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News ::
Get bush INSTEAD (english)
10 Nov 2003
You know what is right, though you still may be blind,
it's never too late to change your mind,
we're all in agreement, in truth we rise,
evil is just the deceived disguised
You know what is right, though you still may be blind,
it's never too late to change your mind,
we're all in agreement, in truth we rise,
evil is just the deceived disguised

So your living in Tikrit, and some antiChrist disciple
drops several bombs in your neighborhood, that
purposefully murders your good brother among others.
Then, when asked why, the godless bushite brethren
proclaim, they wanted to teach US a forgotten lesson
that ANY real man would destroy an attacking bushite
soldier to protect their innocent family. They are true
enemies to themselves, just begging YOU, as Humanity to
truly love Iraq. They proudly PUBLICLY proclaim their
intentions to target blindly the innocent in Iraq to
murder everyone, while wearing the official bushite
uniform as targets, being antiChrist disciples.

Senator Trent Lott (Republican, Mississippi), "If we
have to, we just mow the whole place down, see what
happens. You're dealing with insane suicide bombers who
are killing our people and we need to be very aggressive
in taking them out."

Arrest Trent Lott for inciting war crimes, or shoot him
good as dead where he wobbles as an enemy of America,
God and Humanity.

If viral invader Trent Lott murdered your family by
military order committed by a cowardly mindless bushite
soldier, would not ANYONE, from ANYWHERE, as a REAL MAN
or WOMAN, destroy the evil nazi parasite first, if you
had the choice and the will to stand up for yourself, I
mean, to be godly as humane? In protection of the
innocent? As believers in God? Or Human biology?

These IDENTIFIABLE nazi war criminals volunteer to serve
and die for the American cop killer bush, and could
almost easily go home, or fight truly for freedom by
taking out bremer, instead of murdering US Iraqis to
steal HUMANITARIAN AID destined to help the poor and
near starving, to criminally pay commi billionaires
Halliburton, who will double charge to import oil on
military convoys containing military transportation
units. (Does anyone there even officially wear a, not
bullet proof Halliburton cap to continue robbing
Humanity blind as profitably expendable being measured
worthless without meanings? I doubt it. The hundreds
of millions they have already taken is STOLEN from
American Soldier grand parents included.) These bushite
soldiers are dying parasites victimizing Humanity, too
weak, stupid, and cowardly to protect American
principles, such as they are, leaderlessly robbing
themselves of equal representation, just asking You or
God to take some action to defend ourselves.

Again, CNN and CBC corporate management are truly
killing US as Our enemies, by intentionally refusing to
air our top priority evidentiary findings made public by
our police agencies. I've personally contacted almost
all top executives of both agencies who say nothing in
your defense, nor in the FBI, but continue with
censorship against all police officers, and the will of
our Nations. The demon bush, with rumsfeld and General
Ahmad committed the crimes of 9/11, all planned before
hand as fully documented. : Claim: U.S. Spurned Peace Talks

Now, after learning prior to the war, the Saddam regime
offered the oil reserves to be plundered for Halliburton
and Dutch-Shell, along with nazi GIs promised they could
have the run of the place to steal other things, if they
would only not also criminally bomb the innocent with
thousands of toxic bombs that destroyed vital public
infrastructure and the innocent lives of tens of
thousands, the bushmob left saying no, not good enough.
For the bushmob secretly couldn't rob the Iraqi Central
Bank in the PLANNED looting instituted by war criminal
traitor franks, (tommy franks had to destroy the
American ORHA plan to succeed with his treasonous
treachery in robbing the central bank, and that is why
DYING leaderless soldiers did nothing to protect the
museums or nuclear facilities either while encouraging
looting and carnage.) along with stealing the lives and
savings of armed American citizens under that
arrangement. Get bush now Patriot.

Re: supporting known liars

/ / "Should Saddam Hussein choose confrontation, the
American people can know that every measure has been
taken to avoid war." \ \

What could Saddam have done that he didn't? Demon
antiChrist bush wagers Christ, as the Son of Man should
be defenselessly plundered for war criminal purposes, I
say again, fuck you, GET BUSH NOW American Patriot
Soldier and be loved by all as God would.

Our Mr. bush Jr. - "War has no certainty, except the
certainty of sacrifice."

As I wrote then, what actually does bush want besides to
rob and murder Iraqis as Christian, included along with
all God interests devalued as inhuman? What can the war
starting profiteer demon bush do now that so many good
people have been murdered, that he couldn't do before
the nazi SS monster buford blount, sacrificed a single
child as an enemy to US all? WHAT?

What was it about Universal health care, education, and
banking (where NO interest was charged on good
outstanding loans), that bush publicly has a contention
with in MY America's name pirated? What was it about
funding the likes of Uzbekistan's terrorist government,
or as the Likud? Or torturing the innocent to death
like at Guantanamo? Denying an accused an opportunity
to face their accuser in a public court of Law to
protect Freedom and Justice, while demanding that
criminal leads will not be followed to arrest the prime
9/11 suspects, is what bush is all about in honesty, a
cop killer.

Now, corporate americans criticize frantic efforts made
to avoid mass murder with war crimes such as thousands
of tons of toxic waste, because it is said, the Saddam
regime tried to use every channel possible, but not good
enough for rotten rumsfeld's CNN, BBC, and CBC though,
hiding the US from perpetrating the mass murder of
thousands of New Yorkers as many corporately established

Washington rejected sweeping Iraqi concessions on eve of war

/ / After military action had begun, Defense Secretary
Donald Rumsfeld claimed that Washington had exhausted
every other means. "The American people can take
comfort in knowing that their country has done
everything humanly possible to avoid war and to secure
Iraq's peaceful disarmament," \ \

Fuk, what a traitor. Saddam wasn't found in breach of
1441, but bush and rumsfeld were, with their criminal
unilateral war actions against the innocent. Knowing
Annan would likely refuse to speak for the UN as
officially represented. We had unrestricted access to
go anywhere throughout Iraq without delay as the Justice
League. But see? When contacting CNN and CBC,
management included, why was it at the time, that THEY
continue to this day refusing to inform our populaces,
or broadcast any calls regarding the unbiased neutral
facts impartially on behalf of everyone? They say
nothing but continue to hope you'll suffer from your
screams for Justice censored. We as the concerned and
victimized, are routinely denied corporate media access,
and portrayed as outsiders to the system highjacked.
CBC, and CNN censors are the enemies of Freedom and
Justice, for they as bushites, would refuse to air the
FBI claims regarding demon bush's business partner
funding the 911 mastermind, or that demon bush, and
rotten rumsfeld with tommy franks, under the helmet of
the 10th Mountain Division, were running death squads to
harm children in Afghanistan for Heroin pushers, while
murdering the American flag waving Freedom Fighters, the
Taliban, who ran girl schools, and stood up for women's
rights not to be bought or sold by the bushmob partners.
The truth hurts the God betraying demon antiChrist.


How so that two or three parasitic bushite nazi war
crime advocates, at corporate news control, can
sacrifice our interests in fighting for freedom? How is
it that they have determined We, as the World, must not
be allowed to publicly discuss the demon bush
declaration 13303, where the antiChrist states, he
personally is above all the laws as our shared Universe
of Universes? It's almost funny if bush wasn't actually
dropping radioactive, heavy metal toxic cluster bombs on
American Patriot troops to die by landmine later on.
When, the Internet clearly demonstrates, especially
Google's Usenet, that we as the Humans, do have rights,
and overwhelmingly hate the antiChrist bush for
betraying God and America as everything we are together.

It's called tyranny, when you have a criminal government
waging the rights of the populace for plunder. Seen
before, sure, but not until way back in 1073 there
abouts, is where in our History we even come close to a
God betraying demon in the likes of Our Mr. bush Jr.,
the actual, for real super evil antiChrist. I as the
god of Gods hate bush, and so do, as will untold
millions of others for the next 100 of so Generations,
who will under bush suffer and die from plutonium
BUSH NOW for using depleted uranium against American
Forces, a weapon of mass destruction killing Patriots.
(That's if they even exist at all within the nazi
regimed military as the dumbest of the dumfuks.)

I will to now leave my writing to stand as is. If
America can't stand for the rights of one single human
being, they can't stand as the enemies to themselves,
and will fall for the benefit of US all. A good bushite
soldier, is a dead soldier stopped from murdering Our
innocent families for heroin pushers and pension
thieves, bushites, who criminally prop up the God enemy
demon antiChrist, Our Mr. bush Jr., cowards, who bomb
the defenseless, US, as painted bystanders by
corporate news sources unworthy of our living dream to

Yours truly,
Johnny Wizard

P.S. Look for Johnny Wizard freely discussed world-wide
through Google 'groups', and
alt.military.police, to witness for yourself, our true


In wake of helicopter attack - Washington prepares for mass killing in Iraq

/ / Byrd pointed out that the conference committee that
hammered out difference between the House and Senate
bills had systematically REMOVED all amendments that
imposed any serious accountability on the spending of
nearly $20 billion on Iraqi reconstruction contracts,
leaving the administration a free hand to dole out vast
sums to its corporate backers. / /


US Treasuries up as layoff data sows payroll doubt

/ / If you just look at the numbers, Challenger, Gray
and Christmas, an outplacement firm, said that there
were 171,874 layoffs in October. The Bush
administration, under the cover of the Labor Department,
said 126,000 new jobs were added (mostly in the
low-paying service sector industry) in October. On
BuzzFlash's planet that means there were 50,000 MORE
Americans without jobs. \ \

White House Puts Limits on Queries from Democrats

/ / "It's saying we're not going to allow the opposition
party to ask questions about the way we use tax money,"
said R. Scott Lilly, Democratic staff director for the
House committee. "As far as I know, this is without
modern precedent." \ \


i HATE bush

Evil bushite soldiers are the enemies of America,
Humanity, and God. After asking demon bushite soldiers
if Worldcom, (who robbed their own grand parents) is
worth dying for by eating depleted uranium containing
plutonium, or stealing Iraqi humanitarian aid to double
pay Halliburton, do they then scream to bill bush and
rumsfeld for 9/11 as true Patriots? No, too weak and
stupid as antiChrist disciples to protect true American
principles. Instead, as enemies to the 6 billion plus
of US, drop cluster bombs laced with toxic waste on
themselves to kill their own partners serving at their
side in crime, while fighting to protect heroin pushers,
Dutch-Shell, and death squad runners, who as irrational
antiChrist nazi vermin, support the murder of our
innocent families as enemies of everyone. Such as at
Guantanamo, 9/11, or the 10th Mountain Division out of
Fort Drum murdering Islamic children and teachers.
Remember: 1. We had 100% access through Iraq prior to
murdering one child, 2. Unarrested buford blount freely
admits to murdering THOUSANDS of Iraqi People for
nothing, and, 3. bush's business partner, General
Ahmad, funded 9/11's Atta according to the American FBI,
and also worked on the invade Afghanistan without
following the evidence plan with Condoleeza. Of which
left the official bushmob strategy to NOT apprehend bin
Laden, put together prior to 9/11, and confessed to
Johnny through MSNBC, as fully implemented. SEE?, the 7
or so highjackers that are alive, don't have any
terrorist ties! The bushmob didn't want any to have the
evil plan decieve the American People. This was why
when the Taliban offered Laden at the presentation of
ANY evidence, bush's america refused in ignorance for
God as their own demeaned American values continue to be
sacrificed. What can't you figure?

I hate bush, that American cop killer, more than
anything else in the Universe.

So, I call on all godly men and women of this forsaken
world to come down to take out the unarrested demon bush
and rumsfeld today, and be loved by all as worth
something. Or not, and as enemies of America, end
yourselves in contempt for life and love.


The Good Lord

Okay, now things are getting personal. It seems not
only bushite soldiers murder our innocent families for
no rational reason but to serve as enemies of God under
the antiChrist, they now need to blindly forget about
protecting the sacrificed family they almost know best
as their stupid own. Who gives a fuck if bush wants to
rob American tax payers a say in paying block grants to
fix things they criminally break? See? This is why
bush can't declare the money spent should be a loan, for
then, someone might be held accountable. Billions have
been already stolen from the UN's escrow account, while
the central Iraq bank, has those heading it, likely
directly involved in it's alleged current robbery. How
else could the plan made prior succeed? Ha ha. It's
almost like they imprison themselves on purpose for our
benefit. ALL Americans are too weak as stupid they keep
selling US...

Look for Johnny Wizard freely discussed world-wide
through Google 'groups', and
alt.military.police, to witness for yourself, our true

Executive privilege seen as leak-case option

"...administration officials yesterday refused to rule out invoking
executive privilege to shield some documents from Justice Department
investigators "

Traitor demon bush continues to thwart American Justice, AGAIN.
Phone records are super simple to obtain from the phone company, then,
walla, you have your culprit, likely. Who care right? A cowardly TOXIC
dead bushite soldier, is one less mindless death squad running, heroin
pushing American pension thief as a traitor to American police
officers everywhere, who willing, already, sacrifice their pitiful
lives for Dutch-Shell, Worldcom, and fraudsters Halliburton, all so to
attempt to help escape their false deity, the godless demon antiChrist
bush and rotten rumsfeld for the indisciminate murdering of thousands
of Americans left undefended without true leadership.

Wise up, and get bush for US true American Patriot Soldier, and I'll
give you a thin shiny dime in real gratitude.

> evil_bush_must_go (at) (Demon bush is the antiChrist as enemy of Justice, Freedom, and God) wrote in message news:...
> > > >
> > > > From Johnny Wizard's "Believe"
> > > >
> > > > / / In other
> > > > words, the bush administration has confessed completely
> > > > to US, the People, to have absolutely no political
> > > > interest in following the primary crime scene evidence
> > > > surrounding the murder of thousands of American
> > > > citizens. Golly G, I wonder why that might be. \ \
> > >
> > >
> > >
> You Choose
> Evil rumsfeld lies to America to murder true Patriots.
> Rotten rumsfeld tells US, on "Face the Nation", Saddam
> refused to allow UNRESTRICTED UN weapon inspectors to do
> our job, and that is why he and the antiChrist bush
> started a war against God to rob and kill our families
> without known cause he claims. Who cares right? A
> proud bushite unjust slave whore soldier, who supports
> death squads against true Christian children and
> teachers, stealing our family's pensions, torturing the
> innocent, and the murdering of thousands of New Yorkers
> while destroying American principles like pushing
> heroin, (including the secretly eating, of radio-active
> heavy metaled toxic waste as weakly cowards too stupid
> to ever bravely proclaim their lives as something truly
> important), is a blessing to US all as Humanity,
> correct?
> No.
> Truly, they're not wising up, or dying fast enough for
> my liking. Likely, it was pro-bush factions that would
> consider attacking the war crime documenters Red Cross,
> the neutered soft spoken UN sacrificed already by Anan,
> or just US general citizenry. (((read Chalabi on the UN
> attack forewarned, the needless bombing of Iraq, or the
> stealing of almost half the monthly IRAQI four billion
> dollar America tax payer bill going wherever but where
> claimed for, humanitarian aid stolen to pay double
> billers commi Halliburton, corporate american bigotry on
> Christian Palestinians, or the thwarted ORHA plan to not
> rob the Central Bank of our principle, or the American
> pension theives Worldcom protected by evil bushite nazi
> slave soldiers, to rob their own grand parents.))) If
> you will recall the likes of the UNARRESTED buford
> blount, (that ANY armed real PATRIOT would destroy
> instantly as traitor), enjoys murdering anybody like an
> American could be, for nothing, no reason buford tells
> you openly threatening. (Demanding your siding to
> victimize God/Jesus for buford blount's personal war
> criminal purpose, granted from Your inaction and silence
> on issues of denying Universal Justice to "others", to
> later ask DIVINE promise keeper God, why you've forsaken
> Yourself as unworthy to care for?) Apparently, buford
> blount just wanted to let America know he, rumsfeld and
> bush were pirating the American flag, thinking they
> thinks theys stronger than US all for murdering the
> defenseless as enemies to everything. Expecting an
> excepting american inbred slave culture of corporate
> hatred for God and education, to ignore publicly
> practicing a continuing disrespect for Freedom and
> Justice as our own being of Humanity, included to being
> further robbed, and left for dead broke as more innocent
> victims readied for demon bush plunder. Look, the demon
> bushites dumped thousands of tons of depleted uranium on
> themslves that oxidizes to microscopic particles,
> including plutonium, to heinously attack everyone as God
> for Generations, while passing executive order, 13303, a
> universal declaration, that states the secret nazi bush
> jr. government, can not be held accountable to any Law
> of Peoples everywhere. Universal, but with no God to
> know of, or so demon bush says so.
> Fuk, I HATE that unarrested American cop killer, the
> evil false-deity antiChrist, Our Mr. bush Jr., more
> than anything else ever.
> (Get bush for the dead guy.)
> Then rotten rumsfeld told US, Saddam released all
> prisoners, with the single exception of violent
> offenders... Oops, no, that's not what he said,
> instead, he lied AGAIN to rob and kill our families for
> pension theives Worldcom, Dutch-Shell, and Halliburton,
> while allowing the stolen Enron cash to continue
> escaping unapprehended, sitting unhidden, at the Cayman
> Islands, leaving a dead Patriot soldier's mom and pop,
> to pay the blank check, now and forever bush still
> claims as demon antiChrist. What kind of honor is it to
> die protecting the 911 perpetrators I ask the American
> Army, Navy, and Marines!?!!?
> Look, we arrest those whom commit murder, so to save
> some lives, but American Soldiers are kept insisting by
> corporate command, are too cowardly, weak, and stupid as
> the not informed to know any better, lead to be suicidal
> as enemies of God, for I'd as gentle jolly Jesus kill an
> attacking proud bushite soldier myself proudly, but
> shhhh.
> Listen my friend, if you help destroy the antiChrist
> bush for US as yourself, I'll owe you booming billions
> in thanks and gratitude for saving me some time and
> heartaches. I love you man.
> --
> Global Eye -- An Inspector Calls
> By Chris Floyd
> / / But we were wrong. Far from being a whitewash,
> Kay's report has turned out to be one of the most
> devastating and unflinching expos es of war crimes in
> world history. In damning detail, Kay has revealed the
> torturous machinations and evil practices of a ruthless
> tyrant seeking to thwart the clear will of the UN
> Security Council and the international community, using
> false declarations and crude propaganda to mask his
> secret plans to abet terrorism, wage aggressive war and
> threaten the entire world with weapons of mass
> destruction. Those apologists for tyranny, who for
> months doubted the veracity of these charges, have now
> been shown to be nothing more than knaves, fools,
> lickspittles and dupes.
> ...Not since the Nuremberg Trials has a criminal
> conspiracy to commit state terrorism been so nakedly
> revealed. ... \ \
> --
> Administration sees what it wants to see
> / / Speaking to reporters this week, Bush made the
> bizarre argument that the worse things get in Iraq, the
> better news it is. "The more successful we are on the
> ground, the more these killers will react," he said. \ \
> In other words, bush has no plan but to lead US all to
> hell, for if you die under his criminal rule, he will
> celebrate, and ask to bring more on to criminally war
> ourselves as the undefended. I say, how about we just
> get the God betrayer demon bush himself instead for
> everyone in America as worthy of protecting?
> Johnny Wizard
> --
> Where are the missing billions?
> / / So, should we be asking why Iraq, a middle-income
> country, is worth so much more to the world than
> Afghanistan, which is one of the poorest countries on
> earth and has few natural resources? \ \
> --
> Some Johnny splats:
> / / Don't forget, Our Mr. bush Jr. also participated
> directly with the 9/11 strategy's, top secret
> Presidential Directive, of offering no evidence against
> Bin regarding some crime that wasn't galvanizing the
> world like the lucky, World Trade Center incidents did
> in time sensibly. Without 9/11, what would Powell look
> like from when in August he gave the Taliban 43 million,
> to then in September, going after those that funded the
> Justice supporters? How? And, where is the Saddam
> money gone for the food shipments?! Our Mr. bush Jr.
> has it secretly he writes. He also writes he will not
> be accountable to any rules of Law in this Universe
> regarding the ownership of said monies he has stolen
> through the UN not chirping. I told you, no leadership.
> (Good thing we showed up to raise the dead eh? Nudge
> nudge.) \ \
> / / So, well.. that demon bush doesn't seem to want to
> stop murdering US for his own personal criminal exploits
> with rumsfeld, eh? One bomb-shell after another depicts
> the demon bush as a traitor to everything the American
> flag once represented, but do we see the CNN celebs
> reporting impartially on behalf of the neglected
> suffering American soldiers falling DEAD as expendable?
> being NEEDLESSLY contaminated by radioactive nuclear
> waste to further profit from de-valuating THEIR own
> ACTUAL stolen lives dying? Corporate american soldiers
> being left measured as valueless, along with a few
> thousand generations of our victimized families?,
> weighed unworthy to the huge corporate savings of
> recklessly dumping hazardous waste on US all as Humanity
> for the bushmob to sinisterly smirk as Our enemies?
> Enemies of my Father who Art in Heaven? Or, is ALL of
> America just as CNN illustrates by censorship and the
> propaganda of silence in contempt, infested with
> pervasive cultist bushwhore nazi irrationalisms, truly
> dying cowards sacrificing their OWN brethren for the
> evil bush demon to further plunder God as all People? \ \
> --
> (an oldie but a goodie)
> All for our ability to communicate freely
> There is one thing that is strangely absent from our
> news coverage as unbiased bushwhores who are actually
> devaluing under the tyranny of the evil antiChrist, Our
> Mr. Bush Jr., and that is..
> Blix nor Elbaradei, nor Kofi, suggested, implied, or
> stated, that Iraq had failed to comply with the newest
> U.N. resolution: 1441.
> I think Patriot Americans would be thankful for Canadian
> friends and family who are supporting American troops by
> pointing out with no contention but for censorship, that
> American soldiers are being sacrificed for no known good
> reason under the demon antiChrist, Our Mr. Bush Jr.,
> again. The bushites tell US they wish to bring freedom
> on the premise that Saddam wasn't dis-arming or
> cooperating with US, a naked blatant lie, an attempt to
> excuse bush's murder rampages as a terrorist against Our
> families as the innocent, Ourselves represented by
> thieves that are doing US harm by stealing our value.
> HANS BLIX: "And at this juncture, we are able to
> perform professional no-notice inspections all over Iraq
> and to increase aerial surveillance..."
> Does a bushwhore devolving society where we murder
> ourselves on irrational suspicions to steal our worths
> to give to the bushmob as victims, sound like a bad
> preposition to you too friend? What is bush's panacea
> of packaged eternal freedom absent Justice mean truly as
> measured to you judged unfairly as the general Public
> unawares? How EXACTLY is the bushmob going to liberate
> the oppressed and disenfranchised without expressing
> public knowledge on the subject on indivisibility? See?
> If bush actually had evidence to truly believe Saddam
> does in our present day have control as in political
> possession, weapons of mass destruction, sold to Saddam
> illegally by America to gas the enemy with the then,
> full blessings from the great satan, bush would have
> provided as such to the UN to be legitimately concerned
> for "The People" in Uzbekistan included, right? He
> would need to know where abouts he comes to understand
> so, no? Mr. Bush Jr. couldn't be sure enough
> otherwise to toss cowardly American soldiers as
> worthless without meanings, to be sacrificed as he is
> doing for financial private profit paid for by the
> victimized public, could he? Soldiers so valueless to
> Bill Hemmer, to not even speak out for themselves dying
> at CNN headquarters. See, Bill knows bush's private
> business partner, Amad, provided funding to 9/11's Atta,
> to criminally secure Enron's pipeline through
> Afghanistan by murdering highly successful American
> business people. But we can suppose Bill is scared as a
> cowardly unAmerican bushwhore, and would rather see the
> true evil doers hiding in America behind the flag, get
> away un-apprehended to further toll good Americans for
> sacrifice.
> All the actual evidence we have concludes, Iraq worked
> directly to have the stock piles of WMD destroyed,
> provided the paper work, the destruction sites, and the
> individuals involved in that process. Inspectors had
> 100 percent access, to go anywhere bush, the false
> accuser might suggest without having to murder anyone
> from our family. Now, the disarmament process has been
> sabotaged, and the terrorist threat against America has
> increased. So, Iraq was in compliance, and because of
> that, the bush demon, in violation of article 2 of the
> UN Charter, has murdered thousands with war crimes as a
> terrorist recruiter. Making matters worse, incompetent
> bush even had an opportunity to liberate Our Iraqi
> family on world wide television, with what he and tommy
> franks would fantasize for our ailing economy by someone
> else to do the clean up chores. But, is it the
> Universal health or educational system, or public
> banking in Iraq that is not down to par as the american
> nazi fancy that bothers bush so much?, such as laws
> against discrimination for all persons, and evidential
> findings being a requirement to determine the
> measurement of Freedom for Justice to work. The People
> in Uzbekistan, are the People in Iraq, are too the
> People in America where Ashcroft and rumsfeld tell US
> publicly, they wish to factually deprive Justice for
> ourselves as equals. When questioned, both, Ashcroft
> and rumsfeld have reiterated the demand that foreigners,
> like illegally tortured innocent prisoners, don't
> deserve the same protections that the American Bill of
> Rights grants to all People, therefor, they as
> bushwhores wish to treat others unjustly by letting
> themselves, as would be nazi criminals, get away
> unpunished in devolving bush's america. Right?
> American war criminals are treated too good by the bush
> administration in all honesty then? Karma is real world
> existence, as life is politics ordered through chaos.
> If the right is Just as organized deduction, the system
> would treat all as equal principles. But again, bush
> spew Iraq could be prosecuted for destroying their own
> infrastructure, but those same laws don't apply to him
> being above God, or anyone else in his administration of
> wrong doers. It was on publicly verifying the Justice
> process when the bushmob, as war criminals, turned
> against the UN, indeed the world community, and began
> murdering our families globally as war criminals with
> depleted uranium dust for the next 4 million years or so
> as bush victims, who will die suffering the criminal
> bushite assault for generations, if an American Patriot
> victim were man enough to execute the unarrested
> American cop killer, our Mr. Bush Jr. yesterday. If
> bush isn't even destroyed by the Love for Life in
> godless talkradio america, he, as demon will as MSNBC
> reported, unjustly continue to murder millions in sixty
> countries as the Son of Man's enemy being the
> antiChrist, the most hated and despised excuse for human
> existence this planet will ever know factually. Just
> ask Buddha. While the demon bush supporters, who
> advocate blindly murdering our families like US teachers
> and students through the censorship of our screams for
> Justice as Humanity, who also advocate poisoning
> American soldiers with cancer and warmed soft drinks,
> would only simply tell us cheaply, it is because their
> false deity bush, secretly knows better than everybody
> else put together, including the FBI and CIA, (Better
> than the mighty You even on everything?), therefor, they
> don't have to THINK(!!!) And see?, alas, the mindless
> bushwhore SLAVES neglect to mention as chatty personal
> failures grasping for the authority of blind generalized
> denouncements of our unique, independent selves, that
> when their bush demon does go public in their devoted
> namesake, (what with bush's evidence Saddam was six
> months away from owning a nuke, Laden and Saddam
> soirees, or Saddam gassed his own people) he, as demon
> antiChrist, exposes his true contempt for human life
> while falling as traitor protected by the always
> doubtful, intolerant, ignorant, cowardly and criminal,
> as censor advocates to stop life's will. I've been
> telling loyal dumb functionally illiterate Police
> officers and Soldiers to destroy the two prime 9/11
> suspects, the unarrested, bush and rumsfeld, ever since
> the bushmob declared Omar's interest in nabbing the 9/11
> suspects by following the criminal leads, as a hatred
> for American Freedom unthinking, and then continued on
> to murder approximately 100,000 innocent people in
> Afghanistan, now with the lucky survivors left worst
> still off, with bush's commitment to not offer any aid
> in nourishment, but as terrorist students, heroin
> dealers, or Enron propagandists left forgotten by
> American, er... CNN interests as dictated through bush
> ratings.
> MOHAMED ELBARADEI: "At this stage, the following can be
> stated: One, there is no indication of resumed nuclear
> activities in those buildings that were identified
> through the use of satellite imagery as being
> reconstructed or newly erected since 1998, nor any
> indication of nuclear-related prohibited activities at
> any inspected sites. Second, there is no indication
> that Iraq has attempted to import uranium since 1990.
> Three, there is no indication that Iraq has attempted to
> import aluminum tubes for use in centrifuge enrichment.
> After three months of intrusive inspections, we have to
> date found no evidence or plausible indication of the
> revival of a nuclear weapon program in Iraq."
> Now we witness american nazi soldiers using Iraqi human
> shields just outside of Basra, committing further war
> crimes by blowing up powerplants, residential buildings,
> and bombing surrendering Iraq forces lying dead in a
> ditch with white flags sticking up. Indiscriminately
> murdering US good honorable people, and for what? When
> the nazi soldiers finally stop murdering our families
> irrationally as criminals, then what? If the nazi
> bushwhores know the dictums for Freedom, why don't they
> express them now instead of unjustly hurting God as all
> people? These bushwhore acts are crimes against ALL
> PEOPLES, and should be recognized publicly a such. The
> evil bushwhores can't vocalize their mindless support as
> cowardly betrayers to the human cause, and instead,
> censor our voices on the public airwaves while they
> freely propagandize our communities on the benefits of
> pillage and murder as terrorists under the antiChrist,
> Our Mr. Bush Jr... The war profiteers have already
> taken billions from the American People. Cost is paid
> by the uneducated illiterate tax payers as collateral
> damaged, and the war profits go into the private pockets
> of the smirking bush mobsters while killing dumbfuked
> american soldiers, as traitors to the American cause,
> freedom and Justice for all. God's son as creator
> included. Anyone who supports evil bush's war crimes
> against our family by censorship, then murder, is the
> enemy of America, and on all that she stands strong
> united by God unheard from still suffering.
> I am,
> Johnny Wizard
> --
> Who's the Fool?
> Our Mr. bush Jr. demands that he dictate who of US are
> evil without evidence?, You, a criminal being without
> public charges?, enslaved in the fear bush demands you
> bow to as a slave to himself being satan? I mean..
> come on! Let's get real...
> America's criminal plan boasts being irrationally
> proposed to terrorize our planet to fight injustice
> under bush's personal terms as a reject. Mr. bush and
> rotten rumsfeld ask Saddam to provide evidence that he
> isn't secretly, to have weapons hidden unaware. Huh?
> What does bush want? What could Iraq do in any context
> to please? See, if bush has no evidence to factually
> establish his accusation on behalf of ourselves, he
> would be denying Humanity equal rights as the law agrees
> upon for our judgments to measure. Even if Blix
> starting blatantly blushing about something he said he
> didn't see, killing innocent People still would not
> change the terrorist threat as alleged. If Saddam, and
> the rest of US are a secret threat unknown, how then,
> will that threat be defeated by stealing Iraqi oil
> reserves? If a single rocket launcher can take out a
> jet liner, and a bio-warfare lab can fit in a mid-sized
> truck, how then will setting up military dictatorships
> absent Justice for US people as wanting, stop someone
> from attacking the wrong People again in bush's new
> global tyranny?
> We, as Humanity are not at war with ourselves against a
> third of Humanity as bush, rumsfeld, and ariel sharon
> keep telling US unquestioned, we are at war with the war
> mongering first degree murderers, who wish us further
> hardships and more bloodshed to steal our lives as
> worthless, without meaning, nor any God anywhere
> apparently. Corporate america demands our reflection be
> of blind faith in bush's criminality as a false deity to
> sacrifice our rights without opinion?! Jesus
> kerwillickers man, a fact is a fact Jack! Our Mr. bush
> wins the title of anti-Christ by his own free will from
> my conclusion as whomever, because bush manages to do as
> he does, without consulting US on our established public
> outrage with his flagrant disregard for our protection
> through laws as measured. Scientifically,
> mathematically, documented as recorded even completely
> confessed to by the WhiteHouse already, truth to all as
> witnessed factually. Just like we were in the Stone
> Age, Mesopotamia, Rome, or downtown Los Angeles the
> other day by loyal officers committed to the cause. A
> cause that is life regardless of how many corporations
> don't know of what is contained as the Constitution
> breathing. There is no room for debate, for we all
> honestly agree, bush and rumsfeld do not want to have
> actually arrested, the culprits responsible for
> murdering Americans during 9/11. General Ahmad funded
> Atta, worked with the bushmob strategy in development
> from the WhiteHouse, and also, negotiated the threats
> with the Taliban on the premise of criminal wrong doing
> against Allah, planned again, prior to 9/11 and
> confessed to as fully implemented by official bush
> reaction to the MSNBC's Revelation of,.. Top Secret
> Presidential Directive documents, originating from
> Condolezza's office all planned before hand as
> deliberated. (secret meeting) To invade Afghanistan. A
> public threat that was made earlier for cheney's Enron
> at official multi-national gatherings regarding a pipe
> line project worth billions going to the highest bidder.
> Not Enron. Enron, who was facing their massive CRIMINAL
> conspiracy of fraud against ALL American People as wage
> earners. I say end bush and rumsfeld, and for Tenant
> and Mueller, for just now, need to be quarantined for
> public trial regarding their belief system. Mr. bush
> really isn't America, America is America. People, as
> American, actually like the idea of apprehending the
> true 9/11 culprits. Thank you already very much for
> your input on the subject of Ourselves Mr. bush Jr.
> For why must we sacrifice ourselves under CNN's tyranny
> of censorship on our abilities, while in so doing,
> betray American soldiers and FBI officers as not worth
> the effort as materially relevant to our story agended?
> The official bush plot line of suffering God with
> injustice and slavery through ignorance of you being
> unfactored is silly stupid., without living
> representation? Who does CNN talk to, as included to be
> of themselves? Communication technology is what we're
> living here, and Justice is Our name. The principles of
> Justice are as simple as living to survive as a species,
> learning, one decision can have an ever better result in
> relation to another as civilizations even. A good way
> can have a better way and divine wisdom exists
> everywhere as all things being. As I outlawed in my
> paper titled "Valhalla", it wouldn't matter if even
> 99.9% of victimized Americans polled by CNN corporate
> america standards, actually, felt committed to end it
> all in sacrifice as cowards to bush as an American war
> criminal, they'd still be them. US as god's is only
> truly known power striving as of your own too as always,
> when recognizing equal rights for all serves all things
> best. Balanced as the relation is as just being. No
> life is separate from existence eternal. (Photon split)
> By not following crime scene evidence, how do we suppose
> we arrest ourselves then from being crime ridden?
> These simple principles that enshrine all things in
> absolute wonder as eternity, are all anyone would need
> to exercise their Holy sacred "god-dumb", to effect
> positive change as a being progressing from some vantage
> through towards further achievements in uncovering
> mistakes. To know less about everything then when you
> still began. (These considerations are ultimately of
> illusion also.) With being of reality facing a real
> world sustainability struggle, like a body does, is to
> be concerned of Your living also, and so too being, is
> to care for others as would be of yourself understood by
> communication for comfort through Freedom as Justice for
> all as God is deserving our praise. Justice is critical
> for freedom to flourish throughout Nature as Creation's
> Creations Creating. (You know, killing innocent people
> to steal our money is just wrong all over, ask
> whomever.) Or not, and go extinct from failure to listen
> of indifference on the sacrifice of good citizens for
> bush as tyrant dictator, heroin pushing death squad
> runner, super evil war criminal. It's like this just
> can't be real. Have you ever felt like this was
> somebody else's bad dream too? I live loyal for being
> Universal, [I am but a desperate servant to serve for
> something greater than this hell hole we invented not
> knowing] while anti-American bushwhored soldiers are
> cowards, who would now expect to further watch their own
> family robbed then murdered by bush continuing, while as
> traitors to the Constitution, blame more of the CLAIMED
> INNOCENT with death squads and bombing runs for further
> bush takes as leader to none, but talentless savages
> rarely present in the few Soldiers I know of. How
> enslaved does bush take every Soldier Brave for? See?,
> that is a wager I wouldn't bet continually over and over
> like that, because it make's US look real bad as bush
> Jr.'s.. Now bush and rumfeld, with the most pugnacious
> audacity as contempt for every American Soldier's mind,
> dare as demons, to want sucker slap US again by
> suggesting the MURDER of millions more in sixty
> countries?, as the helplessly made unaware without any
> communication skills whatsoever?, to survive? Still?
> Created through US as this Universe communicates is
> simply amazing, leaving nothing as absolute, but this
> life we all share as Universal. Your biggest certainty
> ever as never cast out of, is you are of the timeless
> Universe also, [Soul if you will], and now it means
> without me here today as consciously aware of all things
> grey, a call for your own will to help US alone to be a
> Savior for your own rights as being stupid like me also.
> I should now retire later. You can save Humanity for
> yourself really by coming down to reality. Don't ask me
> why, but, you are of Humanity also.
> Gee, I hope we survive from the bushmob as the human
> species, for and then we can truly say, wow, we are
> really something as God thanks you for being just you!
> What an honor. Justice will prevail for ourselves as
> the worthy to demand it for Atheists. By God, we must,
> they are the most cleverests. As anyone would but be
> too stupid to ever rationally understand this actually.
> Big Bang? Ba ha ha.. ermm.(I could be wrong on that.)
> Maybe however, you are conversational also?
> In this woken dream as you are alive still sleeping,
> Johnny Wizard
> Example: If you paid me a dollar for this paper, we
> could really go somewhere as investors. Hint hint.
> --
> Total Eclipse
> You'd imagine for intelligence to be as of knowing,
> would as being, ultimately progressive in dimension as
> Nature is survival. Without, is the difference from a
> dud never happening to be thought of without a first
> place to even begin from. Vroom Vroom. Life ourselves
> is a living plan to adapt to a changing environment, as
> related to a present state we might even call present
> day as realized. We, as the politic called this Twenty
> First Century, are of ourselves blatantly cheated
> unfairly by our knowing to be known better, but just not
> heard from to complain over. Life's failure to
> communicate comfort for yourself as freedom on where we
> are wherever being normal, is an achievement we have
> little to be proud of, as the disenfranchised from
> Humanity suffering bush Jr.'s contempt for God as the
> living, is really a big downer man. Now especially,
> with the unjust criminal demon tyrant as the controls
> enslaving everybody.
> Nobody would want to be deprived our freedoms to life,
> by living to not deprive those same rights of Justice
> from any other, God especially as equal potential for
> all Justified to freely wonder of this life beginning as
> forever always we do without saying even. It could seem
> as so unbelievably magnificent being of a contemplation,
> that we can not be contained by example to be completed.
> (Hint: God is a thinker unparalleled in vision.)
> I can't pretend insight as wisdom truly, but we can
> learn from living to do something for yourself as anyone
> like Jesus would do filling in as Joking in all
> seriousness: "I wonder about this, going to show up
> defending ourselves as whom again son?"
> snpd
> Johnny Wizard
> > > > > >
> > > > > > > OneLeap (at) (Patriot) wrote in message news:...
> > > > > > >
> > > > > > > > One Giant Leap
> > > > > > > >
> > > > > > > > A bushite soldier, to be proud of committing senseless
> > > > > > > > murder for the American cop killer, the Iraqi bank
> > > > > > > > robber, the demon bush Jr., along with WorldCom,
> > > > > > > > Dutch-Shell, and Halliburton, is not only a cowardly
> > > > > > > > traitor to victimized American families, but to all
> > > > > > > > People our World over. Weak as stupid and pathetic
> > > > > > > > cowards, who instead of bravely protecting America by
> > > > > > > > killing the unarrested bush demon and rumsfeld for 9/11,
> > > > > > > > side instead to eat DU while threatening Justice
> > > > > > > > everywhere as enemies of Humanity, freedom, and God.
> > > > > > > > Where are true Patriot soldiers regarding tommy franks
> > > > > > > > for death squadding children, or monster mass murderer
> > > > > > > > buford blount killing thousands of innocent people for
> > > > > > > > nothing he confesses freely as mad man? Wimp ass nazi
> > > > > > > > fuks, fascist commi vermin, uninformed as functionally
> > > > > > > > dead anyway, are all proud bushite soldiers.
> > >
> i HATE bush
> Evil bushite soldiers are the enemies of America, Humanity, and God.
> After asking demon bushite soldiers if Worldcom, (who robbed their own
> grand parents) is worth dying for by eating depleted uranium
> containing plutonium, or stealing Iraqi humanitarian aid to double pay
> Halliburton, do they then scream to bill bush and rumsfeld for 9/11 as
> true Patriots? No, too weak and stupid as antiChrist disciples to
> protect true American principles. Instead, as enemies to the 6 billion
> plus of US, drop cluster bombs laced with toxic waste on themselves to
> kill their own partners serving at their side in crime, while fighting
> to protect heroin pushers, Dutch-Shell, and death squad runners, who
> as irrational antiChrist nazi vermin, support the murder of our
> innocent families as enemies of everyone. Such as at Guantanamo, 9/11,
> or the 10th Mountain Division out of Fort Drum murdering Islamic
> children and teachers. Remember: 1. We had 100% access through Iraq
> prior to murdering one child, 2. unnarrested buford blount freely
> admits to murdering THOUSANDS of Iraqi People for nothing, and, 3.
> bush's business partner, General Ahmad, funded 9/11's Atta according
> to the American FBI, and also worked on the invade Afghanistan without
> following the evidence plan with Condoleeza. Of which left the
> official bushmob strategy to NOT apprehend bin Laden, put together
> prior to 9/11, and confessed to Johnny through MSNBC, as fully
> implemented. SEE?, the 7 or so highjackers that are alive, don't have
> any terrorist ties! The bushmob didn't want any to have the evil plan
> decieve the American People. This was why when the Taliban offered
> Laden at the presentation of ANY evidence, bush's america refused in
> ignorance for God as their own demeaned American values continue to be
> sacrificed. What can't you figure?
> I hate bush, that American cop killer, more than anything else in the
> Universe.
> So, I call on all godly men and women of this forsaken world to come
> down to take out the unarrested demon bush and rumsfeld today, and be
> loved by all as worth something. Or not, and as enemies of America,
> end yourselves in contempt for life and love.
> The Lord,
> Johnny Wizard
> Cash donations gratefully accepted.
> --
> / / ĦĦĦĦThe charity, Christian Aid, said the US/UK Coalition
> Provisional Authority (CPA) in Iraq has only explained how it spent
> one-fifth of the total of 5 billion US dollars given by international
> donors for Iraq's rebuilding. ĦĦĦĦThe funds include 1 billion dollars
> from the former UN Oil for Food program, 2.5 billion dollars in assets
> from Saddam Hussein's former regime and 1.5 billion dollars in oil
> revenues, the charity said in a report. \ \
> --
> "What has happened to the cash the US army captured? Should it not be
> identified as income in the 2003 budget? A very large amount of money
> - $925 million - is identified as 'various expenditures'. What are
> these 'various expenditures'?" "The point I am trying to make is that
> we seem to see the beginning of a lot of 'cover ups', which needs to
> be strongly criticized," Von Sponeck added.
> --
> from Johnny's "Who is Who?"
> / / ...As we witnessed horrified
> in Florida, as bush the demon tyrant self destructing in
> his personal hatred for everything truly, argued with
> only himself publicly, that he as pure evil, isn't
> required to have evidence to murder anyone, and if The
> People should speak out as Justice for all as reason
> does sustain, he'll annihilate the entire planet, as he
> is against every life as US not understood, perceived,
> or believed, because he is generally so stupid as evil
> is always, leaving him targeting specifically, any
> police officers who are protecting ourselves as
> community he would blindly spout proudly, if we could
> nail him on the question directly. Justice to protect a
> person not guilty of a crime, he believes is ONLY
> relative to whom holds the speakers platform for
> accusation, so as dictator, he sides to steal and
> destroy our lives unworthy as himself, and doing so, has
> him deceived it brings bounty by monetary value stolen,
> not earned, seeing no value in personal relationships
> but to distrust others as reflected to being a part of
> himself also, leaves him in relationship to us, secretly
> planning to deceive the entire infinite forever
> Universe, being harmful to all as the anti-Christ he is
> without exception. Ah, but alas Mr. bush, infinity
> plus infinity equals infinity super dummy. Nothing else
> wiser as this Universe is intelligence known to
> ourselves as wonder eternal. See, if there is one thing
> every single conscious entity in this Universe of
> Universes can all agree on despite whatever bush spews,
> is that we don't wish to be deprived our right to life
> and liberty for just living to not deny that right from
> any other. Lucky for bush, God is forgiveness, being of
> a causeless force before an actual beginning kinda
> nature, me on the other hand as Johnny, representing
> life and death the way I do honestly, am not so stupid
> nor tolerant watching him destroy ourselves in error.
> It's a crazy world. Mr. bush tinks the world is only
> of his perception, nothing more of ideas, no strength in
> wisdom, fearing equality for us would leave him in all
> honesty, a life wasted trying to cheat himself. While I
> as Christ say every single individual has the equal born
> right inherent as existence eternal dictates, not only
> because I'm naturally a caring, compassionate person
> familiar with physics, but also because it does me well
> for my freedom to be all I can. For in this struggle of
> living, I foresee great potentials, not only for myself
> having fancy dinners and super big parties, but also for
> the realms of knowledge I'm familiar with ourselves
> neglecting, and how many important issues go unresolved
> due to doubters who dismiss actual experts in areas such
> as understood sciences that need our utmost immediate
> attention, motivating me to do anything possible to make
> this place a better world on behalf of everyone, that of
> which, to resolve, only lacks a lounge act King, who as
> should be, me, because here I am to crown myself
> standing this way forever dreaming. Plus, believing I'm
> actually trying to help this big old clunker of a
> Universe as I understand fairly well as friendly, really
> makes it an extra special bonus for the planet and
> everything, as long as our world isn't completely
> decimated by the bushmob, due to the general masses
> having absolutely no interest in understanding
> themselves. I don't have any interest in what others do
> with their freedom, other than deny ourselves to do
> likewise. If a nation commits a crime against my
> freedom as a individual, of which I know as a god to be
> equally represented through everything, an innocent
> person murdered effects me personally, especially when
> it's advocated in a public forum where freedom is
> advertised, but obviously not present, there is where my
> voice demands by RIGHT to be in defence of all
> innocence, (big G 6 power) such as is my eternal
> struggle for freedom in my own name of John. (I'm in
> the book.) I wouldn't kill everyone in the country, or
> police officers as bush would advise, but demand the
> perpetrator to be corrected, chastised, insulted,
> arrested, or shot smiling as my two year John is crazy
> mad about bush the nazi tyrant murderer, has manifest
> ourselves this way. Freedom is only garnered through
> Justice for all equally. \ \
> / / I am here guised as our
> fabled archetypical, self made hero zero, as a living
> proclamation to you. That you too, are an infinitely
> complex multi-dimensional eternal living universe. That
> answers a question that can not be asked. That we have
> made it by nothing short of our own will to want to try
> and take up the offering. Becoming our own adventure to
> the future. With help offered by ourselves as the
> universe, because we all do love life really. Working
> to have as many as possible, time to do whatever we
> want. In a universe who's cause is to celebrate life as
> best we can, a gift that is never ending. With plenty
> of surprises and pitfalls along the way. Therefore,
> never ever lose faith in yourself, and in all you can
> accomplish. Count on yourself to always be here with
> you helping to make your dreams come true within reason.
> I can't wait to fly like a eagle! Most of this is
> easier done than said. I have learned that kindness is
> good, and cruelty is bad. Truth is knowledge, and
> knowledge is power. I am your creator that you have
> created! You! Right here! Words! Sitting at seven
> trillion years as the present and counting. This is
> just the tip of an iceberg, in a deep huge ocean, on a
> planet called earth that circles a sun. In the milky
> way galaxy containing billions, and billions of even
> more just like it, in a universe of universes that are
> bigger than forever. Of such immense girth, mass and
> energy, it can all be found alive and dancing in the
> period at the end of this sentence. Da Da! You don't
> really believe in all this now do you? How did you do
> it all like that really? You are now officially born a
> fool among the fools of creation. Thank yourselves. We
> win. Now I can get some much needed rest, by putting
> faith in you to help ourselves up. By waking up and
> smelling the coffee. If you now know for almost certain
> that our entire human civilization is being directly
> used to kill innocent people, including your neighbor,
> by a handful of the the most vilest excuses for hell
> barely living, scared stupid and shaking, shouldn't you
> have already something to say to your congressman, or
> getting the facts on CNN especially. How long must we
> tolerate this abuse by taking our crime. Or are you
> just a lily livered coward, who blames me for your
> excuses for killing yourself. Or making fun of others
> who are thinking, while lashing at who ever they tell
> you to because it's easier to play the role the nazi
> bank buildings and disorganized crime has you in for.
> It is safe to say, we, the people of all nations, are
> now officially the good guys and only one last step from
> calling ourselves the worlds saviours, by just counting
> ourselves in to help our politicians. Does this now
> mean we are better than those who would think that we
> were not? Things that make you go hmmm... As for the
> rest of ya, carry on as you were. Yawn. Then if by
> some unforeseen moment we find ourselves at an end, in a
> far distant future or tomorrow, alone without nothing,
> ourselves or any friends. Never ever being here or
> never ever even then. I'm sure it would be to a great
> big bang of laughter for being so foolish and not the
> wiser. Then maybe we would cry for nothing, laugh at
> our expense for listening, and start the whole thing all
> over. Only this time it would be funnier. I'm playing
> Jesus Christ for real! With the crafted success we have
> coming from our art departments, maybe all we have to do
> is make sure everyone knows their basic arithmetic and
> encourage politicians to sing or play instruments during
> recess. Just might work. This mythical journey of self
> discovery is based on the dreams and aspirations of
> others, where the only thing holding us back is
> ourselves. If there is one thing we can all be
> absolutely sure of, it is that the true spirit of
> mankind shall prevail. \ \
> --
> Two Splats
> But why not just arrest the bad guys to US all by
> evidence to conclude so rightly instead? Like outlined
> in the Bill of Rights, or Declaration of Independance?
> What would it be my American friend, kill millions of
> repressed Americans with billions of their stolen
> dollars as weak pathetic cowardly losers being robbed
> and taken as granted into slavedumb, or fight for
> freedom by demanding the cop killer bushmob be
> immediately brought to Justice by military fire power?
> Let's just say if Saddam had in fact, destroyed all he
> claimed, (that Blix was proactively processing for
> verification with Saddam's 100% full cooperation), that
> was enough of no evidence to collaborate for bush
> personally to criminally war our world with mass murder
> against God as the antiChrist. With the anti-American
> evil bushmob now not encouraging the completion of the
> UN's full accounting for the destruction of Saddam's
> alleged illicit weapon warehouses, leaves the demon bush
> reason for mass murder of US unresolved as no longer
> important he figures unthinkingly? The bush
> administration, as evil is Just the deceived disguised,
> has pronounced to deliberately not be working
> collaboratively to seek final conclusion of demanded UN
> inspection fulfillments, you know, evidence demanded
> that untold thousands of US were murdered for by small
> nukes, and clusterbombs?, as devout bush failures
> censored to communicate our true instincts on
> maintaining our own survival? Instead of further
> murdering more as criminal bush purposes, I say we just
> arrest for public trial, or immediately destroy, the
> bush demon and rotten rumsfeld for criminally
> perpetrating the 9/11 senario against our better
> Judgements.
> --
> USA-- -``Yeah! Wake up America! Your sons and daughters are dying for
> nothing! This war is not about freedom or stopping terrorism. Bring us
> home now! We are dying for oil and corporate greed!''
> --
> The most recent and eloquent I've seen comes from John MacArthur,
> publisher of Harper's Magazine, who had to travel north of the border
> to issue it. It appeared in the Toronto Globe & Mail. (Too bad
> impeachment proceedings can't be started in Canada as well.) He writes
> in part:
> "Can there be any greater violation of the public trust than to bear
> false witness to the people's representatives in pursuit of short-term
> political gain? Can there be injuries more immediate to society than
> to send American citizens to their death on a fraudulent pretext? With
> each shooting of a U.S. soldier in Iraq, the case or impeachment grows
> stronger....
> --
> Among the dozens of projects in the proposal is a State Department
> plan to spend $800 million to build a large training facility for a
> new Iraqi police force. Management fees alone would run $26 million a
> month, while 1,500 police trainers would cost $240,000 each per year,
> or $20,000 each per month. DynCorp of Reston is likely to get the
> contract.
> --
> "What does it take to get a soldier home?" asked Sonya French. "Does
> his mother have to die for him to get home?"
> It all seems pointless to his wife. ``Why is he there?'' Graham asked
> Brown, lips trembling.
> --
> / / If this administration fails to hand those logs over, they will
> stand in taint of high treason. \ \
> --
> > > Instead of murdering our
> > > own families as war criminals for bush to pilfer the undefended
> > > wallets of our grandparents, why don't we all smarten up, and just
> > > bill the unarrested demon bush instead as something truly Patriotic?
> > > What'd ya say? I say, let's just destroy evil bush instead for
> > > escaping
> > > arrest at 911, stay loaded if necessary for cheney, then demand a
> > > change in altitude down at CNN headquarters for our benefits to be
> > > included in future broadcast material. Examples to start on:
> --
> / / The agreement had been negotiated between the heads of two
> Pakistani religious parties and Mulla Omar, the Taliban head of state,
> and was explicitly approved by Osama bin Laden himself. General Pervez
> Musharraf, the Pakistani head of state, turned down the arrangement,
> under pressure from the U.S., which was interested not in catching
> Osama bin Laden but in occupying Afghanistan. \ \
> > > >
> > > >
> > > >
> > > >

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