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News ::
Believe (english)
22 Sep 2003
Spread the news, Humanity is coming around to destroy
the unarrested American cop killer, Our Mr. bush Jr..
(from Google's 'groups'


"Kennedy said a recent report by the congressional
budget office showed that only about $2.5 billion of the
$4 billion being spent monthly on the war can be
accounted for by the Bush administration."

Remember, the money we can account for, is bush's
america paying commi Halliburton, more than double it's
nearest American competitor, to hire cheaper,
non-unionized foreign labor. Then, of course there's
the American pension thieves WorldCom, cashing in
further the undefended People as the dying American
dimwit cowards. Demon bush has made no mention as
illegitimate leader to be concerned of, on where almost
half of the monthly American tax payer bill is going,
while teen soldiers actually fall grimly dead for
something they couldn't mention truly if they tried. No
surprise there, (bush personally stole 10 billion early
on through an energy scam that could have been spent on
their education..) but wait.... what's the point of me
continuing when WE can't find one real American Patriot
to bill the unarrested bush and rumsfeld immediately as
American cop killers..? Where are the American Patriot
soldiers to fight the unarrested torturers of God at
Guantanamo, who are threatening ALL of US as the
innocent, US, who want to punish the actual perpetrators
for 9/11? Remember, the FBI informs US that bush's
business partner, General Ahmad funded Atta, the 9/11
mastermind. In addition to that, Ahmad also assisted in
the invasion of Afghanistan for Enron plan DIRECTLY with
the bush administration up until, two days PRIOR to 9/11
at the Whitehouse, then again, served for antiGod demon
bush to personally negotiate the non-surrender of Laden.
A signed TOP SECRET presidential directive strategy
confronted by the Whitehouse in March to MSNBC, as
having been fully implemented, with a deliberate
criminal strategy to not offer evidence publicly against
the accused, as a criminal tool to secure invasion.
Remember: As planned before hand for Enron. (Sideline:
Clinton couldn't convict Laden under the Taliban when he
was behind bars awaiting extradition. Clinton said when
asked, there actually wasn't any evidence hidden either,
but that the bushites just make bullshit up to steal
from American values, while terrorizing our world in an
unholy matrimony. (Are men that masterbate gay then?
Or, what are you doing for dinner sailor?, means what
when? Living is dynamic, equal rights for all, however,
Women should rule the Universe. (A mutual caring of
another through love shall be celebrated, not bound for
decasting. What does it harm anyone's freedom what two
humans do legally? See nazi Germany and the American
ugenics program for further details on where the bush
lineage truly comes out of.))

CNN's America would have none of this God business, just
like when THEY refuse to show, COMPLETELY INNOCENT hard
working loving families, directly robbed of everything
they own, then forced to live in a getto for terrorist
sharon to tax further billions on us all as the
misunderstood victims. [God is friend to all.
Therefor, crime perpetrator antiJew sharon is enemy to
all, and written of extensively through Jewish biblical
teachings as unworthy, blind, and currupted.]) In other
words, the bush administration has confessed completely
to US, the People, to have absolutely no political
interest in following the primary crime scene evidence
surrounding the murder of thousands of American
citizens. Golly G, I wonder why that might be.(Evil is
just the deceived disguised, and we know everything.)
Also, the CIA, through European press, have explained
insider trades were made on the terrorist act, before
the fact. Of which, Tenant, has made no mention like
mueller, while they hide behind Our American flag as
traitors to Humanity. See? Tenant and mueller would
have US believing they would purposefully leave such
fine outstanding LOYAL American Police officers
unprotected from the criminals they are pursuing. In a
global battle of Good against evil, where revisionist
bush plays the antiChrist of biblical folklore,
lawlessly warring the innocent as God is, on beliefs
Jesus wont really come down and condemn the demon that
enslaves all of which is divine sacrilegiously.

Spread the news, Humanity is coming around to destroy
the unarrested American cop killer, Our Mr. bush Jr..

Guess who's back in town?

Your friend,
Johnny Wizard


I could suggest some American soldiers overtake CNN, and
demand the truth be spoken for American Justice, but
could there even be two or three that actually exist who
truly believe? In America. Hard to say. Mr bush's
america has the lowest literacy rates of the developing
world, far, far, far below the rest of US who can read.
Which reminds me... Who is going to be commissioned to
write the ideals of the Iraqi Constitution, while the
likes of buford blount still criminally stand as
bremer's partners, like Dutch-Shell taking their 25%
minimum off the top for future (BREMER'S (american can't
speak of it as slaves) SECRET) oil commissions not of
the Iraqi interests? Is the excuse that Iraqis don't
have the expertise in protecting themselves from war
criminals? Dumfuk bushite PLUNDERER bremer (Director of
''Kissinger Associates'' (Iraqgate)), has publicly
touted, with news cameras rolling, that he and his gang
are only going to pocket 5% for Kuwait, he actually
said. I think bremer figures the, LIE DIRECTLY
dictatorship Uzbekistan plan has worked before, sort of,
(torture and enslavement of Patriots tax funded by
victimized nazi bushite slaves, why not give it a go
OFFICIALLY to America now, God is weak and stupid not
existing, and will tolerate just about anything but...
insulted directly. Everyone loves God. The traitor
bushite bremer, to mislead America so he can plunder US
all as Loyalists, is going to anger Johnny off to no
end. Let alone, Americans who have had all that we can
take from stupid tyrants who carry Our guns in treason.

Praise the Lord, and pass the Ammunition.


Onward Christian Soldiers

/ / How can Christians stand by, mute, and allow the
world to be savagely sodomized, allow millions of
innocents to be slaughtered - and allow it all to be
blamed on the spotless and gentle risen Savior? How?


US army was told to protect museum,2763,940082,00.html

General Jay Garner, the head of ORHA, is said to be 'livid'. 'We
for just a few soldiers at each building or, if they feared snipers,
then just one or two tanks,' said one ORHA official. 'The tanks were
doing nothing once they got inside the city, yet the generals
refused to
deploy them, and look what happened.'

The story. Jay, with the ORHA, prior to the irrational, unneeded
criminal invasion of Iraq to murder untold thousands of God's children
for generations with toxic, radio-active depleted uranium, submitted
the "official" American war strategy to ALL involved war generals. A
strategy that has been publicly confessed as ignored under rumsfeld.
For, it wouldn't allow the (criminal) fleecing of America, by
sacrificing dumfuk, leaderless teen soldiers for WorldCom and double
billers, commi Hallliburton. See, Jay's group figured, wisely,
destroying vital Iraqi infrastructure, that served the Iraqi populace,
would be stupid because, one, it would clearly, be an hanious evil
crime against God and Humanity, but more importantly to godless
corporate america, would cost billions of American tax dollars to
correct. (Like paying cheney's crew, 50,000 dollars a day as
UNCONTESTED commi infiltrators! (See? Commi Nazi Network doesn't find
American principles as newsworthy by refusing to take open line
calls.)) Again, no women or children were needed to be murdered by
the, war profiteering bushite nazi forces because, we had one
hundred percent access, without any restrictions.

/ / What can be changed now in Iraq, that couldn't have been under the
stable Saddam regime communicating? Outside of the criminal thefts of
Iraqi assets? Could bush have demanded that innocent prisoners not be
tortured, or at the least, be granted their day in a public court to
face some sort of accusation? Does the forced bush mandate
articulate somewhere in secret that evidence will no longer be a
prerequisite to
determine what is evil to all humanity?, now that he tyrants as demon
antichrist? \

Bush eating words on war's end

/ / "What was the planning?'' asked Kennedy. "And how do you possibly
explain the inadequacy of that planning, and who's going to pay the
price for the inadequacy of that planning?

Now we have the demon bush gang, spewing that, no need to worry about
being robbed and left for dead America, cause, LOOK, corporate america
will steal the Iraqi resources to pay even further to the bush demon
who committed 9/11. Fuk, I hate that God betrayer demon antiChrist,
Our Mr. bush Jr. with everything I am, or ever will be as human...



"Widow Lorie van Auken, when reflecting on that tragic day, said, ``I
couldn't stop watching the president sitting there, listening to
second-graders, while my husband was burning in a building.''"


Mr. cheney, on MEET THE PRESS, talking on his complete ignorance of
Our intelligence community regarding the TRUE Saddam threat to World
Peace, stated something like only bush could say- "Yeah but, who's the
CIA, I don't know."

He also told US, HE KNEW Saddam already had TONS of yellow cake prior
to the false Niger claim, but still insisted, the unproven ludicrous
demon bush lies were true as unsubstantiated by American Intel, or the
facts on our ground. Too dumbly informed cheney CLAIMS to be unaware
of his own speaking in public now. (Or American front page stories on
his documented and frequent personal meetings.) Hmm.

The war criminal bushmob conduct, profits off instability to further a
Nation's weakness for easier victimhood as the "portrayed" undefended.
The lawless demon antiChrist claims US humans have no rights equal to
his own as mass murderer. If a Nation should arrest bin Laden and
openly try him innocent, or follow the ample public leads up to bush
and rumsfeld, found guilty, will then America become the America we've
all learned so much about as the People's?


Dems Scrap Plans To Look Into Claims White House Manipulated Intel On
Iraqi Threat
by Jason Leopold

"Obey, who this week called for the resignation of Defense Secretary
Donald Rumsfeld and Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, wrote a
letter to the General Accounting Office last month to try and get the
agency to investigate a secret Pentagon committee known as the Office
of Special Plans."


Bush Administration Wants Subpoena Power That Doesn't Require Approval
From Judge or Grand Jury
The Associated Press

/ / "It's just a grab for more and more power," said Gerald Lefcourt,
a New York attorney and past president of the National Association of
Criminal Defense Lawyers. "They want to do things that they know a
judge won't approve of."


Have thugs will travel
Bush Administration puts former Hussein torturers, executioners, and
rapists on America's payroll

/ / According to Floyd, America's tax dollars are now being used by
the Bush Administration "to hire the murderers of the infamous
Mukhabarat and other agents of the Baathist Gestapo -- perhaps
hundreds of them. The logic, if that's the word," writes Floyd, "seems
to be that these bloodstained 'insiders' will lead their new imperial
masters to other bloodstained 'insiders' responsible for bombing the
UN headquarters in Baghdad -- and killing another dozen American
As Chris Floyd points out, this isn't the first time the U.S. has
embraced world class thugs and killers and put them in service of the
homeland: It appears to be "business as usual for the American
security apparatus, which happily incorporated scores of its Nazi
brethren into the fold after World War II, and over the years has
climbed into bed with many a casually raping and murdering thug --
such as, er, Saddam Hussein, who spent a bit of quality time on the
CIA payroll."


Some more Johnny splats:

Who cares about yourself if you won't listen as reason
to? What can you lose when you have granted to be
blindly stolen from?


What is publicly awarding WorldCom tax payers money, but
a further continuation of the secret bushite's criminal
plan, a criminal plan of having US made also without
questions asked, to blindly overpay tricky Halliburton,
Dutch-Shell, along with Suharto and the Pinochet
business partners billions of American dollars in
overhead for nothing, while with what is left as a
pittance is promised for sometime in our future to
rebuild what bush and rumsfeld criminally destroyed,
after murdering so many in New York City with 911, like
Firefighters, and a wise, God loving, Holy Reverend.
Where is the HELP for IRAQ as promised after
victimizations from an imposed criminal dictatorship
that is stealing the resources of US People as Iraqi?
After bombing most public institutions with radio-active
nuclear waste, then encouraging looting while allowing
the ransacking of museums, soldiers still refused to
protect nuclear facilities as the threat we were told
they were going to die for as parasites. To witness
bush bringing further hardships with his inaction in
Afghanistan, and now in God's love, Iraq, brings me to
great anger. To have Iraq worse now falling plundered,
than when Iraq was under the relatively stable, food,
water, and security provisions of Saddam's, who was
communicating, is a further blatant insult to all those
American Soldiers now dead from fighting for something
they could never articulate publicly as bushite slaves
to willful ignorance they bay as the asinine in secret.
While bush tells US as the public, the UN sanctions plan
for spending for the governed on continuing health and
welfare, is something he, and Jay's replacement bremer,
wish to politically appose without question or law?


Expect more casualties, warns Rumsfeld

See how evil rotten rumsfeld is. He plays like dictator
bremer is working for the Iraqi People by stealing our
public assets for Dutch-Shell and Halliburton, while
criminally persecuting the unjustly persecuted. Taking
as alleged, from Iraqis as the completely innocent
bremer boasts him and 911's rumsfeld will continue
protected, hiding behind the growing more disturbingly
ignorant as cowardly, uninformed traitorous American
Patriot Soldiers? How long my friends? How long must
Our God wait for One true Patriot to whom we are all
relying on maybe existing, to stand for Justice as
Freedom?, you know, the good old red, white, and blue as
Salutable? Evil bremer tells US he wants to criminally
harm those who tried to make Iraq something better as
secularists in a one party only government, those of
whom we were told, were restrained as victimized under
Saddam's edge as tyrannical. Now bremer, as war crime
director, wants to further persecute ourselves without
public charges? Like in bush's personal america under
ashcroft issues? While demon bush now goals to invite
the corrupt Wahabbi's Vinnell, the repressive Allah
haters, the dark evil side to Jihad, to suffer ourselves
even more hardships against freedom everywhere? How
long must the People of our World die for Americans to
stand up against the bush demon God betrayer? Where are
the CNN and CBC producer voices, (who refuse as
supporters of tyranny, to respond to any community
interaction on our top priority issues) as our OWN
regarding the concentration camps where evil nazi forces
murder our friends and family as the completely

Afghan prisoners beaten to death at US
military interrogation base,1284,909294,00.html

Where are we STILL?, with the LOYAL FBI and CIA 911
investigations made public?, while corporate news
control continues to deny Justice a voice for YOUR
freedom actually dying my friend? I am really the
fictional Son of Man, Johnny Wizard, and bush as
AntiChrist, is actually, for real, actively destroying
Our innocent lives as an enemy to all People, especially
Americans, as they fall further unjustly as victims
enslaved by their own cowardice to stand strong as an
army for love. I, as King, need your help to request I
be spoken of, for by myself, you sound like someone
nobody could care less for. As the benevolent, haven't
asked for much yet King of this Universe, I am
legitimately pissed off with the unarrested demon bush
and his murder rampages against Our Eternal Creation, so
destroy bush for Love my friend, or for Justice as
Freedom, or, for Yourself even as worth something to
consider... please?


The American mass murderer demon bush will judge US unfairly?, in
comtempt for
Freedom and the American Constitution? For feeding what to whom was
it as bad as letting the true 9/11 planners escape to recommit mass
murder against US as anyone? I ask You, Who ultimately pays for demon
bush and rumsfeld to nakedly continue unarrested as traitors to US

Who will
ultimately suffer for American cowardice to protect
themselves as equals? Israel the terror nation funded
by the American tax payer, murders and steals from
innocent civilians, US people, as criminals. What can't
you figure nazi slave dying corporate sell outs to
yourselves losing?

... It's like we're being forced against our dying wills, to be
as sold, bush's fantastical shenanigans, outright guffaws, or blushing
embarrassments of dying US as MASS MURDER victims. A liar who
criminalizes America as really destructing by self contempt through
his own private delusions of grander in God's presence as the deceived
evil antichrist. Apparently, here in america, we're either with
criminal bush as slaves working for Dutch-Shell and WorldCom,
or he'll bomb US whom believe in fighting to preserve freedom for all
people. Freedom like standing firm politically on the evidence
requirement for arriving to guilty verdicts as our public
representation. We do want to follow the criminal leads for 9/11
actually, while bush and rumsfeld do wish that we not find them as the
treasonous prime perpetrators. Lies of injustice
and slavery bush would make US believe we are without speaking of
real power. Tyranting our caution, our beliefs, our creeds, into
coercing the sacrifice of leaderless teen soldiers, our brothers, our
sisters, to rob The People of our Constitutional values. Our freedoms
as Justice in America, in Iraq, and at Guantanamo. Done in america's
name all for the doubly paid, pinko commi Halliburton, WorldCom,
bremer, rumsfeld and Our Mr. bush Jr. Mr. bush, the demon who does
all our talking without questioning for answers, who knows better than
everybody else put together, the CIA and FBI included, doesn't deserve
your blind praise as a war criminal I would say in defense of anyone.
Can we afford to leave more to fall "embarrassingly" dead by his
criminal un-American exploits, as a demon God betrayer, human hater?
What are you going to do about this Freedom of Yours shared with all
here then friend? As of God or the Universe I mean? To not stand with
Humanity against the injustices committed against ourselves at
Guantanamo, is a failure to love anyone as being alive even. Those are
US innocent People being criminally treated by evil sadistic nazi war
criminaling bushite goons, savages who are protecting the 911
perpetrators from incarceration as traitors. Positioned to die as
sacrificial, trading spots for the bush demon despot, because he
frightens most men into willful submission and blind servitude
unthinkingly. Not me however as whomever. Instead of murdering our
own families as war criminals for bush to pilfer the undefended
wallets of our grandparents, why don't we all smarten up, and just
kill the unarrested demon bush instead as something truly Patriotic?
What'd ya say? I say, let's just destroy evil bush instead for
escaping arrest at 911, stay loaded if necessary for cheney, then
change in altitude down at CNN headquarters for our benefits to be
included in future broadcast material. Examples to start on: DU is
radio-active (millirems) and toxic like in poisonous. Americans would
want their stolen pension money back from Enron and WorldCom, thank
you very much, and, we'd think you didn't know this yet at CNN command
but, Mr. bremer,... shockingly,.... is the Director of
the notoriously un-American "Kissinger Associates". Mr. bremer,
officially, professionally, takes money from Humanity through
privately profitizing off criminal dictatorships that STEAL from "The
People" our Rights and Freedom to achieve something greater. To take
the US authority at word in Iraq, would compel a demand for the
immediate confiscation of all bremer's assets, to be given back to
those whom were stolen from, and the immediate arrest of
bush, rumsfeld, and blair for instigating heinous war crimes against
our better judgements. It does not matter what evidence was then or is
available to justify the unjustifiable Iraq war. LISTEN TO THE SON OF
MAN: we had one hundred percent access, to change anything we wished,
by public persuasion at a publicized international level, promised to
be broadcasted nationally in Iraq by Saddam also. What can be changed
now in Iraq, that couldn't have been under the stable Saddam regime
communicating? Outside of the criminal thefts of Iraqi assets? Could
bush have demanded that innocent prisoners not be tortured, or at the
least, be granted their day in a public court to face some sort of
accusation? Does the forced bush mandate articulate somewhere in
secret that evidence will no longer be a prerequisite to determine
is evil to all humanity?, now that he tyrants as demon antichrist?
Strangely funny yes, and life is like a dream almost, but think
Can we easily change the microscopic, radio-active waste that will be
around for GENERATIONS harming anyone for no reason but madness? We
seem to be suffering something horrible when it comes to communicating
the seriousness of the depleted uranium situation. It seems we're too
afraid to face that such a disastrous decision could continue
without our screams for sanity, so we continue to bury our heads in
radio-active sand devolving. At least until the, faint hope clause,
Johnny Wizard fellow makes a, oh so cute, starving man entrance, on
hopes to earn a donation or two to cover living on top of these real
world expenses. That's right, I'm only in this for me.

Help God please.

The bushmob takes with the bush war crimes of death and destruction,
is bush vicimizing our World with hardships he continues to wish
imposed further, and frankly, I think he needs to be stopped for all
concerned, like immediately, now. What do you think?

Johnny Wizard


> Oh, and the 45 minute claim was actually referring to
> small caliber weaponry, not sexy WMD... Never mind for
> the moment about those other forgotten lines from the
> false plagiarized dossier, where "monitoring" foreign
> embassies, becomes "spying" on them and "aiding
> opposition groups.." becomes "supporting terrorist
> organizations...". Anyway, unmistakable repeating
> conduct that Blair told US he should resign over. Or be
> immediately arrested as war criminal. Simple.
> Why has Blair worked diligently to make this more
> complicated than it is? Makes our lives too easy that's
> why. When you think about it, who is going to recall,
> or fire the antiChrist demon bush?, as the American cop
> killing, innocent people torturing, heroin pushing death
> squad advocate he is by not listening, (so he says) as
> the top 9/11 instigator with rumsfeld, propped as
> puppeteer false leader in America being traitor to God
> and Johnny? Who but you can read this? Americans are
> too stupid, weak, and cowardly as dying to be enslaved
> individuals, to stand up as a brave People for the FBI
> investigators. At least that is what CNN tells US in
> silence and contempt for themselves, and their own flag,
> while they watch their very own brothers and sisters,
> friends and neighbors be needlessly sacrificed for the
> demon bush to steal even more as left for further
> plunder, wasting away. Just like corporate America
> expresses no human sympathy for the THOUSANDS of
> innocent families bombed NEEDLESSLY to please and
> glorify bush and rumsfeld. Or American Patriots billed
> billions in criminal over payments for Halliburton, and
> a soldier's grand dad's pension lifters, WorldCom. (Too
> complicated, and besides, who cares right?) What do the
> bushites care about The People in Iraq, when they
> sacrifice the lives and wages of America so easily, for
> nothing but stolen gains by increasing our hardships as
> suffering? True terrorists. Just watch CNN...
> Refusing to allow America to know the evil demon bush
> and rumsfeld dumped thousands of tons of radio-active
> toxic waste to kill People for generations, as enemies
> of life, they are enemies of God as all of our Humanity.
> America's Arron Brown would watch soldiers die for
> nothing but to steal more from American savings, and say
> nothing of it while driving to the club to shmooze as
> something special. CNN has directly refused to discuss
> the CIA investigations into the 9/11 insider stock
> trades, like America shouldn't be interested in Justice,
> or the facts there either? See, all CNN and bush can do
> to spin the bodies falling in coffins, is to claim, they
> died for nobel causes, namely, to victimize and
> persecute innocent people as enemies of American values.
> Every time I hear of another soldier casualty, I pray as
> death it was a bushite. A treasonous coward, who
> instead of killing the unarrested bush and rumsfeld for
> 9/11, or voicing concern for murdering a good people
> needlessly, side as attackers of the pratically
> helpless, starving, and innocent without question or
> misgivings. Like buford blount. Demon bush and
> rumsfeld's murder rampages against women and children,
> to steal American money to fake rebuilding what was
> needlessly destroyed criminally, should have him
> immediately arrested or shot, before ourselves for.
> An antiChrist, Demon bush quote: "Every nation that
> stands on the side of freedom and the value of human
> rights must condemn terrorism and act against the few
> who would destroy the hopes of the many."
> Does demon bush figure if he just says that, we'll truly
> forget about all the people he has terrorized, and
> murdered in New York City? (Remember: evil is dumb.)
> Hmmm. I guess bush forgot to mention without following
> our facts, or protecting ourselves from tyranny by
> Justice for Yourself included in the equation eh?
> Don't forget, Jim at MSNBC reported about the top secret
> Presidential Directive documents, they anonymously
> received from Condoleeza's office, outlining the demon
> bush strategy in detail. To invade Afghanistan for
> floundering Enron, bush would blame Afghanistan for a
> crime no evidence would TRULY connect Laden to, and as a
> result, the God betrayers could then refuse to follow
> the criminal leads and not apprehend the actually evil
> doers. Christ, I hate that demon bush with a holy
> vengence I do.
> What do you think?
> Be a real Patriot, destroy bush today, and be loved by
> all as God would.
> The Lord,
> Johnny Wizard
> --
> Blair Denies Exaggerating Iraqi Arms Threat
> By Glenn Frankel Washington Post, August 28, 2003
> ""It was an extraordinary allegation to make and an extremely
> serious one," said Blair, adding, "Had the allegation been
> true, it would have merited my resignation.""
> --
> The Pentagon PR Machine At Work
> ""There have been some people who have kind of concocted a
> goulash of snippets about this team that was working on the
> terrorist interconnections and the Special Plans Office, and
> they mixed them up when there's no basis for the mix," Feith
> said, according to a transcript of the press conference. "!!!
> --
> Hutton Inquiry: How Dr Kelly and the Foreign Affairs
> Committee were used by the government
> "An additional safeguard was also put in place, however.
> Having tamed Kelly the next task was to ensure that the FAC
> did as it was told.
> ..In the case of the FAC inquiry into the allegations that
> the government misused intelligence material, the committee
> was not even allowed to see earlier drafts of the dossier
> it was supposedly investigating.
> ..It is not simply that the government felt able to treat the
> FAC with contempt, but that the FAC, or at least its Labour
> members, were willing accomplices in a campaign to exonerate
> the government."
> --
> "How many people will have to die--Iraqi and American
> alike--before this criminal enterprise is finally
> brought to an end?"
> --
> Rumsfeld corrects testimony - twice Swore he'd learned uranium charge
> bogus only 'days' ago
> / / Rumsfeld: "I should have said within recent weeks, meaning when
> ElBaradei came out" with the revelation that the allegation was
> baseless.
> So, rotten rumsfeld too, made no formal, or informal attempt to
> understand the claims he and bush were making to murder countless
> people? While, he expects US also not to consider the wealth of
> intelligence, that was flayling around from all directions on the
> biggest public claims he and bush were mongering for bombing people
> indiscriminately with depleted uranium? How about, the ALL bush needed
> bio-trucks, or the fantasized IAEA report that failed to materialize?
> Tubes? Nope. Niger. Nope. Exact verification of 20 plus year old
> burnt remains of a decommissioned anthrax spore, or the elusive
> expired VX sludge buckets? No one can ever know still. While now
> unjust bush encourages US all to just move on alone, nothing to see
> here but US dead folk.. Where's the Tenants of Justice to protect our
> Freedoms from the evil bush war criminals? How can we stand in silence
> while witnessing WorldCom,. Dutch-Shell, Enron and Halliburton, fleece
> the embarrassed politician, who as bush, is persecuting God as the
> Innocent taken for granted?, as slaves denied Freedom to be sacrificed
> for bush??? Not me as whomever buddy.
> My friends, we need to King this world for my benefits of
> communication. We have the technology, and you should be rich my
> friends!
> Johnny Wizard
> --
> CIA Got Uranium Reference Cut in Oct. Why Bush Cited It In Jan. Is
> Unclear
> By Walter Pincus and Mike Allen
> Washington Post Staff Writers
> Page A01
> Or,
> Bush White House in crisis over Iraq war lies
> / /When the CIA objected to the inclusion of the uranium-Africa
> charge, White House officials proposed that Bush cite the conclusions
> of British intelligence, rather than the doubts of US intelligence.
> Hence the formula that was placed in Bush's mouth January 28: ``The
> British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought
> significant quantities of uranium from Africa.''
> --
> So, demon bush now tells US, he honestly took no time to
> understand, research, or clarify HIS major political
> positions of wanting to indiscriminately commit mass
> murder against our families of Humanity. Didn't
> communicate with anyone in the American intelligence
> agencies as the illegitimate President of America he is.
> CBS News | Bush Knew Iraq Info Was Dubious
> / / Before the speech was delivered, the portions
> dealing with Iraq's weapons of mass destruction were
> checked with the CIA for accuracy, reports CBS News
> National Security Correspondent David Martin. CIA
> officials warned members of the President's National
> Security Council staff the intelligence was not good
> enough to make the flat statement Iraq tried to buy
> uranium from Africa.
> The Insiders Are Coming Out
> By William Rivers Pitt
> From:
> / / Beers' position as special assistant to the
> President for combating terrorism meant he saw
> everything and knew everything. He was on Nightline for
> one reason: He quit his job, walked out the door, and
> joined the John Kerry for President campaign as National
> Security Advisor.
> The first letters from Briton facing the death penalty at Camp X-Ray
> By Neil Mackay and Felicity Arbuthnot
> / / Begg's father, Azmat, insists his son is not a
> terrorist. Ironically, Begg, who owned a bookshop in
> Birmingham, spent his formative years at a Jewish school
> and still has many Jewish friends. According to Azmat,
> a retired bank manager, his son was moved by the plight
> of the Afghani people and in 2001 travelled to Kabul
> with his family to start a school for basic education
> and provide water pumps.
> .... Begg's father Azmat, who proudly recounts the fact
> that all his family served in the British army, says his
> grandchildren are distraught at their father's
> disappearance.
> Mr. Bush, You Are A Liar
> By William Rivers Pitt
> / / Death knows no political affiliation, and a bloody
> lie is a bloody lie is a bloody lie. The time has come
> for Congress to fulfill their constitutional duties in
> this matter, to defend the nation and the soldiers who
> live and die in her service. The definition of 'is' has
> flown right out the window. This 'is' a crime. George
> W. Bush lied to the people, and lied to Congress.
> There are a lot of people dead because of it.
> Denial and Deception By Paul Krugman
> / / For example, some commentators have suggested that
> Mr. Bush should be let off the hook as long as there is
> some interpretation of his prewar statements that is
> technically true. Really? We're not talking about a
> business dispute that hinges on the fine print of the
> contract; we're talking about the most solemn decision a
> nation can make. If Mr. Bush's speeches gave the
> nation a misleading impression about the case for war,
> close textual analysis showing that he didn't literally
> say what he seemed to be saying is no excuse. On the
> contrary, it suggests that he knew that his case
> couldn't stand close scrutiny.
> So, demon bush now tells US, he honestly took no time to
> understand, research, or clarify HIS major political
> positions of wanting to indiscriminately commit mass
> murder against our families of Humanity. Didn't
> communicate with anyone in the American intelligence
> agencies as the illegitimate President of America he is.
> While demanding at the same time, he did knew top
> secretly better than everybody else does still, leaving
> US to forgo our own principles of Justice to be
> sacrificed even further unjustly. That evil nazi fuck,
> the demon God betrayer human hater, tells US, it was
> Tenant (not the CIA) actually that was responsible for
> the fraudulent evidence he argued publicly to wage WAR
> against our Humanity with. In Our name unjustly
> devalued by the criminal bush doctrine. Lies that bush
> uses to sacrifice leaderless American GIs for
> Halliburton and WorldCom, all the while, robbing from
> the American public in a war against our World as an
> enemy of all Humanity. While still, LOOK, bush gives no
> apology to angry Johnny, or the morning American
> families dying as traitors, painted as cowards, further
> dying as too easily sacrificial for further criminal
> bush exploits continuing in Iraq UNDER the bare naked
> war crime funder, the victim robber, Our Mr. bremer.
> After disappearing BILLIONS unaccounted as Saddam aid,
> including an escrow account through the UN, bush, bremer
> and the Dutch-Shell partners, plan to skim a further 30
> percent from oil sales for themselves without an Iraqi
> Government to stop them as thieves. Mr. bremer is not
> trying for a representative democratic governmental
> stability for Iraqis, for there is much more American
> tax payments in sacrificing bush binded as blind,
> American Patriot Soldiers for the criminal likes and
> greed of Worldcom, than there is to give to the Iraqi
> People as desperately needing. Right? Why should
> bremer be spending America's time invested in Helping
> Our IRAQ govern herself for the betterment of the
> People, if he wont be able to steal as much with
> Dutch-Shell ideals, and WorldCom concealments? Do you
> really think any form of democracy in Iraq, would have
> hired WorldCom above all others to cover up something
> likely further planned to be illegal? No? Why take the
> stupid risk that American Soldiers might actually learn
> of what they are truly dying for as dumb and evil? Now
> I know, American GIs are known world wide as already
> weak and cowardly, but basic math skills are taught in
> early elementary, and actually dying for bush and
> dutch-shell to rob from God and America is pushing
> things to far.
> Rotten rumsfeld tells US, almost 4 billion American tax
> dollars has bent spent per month on something about
> Iraq, (4,000,000,000 / 160,000 Soldiers equals
> $31,250.00 for example) while bremer tells Iraqis, if he
> and Dutch-Shell can secure 5 or 5.5 billion in completed
> new oil sales contracts, he'll be sure to promise maybe
> 3 billion for the Iraqi Nation expenses, all managed by
> whom he and bush have, or will personally appoint for
> free perks, from the likes of Dutch-Shell, double
> billers Halliburton, or WorldCom pension shysters. That
> is if all goes without success in shedding criminal
> bremer as an occupying oppressor of US innocent people.
> A terrorist Mr. bremer is according to the official FBI
> definition.
> All essential civilian Iraqi infrastructure needs
> immediate, undivided unending attention, and protection,
> like with food and medicines, along with encouraging
> public discussion for a fair, wide open elections
> process to deal with the serious primary issues of
> public accountability. Opened to ALL legal residents.
> Criticized openly by corporate America, if it should
> feel dictated to do so during the public discussions on
> Iraqi's loyalty to God and family. OUR Families! Who
> again, in America, I beg, to get off the drugs and wake
> up to reality.
> Now I must get heavy.
> What could be agreed upon with ANY civilization here to
> contemplate ably? A just rule of law is freedom
> unparalleled naturally by design occurring as Universal
> chaos is. Example: Would you want to lose your
> freedoms for not depriving another of same said
> privileges? Truly, Justice for all is Freedom for You
> as believing. It matters not what you think of me as
> John personally, for You ultimately, reflect also on the
> indivisible eternal nature of our suffering Human
> condition shared equally as Creation though a desperate
> as forgotten, God as our Love forsaken. Murdering US
> People for no good reason but to rob from ourselves as
> dying sell-out bush thieves, is genuinely wrong to just
> about everybody considered. See?, when rumsfeld orders
> the dropping of small nukes, or a 14000 pound bomb on a
> community, or perhaps cluster bombs in civilian
> districts, or maybe a depleted uranium laced Tomahawk
> missile, it actually kills US people... and for what?
> / / We had one hundred percent access, to change
> anything we wished, by public persuasion at a publicized
> international level, promised to be broadcasted
> nationally in Iraq by Saddam also. What can be changed
> now in Iraq, that couldn't have been under the stable
> Saddam regime communicating? Outside of the criminal
> thefts of Iraqi assets? Could bush have demanded that
> innocent prisoners not be tortured, or at the least, be
> granted their day in a public court to face some sort of
> accusation? Does the forced bush mandate articulate
> somewhere in secret that evidence will no longer be a
> prerequisite to determine what is evil to all humanity?,
> now that he tyrants as demon antichrist? Strangely
> funny yes, and life is like a dream almost, but think
> again:
> No representative world body politic, would decide to
> purposefully, criminally victimize US as the Innocent
> for war monger, American cop killer bush as our official
> Democratic decision maker.
> I hope you as anyone else, can agree to find easy
> agreement with anyone on our own interest as immediate
> need, to have the heinous UNJUST traitor to our
> Humanity, the mass murdering Mr. bush Jr., immediately
> halted for victimizing Humanity criminally as documented
> factual.
> Mr. bush Jr. SIGNED his own name with Condolezza to
> the "top secret" Presidential Directive 9/11 Plan. A
> plan to invade Afghanistan without using evidence for an
> allegation to a crime they would pin on Laden as
> innocent of. A documented plan, IN AMERICA'S NAME, to
> not apprehend the actual 9/11 perpetrators by following
> the ample criminal leads offered through America's FBI
> or CIA. Again, all completely planned SECRETLY several
> days before the WTC incidents. Planned with bush,
> rumsfeld, and atheist General Ahmad, the funder of
> 9/11's fall guy, Atta. The very last thing Ahmad, bush
> and rumsfeld wanted, was to actually arrest Laden, for
> it would have foiled their documented in writing,
> criminal war crimes against my America to steal the big
> bucks with our funerals. Mueller, franks and Tenant,
> would likely be directly involved, like Condolezza is
> for sure, and need to be questioned, then immediately
> arrested for treason to face public trial in our court
> room of popular opinion. Destroy Our unarrested Mr.
> bush Jr. my friend, and this Universe of ours will be
> forever grateful.
> God is Just,
> Johnny Wizard
> > > >
> > > >
> > > >