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News ::
Boston Vigil for Victim of Racist Police Murder
02 Feb 2001
Ricky Bodden was wrongfully shot in the back of the head and killed by a municipal police offficer on December 27, 2000. Ricky was only 29 years old and the father of a 5 month old child. Another INNOCENT life cut short by violent police action for no reason!
A Call For Justice!

VIGIL will be held Saturday, February 3rd, at the Quincy-Stanley Playground, at the corner of Quincy and Stanley Street (one block from Quincy St. and Columbia Rd.), Dorchester, 5:00pm

Ricky Bodden was wrongfully shot in the back of the head and killed by a municipal police offficer on December 27, 2000. Ricky was only 29 years old and the father of a 5 month old child.

What do you tell his child when he asks what happened to my daddy? A police officer assassinated him?!

Another INNOCENT life cut short by violent police action for no reason!

The police need to be held accountable for their actions. We can no longer stand on the sidelines as our children are killed by those who have vowed to protect and serve us. This is not an isolated incident -- it could happen to you, someone you love, or in your neighborhood! We must act now! Justice MUST be served. Come out and "MAKE A CALL FOR JUSTICE" with the friends and family of Ricky Bodden.
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05 Feb 2001
Innocent?????....The guy had a gun......Get real will you!!!!!! If he was unarmed that would be another story, but he had a gun....Next case.
but the cop had a gun too
05 Feb 2001
I'm not familiar with the case but it seems both the cop and ricky had guns. As long as we have an an unaccountable armed gang (cops) wandering the streets noone is safe.
Ok me.......
06 Feb 2001
...then let's just get rid of the police. I'm sure ARMED, CONVICTED criminals like Ricky Bodden can run the inner city streets...after all killers and drug dealers have rights too...better yet...why don't we let the ricky boddens of the world live and roam the streets of let's say...Brookline, or Wellesley..or other lily-white suburban towns.....that way you don't have to feel so guilty about being a member of the "privilaged ones" ( the most racist persons in society today ) who live in the suburbs and really don't care about what goes on in the inner city, as long as the problems stay there....Why don't you ask the decent people ( not the self-proclaimed voices of the community or relatives of criminals like ricky bodden...) in these nieghborhoods what they think of bodden and others like him.....I bet he's not well missed by too many people. There are other legitimate causes that need to be addressed in society....waving a banner for some one who should have been put in a cage a long time ago is not one of them.
Right on
06 Feb 2001
LTE seems to know what they are talking about unlike the jerk offs who jump on any anti-authority bandwagon.
So where's the gun?
06 Feb 2001
So if you insist that Ricky had a gun, where is it? Why haven't the police produced the evidence, even in the face of public criticism?

And why was he approached by a cop who wanted to search him when he was smoking a cigarette?

And if his case is only being promoted by lilly-white folks, then why ws the rally mostly made up of people of color, many of them reisdents of the very neighborhood that LTE says the cops were protecting? It's true, there are those who don't live in Dorchester and don't know its reality who were protesting, but the organizers of the rally were from Boston's African-American community.
The Gun???.....Black Community Activists????
07 Feb 2001
Well all four major new organizations showed bodden's gun at the scene on the ground, where is it now?...I assume the police have it and are holding it as evidnece. Why was bodden approached?....well being from that area of Dorchester, I assume the officer may have believed he was using drugs when he first saw bodden from a distance. That park is notoriuos for drugs, I stopped taking my nephews and nieces there a long time ago......and the people you call "activists" are nothing but self-serving ASSHOLES who are nothing more than opportunists looking to get into the media to serve thier interests, not the communities...So ??, do us all a favor, STAY in Brookline or where ever your from and leave us poor inner city folks alone...YOU don't know what's best for us!!!!!!!!!!
07 Feb 2001
....I almost forgot, the media also interviewed people who saw bodden with the gun, and if bodden wasn't doin anything, why did he run ? Contrary to what you believe, the police aren't harrassing people for no reason...why don't we ask some of bodden's past victim's why he ran..I think we can safely assume what thier answer would be..( bodden is a criminal, who, if you have any religious beliefs at all, is in a warm place as we speak, being poked with a pitchfork by some guy with horns and a tail.)
so, LTE...
08 Feb 2001
for someone who goes to an INDEPENDENT MEDIA website, you (LTE) seem to have a lot of faith in the amerikkkan criminal justice system and of the mainstream media. not only do you wholeheartedly accept the system's racist condemnation of bodden (and of other inner city, mostly non-white youth) as a "convicted criminal", but you unquestioningly trust the coverage by "the four major news organizations" (quoting your very own message). get a clue, LTE.
To person of color....
09 Feb 2001
.....I'm not saying that every person of color is a criminal , and for the most part ( vast majority of the time) I don't agree with the media, but this is just the wrong have a police officer ( who by the way is a person of color) working to protect his own nieghborhood and he legitimately believes his life is in danger, so what does he do..he defends himself. Had he been the one to die, no one would have cared....well, ok maybe for a day or two..the media has to sell papers and air time. Maybe we should look at why bodden had to deal drugs..carry a gun. This reflects on alot of things in society...the education system, not enough opportunities for a good job ( not something in fast food or the service industry.."Clinton deffinitions of good jobs"). Racism...possibly, but probably not in this case. What was bodden's upbringing like? Product of a teenparent? No discipline in his home growing up? Let's not attack a person who was doing their job and trying to better himself and his community. Let's put the blame where it belongs. Maybe these so-called "voices of my community" should take a good look in the mirror.
inconsistencies, LTE, inconsistencies...
09 Feb 2001
if you agree that deeper societal problems (poverty, education, parenting, racism) are amongst the root cause of criminal behavior, i still see no rationale for condemning bodden to burn in hell and get tortured by the devil. even if he really was dealing drugs at the time of the incident, which i DON'T believe was the case, that justifies him being "locked up in a cage a long time ago"?!?!

plus, just because a police officer (or judge, lawyer, businessman, etc) is a person of color, does not mean that she/he has not internalized racism. a black cop in america can believe the same things that racist white cops believe, often subconsiously. many cops, both white and non-white, participate in racial profiling, based on the assumption that a person of color is more likely to be a criminal than a white person. such as when the officer thought bodden was smoking marijuana when it was found out later to be only a cigarette - an assumption that a black person in a "dangerous" part of a black (ie, "dangerous") neighborhood must be doing something "criminal".

this is not to condemn black police officers as evil human beings for participating in the racist criminal justice system. many are in it because they sincerely believe that somehow they are helping their community. however, although their heart may be in the right place, if you believe your own assertion that things like poverty and lack of educational opporunities are the true causes for criminal behavior, that black person in the police force is in the wrong place. there is no doubt in my mind that the police officer in question was "just doing his job". because that's exactly what the racist police institutions in the kkkountry are supposed to do: maintain the racist social order and status quo.
and as for "defending himself"
09 Feb 2001
if the police officer was "defending himself", i wonder why bodden was shot in the BACK of the head?! from what i know, people running AWAY from you are not trying to ATTACK you...