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Commentary :: Environment
1,500 US troops seal off Ramadi
19 Jun 2006
Modified: 06:31:11 PM
1,500 US troops seal off Ramadi
What does it take to wake 21st century Americans up?

(BTW, is a possibility for any article that requires registration.)

persistent sources


Astronomy Pic of the Day


911InsideJobbers (at)
CatapultThePropaganda (at)
Mememachine (at)
PlaneHuggers (at)



********WHAT HAPPENED to RECENT BLOGS?********

6/17/06: DC Indymedia disappears the blog again. LA and San Francisco Indymedias say "free speech is outlawed here". Baltmore's "Webmaster for life", Spud, has now turned off the media gallery pic from appearing on the front page:

6/16/06: DC Indymedia shows us once their allegiance to Fascism. "The requested content was deleted...":

Think maybe LA Indymedia can't wait to put you in a concentration camp?

6/15/06: LA and San Francisco Indymedias say yes, they are being paid by the US government to prevent free speech from occurring:

6/14/06: San Francisco Indymedia says: We spit on the First Amendment:

6/13/06: DC Indymedia disappears the blog. this suggests free speech doesn't exist in what was once a democracy's capital.

Conclusion: Indymedia is an psychological operation directed at the general public by an intelligence agency. (this intel agency is also funded by the very public it is brainwashing. don't worry, they have no qualms about how they make their living.)


Is Indymedia a front for Homeland Security?

San Francisco IMC: Hidden!

********911 NEWS MEDIA HOAX********

Killtown's archive of animated planes! These were actually aired on network television. Does anyone believe these planes are real??

Absolutely and positively the most incredible links about the most shocking story ever!

Come on folks! No planes hit the World Trade Center.

That means we can end the wars. That means we can save America.

This can only happen if you join the fight against heavy censorship. To save your world, tell people that no planes struck the World Trade Center.

911 Hoax:

********GENERAL NEWS********


The Internet's long war:

Web inventor warns of "dark" net:

"Recent attempts in the US to try to charge for different levels of online access web were not 'part of the internet model,' [Sir Tim Berners-Lee] said in Edinburgh..."


Japan ignores ban on hunting endangered humpback whales:

Leaders "ignore public" on whales:


the mindreader:


Drug firm blocks cheap blindness cure:,,1799772,00.html

"A major drug company is blocking access to a medicine that is cheaply and effectively saving thousands of people from going blind because it wants to launch a more expensive product on the market..."

*NEXT 9/11*

Many US cities, states unprepared for catastrophe:

"Only those in *Blue* states and cities - potential targets for Bush's next 9/11-style attack - need worry. (Lori;


Al Qaeda, that shadowy group of ex-farmers turned global menace have returned.

Looks like Qaeda almost hit the New York subway system but Osama bin Laden, freshly returned from a grave due to kidney failure, ordered the attack cancelled.

meanwhile, CIA "moles" have "penetrated" Al Qaeda:,8599,1205309,00.html


June 19, 2006.
6/19/06, the day thousands of government officials work from underground bunkers ala Dick Cheney.)

(think they won't false-flag another "al Qaeda" nuclear attack on US soil?)


Monday, June 19, 4,000 government officials to live like Dick Cheney; i.e., conducting business in a functional bunker:


Bush dictatorship orders fleet of spy blimps:


Judge rules that Bush dictatorship has broad powers to detain noncitizens indefinitely:

(we're living in Nazi Germany.)


NY Times - the Don't Bother to Knock Act:

"The Supreme Court yesterday substantially diminished Americans' right to privacy in their own homes. The rule that police officers must 'knock and announce' themselves before entering a private home is a venerable one, and a well-established part of Fourth Amendment law..."

Bush Dictatorship's Supreme Court backs no-knock searches!

"The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that police armed with a warrant can barge into homes and seize evidence even if they don't knock..."

US Supreme Court says police can enter homes without a warrant!

"They used to tell a joke about Nazi Germany that went something like this:
We know Holland is still a free country because when we hear a knock on the door at 4:00 AM, we can be sure its the milkman (inferring of course that it was not, at that time, the Gestapo coming to arrest them)

Now, thanks to lickspittal Alito (and the craven Damnocrats who did not even fillibuster ) we have less warning than in Nazi Germany! (NKM)"


Federal contracts up 86% under dictator Bush; Halliburton rises 600%:

"Anti-terror" Homeland Security officials move to private industry and cash in like pigs:


Louisiana governor Blanco signs law banning abortions:

Jeb Bush plays hardball abortion politics with disabled woman:

(Death Eaters like Blanco with the Dark Mark are all fomenting social hyster?ia at the ultimate command of the Dark Lord. Jeb Bush is the Dark Lord's most clever son.)


Congress bows to the NRA on tracing weapons:

(a well-regulated [State] Militia, being necessary for a free state...)


NY report denounces use of electric shocks in schools:


Bush dictatorship trying to build massive superhighway between the Occupied United States and Mexico:

(who needs urban planning? Subways? affordable public transportation?)


the difference between people:

********GUANTANAMO BAY********


Father demands Guantanamo suicide probe:

(don't forget that the Matrix is so huge that this father could easily be a plant. Maybe he'll later support the fiction that planes struck the WTC?)

The Guantanamo suicides and their impact on American political life:

Bush dictatorship orders journalists out of Guantanamo:,,1797505,00.html

********the MATRIX********

*the MATRIX*

NJS uses the term ''Matrix'' to denote the collossal intelligence-gathering and disinformation-disseminating structure that has been created to take over the US. Funded by intelligence agencies; e.g., the CIA. It includes COINTELPRO agents in every US city. It also comprises nearly every media outlet of significance in the US.



(folks, the "Cassini Imaging Team" are a bunch of fakers! they're laughing at us while they produce awfully phony looking pictures from "outer space".)

More fakery! "Ancient craters on Saturn's Rhea"

(ha ha ha ha ha ha. Folks, this image is LUDICROUS!!)



US airstrikes rise in Afghanistan as fighting intensifies:


1,500 US troops seal off Ramadi:

(meanwhile, NJS still sees American flags everywhere he goes. amazing how so few Americans have the slightest clue as to what's being done over there.)


Palestine repression - the intended consequences:

Huge rise in IDF house demolitions, a tactic that recalls the Nazis:

Israel's war on children:

Solution "found" to end Israel's "Jews only" flights:


Iraq jails overrun by militias:

(nice spin. the reality is the US/Israel/UK aggressors are imprisoning tens of thousands of Iraqis without reason. the idea that the prisons are out of control benefits the jailors.)


"shoe bomber" hits Baghdad mosque:

(how about US/Israel/UK special ops hit the mosque?)

Crackdown on Baghdad begins:

"...the biggest security crackdown in Baghdad since the U.S.-led invasion, with 75,000 Iraqi and U.S. troops to deploy across the strife-prone capital starting today..."

Iraq 2006: Violent Baghdad deaths top 6,000 (so far):

US troops burn Iraqi civilians alive with white phosphorous:

Ramadi becomes another Fallujah:


new moves on the tripolar chessboard:


Putin proposes Shanghai coopeation organization:

China to cement ties with South Africa:

(nothing but cooperation and business dealing going on in that part of the world. guess they don't have Matrix Nazis running around brainwashing their neighbors in exchange for early retirement and property.)



Music review. Listen to Lucinda:

(NJS is a fan also.)


Stem cells trials to heal spinal injuries:


Saturn, Mars and the Beehive cluster:

(isn't it amazing how APOD can write like this one day, while another day publishing obviously fake photos from the Cassini probe of Saturn hoax.)


Swiss injection rooms lead the way:


Marijuana is medically useful, whether politicians like it or not:

Study finds no marijuana link to lung cancer:

Heavy marijuana use not linked to lung cancer:

the Marijuana Conspiracy - the real reason hemp is illegal:



Wimbledon 2006, June 26 - July 9th:

Significance: Wimbledon is regarded by most tennis fans as the premier tournament of the year.

Mens' favorite: Three-time champion Roger Federer.

Analysis: On paper, Federer is the overwhelming favorite to repeat. He is clearly the #1 grass court player in the world. However, there remain questions about Federer's mental state. He played such a tactically poor French Open (against the victor, Rafael Nadal) that many people are wondering if Federer has personal issues that are distracting him. (Such as the disappearance of long-time girlfriend Mirka from the friends' box at the French Open final.)

Leading contenders: Federer, Andy Roddick, Leyton Hewitt, David Nalbandian, Richard Gasquet, Mario Ancic, James Blake. Rafael Nadal is not considered a contender at Wimbledon this year, although his game is rising like a meteor.

NJS says: Go Fed!

Federer shows grit in defending his Halle title. this was a grueling tournament for Fed. Many of us fans thought he should've pulled out of Halle out of exhaustion:


p.s. all are welcome on the News Junkie GP list
See also:

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More War Atrocities For PNAC And The Brain Dead.
20 Jun 2006
When will these senseless atrocities end? When will the American public wake up?
We're living on a ball of confusion. Until the majority grasp resposibility? And becomes adults? This moronic and irresponsible war will become the norm.