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Boycotting Boston IndyMedia. (english)
14 Nov 2003
Modified: 10:46:06 PM
Boston IndyMedia is not what it should be.
The disorganized resistance has received shabby support and treatment from Boston IndyMedia. Not only has Boston IndyMedia failed to delete defamation and libel in a swift and responsible manner, it has failed to leave on important information about who and what is the source of that libel. As far as I'm concerned, Boston IndyMedia, like various other IndyMedia outlets, is now a tool for KOBE. Whether this is intentional or just a product of incompetance, I have no idea. KOBE has successfully shut down virtually all open Arab and Muslim publishing sites. It has done great damage to LA IndyMedia. KOBE has opened its own IndyMedia websites and makes claims of access to IndyMedia communications that seems to hold up. Frankly, I don't trust Boston IndyMedia any longer.

I think it's time to work on an alternative. I invite members of the disorganized resistance to discuss this issue tomorrow. Specifically, should we obtain hosting for a new IndyMedia website for the Boston area. It would not be expensive to do so. I think we should consider it.

This is my last post on Boston IndyMedia. I will also not be linking to anything on Boston IndyMedia in the future. In my assessment, it is not part of the movement. Compared to other IndyMedia sites, it's virtually dead.


Way back in August you said you would sue. (english)
14 Nov 2003
What happened? You said you were going to sue, you cowardly motherfucker. You SAY you know where to serve papers, and you CLAIM to know who I am, so BRING IT ON. Here is your whiney e-mail:

Please remove the following libelous and defamatory article:

It is my intent to sue the author. It is one example in a long string of
libelous articles published by the author in an attempt to silence me for my
anarchist websites. I am contacting a lawyer.

Stephen DeVoy

Matt Sucks. (english)
14 Nov 2003
Who is worse, Matt or KOBE?
Interesting. (english)
14 Nov 2003
What is KOBE SBM doing with a copy of email sent to Boston IndyMedia?
Interesting, never checked this out before. (english)
14 Nov 2003
Offical Name =
Aliases =
Addresses =

I've seen this IP address used by certain right wingers.
Um, whatever. You should get back to study. (english)
14 Nov 2003
Your spelling and sentence structure is absolutely atrocious. You should be using your computer to learn English a little bit better. I can hardly understand what you wrote.

NOTE TO DEVOY: Didnt you write this in your the LEAD ARTICLE?

"This is my last post on Boston IndyMedia. I will also not be linking to anything on Boston IndyMedia in the future. In my assessment, it is not part of the movement. Compared to other IndyMedia sites, it's virtually dead."

If that is true, then why dont you just GO. We dont want you here at this IMC. Take your illiterate and grammatically challenged friends with you too.
IMC is insufficient. (english)
14 Nov 2003
I really don't know what to believe and what not to believe with regard to all of this. What I do know is that the right has had too easy a time harassing the left. The left has either been too slow to adjust or infiltrated. I've decided to take measures regarding this.

Step one is to get off of IndyMedia. It is not secure and not well managed.

Step two is to explore existing alternatives. I'd like to find a more secure method for self publishing that allows better protection against threats and infiltration.

If step two leads no where, I'd like to implement something myself. Unfortunately, it would take a lot of my time. However, if that's what's required, I'll do it.

At some point I want to start an alternative to IMC. IMC was good before 9/11, but once the fascists took over it was unprepared to deal with the brownshirts. We need a new model.

I'm going to take the advice and only publish on my own websites. This is not a problem. I have a large readership anyway. The only reason I published anything on IndyMedia, with the exception of announcements for events, was to support IndyMedia. IndyMedia has not been very helpful in return. I think they believe they are the only show in town. Since they've failed to evolve fast enough, they'll fail.

As for KOBE, I understand KOBE's game well. I maintain that KOBE is nothing but a cyber stalking organization. They are not connected to any governmental entities. KOBE's claims about being someone I know are bogus. His information is completely false, full of holes, and none of his claims stand up. It's just a troll's game.

KOBE's programming skills are not impressive. I've yet to see an example of any code of his that impresses me. His website does not impress me and his knowledge about the field of computer science seems very weak. When I was working in my field, we considered System Administrators to be pretty low on the technical totum pole. I still think it's true. Only a dolt would think a political writer should spend his time programming his website. I save my programming for thing more complex than KOBE could understand.

I'm through with the KOBE harassment. He'll just have to spam thing in my name until the world vomits him out. I'm not responding anymore.

Boston IndyMedia isn't worth my effort. I've better things to do. I don't even plan on reading it anymore.
Do you PROMISE this time? (english)
14 Nov 2003