastic. Their rational and scientific scared books make them capable of contriving a dictatorship of the proletariat in deeply tribal society like Afghanistan. That is marvelous.

Later Bush, the Big Boss of Barbarians gave me audience. Bush looked like huge leviathan with hairs all over his body like I had seen in the movie "The Mighty Himalayan Man”. He took me on his hands. Later I was told that this is what Muslims call Baityat, submission to someone’s authority.

Barbarism is an elitist regimental non-missionizing underground religion. However unlike army, barbarians do not have dress codes. Barbarism is like a tall pyramid. If we classify whole humanity according to social power it will look like a pyramid at the bottom of which is 80% humanity and in the middle is 15% and at the top are 5% of barbarian’s bosses.

Under Ground religion
It is very difficult to get admission in the rank and file of barbarians. But once you become barbarian you cannot renounce it, the penalty is death. Had not the ugliest barbarian Rumsfeld vouched for me I would have never been “admitted” into the fold of barbarism. He did me a great favour.

The secret of the success of barbarism is that we, barbarians, have turned churches, mosques and temples into our hideouts. We subvert everything, which might go against us. We pose as priests mullahs, freedom fighters, professional revolutionaries and what not.

We put new comers, aspiring barbarains, to severe test. They have to destroy the week human beings popularly known as the common people (C.Pis our code word for these Coward & Powerless People). We test their ruthlessness and hate against the CPs(common people). We hunt aspiring barbarians to kill them so that their capability of working underground is proved beyond doubt. More they protect their own lives and more they kill the common people, more chances are there that the newcomer will be accepted as a barbarian. We test their ability to hold deceptive communication capability. They should run their own media to deceive C.P’s and to win their hearts and minds. This process is called grooming in barbarian faith. Once their credentials are proved, we shake hands with them and allow them to become our partners.

When any barbarian sect gets establish, we celebrate the occasion by slaughtering thousands of C.P’s as per the great tradition of barbarism. It happened when barbarians in Hindustan were given autonomy and India and Pakistan states took birth. Holi was celebrated with the blood of hundreds of thousands of C.P’s. Some foolish victims of these ceremonies have yet to recover from the trauma. Their dill mangy more (they want more bloodshed.).

Articles of faith

The whole edifice of barbarism is based on "kill or be killed" and MADness(mutaully Assured Destruction) principles. The kill or be killed is one of the core beliefs of barbarism whether in economic, social, political, cultural realms. MADness is a pillar of barbarism. I will kill you coldbloodedly without any emotion been aroused, if you do not have power to kill me. If both of us assure each other credible self-destruction, then peace will prevail. Since all barbarians are battle ready, no one shows canine teeths to the other, instead they negotaite their conflicts and engage each other in talks. That is what civilised people are supposed to do.

Barbarisms is a fine art and faith of living at the cost of C.P’s (the common people) who are lazy, losers, weak, impotent, passive, cowardly, and lack self respect, self-esteem and dignity. It is not that we want to kill all of them unnecessarily. We in fact need them, as in their weakness lies our strength. If there are no week people, barbarism as a faith would vanish and our way of life will cease to exist.

For barbarians work is a sin. We make CP's to work for us under our command and control and these foolish folks call it worship. We have turned them beasts of burden like donkeys and they proudly call themselves the workers. We have enslaved them mentally, economically, socially, politically and culturally, and they call it freedom and democracy. They see what we want them, to see, they listen what we want them to listen, they talk what we want them to talk about. They are parrots, owls and donkeys and sheep. They live for us. We act through them turning them as our appendages. We have convinced 80% of C.P’s (the common people) of their impotence and powerlessness and our invincibility and our indispensability. They are scared of death and willing to live at all costs under all conditions like filthy bad smelling worms of a gutter.

Barbarism in service of the humanity

Barbarism is the religion of the strong. It serves humanity by reducing number of parasites living on earth ---abode of humanity. Shaping its gene poll, making "white" genes more dominant and "non-white" genes more recessive. Surplus C.P’s, for whom we have no work, humanity needs to get rid of them. We, barbarians, have a right to dispose them off, cull them whenever it is necessary. These wars and pogroms are meant for that. Those who call these wars senseless do not appreciate this.

Barbarism also helps in integration of humanity. We have smoked out Afghan tribals from Afghanistan and today they are co-existing with other common people all over the world including industrial nations. We have scattered Kashmiris all over India. They are getting assimilated with other common people. Aha! A great job indeed. We have forced Sikhs to leave "Sada Punjab" and they got settled all over the world. We have grabbed land from Palestinian people and gave it to hardcore Jews so that the Chriataindom gets rid of Jews. We have forced the modernised secular minded Palestinian live side by side with other culturlly backward Arab tribals all over the Arab world. The process is in progress. Thus barbarism is doing miracles in integrating humanity.

Barbarism deceptive communication

I am thrilled with the deceptive communication capability of barbarism. Its strength lies in its creating deceptions and illusions. Barbarians do not only enslave CP’s physically with actual or threat to use of force but through mind control also. We make their “thumb” our appendages, we lock their “cerebral cortex” (brain), and we control their senses and their perception by contriving the world of Maya (illusory world) for them in which they take birth and die. We never allow CP’s to break this world of Maya and face the real world, which might lead to their self-emancipation. If any one CP gets emancipated we anihilate him physically without any delay. We have created great deceptions like "war on terrorism", Kashmir problem, Taliban, Isreal Ayodhya etc.

War on Terrorism

"war on terrorism” is a double-edged sword. It is not only "weapon of mass deception" but also a "weapon of mass destruction". One of the greatest deceptions in the history of barbarism. It is "war on terrorism" that makes millions of Americans to behave irrationally like idiots. It will prove to be most effective instrument of global governance under barbarism. That is great.

For barbarisms “war on terrorism” is like Brahama aster, last and the only weapon capable of destroying any C.Ps anywhere in the world. It is "war on terrorism", which can be turned into winnable nuclear war, if need arises. It is a great leap ahead. It has made the author of this deception, Bush Brahama of this mellinium.

All CPs all over the world tremble with fear kneeling down and bowing before the Bush, the destroyer. The lesser barbarians the world over are re-iterating their faith in barbarism and All Mighty Bush.

Now the situation is this. Anyone trying to raise finger against barbarism anywhere in the world will be duely punished. One militant Sherman Austin committed blasphemy by raising his fist against barbarism calling “war on terrorism” bad names. A White American judge recently sentenced him for posting blasphemous articles on his web site See the irony a militant is so frightened by "war on terrorism" that he meekly accepted punishment awarded to him. Aha!

"War on terrorism" has attained the status of a full-fledged religion. Bush playing the role of All mighty God and his family friend Osama playing the role of Satan. Like any other religion, "war on terrorism" has its own myths. Once upon a time Osama was God fearing, loyal and obedient servant of Almight Bush. Osama tuned against Bush and became Satan. Now Osama is being held responsible for anything going wrong against Bush and his Kingdom of White God. Millions of dollars are being spent to spread the myth and demonize Osama. How a friend became foe? The question is never addressed.

Although Bush is the author of "war on terrorism" myth, the credit goes to Osama. Osama's name will be written in golden letter in the history of barbarism. Bush got inspiration for the "war on terrorism" myth from Osama who successfully shredded American C.P's feeling of invincibilty and gave the world long video shorts of thousands of American CP's being buried alive under the debris of Twin Tower. It is tragic that some idiots in America still brag of their invincibilty. They think they are Bush who has power and the right to kill anyone anywhere in the world. American CP's cannot kill a cockroach but they might get killed like cockroaches in this "war on terrorism". They do not understand this and their dil mangey more.

Now CP's have been caught in vicious circle of death and destruction from which there seems to be no esacpe. However this will help making humanity smarter and slimmer and reduce unneccessary "mass" from the earth. The great thing about "war on terrorism" is that it is never ending and it will keep barbarism alive inshallah(God willing). It will enable barbarians to cull CPs at a massive scale without getting in trouble. No need for wasting money over family planning programmes.


One more deception is knowns as Kashmir problem created by Indian and Pakistani barbarians jointly. This is a wonderful deception and has served barbarism a lot. It helped barbarians--Indian, Pakistani and Kashmiri--to liquidate hundreds of thousand of good for nothing C.P’s on both sides of the Line Of Control. And it has potential of serving barbarism in future too inshalah(God willing).

I am proud of Pakistani barbarians; they have created a wonderful deception. Pakistani barbarians, while denying the right of self-determination and human rights to C.P’s living in Balitistan, Gilgat and other areas under their control, are beating the drum of self-determination for the C.P’s of Kashmir valley and getting them killed, that is great.

Indian barbarians in uniform kill C.P’s living under the control of Pakistani barbarians in border areas. Pakistani barbarians cannot kill these good for anything C.P’s but they allow Indian barbarians to kill them. In turn Pakistani barbarians oblige India by killing C.P’s under the control of Indian barbarians. That is why neither Indian nor Pakistani barbarians settle them elsewhere to protect their lives. These C.P’s are pursuing nomadic and postoral life style. The Indian and Pakistani barbarians have to spend more on these CP's than they produce. Therefore they need to dispose them off. Pakistani and Indian barbarians help each other in doing so.

Barbarians in uniform called Indian security forces kill civilians, their own citizens in the name of security by firing indiscriminately over them. Pro-Pakistani barbarians --who are without uniform-- known as terrorists kill civilians and attack pro-India barbarians deliberately in crowded places. While barbarians-- pro-India and pro Pakistani-- have been killed in hundreds the Kashmiri CP’s have been killed in thousands.

The development under barbarism is a do-it-for-yourself affair. You have to do it your self and no one will do it for you. But Kashmiri CP's are foolish; they do not understand this. They demand development and progress from Indian barbarians. You cannot beg progress and development. It is not that Indian barbarians do not provide funds to Kashmiris. But Kashmiri CPs do not deserve these. Instead pro-India Kashmiri barbarians use these funds for do-it-for-youself development. Moreever bringing train upto Srinagar and working for economic integration of Kashmir valley is not on their agenda. They spend funds on military operations, because arms dealers give hefty commision to Indian barbarians.

It is also true of pro-Pak Kashmiri barbarians, funds for "Azadi" (freedom) of CPs in Kashmir are channeled through Pro-Pakistan Kashmiri barbarians and they use these funds for do-it-for-yourself progress and development. Pro Pak Kashmiri barbarians buy fixed assets in safe heavens (Indian cities) and fill banks accounts in Indian banks.


I salute Indian barbarians for creating Ayodhya Maya (illusion) out of nothing and making it a national problem. This problem has resulted in elimination of thousands of C.P’s so far and it is still bullish. Recently the Ayodhya problem got its fullest expression in Gujarat State of India, after its successful experiment in Mumbai State of India. Now whole India is an open laboratory for Ayodhya Maya.

We are proud of our co-religionist Prime Minister Vaj payee for giving the world very incredible close video shorts of rottenness in Gujarat. I will never forget his contribution to the traditions of barbarism. Burning of people alive, children and women wailing. Everywhere fire and arson. Barbarians hunting for their prey unhindered for weeks. It was fantastic. I salute you "peot" Vaj payee for enriching barbarian archives.

The weak and cowardly circumcised Indians, popularly known as Muslim Indians, are being provoked to annihilate militant section of Hindu population (who are victims of rural underdevelopment, poverty and disease but unwilling to die a slow death in their villages) thronging to cities, creating law and order problems for Indian barbarians.

The Ayodhya problem takes care of these C.P’s and provokes them against Indian Muslims who are already living in cities. A section of Indian media is engaged in profiling Muslim Indians as Bangaladeshis and terrorists. This gives a good pretext to the police to control the city population with the help of what the Indian media calls Hindu Right. As a matter of fact over-crowded Indian cities need to be cleansed of surplus population of CP’s coming from decadent villages. Since we in India run barbarism in the name of democracy, we cannot control the population inflow in our cities as China does i.e issuing "visas' to the rural people when they visit cities.

We barbarians appreciate Hindu CP’s particularly those living in rural India. Millions of Hindus in rural India are dying a slow death because of decadence of village economy and rural underdevelopment. These peace living Hindus are eating poisonious grass to fill their belly.

Indian CP’s grow eatable crops and Indian barbarians are fixing the selling price of the crop. But they do not revolt. They do not grow "dollar crops" in protest like good nof anything Afghans do (without paying us royalty). These Afghan grow opium and earn foreign exchange. Unlike Muslims, Hindus do not take to arms. That is why we do not need to carpet bomb Indian villages as we did in Afghanistan. I swear by barbarism that had Indian CP’s grown "dollar crops", India would have been a world power today!


The barbarism would have died long ago had not rational and scientific barbarians who call themselves Leninists or Stalinsts, given it a new life by creating deceptions unheard of before. They have mastered the art of creating deception to such perfection that they established dictatorship of proletariat even in deeply tribal society like Afghanistan!! I bow my head before scientific barbarians for their service to barbarism.

We are also proud of famous Pakistani barbarian Musharaf for his commendable job in Afghanistan before and after dismantling of Taliban regime. His name will be written in golden letters in the annals of barbarism. This naughty barbarian allowed thousands of Pak tribals to proceed to Kabul while America was giving the world long video shorts of death and destruction in Afghanistan. He passed on the information to American barbarians regarding Pak nationals fighting in Kabul. (Who knows he might be obliging India too by passing the information regarding barbarians crossing Line Of Control.) The long video shorts of carpet bombing over Afghanistan were thrilling and full of excitement, whole villages and the adjacent area turned into heap of dust. Barbarians all over the world enjoyed it.


one of the deceptions, which strengthened barbarism in Arab world, is called Palestinian problem. It has helped barbarians in killing good for nothing Palestinians and rotten Jews for decades.

Once upon a time Jews were thrown out of their homes and scattered all over the Christendom. They excelled in trade, commerce and language. They helped in cultural diffusion and dismantling of cross-cultural barriers between Arabs and non-Arabs. But they were discriminated, ostracized and hated for decades by Christians. Some Christians roasted them alive in Germany. This made some Jews rotten and they turned to great underground religion--barbarism and they became barbarians. The militant Jews like Karl Marx and Rosa Luxemburg turned to militancy and raised their fist against barbarism. Rotten barbarian Jews formed a sect under Zionism. Later they were rewarded with a Sovereign state--called Israel--of there own, after driving out good for nothing CP's from Palestinian. Thus Christendom got rid of Jews for nothing.

The good for nothing Palestinian think that they can dismantle Israel and uproot it. They have not understood "Isreal" fully and do not know its roots. They do not understand that they cannot co-exist with Isreal. It has to be dismantled. They have not read the Arabian Nights minutely. There are stories that tell us how the soul of a ghost lies not in his body but in a bird. The ghost can only be killed by killing the bird in such a way that not a single drop of blood fells on earth. Likewise if Palestinians want to dismantle Israel, they need to strangle the neck of vulture called America, so strongly that no supply of blood reaches its brain. Although it is not so easy as the vulture, America will take every bit of the flesh of their body with its beck. But it is not impossible too.

I am proud of one of the ugliest barbarian Aaron Sharon. He is defending outpost of barbarism--popularly known as Israeli-- in Arab world. He has turned Isreal into a labortary and training center for barbarian and hundreds all over the world are getting training there in covert operations like assasinations and anihilations of C.P's. He is doing a commendable service to barbarism. While denying right to return to CP’s of Palestinians, he is settling cannon fodder’s from all over the world to defend the fort of barbarism in the name of Zionism. A great idea indeed. Today Israel is a strong fort of barbarism in Middle East, enriching archives of barbarism.

Why there is so much of conflict and war the world over? This is not because of "clash of civilisation" but CP’s (the common people) are to be blamed for this. I have seen clash of civilization with my “naked” eyes. Once I got a porno video clipping in my e-mail. I witnessed a high caste (rather high breed) dog "clashing" with "white female "human being". I could see men and women off screen goading this dog to have a "clash" with her again and again. The dog was not really interested as it did not find it an enjoyable activity and wanted some from its own speci. However it looked as if dog was avenging centuries old subjugation of its specie by human being through domestification. The dog was proud riding over an ashraful mukhlokat (the best of the creation of God). And this ashrafal mukhlokat did it for a few dollars. I do not know the author of famous book the "clash of civilization". I seriously recommend this video clipping to him.

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