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Commentary :: Politics
The FBI's Official Report On TWA Flight 800 Is A LIE
30 Jun 2006
Listed on the front cover of today's Long Island
Newsday daily paper was a photo of a piece
of the tail section of TWA Flight 800, floating on the surface of the Atlantic Ocean along Long Island's southern coast. This article continued to
spin the FBI orchestrated lie that Flight 800 was
blown up as the result of mechanical failure and not terrorism.
The FBI's Official Report On TWA Flight 800 Is A LIE

Listed on the front cover of today's Long Island
Newsday daily paper was a photo of a piece
of the tail section of TWA Flight 800, floating on the surface of the Atlantic Ocean along Long Island's southern coast.

When I flipped to the page on which the story was listed, I immediately saw the FBI's orchestrated disinformation campaign at work.

The article's message: the ventilation systems
on these planes needs to be redesigned so that
such a terrible tragedy like the one which befell
Flight 800 never happens again.

After 10 years the mainstream media is still
parroting the FBI's disinformation campaign here,
and deliberately misleading the American people
as to the terrorist attack which blew up Flight 800 and took the lives of 230 innocent people.

There were more than 270 eyewitness accounts
which reported seeing a flare launch from the ground into the air and then radically alter course just before seeing Flight 800 explode.

Yet the FBI never bothered to take one of their statements seriously. Instead the FBI spent millions of taxpayer dollars and took nearly a year in which to concoct a fabrication about what happened to Flight 800, which many experts in aviation engineering have to this very day say defies the very laws of physics.

Even an FAA special agent named Bogdan Dzakovic was unhappy with the FBI's explanation and wondered why the B ureau never took even one statement from the 270 eyewitnesses who came forward to testify to the flare that they saw.

Bogan quickly found himself under fire for his
inquiry, and even author James Sanders and his wife found themselves under arrest, after publishing a book which claimed that the FBI had
coverered up the terrorist attack and deliberately obstructed justice, by creating the
bogus investigation which to this day is leading people to believe that Flight 800 was destroyed by a mechanical malfunction and not a terrorist

C'mon people, are you really going to let t his Government continue to deny the terrorism that
it is perpetrating on its own people?

Even these IMC Websites are afraid to let you know the truth, in spite of their so called opposition to the mainstream media's denial of the facts in any questionable situations in which the Federal Government and intelligence community are involved.

American history books are still teaching our kids that Lee Harvey Oswald killed President John F. Kennedy, when it's clear that his assassination
was a conspiracy by some very powerful people
in this country and elsewhere to get rid of Kennedy and make his murder appear as simple
as possible.

Some deranged lone gunmen is much easier to softsell the American people, than the true story
in which the Federal Government was involved at the highest levels.

Let's face it, every terrorist attack on US soil since 1993 has had the Government's fingerprints all over it. And the Murrah buidling bombing in 1995, TWA Flight 800 in 1996, Egypt Air in 1998, and of course the attacks on 9-11
all share the same common denominator -- Big Business interests -- and in the case of 9-11 we are talking about stealing the Iraqi's rich oil reserves and allowing American defense contractors make a fortune profiteering on this war. And they are doing just that!

If you research these events carefully and the people involved in them you find one conspiracy after another in which the American people have been lied to.

Some Americans who are either ill informed about
the facts behind 9-11 or aware of them and delusional might actually say that George W. Bush would never have orchestrated the attacks on 9-11, since that would make him a monster.

However, if you research Bush, his father H.W and their ancestors going back
at least 3 generations you will find war profiteers and Nazi sympathizers.

And George Bush with his Intelligence Quotient of 90 is not exactly a Rhodes Scholar either. He only got into Yale because of his father, and cheated his way through that school as well.

The real issue is when are the American people going to say enough is enough and force this government to come clean about all of its criminality? For over 100 years they have failed to do so, and the country has only gotten much worse in all that time; with families like Bush
and Rockefeller becoming filthy rich at the expense of the rest of us -and involved in criminal business dealings which never seem to
put them in prison. In particular I cite Neil Bush's
shady loans while working for Silverado Savings
and Loan, which nearly destroyed the S&L banking business back in the '80's

And of course Pappy Bush SR. is working for
the Carlyle Group selling American technology
to our so called friendly/ soon to be enemy neighbors, in the same vein as Saddam Hussein
and Ossama Bin Laden.

Americans, you'd better wake up to what these
miscreants are doing to you, before you have nothing left in this country that is worth saving.

To learn some very unpopular truths about this country and the present adminstration visit
my Website, and circulate to your family and friends. And don't forget to see the best documentary ever made in regard to 9-11:
9-11 Loose Change, by film maker Dylan Avery,
which shows conclusive proof that George Bush
and the group known as The Project For A New American Century were behind these attacks.

Thanks for listening.

James F. Marino
US Government Political Prisoner
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This work is in the public domain
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