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News ::
06 Oct 2003
Modified: 09 Oct 2003
Via Workers World News Service
Reprinted from the Oct. 9, 2003
issue of Workers World newspaper


A great social earthquake is coming. Our 21st-century global economy is being run by a 19th-century class of robber barons. Their unbridled
greed is leading humanity and the planet we share toward catastrophe. As poverty and misery grow, the rich keep getting richer. A small group of imperialists are sucking out profits from all over the world.

This boss class is cutting millions of jobs while promoting every vile
prejudice to try to turn worker against worker. It is in a union-busting frenzy, attempting to root out any form of worker organization. This big business government has rounded up thousands of immigrants. And it's using the economic draft to militarize the youth and send them to war yet again.

This increasingly repressive rule of a wealthy oligarchy just can't go
on forever. There's a fightback coming.

Workers World Party was built on the confidence that regular working
people CAN overcome capitalism, can take back from the class of
exploiters the wealth they have created, and create a society that meets the needs of all.

Can't we control technology to make work lighter and our lives better,
instead of having it threaten our jobs?

Can't people of different nationalities, sexes and genders cooperate and share the resources equitably in our increasingly diverse societies?

Can't we radically restructure the economy and put billions into solving basic human needs--food, housing, health care, education--instead of letting the wealth be channeled into private
fortunes and into armies, weapons, prisons and police that protect this unjust status quo?

Workers World says YES! There is a way to do all this. If workers
organize to fight, nothing is impossible. The key is class solidarity
and the building of a mighty movement for socialism.


Since its founding in 1959, this party has been putting into practice
what it means by solidarity. It has supported the struggles of all
oppressed peoples. It has recognized the right of nations to self-
determination, including the nationally oppressed peoples inside the
United States. It supports affirmative action as absolutely necessary in the fight for equality. It opposes all forms of racism and religious bigotry.

Solidarity means fighting for an end to sexism and women's oppression. Women's right to control their bodies must not be restricted. Women must be able to decide freely whether or not to have children--which means having access to legal, safe abortion as well as to free quality healthcare and childcare. Women need equal
pay for comparable work, and recognition/compensation for housework.

Solidarity means support for the struggle of lesbians, gays, trans and
bis for full social rights and an end to harassment and discrimination. Love is not a crime and should not have to be in the closet.

Solidarity means guaranteeing immigrants the same rights as all other
workers, no matter how they got here. Many immigrants leave home because the same banks and corporations that oppress workers here have taken over their countries. Discrimination is unjust, especially on this continent where everyone except the Native peoples came from somewhere else. Solidarity means building bridges to workers' struggles in other countries.

When one section of our class is held back, all suffer eventually.
Uniting to fight against all forms of oppression helps raise the whole


A new internationalism is developing. As problems go global, so does the people's response. We have demonstrated together by the millions to stop U.S. imperialism's war on Iraq. Worldwide protests have condemned the unjust world economic order and the colonial occupation of Iraq and Palestine and supported the peoples' resistance there. How can we build on that international solidarity?

Workers World respects the many social revolutions of the last century. Some were for national liberation from colonialism. Others went further and tried to build socialism. Their biggest internal problem was starting out from a level of extreme underdevelopment. Every revolutionary state immediately became the target of subversion, sanctions and often outright military aggression by hostile and powerful imperialist powers. Many have received terrible

Nevertheless, these revolutions inspired the workers and oppressed of
the world. They showed that it's possible to kick out the bosses and
reconstruct society without them. WW supports those trying to hold on to the gains of those great mass struggles and resist the tide of reaction and corporate globalization washing over the world. We want to learn from the mistakes and from the accomplishments in order to build a socialist future.

The U.S. rulers have used their victory over the Soviet Union in the
Cold War to launch a new and "endless" war for total domination of the
globe. They claim "Marxism is dead" and U.S. empire is all that's left. But Marxism is based on the class struggle, and that is growing every day along with capitalist globalization.

It is time that we in this rich, powerful, oppressor country do our
share to revive the hope of humanity that a better world is possible for all. The key to transforming the world is here, in the "belly of the beast."

The corporate bosses are handing this task to us. They are bringing back home the kind of super-exploitation they have imposed on the Third World. They are dragging off our young people to oppress others in wars of plunder and profit. They are forcing the working class to organize and fight back just to survive.


So Workers World has been building a party, based on the great
revolutionary concepts of Marx and Lenin, which learns from the mass
movements while helping them grow and develop. It works with others to
build the broadest mass actions while promoting the struggle for
socialism and exposing the deceptions of both Democrats and Republicans--two capitalist parties that have always supported imperialist war and plunder.

Read Workers World newspaper-in print or on the Web at --and you will see what we are doing in the struggle movements. You will see that this is a party that welcomes everyone who wants to fight for socialism and against oppression. You will see how we bring a revolutionary analysis to current events.

You're welcome to write us or contact our branches to ask questions, learn more about the Party, and find out how to join.

- END -

(Copyright Workers World Service: Everyone is permitted to copy and
distribute verbatim copies of this document, but changing it is not
allowed. For more information contact Workers World, 55 W. 17 St., NY,
NY 10011; via e-mail: ww (at) Subscribe wwnews-
on (at) Unsubscribe wwnews-off (at) Support the
voice of resistance
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Bottom Line? Better DEAD then RED!!! (english)
06 Oct 2003
You believe what you want to believe in...
I will never believe in communism. Stalin, Marxism or any other commy believe? Forget it...
Sure, you can argue workers rights. Me? I live workers rights. (I'm a union activist. And shop steward.)
I'm also a true believer of FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY. Something that Stalin wouldn't approve of...You see, YOU or anyone for that matter, wouldn't have freedom of speech, press, or expression, under Stalin or Marx.
I LOVE freedom of speech!
Umm... (english)
06 Oct 2003
Woah woah, don't go putting Marx on the same level as Stalin. Marx in now way supported the oppresive totalitarian state like the one Stalin ruled. And please don't lump all communists in the same category as Stalin either. There are plenty of anarcho-communists and plenty of other communists who in now way support Stalinism or any type of dictatorship or totalitarian state. This has always been a miconception about communism, making Stalinism and communism synonomous. However, as you can see, this is far from the truth.
Another thing. (english)
06 Oct 2003
Sorry, one thing I forgot to mention. The World Worker's Party in fact does support totalitarian states and usually refers to them as "socialist". They basically are Stalinists. So you are perfectly correct in your opposition to them, and I'm right by your side on that one.
it's like organized religions... (english)
06 Oct 2003
each party proclaims its opposition to the ruling class and swears to us that they are the only ones we can possibly choose in fighting the rich oppressors. who are we supposed to believe? why do we have to choose someone to represent our interests? why can't we simply act as a democratic community and ally with whoever we trust and feel is doing good work? we all belong to some circle or community. why do we have to split ourselves up into competing factions and give up our voice to some central committee?

as long as we allow ourselves to be fooled about the power of our own voices and the collective strength of common people, we don't stand a chance against the egotists and greedheads. and as long as we fool ourselves into thinking one party is more right than the next, we fall into the divide and conquer trap of the ruling class.

it's like organized religion...
the same....? (english)
07 Oct 2003
The same Workers World Party that supports North Korea as wonderfull Socialist state. Or Saddam Hussien as a "Becon of Anti-Imperialism". The same Workers World Party that formed the front group ANSWER which doesn't really do anything, it waits for others to organize marches and rallies and then the few dozen of you march out front with your banner proclaiming it your victory. ANSWER the one that manipulates activists and hassles other organizations.

I agree with the first...BETTER DEAD THEN RED
We are Interested in Your Point of View (english)
08 Oct 2003
As you know, at the STARK Corporation, our job is to help improve policy and decisionmaking through research and analysis. We do that in many ways.

Sometimes, we develop new knowledge to inform decisionmakers without suggesting any specific course of action. Often, we go further by spelling out the range of available options and by analyzing their relative advantages and disadvantages. On many other occasions, we find the analysis so compelling that we advance specific policy recommendations.

Today, STARK's work is exceptionally diverse. We now assist all branches of the U.S. military community, and we apply our expertise to social and international issues as well.

Your organization has been identified as a source that may be able to provide dynamic suggestions as we navigate through these troubled times.

We would like to learn more about the ideology of your party as well as the views of all people in leadership roles. This is an unprecedented opportunity for you and your group to help shape the domestic security policies of the future.

Under current federal law we are required to notify all organizations before we assign analysts to attend a specific event, the purpose of this correspondance is to comply in full with that directive.

Additionally, in order for us to achieve a more full understanding of your platform, we would welcome the opportunity to personally interview all the members of your directorate.

If this exercise in academic study is also of interest to you as well, please contact me to shore up meeting dates and times.

Very truly yours,

Jack Steele
Director of Security Policy Analysis
STARK Corporation
9800 Savage Road
Ft. Meade, MD 20755-6248
This is silly (english)
09 Oct 2003
"Steele's" made up company is located in the NSA building. Thats soooooo very witty.
Nice Try (english)
09 Oct 2003
I see that Psychopolitics is alive and well.