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News ::
Veritas, please share this with your mother. (english)
22 Nov 2003
Modified: 11:57:08 AM
You need help.

"The psychological cycle of substance addiction and other maladaptive behaviors can be applied to video games as well. A person playing a video game feels an emotional high, commonly known as an adrenaline rush, as a result of his gaming tactics (8). He then plays the game more and pushes his physical and psychological limits in order to experience the emotional high. Eventually, he will again reach a level that stimulates the production of adrenaline. The cycle may continue until it leads to an unhealthy level of interaction with video games, which some professionals may label video game addiction. Even famous psychological effects such as the sunk cost fallacy can influence the addictive cycle. This fallacy occurs when a person feels compelled to continue performing a certain behavior because he has previously invested time in the behavior and does not want to feel as though his investment was wasted (9). Similarly, Dr. Timothy Miller, a clinical psychologist, states that many video game players may feel that they have wasted their efforts if they do not reach the next goal in a game, which may lead to additional time spent playing the game that the person otherwise would have spent in a more constructive task (4). "


"Current research indicates that our brains are affected by what we play. In a 2002 study on video's effects on teens, researchers at the Indianna University School of Medicine concluded that the brains of teenagers with certain behavior disorders and a history of aggressiveness react differently from healthy teens when they play violent video games.

What's the message? Violent video games send the following messages:

Problems can be resolved quickly and with little personal investment.

The best way to solve a problem is to eliminate the source of the problem.

Problems are basically black or white, right or wrong.

It is acceptable to immerse oneself in the video game's rule-driven reality without questioning the rules.

Use instinctual, rather than thoughtful, responsible behaviors to react to problems.

Personal imagination is not an important problem-solving skill.

Also, please make sure they read this:

If your daddy and mommy have insurance, they can find you the help you need.


Don't bother, Veritas, I'll do it for you. (english)
22 Nov 2003
We're going to send your parents a demand letter. If you continue we'll get an injunction barring you from the Internet.
Let me make this clear. (english)
22 Nov 2003
No attorney would sanction KOBE's conduct. Any attorney sanctioning KOBE's conduct would be disbarred. Therefore, KOBE does not have an attorney.

KOBE has stated numerous times over more than one year that legal actions were under way and none of those statements ever turned out to be true.

Even if there was a legal action in process, that has no effect on the action we will take. A demand letter will be sent to Veritas' parents. Other legal actions are under consideration.

This is the first time we have a clear and unambiguous person to send such a demand to. We will do it.

That's the end of the conversation. Ramble along if you would like to. It will be coming.
Read this Veritas (english)
22 Nov 2003
You think Steve is posting here because I am using his PC. Steve's family has reached wit's end with your psychotic stalking and death threats. You have harmed Steve, his wife, his daughter, and the rest of us. We've seen our name defiled all over the Internet. We are going to take action against you.

You will receive a legal order. We do have the resources to shut you down.

You are a very troubled person. Normal people do not obsess about other people's websites. Normal people do not visit the same set of websites every five seconds. Normal people do not spend their lives using silly names like "KOBE KENOBI" and pretending to be a secret agent.

You are sick. We are tired of you. We will take action against you.
Yes, Jantos and Hagen, I do play chess. (english)
22 Nov 2003
Do you wish to ever work in the software industry again?
A story about Josiah Hagen will be released. (english)
22 Nov 2003
The story will detail your work habbits. Document cases where you have stolen things. Document your physical assault on a female coworker. Details of a case of stalking another female will be mentioned.

Of course, we'll discuss the fact that it takes you years to finish projects that normally take a few months, how you play on the Internet when you should be working, how your coding style is very poor, your addiction to guns and pornography, and other similar things.

Then we'll detail your family connections to the DC Registry. We'll show proof that the DC Registry intentionally allowed you to engage in libel. We'll trace your family connections down to the smallest detail.

We'll also document cases of you sneaking into people's offices and looking through their draws. Your drug use will be documented too.

We'll even create a website where others can log on and post unverified libel about you. You do play chess, don't you?