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News :: Technology
How to break Microsoft Notepad
04 Jul 2006
Modified: 08:58:04 PM
How to break Microsoft Notepad
What does it take to wake 21st century Americans up?

(BTW, is a possibility for any article that requires registration.)

persistent sources


Astronomy Pic of the Day


911InsideJobbers (at)
CatapultThePropaganda (at)
Mememachine (at)
PlaneHuggers (at)




********WHAT HAPPENED to RECENT BLOGS?********

7/1/06: Chicago and LA Indymedias deploy brass knuckles on the American public's collective chin:

6/30/06: Chicago, DC, LA and San Francisco Indymedias reminds us yet again that yes, they are Fascists trying to put the rest of us in concentration camps:

6/29/06: Chicago, DC and LA Indymedias kick the American public in the face:

meanwhile, Austin Indymedia is still closed for publishing. It has been "temporarily" closed for publishing since weeks now.

Finally, try to publish at Philadelphia IMC and it takes you to Barcelona IMC:

Pretty amusing, isn't it?

...Conclusion: Indymedia is an psychological operation directed at the general public by an intelligence agency. (this intel agency is also funded by the very public it is brainwashing. don't worry, they have no qualms about how they make their living.)


Is Indymedia a front for Homeland Security?

San Francisco IMC: Hidden!

********911 HOAX MOVEMENT********

I was one of the first debunkers before 9/11 and i will spend my last blood and breath to get the 9/11 TV fakery out as well....


(Nico's always-informative blog has returned:

********911 HOAX: FLIGHT PATHS*********

I always knew this video: Video 1 (wide shot), was from CNN.

It turns out that Video 2 (the "blue plane video" where the plane swoops down dramatically from on high) was shown on FOX!

These videos of course show very dramatic differences in the approach

of the 2nd plane, and I think is one of the clearest pieces of evidence for video fakery in 9/11.



********911 NEWS MEDIA HOAX********

Nico's new site with lots of info about the 911 media hoax:

Killtown's archive of animated planes! These were actually aired on network television. Does anyone believe these planes are real??

Absolutely and positively the most incredible links about the most shocking story ever!

Come on folks! No planes hit the World Trade Center.

That means we can end the wars. That means we can save America.

This can only happen if you join the fight against heavy censorship. To save your world, tell people that no planes struck the World Trade Center.

911 Hoax:

********GENERAL NEWS********


Senate panel rejects Net neutrality:

US unprepared for Net meltdown, business roundtable announces:

Web inventor warns of "dark" net:


Hurrah! Judge bars shrill Navy sonar:


How to break Microsoft Notepad:


Bush dictatorship to close EPA research libraries. 10,000 EPA scientists protest:


50 million Americans must prove their citizenship to continue collecting Medicaid:


FBI helps Israel with its targeted assassinations:


Congressional Democrats join with Republicans to maintain that Dictator Bush does NOT have to abide by the US Constitution and respect the authority of the Judicial Branch of government:

Chris Floyd - US Presidential dictatorship:


US Supreme Court's "no-knock" decision: a frontal assault on democratic rights:

"...The June 15 decision, by a 5-4 vote, gives police a green light to break down doors at all hours of the day or night, terrorizing occupants and ransacking homes, without any meaningful legal consequences, even though the Constitution prohibits such actions.

Bush Dictatorship's Supreme Court backs no-knock searches!

"The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that police armed with a warrant can barge into homes and seize evidence even if they don't knock..."

*JULY 4TH, 2006*

There will be so many people come out to celebrate this July 4th when they should be out protesting the rights they have lost. We need to get those rights back.

For those of you who are saying what rights? I haven't lost any rights. Let me review. You used to have freedom of speech now if you even wear a T-shirt the government doesn''t like they can put you in jail.

You used to have the right to freedom from search unless a search warrant is issued. Now the police can come into your home and take what they want and not tell you till 2 weeks later, if they tell you at all. They don''t even have to knock on the door before they barge in.

If arrested you used to have the right to a jury trial and to be told what you have done wrong and appointed council. Now you can be labeled an ""enemy combatant"" or terrorist and be placed in jail with no trial, no lawyer, nothing for as long as they want.

You used to have the right to privacy. Now they have cameras everywhere watching you.

You used to have the rights to not be spied on by anyone while on the phone or the internet. You also used to have the rights to your bank records being held private. Now the government can just go through your bank record data and monitor your financial transactions without question and without even telling you. WHAT RIGHTS DO YOU HAVE LEFT? (JS)

********GUANTANAMO BAY********


Dying is not permitted at Guantanamo:,8599,1209530,00.html

The Guantanamo suicides and their impact on American political life:

Bush dictatorship orders journalists out of Guantanamo:,,1797505,00.html

********the MATRIX********

*the MATRIX*

NJS uses the term ''Matrix'' to denote the collossal intelligence-gathering and disinformation-disseminating structure that has been created to take over the US. Funded by intelligence agencies; e.g., the CIA. It includes COINTELPRO agents in every US city. It also comprises nearly every media outlet of significance in the US.



(folks, the "Cassini Imaging Team" are a bunch of fakers! they're laughing at us while they produce awfully phony looking pictures from "outer space".)

More fakery! "Ancient craters on Saturn's Rhea"

(ha ha ha ha ha ha. Folks, this image is LUDICROUS!!)


why are we not seeing more "Cassini Probe of Saturn" images? it seems like just once a month the "Cassini Imaging Team" sends us another digital masterpiece. (Or minorpeace, since these Cassini images are all ridiculous.)

Come on Cassini Imaging Team! Show us more pictures, faster!


"Al Qaeda bid to infiltrate M15":

(Al Qaeda is cartoon fiction from western intel agencies. you're living in a Matrix which is selling you the fiction there is an Al Qaeda.)



Bush Dictatorship-led offensive in southern Afghanistan kills hundreds:


Israel's aircraft hits the people of Gaza:

IDF forces arrest Palestinian cabinetmembers, lawmakers!

(let's never forget that Israeli has illegally occupied the Gaza Strip, West Bank and Golan Heights for decades! this illegal military occupation is one the longest--and certainly most barbaric--in human history. Israel is building a gigantic Separation Wall, which is designed to hold millions of innocent people in the largest open-air prison also in human history.

When do Americans finally wake up about Israel?)


Starving in the Dark:

"On the excuse of rescuing one kidnapped soldier, Israeli is now bombing the Gaza Strip and is poised to re-invade..."

...Israel has done many things argued to be war crimes: mass house demolitions, closing whole cities for weeks, indefinite 'preventative' detentions, massive land confiscation, the razing of thousands of square miles of Palestinian olive groves and agriculture, systematic physical and mental torture of prisoners, extrajudicial killings, aerial bombardment of civilian areas, collective punishment of every description in defiance of the Geneva Conventions--not to mention the general humiliation and ruin of the indigenous people under its military control. But destroying the only power source for a trapped and defenseless civilian population is an unprecedented step toward barbarity..."


Rampage in Gaza:

Israel missiles pound Gaza into new Dark Age in collective punishment:

(when will the American public wake up about Israel--and the rest? when everyone is being dragged off to the concentration camp the Bush dicatorship assigns for us?)

the political calculations behind Israel's barbarous assault on Gaza:

"...In addition, Israel has closed off the borders to Gaza, preventing food, medical supplies and other necessities from getting in and blocking the inhabitants from getting out. These actions are creating a humanitarian disaster throughout the impoverished region..."

Huge rise in IDF house demolitions, a tactic so sadistic it recalls the Nazis and the Warsaw Ghetto:


M15 conducts secret inqury into 8,000 "Al Qaeda" sympathizers:

(meanwhile, "Al Qaeda" as a shadowy group of ex-farmers-now-global-terrorist-masterminds doesn't even exist.)


Australia escalates its military involvement in Iraq:



"Dark energy" might not exist, say scientists:

the size of our world:



Swiss injection rooms lead the way:

Likely spook Limbaugh detained for drugs at airport:


Marijuana is medically useful, whether politicians like it or not:

Study finds no marijuana link to lung cancer:

Heavy marijuana use not linked to lung cancer:

the Marijuana Conspiracy - the real reason hemp is illegal:



Wimbledon 2006, June 26 - July 9th:

Significance: Wimbledon is regarded by most tennis fans as the premier tournament of the year.

NJS says: Go Fed!

Jimmy Connors laments the state of American tennis:

(hey Jimmy, all young Americans are being groomed for the Iraq meatgrinder. Maybe that's what you should be talking about?)

Top four women reach Wimbledon semifinals! (Sharapova, Henin, Clijsters and Mauresmo):

Clijsters shows her class; will face Henin in yet another Battle of the Belgians:

Jon Wertheim: weighing in on Federer vs. Nadal:

(the last paragraph is well spoken.)

Summer breeze for Federer at W:

(Is Federer arrogrant? or is he that innocent?)


p.s. all are welcome on the News Junkie GP list
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