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Commentary :: War and Militarism
World War / Infowar Analysis
14 Jul 2006
Chase Untermeyer
US Ambassador to Qatar
Ghost Troop Chaplain (Ret.)

Dear Chase,

I'm sorry I've been so elusive these last couple of days, as the last thing on earth I want to do is leave my former Ghost Troop chaplain waiting when he wants to meet. Alas, though, I can't help it! My cell phone has been misbehaving, and I just received your kind messages inviting me into Houston to have some coffee at one of our old hang-outs.

I was wondering whether you were still coming to Houston for a brief annual visit, and appreciate that, now that you're here, everyone in the Bayou City wants a bit of your time! The majority of the "official" world likes to say that I'm an off-beat, off-base ex-intelligence officer, but the fact that the Ambassador to Qatar would favor me with repeated calls to get together and discuss infowar argues strongly to the contrary, and for this continued distinction from you I’m most grateful!

As Ghost Troop has enjoyed a great recruiting spell lately, there are many readers to our ongoing and open correspondence who don't know you yet, so allow me to make introductions:
World War / Infowar Analysis
(for Ambassador Chase Untermeyer, Qatar)

Ghost Troop's former chaplain, Chase Untermeyer!

Perhaps the greatest irony of the infowar is that I should have gone to you, the former Assistant Secretary of the Navy (for Ronnie Reagan), trying to reactivate my commission back on April 5, 2002 -- a meeting you'll remember because we met for lunch over at Antone's deli in the downtown Houston area. The date itself is easy for me to remember, old friend, since it was the 25th anniversary of my enlistment into the Army, fresh out of high school, in 1977!

Well, I didn't manage to get back into the service then, to fight a war against "Arab Terror" that I fully believed in (along with the majority of America) at the time. Irony of ironies, though, a year later to the day, on April 5, 2003, I detected a military/media cover up of the Battle of Baghdad (and Baghdad Airport) that was egregious enough that I self-activated myself on a mission of conscience, resolved to stop an illegal, rogue Bush League in its tracks if I could do so, no matter what the cost.

I formed Ghost Troop shortly afterwards, and in the contentious summer of 2003 you joined up as my chaplain: Such oddities and coincidences have made my four-volume report to Congress on the Battle of Baghdad Cover Up (BOBCUP) a well-read underground document, and likely soon enough an above-ground document of interest to investigators who will want to know just how it was that the nation was derailed from its constitutional tracks and railroaded into a quicksand war in the Middle East:

Incidentally, I quoted a couple more of the chapters from the report in my recent article, published stateside and in the Middle East: Hamdan vs. Rumsfeld: Geneva Conventions now; Nuremberg Principles later. For some reason links are the longest in cyberdom, and are accordingly as impressive as the name/titles of royalty! Here's the (expansive) link to the short article, which is drawing some commentary and quotation in legal debates: I've published around half a dozen articles with, and if I write that factoid into any upcoming books, the URL's themselves will comprise a chapter!

Bush League errors on the global chessboard

The biggest difference between chess, "the game of kings," and geopolitics is that in chess you can't walk into checkmate (it's against the rules), while in geopolitics that's the most common way to lose! It happens to the best of 'em, of course: Napoleon checkmated himself on the Russian plains -- and you gave me Caulaincourt's book about it back in 2003: Hitler's Wehrmacht checkmated itself in those same Russian plains over a century later. You didn't need to send me a book about that bit of history, as I received plenty of details from my beloved mentor, Dr. Peter Guenther (RIP), who was a participant on the German side of the Eastern Front.

You'll remember that it was Dr. Guenther who helped me reach my original formulation of the "Post-911 Reality" as a copy-cat Third Reich designed to initiate a Third World War. My essay putting that little bit of inconvenient analysis into the political spectrum via my Houston Chronicle op-ed in April, 2003: I reinforced the thesis with the Chronicle op-ed I published a couple of days after Joe Wilson's July 6, '03 op-ed in the times. His work got him and his wife attacked; mine sent me scurrying to the underground half a day before Tony Baloney assassinated another truth-teller, Dr. David Kelly, on July 17, '03:

Suffice it to say that in the two essay links above, I gave plenty of top-rate military intelligence advice to the Bush League, as so many other cognizant professionals tried to do before and after me -- and with the same net effect: NONE!!! Three years after the Chronicle publications, it's more than fair for me to say that I told 'em so, Chase! I predicted that there would be a quicksand war -- and there has been! I predicted that we might well end up in World War Three -- and we're mighty close! I even predicted that there would be WMD use in the Battle of Baghdad -- and there was! Granted, it was the Bush League who used WMD, a factoid it took me a couple of years to dig out and confirm, but which is now sure enough that I've done broadcasts on it. Get ready for another link for my most recent article/interview on the matter: Captain Eric H. May, Ghost Troop Commander, interviewed in Current Issues TV (5/29/06)

Napoleon and Hitler, who stumbled into fools' mates, at least had successful campaigns before their dooms, but King George Bush stumbled coming out of the Euphrates Valley into Baghdad, then used the exact kind of WMD warfare he conned us into believing we had gone to war to prevent! He coaxed and coerced his camp followers (they called themselves "embedded media") to cover it up. It was a simple Bush League failure, no matter how you look at it!

The Lone Star Iconoclast and Ghost Troop

The Ghost Troop take on things is becoming more and more mainstream as of late. You'll remember that The Lone Star Iconoclast endorsed the Democratic Skull-n-Bones candidate, King John Kerry, over the Republican Skull-n-Bones candidate, King George Bush, in 2004. That iconoclastic step marked the beginning of a powerful intellectual odyssey for the editor-in-chief, Leon Smith, as he turned the paper toward the 911 Truth Movement in the next year. This was a glorious act of a free press, and I'm mighty proud that it happened deep in the heart of Texas, outside King George's summer palace in Crawford!

Well, one iconoclast likes another, and Mr. Smith and I have become colleagues. I'm sending him op-eds on a regular basis now -- the same kind of daily analyses that you read and liked so much before you left for Qatar in summer, 2004. As you know, I've gone a radical step or two beyond 911 analysis (which is historic) to 911-2B analysis (which is predictive). In fact, two weeks ago Mr. Smith published my 911 Truth and Texas Terror, which my cyber-scouts tell me is the most widely-read article ever published by his newspaper. I hope it's true! Here's the link if you missed it: Perhaps you'll recognize my photo next to the picture as coming from my wedding to Mrs. May -- at which you were my best man!

Apropos of the Battle of Baghdad Cover Up (BOBCUP), I've published my first mainstream confirmation of that in the Iconoclast, as a way of explaining how it was that the same media more recently covered up the Senate Democrat Prewar Intelligence Hearing of June 26, 2006, at which Colin Powell's former chief of staff, Col. Larry Wilkerson (along with other intelligence VIP's) pointed the finger at the Bush League for a criminal war: I only hope this article gets as much attention as the last!

Speaking of 911-2B, Chase, you're my best witness!

Our Ghost Troop missions to detect, publicize and thereby head off the Bush League's pre-planned 911-2B attack (probably on the drawing board since the original 911 attack) has gained us worldwide attention as of late. The Irish 911 Truth Movement has picked up our cyber-combat history from this ongoing intelligence duel and made us more popular in Ireland than we are in the US! We have our own resource page, and topped their national home page for a couple of months, both because of our January 2006 Texas City save and our May 2006 Chicago save:

Your knowledge of our operations in the 911-2B area go back to considerably earlier, though, when we headed off the first Bush League attempt to hit Texas City, on March 30, 2004! Since you were still my full-time chaplain then, living in Houston before your Qatar posting, we chatted daily -- sometimes hourly -- about my prediction of a 911-2B attempt from the day I predicted it (the day after Madrid, 3/11/04) to the day after it occurred (in reduced form, because of the exposure we cast on it), three weeks later. Along the way you'll remember how I used KTRH's Tara Howard to get FBI national to issue a Gulf Coast terror alert -- which was probably the single act of that mission to contribute the most to saving many, many lives in Texas City.

For a brief while, I dared to hope that our single save of Texas City would result in the suspension of the 911-2B plan forever, but my experience with the Bush League told me different. Within a month, I published my first article. In it I expressed my outrage at the Abu Ghraib atrocity, and also made it clear that I thought the folks who tried the 3/30/04 attack were bound to try it again. Get ready for another link (my last in this email, I promise!):

Irony of ironies, as you were involved in our first 911-2B mission, so you're involved in our last! As you remember, I wrote you a couple of months ago in May that I believed the Bush League was going to make another attempt at a 911-2B attack sometime in the summer, somewhere in the Houston Metro area. You assured me that this wasn't going to happen:

"Untermeyer, Chase G." <UntermeyerCG (at)> wrote:
Subject: Exorcism
Date: Wed, 24 May 2006 09:45:37 +0300
From: "Untermeyer, Chase G." <UntermeyerCG (at)>
To: "Captain May" <captainmay (at)>

ERIC: Houston is in no danger of a terror attack from George W. Bush or anyone else in the US Government. I hereby perform my sole chaplaincy function by pronouncing an exorcism of any such notion. All will be in good order when I get back home and can see you and [Mrs. May] there. Cheers, CHASE.

US Ambassador to Qatar

[Back to Chase]

My friend, you know I think highly of your political acumen -- as all who know you do -- but you have an amazing ability to be 180 degrees wrong when it comes to the Bush League! Accordingly, I went ahead and played out the hunch that my Professor Pangloss of a best man was wrong yet again, and that King George would set up his "home turf" of Texas. I went ahead with Mr. Smith, who published the Texas Terror article I reference above in the Iconoclast. Further, I made sure to do interview after interview (continuing at present) warning the American People. The best link (for those interested) is my Countdown to Terror Briefing w/ Cloak and Dagger (6/26/06) at The show host, Ghost Troop Lieutenant Lenny Bloom, went ahead and linked a query from NBC news about the prediction -- to which I replied with detail.

Conspiracy Nation, which has slammed our Ghost Troop work in the past, carried a surprisingly fair appraisal of our June 26 Cloak and Dagger interview in its June 27 article, Ghost Troop Wary of Weekend Peril at As you'll note from their review, I predicted a specific 911-2B attempt against a small-end Southeast Texas city over the July 4th weekend.

Well, best man, the attempt came with a mysterious explosion at the Baytown Exxon Mobil refinery on Sunday, July 2: As you'll note from the link, the same NBC folks who were asking me to talk to them about my prediction of an event in Southeast Texas before the July 4th weekend covered an event that very much fit the bill for what I had predicted -- except that, once again, the Ghost Troop public affairs effort to spread word of the matter rendered it a relatively "benign" sabotage! Still, this minor event was enough to send oil prices to the highest level in history when the stock markets opened up again on July 5th!

Hmm..., with such amazing results, how many calls do you think I've had from my former colleagues at NBC, Chase? Right you are: NONE!!! Amazing, ain't it???

Is it starting to look to you like there just may be a conspiracy going on in the Houston are specifically, and the nation generally, my friend? If so, then you're still a Ghost Troop in your heart! As for the mediawhores, they will perform lip service for King George until he tells 'em to stop, giving new meaning to the old phrase, "blow hard."

Defining Catastrophe: "The world turned upside down"

The way we see it, the Bush League failure to enact this latest attempt at 911-2B may well be the end for the American Monarchy Experiment of the Bush Family. Israel, our "special friend" in the Middle East, was probably counting on some trumped-up anti-Arab hysteria in time to turn the American People into partners with its most recent attempt to set the region aflame, begun in Gaza before the 911-2B attempt of July 2, and extending to Lebanon as I write!

I never tire of seeing Hitler's war rationale used by the Israeli government (and US media, it's propaganda ministry), and the recent case is fine irony: "We aren't invading, we're on a forceful rescue mission!" seems like a close parallel to the lines Uncle Adolf used when he marched the Wehrmacht into Czechoslovakia and Poland "to protect ethnic Germans!" Three score years later the same lines work well enough for Gaza and Lebanon, especially when the US media fails (routinely) to point out the similarities of approach. Imitation is the subtlest -- and truest -- form of flattery. Dr. Guenther laughs from Valhalla to think that the two of us summarized it in writing over three years ago: It's necessary to emulate the Third Reich if you wanna have a Third World War!

Korea seems to be going crazy, but we Ghost Troops have a feeling that their tantrum, in which they threw missiles out of their peninsular playpen, was OK'd by parents China and Russia -- who also seem to be putting the nix on our intention to find ample cause to nuke Iran! I know that the Bush League thinks the second-tier superpowers are just spoiling the kids rotten, but I've got a feeling that both Russian and China had the impression that by declaring their southeast and southwest neighbors part of an "Axis of Evil" we were indeed setting up a world war, to be waged on their doorsteps, to their detriment!

Putin killed off his own (Chechen) Muslim bogey man the day before yesterday; accordingly India has raised up another one (probably at our behest) to shore up the story of a worldwide Muslim conspiracy. The "coincidence" that the 9/11 event may be connected to the 3/11 (Madrid) event and the new 7/11 (Bombay) event is gaining traction in strange places: Yesterday evening MSNBC's Keith Obermann actually noted that there seems to be a budding "numerological" aspect to the so-called "Al Qaeda" attacks, and this is getting closer and closer to the truth of things, as you've heard me saying for years now. ABC is even running with the idea -- though not far, I would suspect, as it would lead to troubling revelations if they went to the logical conclusion:

The whole story of Islamofascism, to hear the Muslims tell it, is nothing but a blood libel imposed by Zionazis! I know, of course, that it is anti-Semitic of Semite Arabs to say that Semite Jews are engaged in a blood feud at all costs with them. I try to see things the right way (i.e., hate Semite Arabs and love Semite Jews), but I've become to misanthropic to carry off the act lately!

The idea that the whole Middle East fracas is not exactly what the Orthodox Media (i.e., the Embedded Media) says is, of course, outrageous! It's much like the lies perpetrated throughout history by fanatics -- like the heretical notion that the world isn't flat, for instance, or the conspiracy theory that airplane fuel didn't melt the construction-grade steel of the World Trade Center, or the ludicrous canard that King George wanted a war with Iraq for Oil and Israel, and lied to the American People (assisted by an Israel-first media) to get it started.

Needless to say, friend Chase, there is MUCH to discuss, between two such men as you and me, who have seen the world and understand its crooked ways! In the current climate of things, though, especially given my recent interference with Bush League world war plans, I've declared myself to be in the "red zone" of personal danger, and for this reason must decline your kind offer to meet you in the Bush League citadel of Houston. Candidly, I'm concerned that if I showed up in the back yard of all the implicated folks I've been frustrating so much, I might have an "accident" shortly after departing from your illustrious company!

Keeping your charmed friendship has always been one of my most prized infowar accomplishments, particularly as I suppose it takes tremendous courage on your part to continue an association that brings your boss, King George, such discomfort! Still, a commander must command, and Ghost Troop requires all my attention (and survival) at present, as does the country I serve (until death do us part). It is the part of a chaplain, though (even a former chaplain) to pray for deliverance for all good men, and I earnestly pray that you will undertake that duty on behalf of your nation, your former unit, and your enduring friend.

Of course my critics will lament that I've overdone it with the paranoid paragraph above, but they weren't really there in our infowar, and don't really know whether white is black or up is down, do they, Chase? I leave the last words to you as a means of silencing the doubters and detractors, in a postscript that says more than all this writing I've done above it! Your servant, Eric

Captain Eric H. May, MI/PAO, USA
CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+
Mission of Conscience / Patriots in Action

Chase Untermeyer <Charles.Untermeyer (at)> wrote:
Subject: RE: Happy New Years, Chaplain Chase
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2004 18:16:40 -0600
From: "Chase Untermeyer" <Charles.Untermeyer (at)>
To: "Eric May" <captainmay (at)>

ERIC: A day late, but it's still 2004, so I can thank you for your kind wishes. It's a tough assignment to be Eric May's best man, friend, chaplain, media advisor, and bodyguard, but I'll take it on. Fortunately, there's a compensating factor named [Mrs. May]. Happy New Year to you both from D, E, and CHASE.

-----Original Message-----
From: Eric May [mailto:captainmay (at)]
Sent: Wed 12/31/2003 11:33 PM
To: chase.untermeyer (at)
Subject: Happy New Years, Chaplain Chase

Well Chase, we've made it through the year -- although you, one of the innocents, never doubted our luck until recently (and I'm glad for it). It's ironic that we started out in February with me apprehensive about your security and offering to be your bodyguard -- now I'm more gloomy for my future than I was last year for yours -- and you're my bodyguard. I think your loyalty has been vital to me this year, sir, and I am in your debt.

My best regards and hopes for a happy 2004, and my compliments, as ever, to the Ladies Untermeyer

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