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News ::
Beware of forged posts in the name of Stephen DeVoy. (english)
09 Sep 2003
Modified: 10:19:25 PM
California based brownshirt group is forging posts in my name.
A California based brownshirt group that has made claims of being connected to the FBI has been posting forged articles in my name. Everything I write is on my websites. If anything appears on IndyMedia bearing my name that is either not published on my websites or differs from that which has been posted on my websites, assume that it has been forged.

For more information on the harassment campaign, see:

The following are my websites. Anything bearing my name that is not published on one of these websites is a forgery:

Stephen DeVoy
See also:


You are a liar. I found the same article. (english)
09 Sep 2003

Due to harassment by
John Daley of the
Boston Police Department (see below), our updates have
been interrupted.
Here is the home page of the
Boston Police Officer engaged in a COINTELPRO operation against this website:
John Daley

Looking at his home page, he
resembles this photo from our database of Boston Police Department, Special
Operations, photos.  This may not be him, but there is a strong similarity:

Is there a connection to
KOBE?  I don't know.  However, there are some reasons to believe that there is. 
I will write on this later.  If there is a connection to KOBE, then the BPD is
associated with death threats against me.
Since exposing Boston
IndyMedia's connection to the Boston Police Department, they've banned my IP
address.  I can still get on through other means.

You are the Enemy
Seeing cops dressed like soldiers is
bad enough, but with the cosmetic transformation has come a change in the
attitude of cops toward the rest of us. They don't seem to like us any more.
They don't just dislike us.  They engage in active harassment against us.


Daley of the Boston Police Department Violates Copyright Law While
Engaging in COINTELPRO Operation
Daley, Member of the Boston Police Department and Owner of a Boston Police
Department, Special Operations Website, violated copyright law and a
specific prohibition against use of my photos by members of law
Here is
the copyright notice he violated:
use granted to all antiwar, anti-Bush, anarchist, communist, and/or
Islamic publications or organizations.
Use by pro-war, pro-Bush, Zionist, and/or Neo-Conservative publications or
organizations is prohibited.
Use by all governmental organizations is prohibited.
Use by the ADL, JDL, JDO, Free Republic and/or their members is
Use by American and/or Israeli corporate media is prohibited.
Copyright © 2003, Stephen DeVoy"
Here is
a screen shot of his violation of the law:

this mean spirited abuser of authority, a man who apparently has nothing
better to do than to troll anarchist websites and call female protester's
"hot chicks", hotlinked our graphics, we took the liberty of changing them
on him.  Here are screen shots of what his shit post looks like now:

In an
effort to save the people of Boston some of their tax money, we've now
blocked the City of Boston's government network from accessing the
Rational Anarchism website.
demand that the Boston Police Department take legal steps against John
Daley for this violation of the law.


of Service Attack Underway
Some of
you may have had trouble refreshing this page.  We distribute our graphics
across several websites under our control.  One of our websites hosting
these graphics was under a denial of service attack.  This turned out to
be fortunate.  We reviewed the access logs and found that many of the hits
in recent days had come from the following link:

The Guard Room
See the
post at the top?  We intend to find out who this JJDALEY is.
post is nearly identical to the following thread (see comments) that arose
on Boston IndyMedia.  This thread is a classic example of a COINTELPRO
fact, we just posted another message to Boston IndyMedia.  We saved

a copy of it here, because we believe that Boston IndyMedia has been
infiltrated and the article may be deleted.
a quote from The Guard House:

"This is a collaborative site. The stories and opinions are gathered from
a number of law enforcement professionals with author accounts. If youíre
interested in contributing stories, news items, or opinions, send an email
telling us who you are, where you work and what kind of stuff you might
want to post. Weíre particularly interested in adding officers from large
departments to post news and grapevine information about your department."
we conclude that the individual is a law enforcement officer and did post
on Boston IndyMedia, denied that he was a law enforcement officer, and has
been distributing photos of protesters to other law enforcement officers.

See also:
Nice try. (english)
09 Sep 2003
I have much better things to do with my time than to waste it on a dialog with a troll from California. After all, wasting my time is your goal. Apparently, you are upset about our successful anti-Ashcroft event. That's too bad because this is just the beginning.

I will not be responding to any more comments on this thread. For more information on the cyber stalker that claims to be working for the FBI, see:
Hmm... (english)
09 Sep 2003
I wouldn't necessarily call it "successful". Yes, the turnout was quite good, and we certainly had the numbers on our side. What we didn't do was use those numbers to our advantage. Passive resistance like this will not get us anywhere, direct action is the only path to democracy under our current government, and is the only way that leaders will listen to us. We HAVE TO pressure them, and give them reasons to do what we want. Direct action needs to have a more prominent role at future demonstrations.
Veritas is a fake. (english)
09 Sep 2003
First of all, from the semantic content of the reply by Veritas, we can see that he was not at the protest. There was direct action at the protest. Everything about the protest was successful. The number of individuals present were about 1000. This was far beyond expectations, given that only a few days notice was provided and given that the protest was at 8:00 AM on a work day. Ashcroft could not avoid the message - that he is despised by Bostonians and that Bostonians reject his treasonous acts.

As for the protestors, many of them, perhaps for the first time, felt the strength of unity among the people. Our triumph was complete.

As for "Veritas," he has been posting on LA IndyMedia in coordination with KOBE members KOBE SBM and "Rational Normal Person." Veritas is a fake. Furthermore, Veritas posted here yesterday attempting to provoke activists into making public their protest tactics. This is something that law enforcement would desire and something that, had Bostonians been dumb enough to respond to, would have damaged our protest.

George Bullock (the actual identity of Veritas), being a resident (perhaps former resident) of Los Angeles and knowing very little about the nature of New Englanders, grossly underestimates the level of education and political awareness amongst Bostonians. Bostonians are amongst the most politically savy of all Americans. His "COINTELPRO" bullshit will not fly here.

Now, Veritas (or other fake identities for George Bullock) will likely post responses about how he is "really an activist" and that it is paranoid to accuse him of being George Bullock. However, more than one and half years have gone into investigating the KOBE group. Knowledge of all of their techniques has been accured and many gigabytes of data concerning their activities has been warehoused.

If KOBE is associated with law enforcement, it is no surprise that KOBE underestimates political activists. The average IQ of a police officer is right about normal or slightly below normal. The average IQ of a political activist is significantly above normal. Law enforcement types suffer from being sufficiently stupid to be unable to understand that their targets are more intelligent than they are.

Now, stop making an ass out of yourself Bullock. If you do work for the FBI, you've proven the FBI to be quite low in intellectual ability and without ethics. Your foolish attempts to discredit real activists merely strengthen our resolve to continue the struggle against your police state.
Holy fucking shit. (english)
09 Sep 2003
Holy fucking shit. That is all I have to say. I think I've lost all faith in Boston Indymedia. Apparently I've been posting on LA Indymedia. I haven't even fucking ever LOOKED at LA Indymedia. And actually, amindst your making of assumptions, you failed to realize that I WAS at the demonstration. I fucking called in sick to school so I could go, and now I have to forge a note with my mom or dad's signature. Alright, I'm tired of you making assumptions about me apparently being "George Bullock". I don't even have a fucking clue who he IS. I suggest you meet me at the anti-capitalist "beach party" at Downtown Crossing this saturday at 2 o'clock. I'll be wearing black boots, tight black pants, and a bright orange shirt with a hood. I might have an olive green bandana around my neck, not on the face however, that's for when I see any video cameras. I'll wait outside the exit of Downtown crossing from 2:00 until 2:30 if you want to meet. I'm tired of this and want to put an end to all this bullshit. It's like I can't express my opinion that we need to employ more direct action (ie rush Faneuil Hall in this case). That would make a much bigger impact than solely chanting and gathering outside. If we want our leaders to change their minds about things, we need to put direct pressure on them. During the anti-war protests a while back, we should have been clogging up the streets and stopping the normal process of business in our country. Things like that, on a large scale, would have made the Bush administration a bit more reluctant to start a war. And in no way am I saying that we should have no rallies and gatherings and chanting either. We need both. The former to pressure our leaders, and the latter to change public opinion in our favor. That is my opinion, and I would like to be able to express it on my familiar Boston Indymedia site. I have never visited the LA Indymedia site, and I don't really plan to since I don't live and never have lived in California, or anywhere outside the northeast for that matter. I am not George Bullock, I don't even know who he is, nor do I really care. Steve DeVoy and George Bullock are two names that I've seen thrown around on these boards and I have no idea who either of them are, and no idea what their conflict is, so I have no desire to get involved. I am struggling to find a way to discuss protest tactics without police suspicion, and without being called "COINTELPRO".

So meet me on saturday, and please let us clear this up once and for all.

Once again, black boots, tight black pants, orange shirt with a hood, green bandana around the neck, and light brown hair. Between 2:00 and 2:30 outside the Downtown Crossing subway stop.

One more thing...or two. (english)
09 Sep 2003
I just wanted to say a couple more things. Just to let you know, if you do an IP trace on the posts, they're going to be different. There are two computers in my house, a PC and an Apple. Just clearing that up before it got started.

Okay, so I was wondering if anyone actually SAW me at the demonstration, just to verify that I actually exist, and I'm not "George Bullock" just posting on here. And I know you're going to think that I'm just looking at some photo and describing someone else, but I guess you'll just have to trust me.

I was wearing an orange shirt with a hood (kind of a sweatshirt but not as heavy), it was tied around my waist right when I arrived I think. I was wearing a Weakerthans t-shirt under that with a long-sleeved gray shirt with blue and red stripes down the sleeves under that. I was wearing navy blue courderoy pants with the knees ripped open, the left one a lot more so than the right. I was wearing black boots. I had a black bracelet and a red bracelet on, as well as a mood ring on my right pinky. Someone please confirm that I exist and was there, for the sake of the truth.
Also... (english)
09 Sep 2003
Also, you may have seen my with my hood up and an olive green bandana over my face. That was when everyone relocated to the side of the building closest to Government Center, and I noticed the two cameras on the corners of Quincy Market, and one panning back and forth on a pole on top of the NECN van. So yeah, I might have had an olive green bandana on my face. And lastly, I have dark dark green (they really look black) plastic glasses.
Last revision. (english)
09 Sep 2003
On second thought, I don't think I'm going to be wearing my bright orange shirt on saturday, it stands out a bit too much. Just look for boots, tight black pants, glasses, and the olive green bandana around the neck.