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Suffolk University Passes Anti-Patriot Act Resolution (english)
07 Nov 2003
Modified: 19 Nov 2003
Yesterday, Suffolk University became the first university in New England to pass a resolution to oppose the U.S. Patriot Act.
Boston – November 6 – On Thursday afternoon, the Student Government Association of Suffolk University passed, by a 12 to 3 vote, with 2 abstentions, a Resolution to oppose the USA PATRIOT Act and “Patriot II” Act.

This makes Suffolk University the 10th University in the nation to pass such a resolution, as well as the first in New England. “We want to let everyone, especially our representatives at the state and federal level, know that we, as a campus community, do not support the PATRIOT Act or any infringements on our civil liberties,” said Freshman Jack Hamm. Hamm is a member of Suffolk University Students for Peace and Justice, the group that sponsored the resolution.

“Suffolk is a diverse community with students from all over the world. The USA PATRIOT Act unfairly targets foreign students for surveillance and harassment and we’re not going to stand for it anymore. This resolution formalizes our commitment to make Suffolk a safe and welcoming place for all,” said Sophomore Michelle Costante.

The resolution, based on one passed at the University of California, Santa Barbara, holds that many fundamental rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution are threatened by the USA PATRIOT Act. These include, among other things:

- Violation of the First Amendment rights of association and assembly;
- Violation of Fourth Amendment rights thought the expansion of wiretaps, e-mail monitoring, and the easing of regulations on access to medical, finical, and student records;
- Allowing law enforcement officials to obtain library records, and prohibit librarians from informing patrons of monitoring or information requests;
- Allowing the Attorney General and U.S. Secretary of State to wield unchecked power to designate legal domestic groups as “terrorist organizations,” while lifting administrative regulations against covert, surveillance counter-intelligence operations by the F.B.I. that in the past targeted domestic groups and individuals;
- Violation of Fifth, Sixth, and Fourteenth Amendments rights by establishing secret military tribunals, and subjecting citizens and non-citizens to indefinite detention even when they have not been allowed an attorney, brought to trial, or even charged with a crime.

With the passage of this resolution, the students of Suffolk University join sixteen Massachusetts towns and 203 cities nation-wide, totaling 26,088,786 people, in reaffirming their commitment to the protection of civil liberties and the fundamental and inalienable rights granted under the Constitution of the United States.
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Arrest the feds for.. (english)
08 Nov 2003
This is a small step in the right direction;however, federal Gestapos/KGB's are not stopped by a "statement of principle"/resolution. What is absolutely needed are local/state/county/city LAWS that would outlaw any fed agent from violating our inalienable, Constitutionally protected rights .This way have the feds would be arrested by the local police and sentenced to a minimum of, say, 10 yrs for violating said local/city/state/county law. Please check out the Constitution for the USA , Art 1 Sec 8 which clearly limits the jurisdiction of federal laws to "...such District[iw. Wash Dc]..not exceeding 10 miles sq..". Please reread that multiple times until it is part of you!Didn't the monopoly press tell you that fed laws don't apply to the states?The states created the fed govt giving it limited powers-not the other way around!Therefore, any criminal actions done by a fed agent in , say ,San Francisco , should be dealt with according to San Francisco laws . The feds have NO jurisdiction to apply the federal "Patrot" Act in San Francisco! (Though they do in Washington DC-a good place to avoid!)It only applies to DC!Of course, now that the feds are openly violating the Constitution , we will NEED local laws to deal with this gestapo/KGB . Local Police can be used to arrest fed agents who violate the local LAWS(not 'resolutions' , which have no 'teeth') then tried by juries. This would also tend to stop the federalization of the local police agencies which have been targeted for takeover decades ago (Federal Mandates;ie., you want hwy funds? Then pass seatbelt laws -or no highway funds! etc.). I would also reccommend that everyone be armed.The 2nd Amendment was put there by the founders for this very reason;ie, to prevent "Patrot" Act tyranny! dave
Woo Woo! (english)
09 Nov 2003
Rock on Rob!! (And peace and justice group!)- I would like to raise my glass to the fine ladies and gents of the Suffolk Peace and Justice Group for their dedication to preserving the rights of all! Ching ching darlings.. - Emmi
"THEY LIVE" we die (english)
10 Nov 2003
Those of us, who are not realizing this, better wake up. Dennis Kucinich, Lyndon LaRouch, and Al Sharpton are the only major Presidential Candidates who are telling us, as close as they can, to how the state of our country, and the world, really is.

We cannot afford to lose this next election! There is too much at stake! They have practically killed freedom and democracy in this country with terror. But who are "they"? Is there a "they"? "They live". "They" are real! "They" are the Establishment that the hippies were trying to dethrone. "They" run universities and own the media. "They" think they are God's chosen people, destined to rule the world. Whether they be Aryan or Jew. "They" are arrogant. "They" are mind-manipulators. They use lies and deception to control the sheeple. They use terror and make it look like someone else did it. They assassinated Kennedy and King, Lennon and Lincoln.

"They" are Satan's tools. "They" appear as though they are respectable yet they are mere mannequins. "They" model the New World Order person. They do not question authority, "they" are authority. "They" are in control and we are not. "They" do not want you to know who they are. "They" hide behind lies and deception and use terror as their ultimate mind fuck. Their inspiration comes from a book entitled, "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion". "They" are not always Republicans; some of "them" are "Democrats". Our Democratic Party belongs to the American people. It is the party we are taking back from these corporate deceivers.

If you cannot figure out who "they" are, "they" win and we all lose. "They" have become intoxicated with power. "They" must be stopped. "They" are among your relatives, bosses or even friends.

"They" think that God loves them. But "they" do not realize we are all a part of God, and we do not approve of destruction and murder for democracy and peace. "Thou shall not kill" is their First Commandment. It is ours too. It is time that "they" be unfrocked and dismissed. To be put in the corner and wear the dunces cap. It is time that "they" are put on trial for their crimes against humanity. It is time that "they" get out of it.

We are the children of Earth. We love the Earth. We love the sound of birds chirping. We love the magnificent forests that God gave us and we are appalled that "they" are destroying them like a war on Nature. We are not Christian or Jew or Muslim or Hindu or Buddhist, but are all of these. We are not Asian or Negro or Caucasian, but the brotherhood of human beings on Earth. We do not recognize dictators on Earth or in the heavenly Kingdom. We believe that God, whatever name people choose to call it, wants ecstasy to be our daily emotion while the anti-God wants to squeeze our souls out of our body with fear and terror so that "they" can utilize our energies for their nefarious purposes. Fear is their tool. Terror is their tool. Distrust of your fellow hu-man is their tool. "They" have the only way and you don't. "They" think they serve a higher purpose, but look around you at the world "they" created. "They" have failed miserably and if "they" are allowed to continue to direct the show on Earth, it will get more horrible by the day. "They" are intoxicated with their power. "They" don't even realize it. Bush is a mad-man, like Hitler was. Lord Acton said, "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely". It is no secret we live under a fascist government. The secret is that this has been going on since they killed John Kennedy, and got away with it. But 9-11, they will not get away with. And from this day forth, 'we the people' shall keep notes on those who co-operate with them and shall use this information when 'we the people' regain control over our country, and put "them" on trial. "They" have gone too far, and only a handful of people on this planet have the knowledge to what extent.

We truly are at War. But our fighting will not be with weapons of mass destruction or mass delusion. We will not kill anybody or destroy anything. That is not our style, that is not what we want. We realize that we live in a special time, a time when "they" do not control the Internet, we do. We, the ordinary people of Earth, who just want to live healthy and happy lives, are sick of all this crap from these demented souls running around calling themselves humans. "They" stole our country from the Indians, and they are now stealing it from us. We want our country back.

We want America to once again be loved and admired. Not for wealth and treasures, but for the freedom and happiness of its people. We want America to become the beacon of light in a world plagued by darkness, war, and destruction.

Dennis Kucinich wants to create the Department of Peace; but do you think peace is the absence of War?

War will always be with us, but we can, as a planetary humanity, set rules. There can be no dictator if there is no one obeying. Dictators are made by cowards. Cowards inhabit America in vast numbers. "They" are superfluous. "They" are afraid of terrorists and want the Government to protect them. "They" are willing to give up their freedom for security, and as Bejaman Franklin said, "those who give up essential liberty for temporary security deserve neither liberty nor security".

One person can make a difference; think Jesus, think Gandhi, think Martin Luther King Jr. The fear-suckers embrace any false messiah they think will protect them. "They" vote for Bush. "They" vote for more guns to kill the "Bad Guys". "They" are the CIA. "They" are the Illuminati. "They" are Skull and Bones. "They" are the Zionists. "They" are Al-Qaeda. "They" have many faces, but they are all Satan behind their masks. "They" use humans for economic gain. "They" want slaves. "They" want the world for themselves. "They" think there are too many of us, and that the population needs to be culled. "They" made AIDS. "They" finance wars. "They" built the guns and bombs that rip the flesh off human beings and little animals. "They" see the earth in terms of "Natural Resources". "They" control the money. "They" control our world using it. We get sucked into their game thinking there is no other way. We have the Internet and "they", for now don't. We must use it as if our very lives depended on it, because this is the final battle between good and evil.

Open your eyes; smoke marijuana, if for no other reason than to protest. "They" hate marijuana because it's like those special glasses they have in the movie "They Live". It lets ordinary people begin to see them. And that scares the shit out of them. Only one Candidate for President has declared the de-criminalization of marijuana, Dennis Kucinich. Marijuana cures fascism, as well as making AIDS patients feel better. It's never reported that Coloidial Silver kills the AIDS virus. We live in "their" world of money, power, greed and deception.

Dow and Monsanto play God; genetically engineering our foods and people. Hitler's ubermenchen has arrived. Arnold is Governor of California today, President of America tomorrow, if we choose to sleep.


Eric (at)
Have you read Patriot?? (english)
13 Nov 2003
Have any of you actually *read* the Patriot Act? Do you realize that most of it is actually an extension of FISA?
Oh wait, you don't know what FISA is do you?
fisa? hah (english)
19 Nov 2003
except you actually had to go through a procedure and get authorization to act upon FISA. so its completely different...
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