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UDHR 31st Article/ 28th Bill of Rights (english)
18 Nov 2003
Universal Declaration of Human Rights, anti-corruption, anti-cultic, referendum, new people's branch of government. In spirit of green party facilitation/process, change, add, delete to improve.

UDHR 31st Article/ 28th Bill of Rights

A 31st article to UDHR and 28th Bill of Rights Amendment are needed against government corruption where a 4th branch of government by the people would check and balance corruption in the three other branches, provide advocacy, legal counsel, greater access, communication, representation, accountability and facilitate referendum and direct democracy participation. It would be funded like Government Accountability Project, staffed like the Peace Corps with volunteers, qualified educated employees, interns, and elected representatives. It would serve to represent the under-represented and serve as justice and law enforcement authority of a government funded PIRG or Public Interest Research group; legislate, discipline, and impeach by referendum, tort, and reparations facilitation; serve to reform government, social, economic, environmental, occupational, and legal systems; facilitate and provide academic and scientific research and research grants in the public interest. It should be no more and no less than one quarter of each year’s national operating budget and 10 percent of the total national treasury.

Its duties and powers would include:

empower the people in the spirit of human rights and human rights teleology with paritous and equal checks and balances toward all other and/or three branches of government in the goal of creating an ever increasing compassionate egalitarian societies of the highest liberty, freedom, individualism, and individual rights.

serve like the UN is to governments directly for and to the people by protecting individuals, groups, legal entities, including, similarly, by ‘programmes’ and ‘missions’;

provide for a fourth branch of government development in all cities, counties and states in all 50 states, all American Indian government entities, and all US territories;

aid in the creation of a fourth or peoples’ referendum democratic branch of government in states, counties, providences, cities, nations, and within the United Nations. Have a place within the United Nations appointed as ambassadors from each general assembly member nation to provide an equal check and balance upon the United Nations General Assembly;

work as an advocate and reformer against administrative, legislative, and judicial loopholes to real social, environmental, economic, universal human, civil, anti-discrimination and pro-direct democracy participation rights and justice defending parity presently, and when and where, defending the unrepresented in legal, judicial, and administrative contention for and by the people and advocating between conflicting agencies and administrative law, initiating referendum legislation where needed;

provide for education loan debit reduction and in-kind service for employees, legal aid registry attorneys, interns, and long-term volunteers using their professional and higher degrees for in-kind service and debit reduction;

champion reapportionment, anti-gerrymandering, house seat addition issues when raised by populace factions of gerrymandering and reapportionment contention within the districts of contention of gerrymandering and reapportionment issue;

provide political action committee mentorship for groups unrepresented/under-represented, political action on issues of universal human, civil, constitutional, anti-discrimination, direct democracy participation rights and reform within human rights and social, environmental, and economic justice issues and mandates;

provide subsidized legal representation and loans for legal representation where pro bono legal counsel is unavailable by budget constraints or unmet peoples’ government branch pro bono criteria, both predominantly on issues and for persons of social, environmental, economic, universal human, civil, constitutional, constitutional reform, direct democracy participation, and anti-discrimination rights, protections, and justice independent of nature of charge;

provide a legal counsel registry and watchdogging of legal representation quality on 24 hour availability and legal counsel contact within one hour jail detention similar as a universal legal counsel coverage to improve representation and replace the need for court appointed attorneys who find jail destroyed and stigmatized clients culted by the experience and too easily self-waived of rights and entering poor and dis-advantageous plea bargains to themselves, the defendants, and erosion of democracy and fairness;

champion eliminating racial, class and other anti-discrimination categories’ non-parities in arrests, non-detention fines, convictions, sentencing, and incarceration;

social justice and social causes;

economic justice and economic causes;

environmental justice and environmental causes;

direct democracy and direct democracy participation facilitation;

protect civil, constitutional, and universal human rights of the grassroots populace;

prosecute and tort claim against ‘stimulating law’ of government and all other entities as main and primary duty;

grassroots referendum power to legislate, referendum impeachment powers of any and all elected officials at all levels of government;

watch dog the judicial system;

enforce punitive damages against government entities of abusive and unparitous judiciary, law enforcement authority and other governmental authority officials;

defend and support ethics consciousness groups, democratic-human-civil rights observers and witnesses for peace such as National Lawyer Guild observers, Witnesses for Peace group, Society of Friends, American Indian Movement organization, ect... in their roles as protectors of rights and witnesses for peace;

pardoning powers for political dissidents and prisoners;

intercession on behalf of activists and observers in home and other countries within UDHR and
human rights teleology as representatives have not been able to do enough for all jeopardized persons detained, injured or killed in other countries;

investigatory powers to end police, medical, business, labor, community, occupational, professional, organizational, and political party abuses who have civil, criminal, and/or job position disciplinary powers;

reform by referendum legislation, tort, and administrative punitive powers the medical, psychological, psychiatric, and human services communities and professions as the only community without checks and balances on detention powers and used broadly and often by human services, police, and other society sectors as sociological and political repression and/or oppression of activists, anti-discrimination categorical membership individuals and groups and the general populace;

protect against ageism and champion anti-ageism as longevity and access to health care increases making sure statutes, labor laws, administrative law, government, business, and sociological treatment are in human, civil, and constitutional rights accord with new and present human rights bringing attorney pro bono defense and reform where needed and defending our elders’ and aged persons’ rights;

reform probate laws to protect the rights of the vulnerable;

provide academic and scientific research and research grants and corresponding referendum legislation and programs in the public interest in causes of social, environmental, and economic justice and universal human and civil rights;

provide additional monitoring and tort claims in defense of environmental protection and biodiversity conservation toward government entities charged with these mandates;

provide pro bono specialty lawyers to individuals and groups in the populace in defense of anti-discrimination, human and civil rights, and direct democracy participation;

protect the right to dissent in democracy and right to dissent in democracy of individuals, activists, and journalists including those not from the USA pro bono;

facilitate regular town-style meetings and on-going cyber-town-style meetings on citizen concerns to enhance representation and access;

study Netherlands and other governments’ improvements on public access to government and representation by government;

new right to dissent legislation where by 15,000 people, the same number of signatures needed for presidential bids for each state, from a host nation citizenship, independent of voting status, being on petition calling for the blocking of public roads for 100 hours or until an event is resolved whichever is more such as a summit/meeting, planned or involved military action, or 15,000 UDHR citizens present for the blockade for a road blockade to occur unfettered independent of the public roads jurisdiction in both cases;

new spontaneous assembly or blockade legislation would allow 15,000 persons unfettered to assemble and blockade independent of jurisdiction of a road or citizenship of participants as long as an exit is left for the subjects of the protest, 15 participants my impede traffic while moving with traffic, and any number of participants may occupy public space other than roads for an indefinite period of time as long as political expression is exercised including the act of being there as an exercise of political expression;

protect the people against all present and new forms of discrimination including alternative looks, lifeways, behavior, culture, religion, politics of individuals and groups within human rights and human rights teleology;

protect against the fascist and political-sociological repression and/or oppression use of Marxism based academic/professional fields by professionals against individuals, groups and populace;

protect American Indians as an ethnic, cultural, and/or racial group membership, regardless of blood quantum proof, by individual and group requests -from civil, human rights, political, ‘stimulating law’ and anti-discrimination abuses of tribal government entities and all other government entities including the Bureau of Indian Affairs and state and county governments;

provide protectorate, legal counsel, and bail funds against abuses of the federal and other justice systems including abuses of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other law enforcement agencies as a UN-like, embassy-like, and congressional-like intercession for the people, especially activists, dissidents, and employees and whistleblowers of those justice system agencies;

reform the Hatch Act to eliminate second class democratic participation status of government employees and expand free speech of government employees;

provide new legal precedence against new discrimination and discrimination category groups;

expand protection from unrecognized categories of discrimination;

reform university academia and higher education and enforce protections to all individuals of alternative education systems, lifeways, strategies, and forms;

provide rights protections, all resources of defense, and network support for student unions, academia unions;

champion intellectual freedom within human rights presidencies and human rights teleology precepts;

watchdog and provide defense refuge from employment, business, education system, community, group, and government ‘human rights-harmful cultic’ and propaganda manipulation, injury, and control;

provide defense against drug rape and cultic behavior, watch dog and punitively punish government and other legal entity cultic behavior, cultic bigotry, cultic abuse of powers and authority;

mandated automatic autopsy drug testing and database for every deceased citizen by nation of citizenship using triple-quad gas chromatography or most advance technology available of hair, fluids, and tissue testing by home countries and by other countries should the visiting citizen die outside of their home country or their home country have a poor human rights record, especially for levels of legal and unregulated street anesthesia such as ether containing starter fluid, chloroform containing metal cleaner, GHB mixable hardware store supplies and nitrous oxide;

think tank and initiate new forms of democratic government;

create, mentor, and network support grassroots political contributors, thinkers, philosophers, innovators from grassroots and other sources;

provide training, facilitation, network support, protection of direct grassroots democratic participation;

provide training, network support, grants, equipment use for media, political, and cultural activism, art, music, writing, any and other forms of expression, and direct democratic participation;

champion innovative and common businesses in anti-discrimination category communities and individuals, communities that have been oppressed, communities of social, economic and environmental justice issue and with individuals from within and emigrated from those communities;

facilitate reparations payments and bring tort and criminal law claims against the national government and other legal entities for reparations for African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Indigenous-Americans, women, GLBT community, Appalachia, ‘all other ethnic groups within four generations of original immigration’ as a category, labor categories, environmental injustice victims;

protect, defend, and expand first amendment and other bill of rights protection and practice within human rights and human rights teleology, especially for experiential, indigenous, earth honoring, enthenogen, spiritist, body energy healing, and universal psychic based practice and belief as traditionally, historically, currently oppressed religious and philosophic categories within mainstream academia, government, and medical communities;

champion a new scientific administration to study pharmokinetics, pheromones, other neuro-transmitter chemical ecology, and body energy healing and harming, as 12 courses in body energy healing are taught by some USA naturopathic schools producing ND’s in 15 licensure states and for study of broad toxicological environmental and social issues effecting human beings present and through 7 new successive generations;

provide for mass volunteerism, automatic employment intake programs; and facilitate at last 1
volunteer per every 1000 citizens aiming for one volunteer per 100 citizens as profuse as the Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts of America combined in membership and as well supportive, but more responsive to volunteer and populace constructive criticism and as if Cuba became rabidly democratic and unbiased to a more ethical version capitalism, but kept their voluntary government corps and zeal;

provide a mass communication network of Internet and multi-media interactive communication with citizens and populace including anti-discrimination, human and civil rights self-publish reporting, government corruption publish-reporting, anti-police abuse self-publish reporting and database tracking, government employee whistleblowing protection and self-publish reporting, and overseas jeopardy self-publish-reporting;

be the branch of government of direct democracy, access, and representation gathering, accounting, and accountability;

build a peoples’ bloodless democratic volunteer corps armed with journalism, volunteerism, activism, direct democracy, and digital cameras ready and constantly defending social, environmental, economic justice, human and constitutional rights, anti-discrimination and anti-corruption law, and imbibing all branches of government, including the proposed new forth or peoples’ referendum branch of government as described in this article or similar, by/with constructive criticism and new political, cultural, and human rights thought and procedure within human rights and human rights teleology;

employ and elect representatives and aids from every county in all 50 states and no less than 1 employee and elected representative each per 1,000 citizens in total populace of eligible voting and non-eligible non-voting status citizens combined at a combination of all-levels-of-government fourth branches’ of government;

provide legislation for universal health care including dental and naturopathy for every US citizen and hardship cases from other countries;

provide health, dental, and naturopathy care for every employee, volunteer, and their families of the fourth branch of government the poorest of branches and temporary and seasonal employees of all other three branches as present and historically exploited employees;

end the prison, police, medicalization state as a form of sociological and political oppression;

provide a refuge, sanctuary, and embassy for all persons protected under UDHR from all violations of civil and human rights present and teleologically progressed;

provide for work and living space where needed for employees from accountable budgets;

purchase capital, equipment, training and supplies and pay payroll, salary, and volunteer/intern/protectee stipends and per diems from accountable budgets;

provide other government program access assistance, start-up, start-over and cost of living funds and grants for dissents and victims of political abuse, repression, and oppression as protectees with assistance in occupation and/or professional career change, re-entry, job placement, education or re-education, and ELS language classes;

and progress teleology of human rights protections to provide a secular version of ‘human rights holiness’ to remove Archaic and human rights violating sacred texts, repeating history, and edicts while keeping all human rights according, or non-harmful to human rights elements, to those religions thereby championing a bloodless nonviolent secular human rights jihad.

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