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Invasion of Harvard Square! (english)
25 Sep 2003
Modified: 27 Sep 2003
Here is a great movie featuring the anarchists of Harvard Square. This is just a short version of a much longer feature coming soon.
This clip was produced by a patriotic organization, and features great music, and a real message. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did! The longer version will be much much better.
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Is that really him? I thought he was younger. (english)
25 Sep 2003
We should have edited him out. He is too fat, and his head is shaped like one of those pink erasers you put on pencils.
On second thought. (english)
25 Sep 2003
I think this video will do KOBE more harm than good. In a sense, it belongs in a brownshirt museum. Perhaps it is better to leave it online.

Stephen DeVoy
One more thing of interest. (english)
25 Sep 2003
I believe that the traitors of tucson website is another project by this same operation. As will be released later this week, a tucson corporation with direct ties to law enforcement and the JDL is a component of this harassment operation.

Unfortunately for these brownshirts, I have two aces up my sleave on this. They will be shocked when the shit really hits the fan.
feeling the outrage! (english)
25 Sep 2003
As if I needed any more reasons to stay inside my SUV... Question though, the terrorists exposed in the film don't look very dark. Is their swarthiness alone enough to make them a threat to my white children and me? And also, how can I send money to Jessica Lynch? I hear that until a doctor can cure her amnesia, she won't be able to write her book "Rhymes with 'slight gash': A young American survives treatment in a socialist hospital"
That's the best you could do? (english)
25 Sep 2003
Generic Heroin Addict?

Come on. That is the most unoriginal insult I have ever heard. You didn't even make fun of my hair.
We need more videos. (english)
25 Sep 2003
Since this campaign is an attempt to intimidate, I would like to propose that we counter the intimidation campaign by publishing even more photos and videos of the occupation.

In addition to existing videos and photos, I request that everyone that has a video camera or a digital camera, who plans to attend this Saturday's occupation, bring their cameras and take as many pictures as they can. Post them here. I will do the same.

I am proud to be an anarchist. I am proud to be a critic of Israel's crimes against the Palestinians. I am proud to oppose the US Government. Click away!

Stephen DeVoy
Being a heroin addict is not cool. (english)
25 Sep 2003
We did not become aware of it until recently, Nick. Our operatives were concentrating on Stephen DeVoy, but the discovery that you are a heroin addict came purely by accident. Comsider our most excellent video to be just a preview of what's to come, and a mild one at that.
Purpose of comment above. (english)
25 Sep 2003
Having observed these rightwing fascists for quite some time, I can offer my opinion as to the purposes behind the comment accusing nick of being an addict.

(1) Intimidate others from participating in protest events. Most importantly, extend the blackout on coverage of images from protests to alternative media. Corporate media already does not show such images. This is not a theory. These "operatives" have made it their goal to shut down dissident websites. They are pleased if a website goes "underground" requiring access codes. The purpose is to prevent the public from seeing dissent.

(2) Since the accusation against Nick is false, the purpose is to prompt Nick to "prove" that it is false. Such proof provides additional information. The information is then used to gather even more information. This is an old trick.

Nick, in my opinion, is better off ignoring the accusation.

I can state with confidence that the accusation against Nick is false. That should be the end of the story.
talk about lame propaganda!! (english)
25 Sep 2003
the makers of this video are so pathetic... they splice in footage of people protesting the Bush administration with some totally unrelated images...people wearing bandannas and confronting riot-geared police.

doesn't it occur to them that the citizens of the United States are NOT the enemey???? we are sick and tired of the truly arrogant corporate swine who run away with billions to hide in their swiss bank accounts and leave ordinary hard-working Americans to starve.

as for the 'THREAT' of 'anarchist,' what a joke! the reactionary scum of the right wing must be getting pretty desparate to go to all the trouble of making this video, don't you think. talk about LOSERS! Do the people standing in Harvard Square holding signs representing their political views pose such a HUGE THREAT to society? Give me a break, you morons!

Furthermore, having seen the protesters in Harvard Square I know that they are never violent or threatening to anyone, unlike the jerks who made this video who say they "REALLY WANTED TO" hurt people. Umm, let's see, are we dealing with some pent-up violence-prone lunatics, here? Yes, the ones who made this stupid puff-piece.

get a life, read a book. maybe you will eventually understand that the FREEDOMS and RIGHTS of American citizens are worth fighting for!! they are not to be thrown in the garbage because Perle and Cheney and Wolfowitz came up with a plan to create "infinite war" in order to make themselves stinking rich...
These FReepers are way out of their league. (english)
25 Sep 2003
Their technique might work in Tucson or Los Angeles, but it doesn't work here.
25 Sep 2003
Please bring your irony under control. If you keep swinging it around at random then you're going to hurt yourself, and God knows that none of us want that.
it's quite simple really (english)
25 Sep 2003
In any argument, the first person to hurl personal insults or make threats of physical violence is the one who is wrong. Everyone knows that. Even people on the left coast. That whoever made this video did it in the first round is a clear indication of his inability to articulate a more cogent line of discourse.
OHS - remix no.1 (english)
25 Sep 2003
rater: RPH1

comments: OHS#R00001 (Invasion of Harvard Square) was clearly a pretty quick hack job. The music sounds like something out of , which means it sounds nice and ominous. I'm not frightened by the characters, though. They look like nice people in this one, as in the original footage. I would suggest superimposing, if possible, the faces of Bush and Cheney onto "Steve" and "Geriatric Heroin Addict" or whatever it was. This would add a touch of real evil to the groundless accusations and make it a more effective piece of agitprop.
overall rating: 2
music: 3
acting: N/A
original text/dialogue: 1
We should create a museum of brownshirt art. (english)
25 Sep 2003
I hope my grandchildren get to see the video. I must say that I am honored to be so hated by those that love Bush.
hang in there, @! (english)
25 Sep 2003
the good guys always win in the end!
ow (english)
25 Sep 2003
garlic makes my hemorrhoids flare up something fierce
{ 8^ b <-- Sartre with Pipe (english)
25 Sep 2003
I gotta hand it to Sartre with that one... he's in the lead!
BWAHAHAHA! Excellent...... (english)
26 Sep 2003
Our little "production" took about an hour and a half to produce, and the reaction was......predictable. We plan to release lots of new material, and on a much broader scale the next time out. Please continue to provide us with raw material for our films. We promise to continue to provide you with yet more entries to include in your "brownshirt museum".

Do you really BELIEVE that people give a shit about anarchists or any of you other non-patriots? I feel sorry for you. You will forever be marginalized in American Society, and when the need for margins has been eliminated, so you shall be eliminated with them. BWAHAHAHA!

BTW, Stevie...

Is Boston Indymedia still a COINTELPRO operation as you said here: ????

Boston IndyMedia Is Working for COINTELPRO
by Stephen DeVoy Monday April 07, 2003 04:37 PM

For the past several months I've observed a pattern of abuse on Boston IndyMedia. For those of you unaware, I've been targeted by a COINTELPRO operation for more than a year now. The operation has cost me my job, forced me to move for the safety of my family, and made it difficult to run my anti-fascist and antiwar websites: Stop Fascism!, Break Your Chains, and Rational Anarchism.

Boston IndyMedia Is Working for COINTELPRO
Author: Stephen DeVoy
For the past several months I've observed a pattern of abuse on Boston IndyMedia. For those of you unaware, I've been targeted by a COINTELPRO operation for more than a year now. The operation has cost me my job, forced me to move for the safety of my family, and made it difficult to run my anti-fascist and antiwar websites: Stop Fascism!, Break Your Chains, and Rational Anarchism.

The COINTELPRO group harassing me uses the name KOBE. They maintain a database of IP numbers of the victims they harass. They even provide an interface to their members for looking up IP addresses. A couple of months ago I posted a message anonymously on Boston IndyMedia. Within minutes a comment was made in the name of one KOBE XIAN, a member of KOBE, that from my IP address they had determined that I was Stephen DeVoy. Note, my IP address was only visible to the system administrators of Boston IndyMedia.

Had this been the only incident, I would have dismissed it as an improbable guess. However, a long chain of events confirms my suspicion. Not only does Boston IndyMedia delete posts that are critical of Israel, but Boston IndyMedia protects posts coming from members of the Free Republic. KOBE is associated with the Free Republic. Even more disturbing is the fact that Boston Police Special Operations members have been posting unimpeded on Boston Indy Media. The following is a proof of this accusation:

Please read the following post on Boston Indymedia:

This post starts off with a collection of photos I took at the antiwar event in Boston on March 29. As we've all seen, it is common practice to not blur the faces of protesters in pictures posted to IndyMedia. Immediately following my post, you see the beginning of a string of posts that I find very interesting. The faces of anarchists were blurred due to police harassment documented here. The most important comments, however, read as follows:

"Two signs from Saturday's 'Peace' march: "This is what a Feminist looks like" and "Bush needs a bitch slap." What's wrong with this picture?

Photos courtesy of our local phoney anachists who seemed more interested in taking photos of hot anti-war chicks then fighting the power.

One more thing: Why do you think the gestapo , blackshirt cops were more racially and sexually diverse then the mostly white well-to-do marchers?

Question the authority of your culture."

Is this an innocent post? Well, no. I can prove that it was posted by a member of Boston Police Special Operations, the same group that harassed anarchists at the march from which the photos were taken. Here's the proof:

Check out this post made to a journal for law enforcement professionals:

Read the post under the heading "Cognitive Dissonance".

"Two signs from Saturday's 'Peace' march: "This is what a Feminist looks like" and "Bush needs a bitch slap." Photos courtesy of our local phoney anachists who seemed more interested in taking photos of hot anti-war chicks then fighting the power."

Now, note the following similarity between the posts. They are almost identical. Who posted this? Well, the man who posted this, John Daley, runs the following website:

The above link will take you to Boston Police Special Operations.

When I noticed this, I posted the following on Boston IndyMedia. Notice the comments:

Also, notice the same defamation used by the KOBE organization. For some reason they think my middle initial is "J." which it is not. Here's another post:

An import thing I can't show you, because Boston IndyMedia deleted it, is a post I made demonstrating who KOBE is. However, I can show you the original information about KOBE that I posted. Here is an article authored by KOBE explaining their organization:

The above link is to an article by KOBE entitled: "Subversive/Dissident groups provide inroads for terrorists and spying within the United States of America." In this article, KOBE specifically targets my websites. Why did Boston IndyMedia delete this?

Please do not remove this article. People need to see this. Boston IndyMedia has not grown into the kind of outlet that other IndyMedias in cities with vibrant antiwar movements have grown into specifically because it is in the hands of the wrong people. For the sake of Bostonians, we need to increase awareness of this.

RE: BWAHAHAHA! Excellent (english)
26 Sep 2003
There is no doubt that KOBE's constant harassment made me somewhat paranoid after a member of KOBE posted, on Boston IMC, that he obtained my IP address on an annoymous post to Boston IMC (correctly I might add). I still do not have an explanation for that event. It may have been a good guess on KOBE's behalf.

As for John Daley, I was correct. He was posting on Boston IMC, pretending to be an activist, in an effort to smear other activists. This was not the first time he did this.

For more information about the psychological effects of cyber stalking on the victim, see:

In an effort to prevent other activists from becoming victim to politically motivated cyber stalkers, I intend to write a book about my experiences.
Uh Huh. You are going to write a book. (english)
26 Sep 2003
You know, should never have betrayed me. You should have taken that olive branch and allowed it to create a "middle ground" between our very different ideaologies. TWICE, I attempted (not as KOBE, but as one human being to another) to have a "civilized" boxing match, complete with a convention which would prevent the tactics which I have decided to use against you as a result of your treachery. There could have been a real dialogue, instead of a war. But it was war you wanted, and war is what you got. You are losing, DeVoy. Every other day, you can read at Indy Media centers worldwide about anarchists and other seditinists being arrested, imprisoned, or worse. It isnt going to get any better.

You should have learned from the Lion. Stealth, patience, and cunning is what brings home dinner. Not loud and obtuse postering in a public square outside of Harvard University. Too bad. For you, the term Red Line will be prophetic. Remember the Red Line, Stevie? It used to be the only common ground between you and KOBE. It was your opportunity to create a "demilitarized zone". YOU THREW IT AWAY. We are working on your route. Why do you take the subway if you have a car? We are working on are attempting to confuse our operatives. KOBE KENOBI is not known to you yet, and that may be our only advantage at the moment.
Only fools take take olive branches. (english)
26 Sep 2003
Only fools take fake olive branches from a stalker that has declared himself their "mortal enemy."

If anything happens to me, all of the documentation has been handed over to a third party. I will continue my dissent despite threats. You can be sure that I am not alone in the world and that there are an army of people that would pursue you should I be harmed.

Think about it.
Regarding Vince. (english)
26 Sep 2003
He has already attempted an assault by dropping a bottle out of the window of the building where he works. This was witnessed by three individuals.
You and I know that plenty has happened. (english)
26 Sep 2003
And if you are trying to make people believe that a Congressman, and an Army Officer are doing ANYTHING in support of a known anarchist, you had better try a little harder. If what you say is true, then the rest of the government will "take care of" them. Associating with anarchists and just about ALL seditionist groups is strictly forbidden in the military. If the military officer has ever posessed a security clearance, then he could be jailed for it. The Congressman? Its highly unlikely that a GOVERMENT official could be sympathetic in any way shape or form to a group which seeks to abolish government. WRONG try again.

Also, how do you plan to publish your book? It will be classified as soon as it is written, and no publisher will pick it up. If and when you ever publish such a book, another will be released by KOBE which will expose your harassment campaign of all those people whom you have mistakenly claimed are associated with KOBE. It will also include material we have on you which you didnt know we had.
Keep those referrals coming! (english)
26 Sep 2003
You know, I'm grateful for the traffic this little dust up sends my way. But the two of you, apart from your ideologies, seem to be in more of a personal war than anything else. The politics is just window dressing. Apart from the entertainment value, I'm guessing that the indymedia readers are less than captivated by the exchanges. If this is what passes for political dialog in these parts, it's a disappointment.

P.S. Steve, I did post some things mocking your position under false names. So sue me. Everyone does that on indymedia, even you. Switch to decaf. Don't let the criticism get the best of you. (Hey, I even put a link to your page on my website for those who want to listen to what you have to say. Fear of the opposing point-of-view is a sign of insecurity. That's something that you should work on.)

See also:
I think that article is great. (english)
26 Sep 2003
I also think it is entirely appropriate.

As for SDSI, I consider the case solid. Now, since no one knows who you are, but we do have evidence of a long history of lying on your behalf, why would anyone place any weight whatsoever in your claims that you don't know who Jack Feldhaus is? After all, you run a libel, defamation, slander, death threat, cyber-crime, hate organiztion online. Do you really believe that anyone expects you to do anything other than deny knowledge of your membership? Really, SBM, you do take your readers for complete fools, don't you?

Look at it this way, it is as if you said, "Hi, I'm Mr. Annonymous from the Cyber Crime cyndicate and I assure you that Mr. X, the individual for which you have compiled convincing proof that he is a member of the crime syndicate, is not a member of the crime syndicate. Believe me!"

Why on Earth should such a statement carry any weight? It shouldn't and doesn't.

Let me make this clear to you, today's article is an assertion without qualification. I have no doubts whatsoever that it is correct.

Now, we saw your little post above where you express regret that I did not fall for your "peace" ruse. That "regret" was posted specifically because I made it clear that by the end of the week, SDSI would be connected to KOBE. You included in that statement several obvious implications of blackmail in an attempt to prevent me from publishing it. I believe that blackmail is a crime.

Now, KOBE SBM, since you are a cyber stalker:

And as a cyber stalker, you take pleasure from tormenting people (a symptom of your host of extreme personality disorders and dementia), why should I bother responding to you?

Do yourself a favor. Get professional help.
I liked the article too. (english)
26 Sep 2003
Thanks for writing it, Steve.

Here's a little gem from LA. (english)
26 Sep 2003
Follow the link. KOBE calls for killing the governor of California because "he's a mexican lover."
See also:
Didn't he call for killing Cynthia McKenney? (english)
27 Sep 2003
If I remember correctly, he wrote that Cynthia McKenny should be killed for being a "an anti-American nigger cunt." I wonder why he's posting on a leftist forum? Could it be to harass?
Help, Help, I'm being repressed! (part 2) (english)
27 Sep 2003
"I would call that retaliation for free speech by someone associated with the police department. It's the kind of thing that happens in police states."

So you oppose the exercise of free speech as retaliation for free speech? You oppose dissent when it is your position that is being challenged.

If mocking and making fun of you is what you consider 'police state level' retaliation, I suggest you read up a little on the world outside your world.

So you better stop calling me names or I'll have to unleash even more devastating ridicule on you. Well, not really. I have more important things to do, like drink a cup of coffee. (No doughnuts for me, thanks.) Then I'm going to see if I can find the link to the adult discussion area on indymedia.
See also:
Didn't expect you to get it. (english)
27 Sep 2003
I have a problem with cops pretending to be activists and under that ruse attempting to provoke dischord amongst activists. It's called counter-intelligence.

I bet you're one of the first to be caught online doing it.

I consider catching you in the act a major coup.

Keep whining, it suits you.
More whining, as requested: (english)
27 Sep 2003
A major coup? What did you catch? You exposed the fact that I made fun of you. What does it matter? You may have as well have caught me picking my nose. Not exactly a lifetime accomplishment.

I never pretended to be anything other than a pseudonymous poster on a PUBLIC board. Dwell on the content of the post, I would suggest, not the imagined externalities. Straw men are useful tools, but I'm sensing that you are believing your own hype about me. It may not serve your cause, but I'm just like you, presumably sitting on a couch on a Saturday morning reading the papers and news sites. I have no power over you, other than to ask you what it is you truly believe in and to mock your inconsistencies.

Were the things I posted untrue? Could be. Maybe I'm wrong about your political position. I entertain the possibility and await your contribution to that discussion. But, disappointingly, that discussion never came, and instead we're treated to a flood of paranoia. This KOBE business is a device you use to avoid real discussion and self criticism of your ideology. When was the last time you sat down and had a reasonable discussion with someone with whom you significantly disagreed. I'm guessing a long time.

You seem like an interesting guy, and smart, but I've given up having any kind of meaningful discussion with you.

But I do appreciate the occasional traffic.
See also: