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My contribution to stopping the abuse of Boston Indy. (english)
28 Sep 2003
Modified: 04:29:40 PM
Time to stop posting here for a while.
To my dismay it seems this cyber stalker follows me to any and all self-publishing media that I post on. The abuse the ensues must be troublesome for the collective maintaining the wire. Consequently, I've decided that I will not be publishing anything on any self publishing media for a period of one month. I will be placing a statement on my website ( ) by tomorrow morning explaining my decision and verifying that this message is from me.

The harassment increased once I released a document stating, correctly, the sponsor of the harassment campaign. I am confident that my statement in this document is correct. The source of the harassment is known and his identity is provable. The proof is irrefutable and I am fully aware that I may have to provide that proof in court. In fact, I was aware of this when I published it. It was published specifically because I am certain about my accusation.

The harasser is an ex-employer and there is a link on my website (at the top of the front page) to the article about the sponsor of the harassment campaign. He is motivated by his own failures and wishes to displace them onto me.

I'm sorry about his abuse of the wire. It's always a difficult decision choosing between utilizing one's rights to free speech and protecting others from the abuse of an insane and obsessional party (e.g. KOBE SBM).

In the last two weeks, KOBE SBM has posted on this wire using my name, the name of another activist "Veritas" and the name of a friend of Sherman Austin, Chantel. His intent to provoke suspicion and anger within the dissent community is obvious.

As for the comment below stating that I am "eccentric," I do agree. I take this as another way of saying that I am not redundant. I believe that I add much to the world of dissent and that my work is valuable. Whether or not the harassment continues, I will continue doing my work opposing the state.

As for the claims that I am "insane," I'm sure than anyone that matters understands that this is a diliberate smear campaign. Yes, I do suffer from a mild case of depression from time to time, but so what? So do (and have) many creative people. I don't consider it a liability, I consider it an asset. It has no effect on my rationality, but merely upon my sense of happiness.

When "KOBE SBM" refers to the "end game," there are two important issues to be aware of. First of all, this is probably the tenth or twentith time over the last year that he has made that statement. Last December he announced that I would be arrested with a day. I was never arrested, for there was no reason to arrest me. His latest comments refer to the article I released on Friday about the former employer that is behind the harassment campaign. His hope is that by threatening me, I will remove the article. Since I know that the article is factually correct, I will not be removing it.

The price for the ex-employer will be very high. Not only am I considering hiring an attorney to sue him, but if he should choose to sue me for exposing him, I have contacts in the media that would be very interested in this story and would not hesitate to print it (or feature it on the tube). Any hostile action by this ex-employer will merely increase the consequences for himself. If his is one and the same as KOBE SBM, then his obsessive/compulsive disorder will cause him to follow the path of self destruction (e.g. provoking me to contact the media).

KOBE SBM has rambled on claiming that I keep changing the target behind the harassment. This is only partially true. Over time I have come to the conclusion that all of the confusion was caused by my assumption that there was only one party involved. The fact is, one party (mentioned in the article) instigated the harassment, involved a politically motivated organization to join in under the false premise that my criticism of Israel equates with anti-Semitism (which it does not), and then a small group of like-spirited cyber-harassers that simply enjoy the game of harassment. This has led to identifying individuals at four corporations. I stand by those claims. As for an individual in Australia, the method of tracing the harassment to that individual is quite simple. A pool of IP addresses used by the Australian based harasser was identified. It was a small pool of addresses. All individuals posting, world-wide, that used the exact same pool of addresses were identified. For each of these individuals, those that frequently used not only the IP addresses in the pool, but others not in the pool were eliminated. That left a small number of individuals, world wide. The websites of these individuals were inspected and the graphical content of one of them featured an absurd and highly uncommon genra of pornography that matched an image used by the KOBE member in question in her harassment campaign. The probability that I guessed wrong was very, very low. I published a couple of pages showing the evidence and stating that I believed the evidence was strong but inconclusive. Before doing this, I sent three emails to the individual in question asking her to confirm or deny whether she was the correct person. For an entire week, she did not reply. Only then did I decide to publish the information (with no accusations stated). Quickly thereafter I received an email from her complaining about the information but not denying it. Later I received an email denying the verasity of the information and asking me to take it down. I decided that I would rather err on the side of not causing her any distress if the small chance that I was wrong happened to be the case. So I removed it. Since that two day email exchange over the issue, I have never contacted this person again.

KOBE SBM (who is, in fact, the person using the name "Rational Normal Person") has expected me to behave like other victims of his harassment. Most people just quit using the Internet. He has been frustrated by the fact that I actually fight back. This, apparently, is not something he is accustomed to.

In closing, I will make a statement on my website by tomorrow concerning my decision about posting on IndyMedia. Anything posted on IndyMedia, for the next month, that is posted in my name is a forged post. Anything defamatory should be removed by IndyMedia. I will look at the newswire from time to time and send an email to the collective when I see libelous articles by the KOBE group. These emails will include requests to remove the material.

Sorry for all of the harassment from these evil doers.


Good riddance!! (english)
28 Sep 2003
Don't let the cyber-door hit you on the ass on your way out...

Now that DeVoy has agreed to end his psycho-drama on Boston Indymedia, hopefully now this newswire can be used for more productive purposes.
thanks steve, but no thanks (english)
28 Sep 2003
nobody is going anywhere. either indymedia works with the problem (if one exists) with regard to harassment on idependent media centers, or the whole thing is revealed as a sham. as someone else has surely said:

"get off your asses people. join the collective, or start your own. don't expect any website to provide you with a prepackaged version of reality. be the autonomous individual that God or evolution made.

We can only get to the truth of dramas such as the Kobe/DeVoy saga by having it play out in public. IMC's must empower individuals to seek the truth for themselves, even if doing so does not stroke the phallus of some kind of progressive self-worship.

Attention humanity! Ultimate victory for the good guys is at hand! Peace will reign, lamb and lion, yatta yatta, and yes, everything's gonna be alright!"
No really, just go! (english)
28 Sep 2003
If you feel the need to inform the world of your paranoid delusions, just put on your tin-foil helmut and rant from a street corner. Leave Boston IMC out of it!
28 Sep 2003
Your entire SDSI theory seems logical enough, right? GO FOR IT. Not only am I not afraid of you, but Im here to tell you that once again, YOU ARE WRONG. Go for your lawsuit. Jack Feldhaus and SDSI are now fully aware of your defamatory campaign, and the result of your new harassment against them will result in permanent entries made into your background report, ONCE AGAIN. This will be your final foray into madness, before your psychotic, paranoid theories are squelched for good. You are through.